80% Of The Population Has HPV Infections

HPV Information

I want to discuss with you safe sex and the importance of using condoms.  We all know that using condoms helps prevent the spread of STD’s and protects against unwanted pregnancy, well most of the time anyway.  And whilst most people are aware that there is no cure for HIV and Genital herpes they are aware that with the right medication and making some lifestyle changes, people that are diagnosed today with these two particular STD’s can generally go on to live relatively normal lives. Armed with this information people still choose to practice unsafe sex.

Today I am going to talk about HPV (Human papillomavirus). HPV is a highly contagious STD for both males and females and when left untreated can cause certain types of cancer.   HPV is spread by direct skin to skin contact during all types of sexual activity with someone that has the virus. It is estimated that up to 80% of the general population today will contract or be infected with at least one type of genital HPV in their lifetime. In saying that however, most HPV infections are asymptomatic (showing little or no signs of the disease ). In most cases HPV infections clear up within 12 to 24 months. In 3 to 10% of HPV infections however, the virus persists and this then puts these people at risk of developing a HPV associated cancer. Some of these cancers include the much publicized cervical cancer, some cancers of the vulva, vagina and the anus. HPV also puts people at risk of developing genital warts.

There are over 100 types of HPV. Certain types of HPV cause the common warts on the hands and feet. In saying that however, most types of HPV are harmless and show no symptoms at all and simply clear up on their own without you even knowing that you were infected. There are around 40 types of genital HPV as they directly affect the genital area.

HPV How Do You Get It
Sexual Information: HPV Graph


It is estimated that that many people get their first HPV infection with in the first few years of becoming sexually active. It is also possible to contract the virus without actually having intercourse. Any type of sexual activity involving genital contact can spread this virus.  As most types of HPV infections do not show any signs or symptoms, most infected people don’t even know they have it and then unknowingly pass it on to others.

Most of the time with women, a diagnosis will come as a result of an abnormal result from a pap smear. In Australia we have a national register that will send you a letter whenever you are due for your next pap smear. In most cases that is every 2 years. If a abnormal result is found, it is treated then your pap smears are much more regular, I think every 3 to six months for the first couple of years. It is much more difficult to diagnose HPV in men. As there are generally no signs and symptoms a doctor needs to visually check the genital area to see if warts are present. Some doctors have been known to apply a vinegar solution to a mans genital area to help identify warts that are not raised or visible. But this test is not foolproof or proven.

Unfortunately to date there is no routine test or screening for men to check for high risk HPV strains. Some doctors are urging anal pap tests for gay and bisexual men and women who actively participate in anal sex as they are all considered to be at a higher risk of developing anal cancer that is directly associated to HPV. An anal pap test is where the doctor does a scraping inside the anus to collect some anal cells and have them checked in a lab for any abnormalities.

I personally believe that in today’s society, where anal sex has become a much more common practice the anal pap test should become a regular test for those who wish to have it, just like the vaginal pap test is available to women. Unfortunately anal cancers associated with HPV or not do not have many symptoms in the early stages of the disease so t is difficult to diagnose. Some of the more common symptoms that people tend to see as the cancer progresses are:

  • Bleeding from the anus
  • Discomfort, pain and straining during bowel movements
  • Change in bowel habits
  • Discharge from the anus
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the anus and groin area.

Lets hope they introduce a screening test soon for this area. I have also heard that HPV has also been associated with some throat cancers but I will follow up on that and find out a little bit more.


Review: Mischief Inflatable Strap On

Mischief Inflatable Strap On Dildo

My sex life really need the NSNovelties Mischief Inflatable StrapOn it was the right kind of fun I needed. I had always been skeptical about introducing adult toys to my marriage however my wife has always been the one to spice things up in that department. I have been married for almost two years now and the fact that I love her even more today than when we got together is so much the motivation that gets me through most things in life. So, I sometimes feel like she deserves to be treated right as well as making sure that she has the most fun especially in the bedroom.

To be totally honest with you I have always had a problem that I tend to cum pretty quickly. I explain to my wife that it because I find her so beautiful and that she turns me on so much but sometimes I feel a bit inadequate when she has to finish herself off with a vibrator as I have already blown my load and there is nothing left in my love tank. I had never had any past experiences with purchasing sex toys as that was her department but when a friend of mine recommended that I take the initiative and I look for something just to spice things up in the bedroom, I went to Oh Zone Kogarah where I explained my problem to the sales consultant who professionally and politely guided me through the store.

This is when I saw this mischief inflatable strapless strap-on and I knew that this is was the kind of thing that I wanted in our bedroom as it would satisfy me as well as satisfying her. My wife is that kind of person that loves experimenting so that we can always keep our sex life alive because this is one of the most important aspects of our relationship. I bought this baby on the spot for a very reasonable price and I am telling you that my sex life has never been the same since I got it, the thing is fantastic and using it just makes the whole sexual experience even more satisfying for us both.

Mischief Inflatable Strap On Dildo
Sex Toy: NSNovelties Mischief Inflatable Strap On


The fact that it comes in pink was an added advantage as that is her favorite color, so if you can imagine the smile on her face when she even saw that I had remembered what color she loved and that I took the initiative to get something that she loved. We just wanted to get to the bedroom and try this out and boy and let me tell you it was amazing. The fact that it is even designed so that it can actually remain in place during the whole sexual experience is why we love it more than any other toy. This makes the whole thing just easy and she joked about pegging me with it and to be quite honest I may just consider it. I think I hit the jackpot the moment that I purchased this amazing sex toy as it is just the right kind of fun that any relationship needs and has given me so much more confidence in the bedroom department. The fun in our bedroom just keeps getting better and better and this baby just gives us the pleasure of getting to invent something new each day that we get home from work and are ready to have fun – without the worry of her not being satisfied…AND when she is spent I enter her like the conqueror I now am and happily spurt without holding back, knowing she is already satisfied.

The fact that the shaft is even greater in the sense that it is soft to the touch and you easy ride the thing presents with no problems at all. This is even better as I see in her eyes the pleasure this strap on is delivering to her each and every time it enters her. The fact that I also get to inflate it while it is in her is even better so she can fantasize of the different sized penises that could be entering her. When I inflate it while it is in her she moans in delight and will often ask for more. This also helps in making sure that the positioning is accurate so that you never have to worry about not hitting the right places. I can also remove the bulb as well as the hose so that it causes no further interference when no inflating it and using it as a straight dildo which is amazing for my girl and makes it better for cleaning afterwards.

This is an amazing sex toy and I just love the fact that I too now am an adventurous person sexually and now look forward to my regular visits to the Adult Lifestyle Centres in Sydney. Put simply they are the best adult shops out there. The Mischief Inflatable Strap On just makes sure that the pleasure is felt from every angle that you can imagine and this is why I love to use it more each day and would recommend it to anyone with a similar ‘problem’ as mine. It has also given me some really great ideas and we have tried it even in the kitchen and shower standing up or wherever and whenever we feel like it which is even perfect for us.

The seed has now been planted by my wife and I am now interested in pegging. I have been reading up on it on the internet and am just trying to work up the courage to actually try it. Perhaps I should read up on it some more and may let you know.

Why Hell’s Couture Penis Plugs?

Top Pop Penis Plug Surgical Steel

Long gone are the days when the use of sex toys were something to be hidden or ashamed about. With our progressive society both online and in real life there is so much information out there that things that were once considered taboo or at the very least risqué are now commonly accepted.  Societies attitude has almost become as long as not one gets hurt and it is not a crime then it is acceptable.  There is nothing that beats a good pleasurable sexual experience and previous boundaries of how or where you could get those pleasures have been taken down. Arousal often leads to a climax of sexual activity for me and ever since I started using Hells Couture Penis Plugs, I have been able to explore new heights of sexual sensations and fulfillment. I was skeptical at first because I had used many types of sex toys before that had disappointed me, but once I got into urethral play all those things changed.  Finally, I had found a sexual activity that brought me to ultimate relief whether being used by myself or with my wife.

Hells Couture is the leading brand of Surgical Steel Sex Toys and BDSM products.  The company has nothing but the highest regards to product quality and materials used and I can safely purchase their products knowing that they have gone through a thorough Quality Control process. Their wide selection of penis plugs is astounding and I have yet to find a supplier with as much choice that has ensured that I got exactly what I wanted each and every time. Unlike many low quality cock plugs out there that are made using third grade materials, Hell Couture Plugs are made out of certified surgical steel material. This means that will not react harmfully to your body as let’s face it is something you are going to put into one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Regardless of the kind of fetish fantasy if you are into surgical steel sex toys Hells Couture products are the ones to own.  You know my fetish is urethral play unlike ordinary cock toys, the penis plug gives me intense sensations as the nerve endings in the urethra are extremely sensitive. The plugs also give the holder an undefined feeling of control of how much or how little you wish to push the urethra and to me that is very exciting. Penis plugs from Hells Couture finishes are incredibly smooth and instantly heighten my pleasure.  I love trying different plugs, on some occasions pushing how far I am going to dilate my urethra giving me a totally full feeling.

Inserting and removing the penis plug slowly in and out of my urethra will bring me to orgasm and then I choose whether to leave the plug in which causes a backlog of semen when I am coming as it attempts to spurt around the plug.  This sensation is often described as ‘cuming inside out’ and is a unique experience that only those that have used plugs will ever feel.  Other times I bring myself to climax and remove the plug at the moment of orgasm that has the effect of increasing the volume and waves of cum.

