5 Ways to U-Haul a Lesbian Death Bed

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​​Packing all of your belonging’s into a U-Haul to move in together after just 3 months is possibly the greatest tradition in lesbian civilization. Alas, it is not just a great joke followed by a wink and a nudge after a first same-sex date – I too am guilty of adhering to the ‘stereotype’ and packed up all of my belongings to move in with my partner after just a few short months.


U-Hail Lesbian Relationships Photo
Photo: U-Hail Lesbian Relationships


The beginning of the relationship is fiery, thrilling, impromptu. You find yourself having sex anywhere you can –  you need it.
But what happens when the ‘newness’ of the relationship wears off? If you’re unlucky, calamity is certain *Dun dun dunnnnnn* –  Lesbian Bed Death. It’s a real thing. Sure, not something that is exclusive to lesbian relationships; though, studies show that long-term lesbian relationships are most at ‘risk’ of having less sex than other couples, and can experience lower levels of intimacy. And as a self-obsessed female in a lesbian relationship, I’m going to explain why you may be feeling this way and give you some tips to help you out of it.
It’s important that you know that I’m not saying it’s the end of the world and I’m certainly not saying that you’re never going to have fiery, thrilling, impromptu sex again, believe me! Though I do know that once you start going down that rabbit hole, it can seem like the pressure of having great sex feels endless and paradoxically, whilst wanting to fix the issue, the pressure of doing so can lead to even less sex or no sex.
Old Lady Photo
Photo: Elderly Lady


Usually by this time you’re both aware of your ‘issues’, though if you feel as though your partner doesn’t fully understand, or isn’t struggling as much as you are – you should definitely begin by talking about what’s happening.
Below are a few other things you could try to kick start that fire:
1. Talk about it. Does your partner feel the same?
No: Tell them how you’re feeling. Explain that you’re feeling distant from them. Assess their reaction and progress to ‘yes’.
Yes: Discuss what might be causing a lack of desire. Exhaustion? Stress? A schedule clash?
The good news is that all of the above you can fix. You most likely need to take some time out for yourselves and then take some time to be with each other. It is common when feeling exhausted or stressed to feel as though you have no time for yourself. Then adding in someone else who feels as though you have no time for them, it can become incredibly frustrating.
Take a bit of time for yourself. Go on a walk, have a bath, get your hair done, wax your legs; whatever makes you feel good, you know? If you’ve been neglecting yourself you need to build you back up first. Now you can focus on mending those holes. Schedule clash? Plan your weeks together. Get out your diaries and make sure you have a couple of free evenings together and maybe a full day (or ideally all weekend) to spend together.
2. If you’ve tried making yourselves have sex for the sake of it, and it hasn’t sparked that fire, try to not have sex for 30 days. I know, I know. You’re trying to get it on, but sometimes giving yourselves a break from ‘forcing’ the deed can reset that desire and build up some sexual tension. This means no touching of anything that’s usually covered by your bra or underwear, okay!
You’ll need to mutually agree to this but it is a great way to build up some ‘organic’ sexual tension.
Try other intimate practices. Back/shoulder massages, a candle lit bath together or even a candle lit w/vino dinner. The idea of no sex for a month isn’t to drive you away from each other, it’s to still get your intimacy fix, whilst sub-consciously building back up that desire.
3. Whilst on that 30 day rest, try to not discuss sex either. Lesbians love to overthink and can over talk just about anything to demise. Leave the topic off of the list. If you’re both already experiencing a stint in your sex drives, you’ve probably already given each other shit about it, especially if you’re a psycho lesbian like me anyway. Because you know, it’s never your fault!
Put the topic away. Don’t even think about it. Why create more stress than you’re already experiencing?
4. BRING BACK DATE NIGHT. So frequently at the beginning of a relationship, we surprise each other or set a night which is your night. Bring that back. Don’t invite anyone else. Do an activity, or ideally something which you can really enjoy each other’s company doing. For example, bowling, dinner at a restaurant or try learning a new skill together like a cooking class, or a sculpting class.
If you’re on a low budget, clear the house of any house mates and do an activity together at home or have a games night. Trust me, it’s a great, inexpensive way to re-connect with each other.
5. During your month of no sex, adopt a ‘no criticism policy’. Just stop! It’s so easy to snap at your partner when you’re feeling stressed or tired, and say something hurtful or critical that is unnecessary. That negativity boils over and that could be the reason you’re in this situation. I’m the worst, if I’m having a bad day or I’m feeling down, I’ve been known (slight understatement) to pick at my partner at the little things and just being a generally bitter bitch. Stop that!
Compliment each other. Thank them for things. “Hey thanks for cleaning the kitchen” or “thanks or doing some washing”. Negativity breeds negativity and naturally if you flip that positivity is only going to breed positivity.
Lesbian bed death isn’t the end of your relationship and there are SO many more things you can try to get back into the swing of things. All it takes is a little romancin’, a date night and being less critical of each other, to get you back to those early passionate days.
Happy re-connecting!


