How To Choose a Penis Plug

Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra Penis Plug

I have personally come across quite a number of good penis plugs, and during all this time, I have come to learn how to differentiate the good from the bad. Plus, my not-so-good experiences with a good number of bad penis plug in the past have all forced me to be very careful with the choices I make today. Now, for an adult industry that has continued grow and to see a multitude of different kinds of penis plugs being introduced, if it is your first time shopping for one how do you know which one is right for you?  How do you differentiate from the good, the bad and the ugly?

Let’s Start by Learning What is A Penis Plug?

First things first; before I give you my tips on how to choose the best penis plug, it will make sense if we first know what this thing is. A penis plug is an object that is inserted into the urethra. Although it is named a penis plug it may also be inserted into the urethra of a woman as well. The most popular are surgical stainless steel plugs, wands or sounds that are normally inserted into the urethra just for pure erotic purposes. It is something anyone can try and most people find them unbelievably erotic and most men and women get turned on with urethral play as the nerve endings in the urethra are super sensitive and when used correctly can achieve ultimate orgasms. When used incorrectly can be a very painful an dangerous experience.

How Do You Choose The Correct Penis Plus For Your Needs?

Truth be told, for most sex toy shoppers, choosing the correct penis plug is one of the most stressing and difficult things on the whole journey to urethral joy. Penis plugs sex toys that are generally not spoken about, they remain shrouded with mystery with very less public opinion and personal discussions to rely on; singling out the best from the crowded market can be quite confusing. Well, if you are having trouble choosing the correct penis plus for your own use, here are my handy tips on how to choose the best. I use them every time I go out shopping for these items and so far have always gotten what I wanted.

Vavoomsta Vibrating Uretheral Sound Penis Plug
Sex Toy: Vavoomsta Vibrating Uretheral Sound


What is it that you real want?

Although, finding a good penis plug depends on a number of factors, my preference and my body are some of the first things I take into great consideration before anything else. On any given day, before I fork out my money for a cock plug, I first make sure it has been made to professional standards and using high quality materials – my preference being surgical steel. Most Chinese products are made using steel with an alloy coating which over time becomes dangerous as shards or aluminum come loose and can dislodge and pierce the urethra. If this happens it will be a trip to the emergency room so each time you use a urethral plug check its condition for any bumps or shards that may or will cause injury.

I purchase Hells Couture branded Penis plugs as most are certified surgical steel and have randomly selected products and had lab test to ensure the material authenticity.

If you are just getting started with these urethra sex toy items, I suggest you stick to the so-called beginner models, or starter penis plugs. When I first tried my hands on these products, I first went for a beginner model and I was happy with all I could to do with them and you also should do the same testing your urethra, what feels good and what doesn’t – and determining how much you enjoy dilating it. They have been specifically designed for men or women who wish to try a urethral plug for the first time.

What width and length is right for you?

When it comes to width that is really a personal preference and I cannot guess what is right for you without discussing it with you. However, with the kind of experiences I have had with urethral play and my urethral journey the top any penis should comfortably accommodate 10mm in width; but as you go further down things get a little bit narrower. The best bet is to actually start with a small (6-8mm) and see how things work out for you. I have tried this initially and it worked out quite well for me. My tip though is to ensure that the end of these ‘thinner plugs’ is a bit bulbous as novice users have a tendency to rush or force and may run the risk of ‘piercing’ the urethra with more pointed plugs. As you progress in your plug journey most users will use nothing less than 10mm plugs.

Width in my opinion is more important than length and I have come to realize that is highly individual. For example, an average man’s urethra canal is very narrow measuring a mere 2-4mm; however, while this can be stretched/dilated, it is important that it is not over stretched. A good number of beginners’ penis plugs are extremely thin; around 6mm, which for me is a good size for people who are not used to this kind of stimulation. When it comes to the length, although that will largely depend on how you are endowed down there, I found starting with something around 8cm is a good point to start with. At the end, when it comes to the size and length of your penis plug, it is important for people to know that often a smaller penis requires a shorter plug and the first measure you need to take into consideration is the length of your penis.

At the end, when it comes to the size and length of your penis plug, it is important for people to know that often a smaller penis requires a shorter plug and the first measure you need to take into consideration is the length of your penis. It is important.

Vavoomsta Vibrating Uretheral Sound Penis Plug
Sex Toy: Vavoomsta Vibrating Uretheral Sound


What kinds of features should I look out for?

The kind of features my plug comes with are other things I always pay very close attention to. Most beginners’ penis plug models are small and normally come with no fancy additions like textured exteriors or a sharp tip; with this, you will be able to insert without feeling any pain. However, as you become more experienced and know how to play with these plugs you can then switch to those unique and more extreme styles. Regular penis plug users will find the threshold between pleasure and pain delicious and push boundaries to be at that precipice that will achieve ultimate orgasm and pleasure. It does not even stop there though; it is very important to note that, at times, it is very difficult to keep a plug in place and I now always go for a penis plug that comes with a slightly enlarged end – called a stopper, or ring so it cannot slip inside the penis – called a glans ring. For real, it cannot get better than that when you are able to wear a plug whilst walking around in public.

As a novice or beginner your plug should be pretty basic and the only feature that you may wish to try is a tapered on. Once you get the desire to experiment with penis plugs the boundaries are limitless and you can experiment with ridged, undulating, waves, vibrating, silicone, flexible, buddy plugs and more. My personal preference are waved penis plugs as each cm of my urethra is being subjected to a different sensation as I slowly insert it in and out of my urethra.

Safety Using Penis Plugs

Last but not least, you must ensure that you play safe when using penis plugs. When it comes to how safe your penis plugs is, just like any other sexual toy out there, your safety is of paramount importance and must be taken into account at all times; I never take any chances. For example, when I am out there buying this item whether for my own use of for a friend, I first make sure it is made of high quality and safe materials – my preference being surgical steel. It must be safe for insertion into the body. I wouldn’t want something that will come and leave me with an avalanche of health problems and injuries for the sake of a few minutes of enjoyment. Settle for nothing but the very best safe products – again my preference is hells couture plugs.

If you are a beginner. Repeat this mantra over and over 100 times before you have your first session.


Each time you are going to use your plug make sure it has been sterilized – this can be done by placing it in boiling water or using a sex toy cleaner that is antibacterial. You do not want a yeast infection down there. When inserting it ensure it is lubricated. A personal tip here – the urethra like the anus ‘suck up’ water based lubricants and quickly become dry and then not become an erotic experience but a painful one. So I use a silicone lubricant called Superslyde that covers the urethra with a silicone film that will not dry up and be lubricated for as long as you want to play.

However for me personally prior to applying the Superslyde I use a great antibacterial water based lubricant called Surgilube that I liberally apply to a plug and then insert it – as an experience user I use a starter plug to insert the Surgilube – this allows the urethra to be covered with basically an antiseptic which is ‘sucked’ into the urethral wall. I allow a few minutes for this to happen and then apply the Superslyde to my plug of choice for that session. This has held me in good stead and I have never had an injury of infection doing it this way.

Some plug users use numbing agents during penis plug play. I cannot stress to you how personally I feel this is extremely dangerous. The whole aim of penis plug play is to enjoy the intense sensations created by urethral play. Numbing it takes away the whole aim and from a safety perspective if will not allow you to feel pain if something is going wrong either with the plug or your use. To me it just is opening Pandora’s box regarding injury and more.

At the end, it is important to note that it might take some time to find that perfect penis plug for your needs. So if you are still in doubt, I suggest you start with the smallest and thinnest plug without a pointy end and you can find and work your way up from there. My own experience; it is always better to have a plug that is a bit too small than too large a one. Besides, I always tell people that before making any choice, it will make sense if they can talk to some of their close friends who have tried them before. The more you know about their use the more comfortable you will be trying them and enjoying urethral experiences.


Review: Wicked Flavoured Lubricant

Review Wicked Lube Aqua

Wicked lubricant line motto is:

“To enhance sexual experiences through engaging the senses, and too ultimately magnify excitement by allowing people to indulge in their sensuality.”

I can safely and happily say TICK! TICK! AND TICK! Wicked’s range of flavoured lubricants are so good they are to die for. Wicked lubricant is water based, it’s paraben-free, condom latex friendly, and importantly vegan friendly. Being a vegan product can make you feel extra good for buying it, especially if you really love animals. Wicked lubricant is proud to be a cruelty-free brand. They strongly disagree on testing any of their products on animals. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product the flavoured lubricants do contain Glycerine and it is recommended that if you’re a repeat sufferer of Urinary Tract Infections or yeast infections that you avoid these products and those alike.

What do I love about Wicked‘s flavoured lubricants? Aside from what has already been established, the consistency of this lubricant is very thin, and its so smooth and silky to touch. This silky consistency is unlike any other flavoured lubricant I have ever tried. Most flavoured lubricants are typically sticky, gloopy and leave a horrible mess on the skin no matter what company they are from. When the lubricant is applied they sometimes lose their flavour and need to be consistently re-applied. I am happy to say, this is definitely not the case with wicked lubricant – Hallelujah!

Wicked Teasers Flavoured Lubricant
Sex Product: Wicked Teasers Flavoured Lubricant



Just like some other water based lubricants, I found the flavoured range by wicked replicate the bodies natural lubrication, and allow your body to still produce natural lubrication throughout use. This is so that when your having sexual intercourse your not feeling the lubricant but allowing your body to adjust. I personally found their flavours fantastic for oral sex. The flavours include vanilla bean, candy apply, mocha java, salted caramel and pomegranate.The flavoured lubricant is extremely thin which allowed for smoother sexual motions and they taste absolutely incredible which is a bonus! It felt more like I was picking my favourite flavoured cupcake than expecting a horrible taste in my mouth. Whilst I definitely enjoyed the flavours, I can appreciate that if you enjoy a more subtle flavour then wicked may not be for you. Whilst they are strong flavours, I’ve only found one of their flavours sickly sweet which is candy apple but you might enjoy that!

Flavours I have tried:

  • Candy Apple: Candy Apple as previously mentioned, it was quite sickly but still definitely isn’t awful tasting. If you’re not a sweet tooth I’d stay clear of this one because it will just make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Salted Caramel: Salted Caramel is amazing. In the least weird possible way it brings me back to my childhood when my mum used to make these delicious salted caramel lollipops from home. It is the perfect amount of sweetness, counteracted by the perfect amount of saltiness.
  • Mocha Java: Mocha Java is to die for. Literally. I’m the biggest coffee fan ever and this lubricant definitely takes my mind straight to the organic café in Thirroul who do the BEST mochas I’ve ever had. It is EASILY the most realistic tasting lubricant I’ve ever tasted. Part of me wants to dribble that stuff on my ice cream but I can most definitely appreciate it for the intended use.

I love this Wicked Lubricant range due to the fact that Wicked have paid close attention to the anatomy of our bodies and upon researching have seen how much they actually warn people off of using if you’re prone to UTI’s and yeast infections. The Wicked’s care factor for the health of their customers, it is vegan friendly and does not test their products on animals shows a lot of value towards the company which bumps them up the love list for sure! They have a dedicated page to show people who should not use these products, but also explain that whilst it does contain glycerine, any glycerine used is derived from 100% plant based derivatives. This is most definitely my preferred choice of flavoured lubricants and I can’t speak highly enough of the experiences that I have had with the brand! Wicked Flavoured Lubricant is simply amazing.


Review: Odeco Aine Vs Lelo Mona 2

Odeco Aine
Here is my honest review of the Odeco Aine G-Spot Vibrator Model OD-6102GS. I began my review by laying the Odeco toy next to Lelo Mona 2. Aesthetically, these two toys are almost exactly the same aside from a few slight details such as the control panel, a slight change in width of shaft and the end of the Odeco toy being slightly less round then that of the Lelo Mona 2. It should be noted as well that the Mona 2 IS rechargeable, where as the Odeco model isn’t. These two toys are very very similar as can be seen in the photo I took of them lying side by side. Whilst LELO’s Mona 2 is made from medical grade silicon (as opposed to Odeco’s “standard” ((for want of a better word)) silicone), the two even feel very very similar. With my eyes shut I actually cant distinguish the two. The Mona 2 holds incredible power that is very deep and rumbly. The Mona 2 has 13 different escalations in vibration – the last one definitely packing a punch, but no frequency of vibration. The Odeco model has 4 escalations and 3 different frequencies of vibration. Whilst the top speed isn’t completely lacking, it definitely isn’t the most powerful vibrator out there. The Mona 2 retails at above $219.99 in most retail stores whilst the Odeco  Aine can be picked up for as little as $54.99.

Odeco Aine Advantages:

  • If price is an issue with you for any toy, Odecco is definitely a brand you should look into. Whilst they do lack in functions that other higher end brands posses, they still provide high quality toys that replicate others on the market – as established in this review, at a more affordable price.
  • It’s curved for G-Spot stimulation.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • No frills attached – its just a plain looking vibrator which gets the job done. Sometimes you don’t need the over the top designs to make a toy great.
Odeco Aine Disadvantages:
  • It isn’t rechargeable, powered by one AAA battery.
  • Isn’t 100% waterproof.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Isn’t overly powerful.
Lelo Mona 2 High End Vibrator
Sex Toy: Lelo Mona 2
Lelo Mona 2 Advantages
  • Popular brand and leader of sex toys in the industry.
  • More functions than the Aine.
  • Vibrator which deeply rumbles. The Mona has a low to high range in vibration strength. For beginners they can set it to a high strength and for advanced users who can use a more powerful vibration.
  • 1 Year replacement warranty.
  • Rechargeable with the battery lasting up to 2.5 hours on a full charge.
  • Mona 2 is 100% waterproof, meaning you can even experiment in the bath!
  • Whisper quiet so you don’t have to worry about people hearing.
  • Has a travel lock feature which is good for taking it with you when you are traveling.
  • Made from smooth, silky, body safe silicone.
  • Size is versatile to experiment with externally and internally with pinpoint stimulation. Mona has the perfect curve to figure out if you love G Spot stimulation, as well as being long enough to stimulate your A spot. It’s not super girthy but sizeable enough to satisfy.
  • Has a handle to hold comfortably.
Lelo Mona 2 Disadvantages
  • it is very expensive for a sex toy.
  • Controls can get a little confusing.

If the above disadvantages are a big issue for you, maybe the Odeco Aine vibrating sex toy isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for an affordable sex toy, with all of the above advantages the Odeco toy is definitely a great buy for you. This toy would be great for someone who wants a similar toy to more luxury brands like Fun Factory, but affordability is an issue, and doesn’t mind missing out on the above disadvantages.

It can be a daunting task coming into an adult lifestyle centre for the first time. You don’t really know what you’re after. You ask yourself questions like, do I like clitoral stimulation? Do I like G Spot stimulation? Do I even have a G Spot? Along with having all of these questions going through your mind, you might find yourself scratching your head looking at our extensive range of products you may even start to get overwhelmed. At Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, means we interact with every customer to help them find a product that suit their needs.



Why I Shop At Oh! Zone Caringbah

Woman Shopping Bags

I started shopping at Oh Zone Caringbah out of pure curiosity, I used to walk past it quite often on the Kingsway in the Caringbah Shopping District and always wondered if there would be something of interest to me since I already had a perfect sex life with my boyfriend and thought adult shops are just for people who are having troubles in their sex life or women who do not have partners. One afternoon however I decided to walk in and see what the inside of such a shop looks like, I certainly was not ready for what I found and ever since then I have become a regular. Here is why I seem to be hooked and I love that I am and do not wish to be cured.


Happy Person
Happy Woman
  • Wide range of products: Like I said before, I thought that Adult sex shops are just for lonely women and men who cannot get someone to have sex with or couples that are having trouble with their sex life, well when I walked into Oh Zone Caringbah, that opinion changed. I found a wide range of sex toys that I had never in my life imagined existed. Many of these toys are exactly that – Toys, but toys for adults which means they are fun and whether you are having a great sex life or not, you will actually enjoy adding these toys to your sex life which will become even more fun and I experienced things I had never experienced before when I bought some of those toys. Even 2 years down the road, I still find something new when I pop in, it is like they are constantly updating their stock and always have the latest innovations in the sex toy range.
  • Women friendly: This is one adult shop that I have found to be very welcoming to all types of women. They have something for all types of women regardless of your sexual orientation, size, sexual fantasy or relationship status. If you would like to remain single but enjoy the pleasures of sex, you will find toys for you, if you have the most outlandish fantasies, you will be able to bring them to life with the toys you find here.   As soon as you walk through the entry door you will see the store is spotlessly clean, everything is in vivid white so nothing can be disguised or hidden.  When a sex toy is shown the staff wear surgical gloves to ensure that you will always get a toy that has not been held by human hands.  Oh Zone Caringbah you certainly see that cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Helpful staff: When I first walked into Oh Zone Caringbah, I did not want anything, I was just looking around out of curiosity, one of the staff came up to me and asked if I needed help and naturally I was a bit shy but told them I was just looking out of curiosity, she then went on to talk to me just to find out what kind of person I was and what my situation was and then gave me a guided tour of the entire shop, taking the time to explain what some of the toys would do for me and making a few recommendations, I was really amazed by some of the possibilities with the toys and I asked a lot of questions which she very happily answered. By the time the tour was over my perception about sex toys had totally changed and I actually wanted to try out some of those toys though I was still shy to be open about it and did not buy anything the first time round but I learnt a lot from this lady working there and I have since learnt that they are all just as helpful.  I liked that the staff are predominately female.
  • They are patient: All the times that I have been to the shop, the staff have been very patient, they do not hurry me to make a purchase, I am always able to walk around on my own, read the labels on the packages and even look online to see customer reviews, all the while there is no one following me like you find in some of those other adult shops unless of course I am after assistance and they are only too happy to spend time with me. And if I need help, the staff are very happy to come to my rescue no matter how many times I may call for their help and later ask to continue on my own. It just creates a very calm and relaxed atmosphere and I always feel like I have made the best choice when I make a purchase
  • Convenient location: The location of Oh Zone Caringbah is very convenient for me, it is just on the way home and not in a secluded corner and bus stop is out the front and across the road and it is only about 200 meters from the Caringbah Train Station.  One hour parking is available directly out front and there is a Council Car Park across the road and behind the shop.   I find it very easy to make a stop over as I head home not like some other shops that seem like I will be making a detour to get there. I also noticed how convenient it is for disabled people that may have minor mobility issues as they can still get in easily and the parking space is more than enough for customers.
  • Comfort and excitement: Walking into the store always fills me with excitement, there is something about the atmosphere and what I have come to associate it with. I am happy when I’m there and the staff are very cheerful and full of good humor and recognize me as a regular. It is not like you feel like a dirty pervert when you ask about certain products everyone in there just seems like they are doing normal shopping and the staff are educated well in their products. In fact I now wonder why the first time I walked in I was feeling shy, shopping here is such a very nice experience.
  • Satisfaction: Oh Zone Caringbah is not just about making money, they take the time to listen to their customers and what they want and they make sure they get it. Whenever I make a purchase I am convinced that it will serve me and my partner well, there has never been a toy that I have had to return because it did not live up to what it was supposed to deliver. I always get value for my money even though I may get tired of some of them.   The staff there have also ordered products in for me that they usually do not stock that I have seen online and wanted to purchase.

Overall I have always had a very good experience and even after trying other adult shops I still find that they do not quite measure up to Oh Zone Caringbah so I keep going back there and I have taken my girlfriends there with me who also love it.


Steps To Insert A Penis Plug Safely

Male Penis Cloth

A penis plug is a popular sex tool used for arousal, sexual experimentation and pleasure. They liven up many men’s sexual experiences. The penis plug is usually used for urethral play. It usually makes the penile organ more responsive and sensitive while making erections stronger. It heightens and intensifies the feeling associated with an orgasm. A basic penis plug is a smooth plug constructed out of metal or silicone and is inserted into the urethra. There are various slight design variations available in the market, and they may have a glans ring to keep the plug in place or may be textured. Other penis plugs have a central hole in order to allow sperm and urine to pass through.

Surgilube For Penis Plugs
Sex Product: Penis Plug Surgilube


Steps to insert a Penis Plug Safely:

  1. In case you are a novice and new to the penile plug experience, make sure you identify the best plug that will suit you. I would advise you to consider the round, tapered variety in order to prepare the usually sensitive urethra for a gentle stretch as the plug slides in. The most common metallic material for penis plugs is stainless steel or aluminum. Silicone penis plugs are also available. Check out the various plug designs for safety. Some plugs have balls or discs and this prevents the plug from being inserted too far into the urethra. Penis plugs usually have a glans ring to keep it in place. This is because the urethral muscles will be constantly trying to expel the penis ring.
  2. I highly recommend that before inserting the penile plug into your urethra, it is imperative that you ensure that the plug is completely sterile. This is to avoid the very likely possibility of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in case of using a plug that is not properly sterilized. Stainless steel and aluminum penis plugs are safe to boil and should be left to stand in boiling water for about 10 minutes before use. When handling the penis plug prior to use, it is important to have clean hands or use surgical gloves to avoid contaminating the plug. I would advise you to rub of the penis plug with pure alcohol and use a high quality antibacterial to eliminate any chances of even the slightest bacterial count on the plug.
  3. I strongly recommend the judicial use of a sterile lubricant to the eye of your penis and the first few inches of the penis plug. I recommend the use of sterile lubricants like Surgilube, which is water based and Very Deep Urethral Lubricant. The water base actually facilitates easier insertion of the penis plug. You may also try out silicone lubricants such as Super Slyde Silicone Lubricant. Never use saliva as a lubricant as this may introduce bacteria and may cause Urinary Tract Infections.
  4. Before inserting the penis plug it is important to note that your penis should be flaccid and not erect. After applying enough lubricant on the penis plug and the urethra, gently and slowly insert the penis plug safely through the eye of your penis. In case you encounter any resistance, you should stop the procedure until your urethra relaxes then you can proceed with the insertion. Do not force the penis plug in as this may damage the wall of your otherwise sensitive urethra. I would advise novices and first timers to take their time to learn and discover what works best for them.
  5. At this point with the penis plug safely in place, you may begin to experience arousing stimulation. I would advise you to move the plug in and out in order to intensify the sensations. At this juncture, your penis will become erect and the experience is actually akin to masturbation. The experience will be heightened if your mind state is relaxed. In case the penis plug is solid throughout and does not have a hole, I strongly advise you to remove the penis plug safely before ejaculation to avoid embarrassing medical interventions or retrograde ejaculations. After much experimenting and use, you may soon realize wearing the penis plug during sexual intercourse will create a harder erection and restrict ejaculation. This has the gratifying effect of making your cum longer and stronger.