Finally, when I am lucky enough that my wife plays as well I will have sex with her with the plug inserted in my penis.  When I do this I choose to use a cum through plug with a very secure glans ring.  I tend to last longer when having sex and when I do finally orgasm my cum shoots through that tiny hole in the plug that does not dilate so even after having completed orgasming my semen still escapes through the tip of the plug.  Both my wife and I find this extremely horny to watch. If you have never used penis plugs before I suggest that you visit penisplugs.net.au to read all the tips on safe penis plug use.  I highly recommend this site and have learnt so much more about penis plugs and how to use them from this free resource site.

Prince Albert Penis Plug With Ball Hells Couture
Sex Toy: Prince Albert Penis Plug With Ball


Granted, there are many penis plugs that give us many sexual experience options. However, Hells Couture Plugs stands out. They have unique designs that makes it suitable for people with many different penis sizes and shapes to choose the right plug for them. They also come with different urethral designs, giving everyone something to choose from from their literally hundreds of different choices. I specifically found the plugs charming because they are sturdy, sterile but equally make for a perfect fit.

The plugs also stay in place no matter how much I move when I use a glans ring. Of course, plugs with stoppers gives a great feeling of control and enjoyment. The Hells Couture Penis Plug with stopper is also safer as it ensures that the plugs do not go deeper than intended. Honestly, this penis plug has been perfectly designed for my body type however you may not need or want a stopper. Even though there are many designs out there, it is important to go with a penis plug that will meet all your needs and wants; just like this one can for me.

Hells Couture Penis Plug allows progression. When I was a beginner, the smaller diameter plugs served me well. Overtime, I progressed into the large couture plugs. Initially, they allow for slow use and as long as you do not tense up effortlessly slide into the urethra. Hells Couture Penis Plugs gives an easy and unique experience when it comes to sexual stimulation. They are also easy to clean and sanitize and even easier to use.  Personally after use I pop them into the dishwasher.

I found the plugs to be perfect for use with my wife as they make sliding them in and out a fun experience and I relinquish control to her loving and caring hands. It is always better to instruct your partner on how you want the plug to be positioned in order to be absolutely comfortable and you must have total trust in that person. The Hells Couture Penis Plug inserts naturally and my muscles rarely fight it. However, a lubricant also makes the insertion process easier. Even though the penis plug perfectly suits me because I am sexually adventurous, anyone who is shy can also try it on their own. It lets you explore and tap into that unknown sexual side and push the boundaries of both your sexual and emotional life. In comparison to other penis plug brands that I have previously used, Hells Couture is by far the highest quality with the best range.

Hells Couture is known for the best S&M and surgical steel sex toys. Just like I did before; you may think that using penis plugs is unorthodox, or not the norm but in reality, it’s the best way to understand yourself sexually and you will not believe the amount of men that have tried them. You don’t have to be alarmed when using Hells couture plugs and each user experience may differ from person to person but the one thing everyone experiences with this plug is utmost pleasure and sensations. For me, it leaves nothing to be desired and is my ultimate sexual choice.


Review: Sportsheets Everlaster-Wishbone

Sportsheets Everlaster-Wishbone Couples Sex Toy

My name is Philip, I am 47 years old and I’ve had prostate surgery. Having prostate surgery isn’t nice, the pressure that it put on my family, my wife in particularly, was more devastating and embarrassing than actual cancer. I remember the fear that I felt, the uselessness of the entire situation. My cancer wasn’t highly developed, I don’t know how, but a routine visit to the doctor and he insisted I have a check up caught it early. I had a prostatectomy, unfortunately despite it being fairly early, they were forced to cut some of the nerves affecting my penis. I didn’t think much of it post surgery and neither did my wife. But after recovering, going back to work, spending time with the family and not taking life so much for granted, a few cracks began to appear.

She ended up giving me a hollow strap on called the Sportsheets Everlaster-Wishbone. She told me about it, opened it up, showed it to me and I bought it. It’s a strap on that you wear kind of like a belt, and it puts a hollow dildo over your penis. The aim is so that you can still have ‘sex’ even if you can’t get an erection whether that be from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, prostate surgery or other reasons. I like this strap on because, unlike the other ones, the strap seems soft and comfortable it’s a polyester fabric, rather than a plastic, or a leather. The leather looked nice but I didn’t think it would feel so nice around my balls. The everlasting wishbone has a fully adjustable strap and will certainly fit bigger boys. The attachment itself seems a little bit like plastic but that’s just the nature of the products. All of the strap-ons I have felt a little like plastic but this one seemed a lot softer than the other ones.


Review Sportsheets Everlaster Wishbone
Sex Toy: Sportsheets Everlaster Wishbone


Point is, I couldn’t have sex. I couldn’t get hard. You might not think that’s a big deal, especially when I’d already had kids who’d reached their late teens. However, what I’ve since learnt what sex is, it’s not about having fun, or getting off – it’s about intimacy. Without the physicality of intimacy my relationship was affected, I was used to sex providing that and didn’t quite know how to achieve it without sex. One of my work mates recommended a urologist down near Miranda, as I wasn’t happy with my current one, and off I went. My urologist recommended some further surgical procedures including an internal pump, but i wasn’t so keen on more surgery. He then recommended I head down to Caringbah Adult Lifestyle Centre and he gave me a short little list of things I could check out. It’d had been over twelve months since the surgery and i was getting anxious, so I put my embarrassment aside and headed off. Unfortunately, there was a young girl behind the counter and i didn’t really want to talk about anything, so I just gave her the list and asked if she had any of those in stock. Have you had prostate surgery recently she asked, and that simple question kind of took it all out of me, I nodded and she put the list down and off we went. She was incredibly helpful, and kind, and whilst I was still a bit uncomfortable it wasn’t something i couldn’t handle. We went through about half a dozen strap-on dildos before I settled on one, they’ve got a large selection.

The Sportsheets Everlaster Wishbone one is a 6.5inch strap on, so it’s also not overly big and it has a nice gentle curve for what I’ve been told is optimal g-spot stimulation. When i took it home, my wife was a little uncomfortable by it, but I think she was intrigued, it took about a week before she said let’s try it. To be perfectly honest the first time was an unmitigated disaster, but it was about the closeness that we shared during that time and that was where it was beneficial to us as a couple. We’ve since used it several times and had an absolute blast with it. It’s not a replacement, but it allows us to channel our intimacy for each other in a physical manner, and i thoroughly enjoy watching her be satisfied by it.



Review: Connubial Pheromone Spray

Connubial Pheromone Attractant Perfume Spray

Working in Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Caringbah has some interesting perks, especially during summer time. Our sex toy and adult shop is located on the Kingsway. It is near a pub, the train station and is right next door to a TAB. So of course we are going to get friendly and interesting customers. There’s one particular customer that I remember quite well, we’ll call him Dave. Dave would come in every other week after having a few drinks at the pub. We’d have a lovely chat and he’d talk to me about his life and how his ex wife had left him for some young hot shot bloke. So he’d go off, have a drink or two and speak to some of the girls at the pub. He just couldn’t quite nail it or find someone to go a date with. Week after week he’d come in, buy a couple of DVD’s and a magazine. He’d buy some lubricant and off he’d trot home.

Then one week, we had a new product come in which I’d heard good things about and I instantly thought of Dave. I waited for the next time he would come into the store and I practically threw it at him. He came in and I asked him what his favourite perfume was on a girl, and he straight away said Rive Gauche. I asked him what he liked about it and he just said it was what he loved, it was hot and it was sexy. I told him that my first boyfriend wore Coolwater Blue, the original fragrance by Davidoff. I can single out the one guy wearing it in a room and want to jump the hell out of him because that fragrance turn’s me on. It’s like I’m mentally linked to it somehow.


Business Man with Pheromone Spray
Man Using Pheromone Spray


Why? The answer can be said to be pheromones. Pheromones have been added to colognes and perfumes for years in small doses as part of marketing. Long story short, I told him about our Pheromone spray Connubial for him. Pheromones are a natural chemical released by animals to attract sexual partners, what Dave didn’t quite realise was that because he was a little down he was not only putting off the wrong kind of vibe, but he was also putting off the wrong kind of scent! And unfortunately, some scientific studies have examined the level of pheromone produced by your body decrease with age and mental status. Think about it, when do you have the most amount of people hitting on you? If your answer is never then you obviously need some pheromone spray, but if your answer was during the beginning of a new relationship. Well then that’s pheromones. It’s released when you are happy, content and having sex. Secondly, it gives you that little bit of a mental confidence boost that you need, so it’s both a physical and mental boost to help you pick up.

I gave Dave some little testers and sent him on his way with his DVD and a Hustler Magazine. Now I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to tell you he met a girl at the pub next time he went and met someone and blah blah blah. Yeah, well no. He did come back and buy a full bottle with his next standard purchase and he did meet a girl, but it wasn’t at the pub. He’d been trying some online dating and something clicked. He swears it was the pheromone spray and he comes in regularly to buy a new bottle to keep things spiced up (apparently it’s not just for single people!). In fact, most of the pheromone sprays are bought by regulars who’ll pick up their bottle, grab a new toy for their partner (or self) or a DVD and off they go. In a world where scent is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing strategy, i guess you could say attraction is a chemical reaction.

This article has been brought to you by Samantha. With a teaching and psychology degree with a  special interest  in Gender and Sexuality, Samantha has over 6 years experience in the Adult Lifestyle Industry and is a consultant for several  sexual health clinics between the Sydney CBD, Caringbah and Penrith.