About the author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Odeco Cupid Rabbit Vibrator Review

Sex Toy Discounts

Odeco is a sex toy manufacturer that produces high end toys for a middle budget and one of my favorite in their range of adult toys is the Odeco Cupid Vibrator.  The whole range impresses me with the quality materials used and the attention to detail. The Cupid is boxed in Odeco’s crazy orange packaging that has a picture of the product on the outside. The packaging is nice but not over the top and you will be presently surprised when unboxing to see that the packaging is nowhere good as the product within which is simply put, outstanding.

Fusion and form are combined to produce the Cupid and the styling is not dissimilar to Fun Factory but at a fraction of the price.  A charger is included in the box and plugged the vibrator in to charge.  A light then began flashing to let me know that the pleasure object was powering up and roughly two and a half hours later it stopped flashing indicating that it was fully charged.

Cupid Sex Toy
Cupid Review

I then inspected my new toy for review and noted that it had an ergonomic shape with a curved head that perfect to access the wonderful G-Spot. It had an arm similar to a rabbit styled vibrator for clitoral stimulation and a handy O-Ring at the base to allow easy manipulation of the device whilst inserted.  The vibrator is water resistant but not waterproof, rechargeable and when fully charged will deliver 2 solid hours of pleasure.

There is a three button interface that control mode and speed settings and to turn it on you must leave the middle function button down for a good three seconds.  There are two motors one in the shaft and the other in the clitoral arm and once the vibrator is working there are 7 functions – one turning just the clitoral vibrator on plus multiple speed options.  I found the vibrations to be quite powerful but not too noisy.

Taking the Cupid to my bedroom, lighting some scented candles and putting on some mood music I slipped under my silk covers and put some lube on my new baby and me.  I had plenty of time so I simply put the shaft between my legs and enjoyed the vibrations that were putting me in a happy place.  After about 5 minutes I had a gentle and relaxing orgasm and was now ready to put it through its paces.

Cupid Rabbit Vibe
Cupid Rabbit


I parted my legs to allow my Cupid to enter me and found that it pleasantly slipped inside.  The semi ridged shaft felt great and as the curved and bulbous head began to find my G-Spot the clitoral arm reached its target giving me intense stimulations.  Browsing through the settings and modes I found the rhythmic one to be the best and settled for the second highest intensity of vibrations.  The controls were easy enough for me to use whilst inserted using the handy O-Ring for my fingers whilst my thumb worked the buttons.

It was not long before again I reached a more vigorous and exciting orgasm that had me yelling out in ecstasy.  Having cum for a second time, my body was a bit spent so I must have dozed off with an overdose of natural endorphins.  About 40 minutes later I awoke and decided to have another go and discover what the other modes were like.

.Again allowing my new friend inside me I went through all the 7 modes,  My least favorite was the clitoral stimulator only on.  My two orgasm busting, toe curling modes were the Rythmic and the Escalations.  The Odeco Cupid delivers everything you want for a unique Rabbit vibrator and will be a welcome addition to any sex toy expert’s toy box or beginners alike.

For the entire month of June you can pick up this exquisite adult toy from adultsmart online shop for 50% Off.  Normally $60 you can get a dual motored, silicone rabbit for only $30.


Wax Play Guide

Colourful Rainbow of Wax on Womans Body Photo

Wax play is a form of temperature play. It is a practice often associated with BDSM. It can be as gentle or painful as you like.  It does involve fire so it is probably best not to attempt it without thinking about a few things first. It generally takes the form of either dripping or ladling hot wax from a pot or a candle onto another person or even painting it on. Here are a few tips and pointers to ensure nobody gets more hurt than they actually want to.


A Red Candle on Womans Bum Photo
Photo: Red Candle Melting on Woman


There are three types of wax, Beeswax, which should never be used, as it has a melting temperature of about 70 c and will hurt like hell.

Parrafin, which melts at about 54 c, is the best wax to use if you are planning on making a habit of wax play as you can add mineral oil to cool it or use stearine to make it hotter. Paraffin wax also slightly reddens the skin and is very easy to remove.

Then there is soy, this wax burns at the lowest temperature, so is great for beginners but can be a bit sticky. It is a very soft wax though so it is very hard to make tapered candles from. Soy is a good choice for anyone with sensitive skin as it is much less likely to cause irritation.

Wax dripped from a tapered end will be hotter than wax dripped from a pillar candle or votive as the melted wax has more time to cool down. Some people say that coloured candles are hotter than white ones, this isn’t technically the case, the same type of wax burns at the same temperature whatever the colour, but darker colours retain the heat for longer so take longer to cool down.

You should never use metallic candles, they contain poisonous particles and not only burn but scar too. The same goes for scented candles. Some people are attracted to using them because you can the massage with them, but if that is your aim then Adultsmart sell massage candles specifically made for this purpose, such as ‘sSin in a Tin” and a range by Karmasutra.

White household candles are fine to start with as long as you are sure they are paraffin, candles without ingredients listed on them should be avoided and as with most things, you get what you pay for.

It is a unique sensation and not for everyone, there are submissives out there capable of taking the pain of a flogging who can’t take wax play and likewise, those who generally can’t take pain who get a real taste for it, so this isn’t something you should just surprise someone with. Even for those who like pain, start gently because you don’t want the pain to result in burns or scars. The best way is to drip some wax on the inside of the arm first to test. The height that you drip from will change the temperature, the more distance between the wax and the body the cooler. The candles you buy in adult stores advise 36 inches, BDSM enthusiasts seem to favour 18 inches. It has to be the right height not to splatter too as that can be very painful. It goes without saying that different areas of the body are more sensitive than others and the face should always be avoided. Another thing is that wax that pools will take much longer to cool so be extremely wary of the belly button or small of the back. Piercings can be a problem too as sliding hot wax along with a metal conductor and a tiny hole doesn’t mix well. Always start with only one candle, a double layer of wax will take twice as long to cool. You can always place your hand over the cooling wax before you apply second layers, this is also a nice way to connect.  If the pain of the wax is just too much but one of you is really into it, you could wrap your partner in cling wrap or mix it up with a bit of mummification and apply it over the thin cotton bandage.  Rotate the candle so it burns evenly and you don’t get the horrible black soot affecting the aesthetics of your wax work.


Man Holding Candle Pouring Red Wax on Woman Photo
Photo: Wax and Temperature Play


It is best to tie back the hair and shave if possible, removing wax from body hair is simply not sexy. If you can’t do that then coating the hair with silicone lube before hand will help and be sure to wash off all body products as the alcohol in them can react badly to hot wax.   Have some cold water on hand and make sure you clear a good space. Probably best to have some burn cream on hand too before you start.

Wax is very messy so it is always best to be prepared and lay down a sheet, the dye in candles is impossible to remove from somethings. If wax does get on furniture or carpets just cover the area with kitchen paper and iron over it the wax will soak into the paper.  Removing the wax from the body can be part of the play, compressing and stretching the skin will help and some people like to combine it with knife play. (probably best to start off with a butter knife) Using fingernails or a comb can feel pretty good too.  For some the satisfaction comes from lifting it off in a sheet, especially if making moulds of body parts, and as I mentioned before paraffin candles are best for that.  Softer wax is harder to remove but you can cool it down with ice cubes. Speaking of which, the human body can initially only feel differences in temperature and doesn’t distinguish between hot or cold, I read an amusing story about a blindfolded sub trying to blow out an ice cube.

If wax art is your thing then use kids crayons, they are non-toxic and melt at a good temperature, they aren’t 100% wax though so leave a sticky residue and may not be good for very sensitive skins.

Temperature play lends itself marvellously to other sensation play, Hoods and blindfolds, ice cubes, Wartenberg wheels, your imagination is really all that is stopping you.  We sell several brands of candles designed specifically for wax play in our Oh Zone stores, come down and give it a go. Click the link to see our range of massage candles.


About the author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



VIP Interview with Soumyadip Rakshit CEO and Co-Founder of MysteryVibe Crescendo

Soumyadip Rakshit MysteryVibe Creators

This is an exclusive interview with Soumyadip Rakshit the CEO and co-founder of MysteryVibe Crescendo, a one of a kind sex toy which has 6 motors! The motors are layered one on top of the other allow it to deliver a “layered orgasm” as the vibrations are sent through the body for precise and rhythmic pleasure. The beauty of the MysteryVibe Crescendo is that it is bendable, this means you can change the structure and curve according to your personal desires at the time of play. It is also compatable with a mobile application which is regularly updated with new features, at the moment you can create your very own vibration modes!

Tell me about yourself?

I am an engineer by training. I love to figure out how to make things better. I am also very passionate about pleasure, as I believe that pleasure is a fundamental thing that directly impacts our happiness, relationships and life. That’s why I decided to bring technology to make pleasure more accessible to all of us.

What are your favourite quotes?

It’s not what you know, or who you know. It’s knowing who knows what.

This is my favourite quote because it completely changed the way I build products and companies.

Who is your role model?

Stephen Hawking. He is the ultimate example of what can be achieved when you take life head on, challenge every norm, and inspire and enlighten multiple generations of people across the world.

What are your favourite accomplishments?

While I am always excited with our small wins every month, one that happened recently really stood out for me; This article from Womens Health Magazine titled “This Is The One Vibrator That Brought Back My Sex Drive While I Was Taking Antidepressants”. When we created MysteryVibe we didn’t just want to make a great vibrator, we wanted to have a real impact on people’s happiness and lives. Reading about this lady’s story made our journey, these past 3 years, really worth every bit of it.


MysteryVibe Crescendo Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: MysteryVibe Crescendo


What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company and product range?

How often have we entered our bedroom and been too tired to do anything fun, with our partners or on our own. That is the pain point we set out to solve – through real research and human-centric design. We were inspired by the rapid growth in technology and one in particular inspired us to build our flagship product, Crescendo. It was the concept phone of Nokia Morph – a tablet that could be folded into a phone or a watch. User-centric design at its best. Thus, MysteryVibe and Crescendo were born.

Where is your company located?

London, UK. I always feel blessed to have discovered this incredible city which is defined by its residents – an amalgation of every single nationality in the world. The diversity of talent in such a small concentrated area is unparalleled. Adding to that, the incredible support network, both from the private and public sectors, make London the best city to build a business.


MysteryVibe Crescendo Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: MysteryVibe Crescendo


How does your company define and measure success?

With two very simple metrics – how happy have we made our customers through our products; and; how many customers have we been able to reach.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

Having worked with other great brands in our space of sex-tech, I must say we are all doing our bit to make sex and pleasure better for everyone. I love the other brands and always support their products, just like they do for ours. For this, I will highlight what we do differently rather than better than others. What I love most about building our brand is we also put luxury experiences first – above technology and above cost considerations. We do it across the board: product, packaging, logistics, customer service … at every customer touch-point.


MysteryVibe Crescendo Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: MysteryVibe Crescendo


Tell me about your product range?

Currently we only have one product, our flagship product – Crescendo. It comes in 2 colours: Purple and Blue.

Crescendo is the world’s first and only body-adapting smart 6-motor vibrator, that can be bent to flex and form to the user’s body and offer countless vibrations through their app, for a truly personalized pleasure experience.

Crescendo is the first product to have been designed by getting together experts with experience in sex (Durex), luxury (Aston Martin, Bentley), technology (Nokia, Sharp, Google) and Brand (BBC, MTV, Vogue) and built in collaboration with 1000 real users in 51 countries over a 2 year period. Crescendo is considered revolutionary by sex toy experts as it is the only product which can be used by all genders and orientations equally – a first in the industry.

What is MysteryVibe Crescendo a best seller?

Crescendo is a best seller because it’s the only toy that provides a truly personalized pleasure experience for all – all body shapes and sizes, singles, couples, men, women, all orientations, all sexualities.


MysteryVibe Crescendo Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: MysteryVibe Crescendo


What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

  • This Is The One Vibrator That Brought Back My Sex Drive While I Was Taking Antidepressants. Using the Crescendo actually reminded me what it was like to feel like a woman again. It was like I came back to life as soon as I turned it on. The best part of it is that it can bend into so many different shapes. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed sex with men whose penises have a little curve to them. With the Crescendo, I can create as many kinds of curves and imagine as many kinds of men as I want.” – Women’s Health Magazine
  • “The new MysteryVibe Crescendo has all of the benefits of a rabbit-style vibrator— like the options of internal and external action, plus great G-spot stimulation, but with a whole lot more flexibility…Like – it bends.” – Bustle
  • “The best sex toy for couples” – Independent

Is there anything you would like to add?

Our vision is to make bedrooms more fun. Imagine getting the right music / sounds and erotic videos delivered straight to your bedroom. The room lighting, aroma and temperature adjusting to suit your body. And all of this done by understanding your body – completely tailored to your (and your partner’s) desires. The toy will help you build your personal arousal map and set the room’s environment automatically and adjust it on the go, based on what turns it on.

Be sure to visit our Adultsmart online shop to see the MysterVibe Crescendo for yourself!








A Whole New World Of Pleasure Opened Up To Me Today!

Romant Kawayi 2 Sex Toy Photo

I Sound So Vanilla And Boring!

I am so grateful to be given a Romant Kawayi 2 to review this week. I have to be completely honest and upfront, out of all the sex toys in store, this vibrator was the last one I would have gone for. I never really understood the appeal in vibrators that aren’t dildo or bullet shaped (I sound so vanilla and boring!). The quirky shape of this vibrator led me to believe that it would be annoying and awkward to use. I am so glad I got to try it for myself as a whole new world of pleasure has opened up for me!!! It now sits proudly at the top of my favourite sex toys, in fact I actually have it in my makeup bag in my handbag right now…you know, just in case an opportunity arises to use it as I go about my day!!!

“Romant is a relatively new addition to the sex toy industry. Based in Asia this is a company that produces quality and affordable vibrators and intimate products. Encompassing a range of rechargeable and battery operated intimate products they have created unique designs that facilitate your pleasure using the best and most innovative technologies available.”

This brand has only recently entered the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres & the Adultsmart Online store and let me just say it’s a very welcome addition!! There are so many of the Romant toys that I want to get my hands on and with a really affordable price tag, I think I’ll be able to.

The Kawayi 2 is made from medical grade, silky soft silicone, available in vibrant pink or purple. It’s 100% waterproof which means it’s easy to clean and makes for a perfect bath or shower massager. This toy is rechargeable, with the magnet base sitting easily in a USB charging dock. It is a super light toy and very easy to handle. The toy features a pretty purple light that turns on when in use. Perfect just in case you drop it in the dark, you will be sure to have a quick recovery come back!!

The most impressive feature of the Kawayi 2 is the quality of vibrations. They are deep, rumbly and oh so enjoyable. I am extremely sensitive to shallow, ticklish vibrations and find the vibrations of cheaper toys irritating. The vibes of the Kawayi 2 were extremely pleasurable and not buzzy or numbing. A major positive!! This toy is so quiet at only 46 decibels. I googled exactly what this meant for users of this toy and I found out that the quietest dishwasher is 46 decibels. A pointless fact just to keep you entertained…you’re welcome!!

Romant Kawayi 2 Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Romant Kawayi 2


Find The Best Position For Your Body

As mentioned previously, the shape of the Kawayi 2 is unique and quirky. It is 12cm in length, featuring a rounded ball base that is ergonomically designed and very easy to handle. From the base, a smaller round part leads on to a curved, thin tip, measuring approximately 3cm. When turned on, this tip vibrates back and forth-similar to some of the rabbit toys on the market. On the curved underside is a raised textured bump intended for extra stimulation.

The tip of the Kawayi 2 is incredible for direct clitoral stimulation. The rounded top and tip is intended for G-Spot stimulation. Now it could have been the fact that I used it in the bath therefore there was a lack of lubrication but I found this part difficult to use on my G-Spot. It was however really amazing to use with the bulbous base on my clitoris and the tip facing down towards my vagina. It’s the kind of toy with so many possibilities, I would suggest trying out all different ways to find the best position for your body.

The Kawayi 2 is also an amazing anal stimulator toy. Placing the tip on your butt or slightly in with the curved tip facing up provides really pleasurable stimulation. The base is wide enough for it to be safely used for this purpose.

The other vibrators in the Kawayi Range are definitely worth a mention here, with shapes and features to suit everyone!

  • Kawayi 1- A massager with a textured rounded tip, perfect for clitoral stimulation
  • Kawayi 3- A rabbit style vibrator, the “ears” perfect for direct clit stimulation
  • Kawayi 4- A multi-purpose massager with a long tip, perfect for G-Spot clitoral or anal stimulation.

All Romant Kawayi Vibrators include a 90 day replacement warranty. The packaging of these toys is very simple and plain. Don’t even consider using it for storage unless you were extremely insistent on saving the cardboard! The Kawayi 2 is an incredible vibrator that I really cannot fault and is really affordable to purchase from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and on Adultsmart. I recommend it to anyone looking to steer away from the traditional dildo or bullet vibrators to add a fun and unique vibrator to their collection.


About the author: Stephanie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres