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This Fun Toy Makes My G Pop!

Fun Toys Gpop Package Sex Toy Image

The best surprises come when you take a toy home that you had no idea you had been looking for. What I mean is you buy something to try and it turns out to be your new favourite. And this surprise came for me in the form of the Fun Toys Gpop Plug! This little guy flew completely under my radar. I must admit when I first saw its packaging the design nerd in me got a bit excited. The plug comes in a tube like box which is nearly seamless. A seamless circle! That’s so cool. The Fun Toys Gpop is so unique that it’s designed to work for both female G-Spot stimulation and the male P-Spot or prostate gland. I don’t know why, but this might have been one of the reasons I over looked this Gpop plug. Assuming as most should that because the anatomy differences between the location of the G-Spot and the P-Spot how could one toy work so well for both?

I am always on the hunt for new and stimulating plugs, in the past, I have never found much satisfaction from vibrating toys. (Think my P-Spot needs a bit more “unf” if you know what I mean?). I am very pleased to say that after using the Fun Toys Gpop I will be giving a few more vibrating toys a second venture.

When I review any product I like to include both the up and downs for the product as things can always be improved on. This review will be a bit different as I don’t have anything negative to say about the Gpop. I am also not saying its “Perfect” just that anything the Gpop is lacking can be found in another of the Fun Toys “Pop” series.

Fun Toys Gpop Plug Size

This Gpop is the perfect size to start your sexual adventures with. The tiniest bit of a good water based lube like the “WICKED Toy Love” Lubricant found at Oh Zone stores and the Adultsmart website. It really just needs a little bit, this toy is so smooth it slides right in. But you can use whatever your favourite is. Keep in mind that as the Gpop is a silicone toy it will be best used with water based lubes!

And now for the exciting part. The Gpop may appear small and slightly underwhelming to anyone more familiar with anal play, however, its design fits perfectly into that ever so favourable P-Spot. For the first time in a while, I was very appreciative for the smaller size of this plug, even the handle fit comfortably between the cheeks. I could have worn it for much much longer, and will be in the very near future. Now I mentioned earlier I haven’t been a fan of vibrating toys in the past that changed in a moment with this toy! Its design, and I know I* have mentioned the design already, but it really sits on the P-Spot, and then the vibrations begin!!! The vibrations are almost focused on the P-Spot and not aimlessly vibrating the hollow of the anal cavity like I have experienced in the past with other vibrating toys.

Fun Toys Gpop Package Sex Toy Image
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Fun Toys Gpop Plug Vibrations And Controls

The power button and vibration variation control is an easy to reach button located on the top of the loop ring handle. Makes it easy for you to reach around and press to adjust the variations and speeds, and easy for a partner to switch it up for you as well. Gpop has 3 speeds with 6 variation patterns. There is one particular pattern 3rd or 4th on the settings that acts like a crescendo of vibrations and it was pretty great! While some other vibrating plugs come with more power and more settings to your enjoyment, the Gpop form and fit to the inner workings of the body make this a stand out plug!

Fun Toys Gpop Plug Is Shower And Bath Time Friendly

The Fun Toy Gpop also says its fully shower and bath time friendly. I’m not normally one to take time for a human skin soup soak, but the idea of sitting back and letting the Gpop work its magic in the warm embrace of a tub does seem very appealing.

Why I Love The Fun Toys Gpop Plug

Another reason the Gpop has made an impression with me is while I might be more anal-centric my partner is not. And while it’s fun for him to play with toys on me, it’s also fun when we can both enjoy the collection of toys together. ( Please remember if you are ever sharing toys even with a consistent partner it’s still important to make sure they are cared for and cleaned (The toys… and your partner too I guess. I like to have the WICKED Foam toy cleaner from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres handy). The unique loop ring handle on the Gpop makes this toy very easy to use as a vibrating wand, tantalising and massaging… really any part of the body. The smooth Silicon surface means for a friction free glide around those intimate and perhaps more delicate areas. He was truly impressed with the impact and sensations this little plug gave us! There are many prostate massage tools available but I really love the Fun Toys Gpop Plug!


About the author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology- Human SexualitySave





Evolved Let’s You Come Together

Evolved Come Together Image

A few months ago Evolved released a rechargeable strapless strap-on and honestly, I am dying to get my hands on one! Usually, I’m not too big of a fan of the strapless toys because I don’t have the best kegel muscles and couldn’t seem to hold in the last one I purchased no matter how hard I tried or how many times I tried or any different positions I tried. The last one I bought though was quite heavy and the insertable end for the holder was weirdly shaped so I honestly think those factors may have played a part in why I couldn’t hold it in.

Now, what caught my eye with this one is the way the wearers’ end is shaped, it is more curved so it should sit nice and comfortably in the g-spot area and up against the front vaginal wall and I think the ridges would make a really big difference when it comes to gripping onto it once you start clenching and attempting to hold it in place plus the bonus of extra pleasure of course.

Evolved Come Together Measurements

The wearers’ end has 5″ of insertable length and the other end is 6″ which I think is the perfect amount on both ends for it not to be too heavy or hard to control. The toy has 3 different shaped beads starting from smallest to biggest with ribs going around the full length of the receiver’s end which I think would be great whether you’re a toy beginner or expert. There is even a little bump at the end with ridges that should sit quite nicely on both clits if you’re a lesbian couple using this toy, so for me that’s a huge bonus feature and because the tip of the toy starts with the smallest bead if you are someone who is curious about anal play this toy would be absolutely perfect for experimenting.

Evolved Come Together Image
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Evolved Come Together Features

It comes with 3 strong and rumbly vibration speeds and 7 different patterns to choose from. The toy should last about an hour in play once fully charged depending on what settings you’re using and should only take 2 hours to completely charge once it is flat. There is an easy to find spot on the outside of your toy where you can stick your charger into and you can connect the other end of the charger to any USB adapter or computer.

Note: The area where you stick your charger into reseals itself once the cord has been pulled back out so you don’t have to stress about any liquids seeping into your toy.

The toy is made out of body safe silicone and is both latex and phthalate free. Because the toy is made out of silicone you’ll have to stick to water based lubricants but there is one silicone based lubricant you can use on this toy and that is Super Slyde which I highly recommend if you’re going to use the toy for anal play.

If you are unlucky and you find any manufacturing issues with this toy Evolved has been lovely enough to throw in a 5-year warranty.

The one negative for me about this toy is the fact that it only comes in a hot pink colour and I’m definitely not a pink gal but honestly, all the positives definitely outway this one negative for me.


Now for my favourite thing about this wonderful strapless strap on……


Everyone who reads my reviews should know I absolutely love my bathroom fun and this toy allows for that so this is literally my new favourite strapless strap on and will be purchasing one for myself very very soon! There are many reasons why sex toys improve relationships as they can definitely increase pleasure in the bedroom.

Enjoy and be safe!

About the author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


5 Ways Tantus Delivers Corporal Punishment

BDSM Paddles

Tantus is an industry leader in body safe and environmentally friendly products a dream that Metis Black had since 1997 when she started to make beautiful hand poured products and from that Black helped develop the unique, pure and superior silicone formula that helps make Tantus the well-known and trusted brand that is, setting the bar for industry standards today.

Tantus Silicone Paddles

Tantus makes a variety of products including this range of silicone paddles that I absolutely adore and they are the pride and joy in my collection of impact play toys. There are 5 different shapes and types to choose from each with a name that gives you an indicator of the way the toy will feel. Tantus Silicone Paddles include:

  1. Pelt
  2. Twack
  3. Wham Bam
  4. Snap Strap
  5. Plunge Paddle
Tantus Pelt Paddle Image
Product: Tantus Pelt


Complete Guide On The Tantus Pelt

The Pelt is made from Tantus’s unique premium silicone blend that is absolutely the best silicone I’ve ever held in my hands, it is so beautifully silky smooth you just want to rub it all over your face which I did and do whenever I pick up one of my Tantus paddles. The ultra-premium silicone is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic which is definitely a bonus and a credit to Tantus and their quality and care they put into their products keeping the buyer in mind first and foremost.

While holding the Pelt you can feel it has a well designed balanced weight, the Pelt is a shorter oval shaped paddle giving it a wonderful centralised and mildly heavy sensation (yet still having a wonderful sting) meaning you have more control over it during impact play and you will have a better aim and an easier time targeting the right spot for when you do pelt your partner, making it a good paddle for beginners and experienced players alike. Its name does fit the Pelt perfectly as it’s the exact word that comes to mind to describe this sensation from both giving and receiving ends of the paddle.

The Pelt is 11.6″ (29.5cm) long and 3′ (7.6cm) wide, all of the Tantus paddle range coming in a beautifully smooth satin finish black. These paddles are thick, sturdy yet flexible.

The craftsmanship of Tantus products is flawless, the Pelt having an almost seamless and totally smooth surface bar the upraised ‘Tantus’ stamp just above the handle, with the handle having a small hole in it for you to easily attach rope, chain, string or whatever you wish so you’re able to hang up your Tantus Pelt.


Tantus Pelt Paddle Image
Buy Now | Tantus Sex Toy Adult Store


How To Take Care Of Tantus Paddles

I store my Tantus paddles out on a glass table and they are not dust collectors like some silicone and other toy materials can be, in saying this cleaning your Tantus paddle is a breeze, it is dishwasher safe but the premium grade silicone from Tantus is of such a high quality you can even boil or bleach your toys if you so wish.

I personally use hot water and a toy cleaner after each use, you may not have thought about cleaning your toys if they are not being inserted or worn but I highly recommend it especially if you are playing with multiple partners, during impact play there is a chance of breaking the skin or the toy coming into contact with skin that is already broken so keeping your toys 100% free from bacteria is important,Tantus is after all about good, clean fun! You can also read the Guide To Cleaning Leather And Fetish Gear to learn all about taking care of your products.

Overall Review On The Tantus Pelt

If you are looking for a fantastic long lasting quality item to begin or add to your toy collection the Tantus Pelt is an excellent place to start, more than reasonably priced you are getting your money’s worth with Tantus. It is a great product especially if you are a beginner engaging in BDSM play.


About the author: Erin is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







Tenga Flips Out On Personal Lubricant!

Tenga Flip-Hole Lotion Image

Tenga makes some of the most elaborate masturbation tools in the world not many others can compare to the sheer quality, design and thought that these Japanese craftsmen put into their products it’s only natural that they have designed some high-end top quality lubricants to accompany these masturbatory super stars.

Tengas lubricant stands out above the others for me especially because of its tapered applicator. This precise applicator tip helps the lube get into the hard to reach textured orifices of the flipholes and easily inserted into their cups. Tenga Hole lotion is easily the best-designed lubricant bottle for close ended realistic masturbaters and strokers including but not limited to fleshlights, blewits, megabators, fuck me sillys and all pocket pussys across the board. The lubricant extends passed just masturbation is safe for all kinds of sex. Real and solid leave little to no taste or sensation if taken orally. Tenga has soured and used all body safe products but does recommend that you check out the ingredients to ensure there are no allergies.

There are four styles of the Hole Lotion: Real, Mild, Wild


This particular lube is supposed to be as close as possible to natural lubrication. Paired with Tengas deep throat cup Real Hole Lotion escorts you through its tight entry and past the wavy ribs which grip and release for tight and rough stimulation and finally to the end of the cup which is a muti-nubbed stimulation chamber. When I had this lube on my hand and spread my fingers apart it remained connected mirroring the perfection of spit or other natural secretions. The viscosity of this lubricant is supreme it never becomes too sticky or too wet reducing that dreaded masturbation cup slurp. The use of Real in masturbators has been said that it does give the user quite a bit of traction making the internal texture of the toy just that bit more expressed. A small amount of this lubricant will last a long time and doesn’t get too sticky when it begins to be absorbed. Real Lotion is also perfect for vaginal, anal, oral and for use on all types of toys male or female.

HOLE LOTION REAL (Red) Ingredients

Water, Glycerin, Ethanol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, Paraben, Polysolvate 80, Sorbitan Cocoate, Fragrance


Tenga Flip Hole Real Image
Buy Now | Tenga Male Pleasure Products



Is much like the above real with a much silkier texture and runnier viscosity. It also has a lot fewer ingredients in it making it gentler on the skin as opposed to the other Hole Lotions. From the lack of preservatives in the Mild formula, I can assume it is more geared towards sensitive skin and chemical conscious users. I find Mild Hole Lotion a perfect companion for the rolling head cup is the super mild formula and gentle viscosity help the user to glide through the flexible body with and to reach its focal point the rolling power ball head. Mild again like real is great for any sexual activity involving other people or toys.

HOLE LOTION MILD (White) Ingredients

Water, Glycerin, PG, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Paraben


Wild is Tenga’s most impressive and most reviewed Hole Lotion it has a menthol additive to take every cup to the next level with each stroke.  Wild Hole Lotion and the double hole cup make a sublime team of climactic perfection. The menthol in the hole lotion starts off as a delightful tingling sensation before enveloping the user in sensational warmth adding to the pleasure duo of the sweet and the bitter chambers of the double cup. Wild is by far the runniest of the Hole lotions, it’s incredibly thin consistency is a godsend when in use on the bitter side as it doesn’t distract from the tight constricting feeling passage down the bumpy zone. The warming effect and smooth viscosity of the Wild invigorates the senses making for an overwhelming orgasm. Wild Hole Lotion is a sensation lube that can be enjoyed by strokes and couples alike although I can’t recommend that everyone will enjoy the minty fresh taste during oral or the numbing or partial burning of using this personal lubricant for anal.

HOLE LOTION WILD (Black) Ingredients

Glycerin, Water, Ethanol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, Polysolvate 80, Paraben, Sorbitan Cocoate, Menthol

About the author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres