Why People Use Bondage Masks

Executioner Hood BDSM

I’ve seen some kinky shit. I’ve been to my local sex store at Kogarah you know, and they have some wicked stuff. I’m also gen Y and have had been toddling around on the internet for decades now. I’ve always thought of myself as being kind of out there, open and intelligent. I even went to Sydney university. So when my boyfriend came up to me and said, i want you to wear a leather hood, I’m going to be straight up. I panicked. I fumbled through some half heated response, and we moved on. But there was a mark there. He’d come to me with something he was curious in, and I’d not necessarily rejected it, but I’d been dismissive of it. We had kind of thrown it at each other so on one hand it was understandable.

I spoke with him again, let him know that I’d be happy to give it a go but I’d like to do some research and reading on it first, give me some time and I’d get back to him. He agreed. I’ve been in the store when people have picked up the some of the bondage masks they have there and they laugh it off, and joke around. But it’s indicative of their fear and curiosity – can’t be scared of something if you mock it. I knew one of the guys that worked at the Kogarah store was into bondage and BDSM and i went in to speak to him.  We had a great conversation and he answered my questions patiently and in a way that didn’t belittle me. With the newly found knowledge in my head i could go off and research it.

What I discovered was interesting and I could summarize its entirety in two sentences:
  1. ‘Masks are primarily for aesthetic purposes and the development of a mindset for a scene.’  This made more sense after the guy in Kogarah explained it to me. He used an analogy of a guy wearing a pink Tutu coming into a room with a whip compared to a guy in leather pants and a jacket smoking a cigarette and twirling a crop. The image is different, the ‘power dynamics’ of the room are completely different. One comes across as authoritative, whereas the other comes across as whimsical and absurd. That’s also what it means by a development of a mindset i guess, when someone walks in the room wearing a certain outfit, you instantly know your place and your role. It’s a fairly simple concept when you break it down.
  2. ‘The secondary purpose of a mask is to create a confinement of the head, and potentially of the senses’.  Apparently there are heaps of different masks on the market, i didn’t know that. Some will cover your entire face, some only your ears, or your mouth, nose or eyes. When one of the senses is diminished, or blocked, the other senses try and pick up the slack so your body can make sense of its surroundings. Apparently its why people subconsciously prefer sex in the dark. Masks can apparently also restrict movement depending on the way they’re tied together and fit.
Blackout Latex Hood
Sex Toy: Fetish Fantasy Extreme Total Blackout Latex Hood
Armed with my new information I went to my partner and we sat down and talked – we spoke at length about the things that we would like to do, not like to do and where our limits were. After negotiating and some relief that we’d opened up to each other we went off to Kogarah to do our shopping. After looking through the masks that they had there – we ended up getting a mask called the ziggy. It has a detachable eye piece so you can choose to have the eyes covered or not and a wide zipper mouth. We opted for the wide one for two reasons, firstly so he could fit his dick in it, and secondly in case we decided to ever get a ball gag. I liked this one because it had a soft silky feel on the inside to it, and that I’d read that masks can get pretty hot. I thought this one would be slightly cooler, and so far its worked well. Whilst we were there we got some bondage restraint sets, which included some hand cuffs, a paddle and also a body wand which is a very powerful thing, that the guy recommended. It’s a start i guess. I said I’ve seen some kinky shit, that’s true. Now I’m a part of that kinky shit and don’t tell anyone, but I kind of like it.

Review: Lelo Ina 2 Vs Odeco Hedone

Lelo Ina 2 High End Brand Sex Toy Image
We all know and love the Lelo Ina 2.  Aesthetically, it’s a pretty good looking toy. But without this sounding to honest or blunt (I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this) the gap between the clitoral stimulator and the shaft is almost non existent and not suited to the majority of female bodies (from what I’ve read online and heard from customer feedback) and can be quite uncomfortable. The Lelo Ina 2 has been referred too as “a clamp on my vagina” by a regular customer. Now obviously in this industry we know that no two vaginas are the same and that there ARE going to be people out there who this toy will work for… so if you’re are a LELO fanatic and you need this toy in your collection, make sure you know your body well enough to judge whether this toy will work for your anatomy and come and check it out in person just to be sure. LELO is an incredible brand and have and still do make incredible toys. Their toys boast important features such as 100% waterproof abilities, 100% medical grade silicone, their products have warranties, easy to use control handle etc. They’re great. I just question a toy that doesn’t work for so many people.
From the Mexican stand off written above, you can see that yet again Odecco has made a toy that replicates the design of that of a LELO sex toy… except (dare I say it) I think it’s better. The Odeco Hedone is made entirely of silicone (as opposed to the Lelo Ina 2 which has a plastic handle) and feels/looks like a luxury item. The control pad consists of three small buttons which are extremely easy to use –  press and hold the middle button to turn the toy on/off, use the plus and minus buttons too increase/decease power. Easy peasy.
Odeco Hedone Image
Sex Toy: Odeco Hedone
The Odeco Hedone is heavily curved for targeted G-Spot stimulation and also has several ridges on the shaft to stimulate the vaginal opening. I also love the handle, it makes for easy and comfortable use . This toy was definitely designed with the best interests of the user at heart. The Odeco Hedone is 100% waterproof and is rechargeable. It is also EXTREMELY quiet. Like, to the point that I would say you near enough can’t hear it. The clitoral stimulator is much looser (for want of a better term) and doesn’t “clamp” onto your vagina. It is also extremely flexible and can even be entirely pulled back if you would like no clitoral stimulation.
I’ve also found with the Ina 2 that the clitoral stimulator is much stronger than the power in the shaft. The Odeco Hedone spreads it’s power equally throughout both motors.  And if that wasn’t enough to possibly sway you away from the Ina 2 and throw you towards the Odeco Hedone… let me talk to you about the price difference.
The Lelo Ina 2 retails at $169.99 whilst the Odeco Hedone is $94.99!!!! An incredible price difference for such a quality toy. I’m absolutely in love with the Odeco Hedone and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a rabbit styled vibrator. Simply Amazing!!

 About the author: Hermione is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Review: Serenity Vibrating Wand

Serenity Vibrating Wand Personal Massager

At times, you may want to have your own sexual adventure, just by yourself in your room and you are going to experience nothing less than maximum self-orgasm. At such times it is always important ot have the right accessories with you to ensure that you fulfil you sexual desired and may I suggest to you purchasing a wand. When I suggest a wand it is not just any wand it is the Serenity Vibrating Wand by NSNovelties as I have found this sex toy to allow me to experience ultimate orgasms afterwards leaving me in a state of Serenity that is very difficult to replicate by any other forum.

The good thing with a sex wand is that it is available at any time; generally they have a pleasant look as most of them are available in a color that is perfect for you such as blue or pink or purple and they will definitely turn you on once they are turned on. They are affordable sex toys when you think what joy they bring you and the total outlay and best of all they are easy to use. Even for a novice it is not necessary to read the instruction manual and it is more fun using it by trial and error to find your perfect spot at your perfect speed. You are also assured of a healthy tool that will give joy to your clitoris and body.

The Serenity Vibrating Wand can also be easily cleaned and is made from body safe silicone and it can be used by a single person and can also be shared in couples play. Isn’t that great? They are a slim toy so certainly will not intimidate you and are easy to handle by use your hand – the ends are slightly curved allowing you hit that right spot. When you are alone it is a great substitute for a lover. A wand will give you just that, and it comes with a number of rhythmic functions. You may want a slow vibration or even a fast one, depending on the level of your excitement. With a wand, you adjust according to your wants or rather how you want it to turn out. You can also use it as a play toy while having sex with your partner and it is fun I grant you that. It will make sex enjoyable each and every time and you will not have to complain of similar sex styles and sensations that may cause you to get bored with your love making as now you are in charge. For me I have found that the best wand to use is the Serenity Silicon wand and I assure you that the sex adventure you will get from this sex toy will surely be an unforgettable one as you will crave do discover more about your body each time.


 Serenity Vibrating Wand Personal Massager
Sex Toy: Serenity Vibrating Wand


The Serenity Vibrating Wand is the sex tool to get so when you want to enjoy a maximum sweet sexual experience. I find having a more technical and creative design makes it easy and appealing to use. With the powerful vibration in seven different rhythmic functions, my sexual pleasure and satisfaction definitely go to the next level. The good thing is that it is a very flexible vibrator and I am able to hold it and use it comfortably without the vibrating wand falling out of my hand of even straining it. It actually maintains its position easily. Another thing is that the serenity has multiple purposes. When I use it internally, the g-spot stimulation is way beyond my expectations. All I can say is the sensations are in a class of their own. Also, when I place it on my body, I am able to get massage experience and It really helps me with my relaxation. It is medically safe as it is made of high-quality silicon thus I am assured that if I clean it I will not be susceptible to any nasty infections or problems.

Product Information:

  1. Available in sexy blue and purple color
  2. I am assured that it is body safe and phthalate free
  3. Thin for proper clitoris play as its slim tip targets the desired part for detailed and extra pleasure
  4. Travel-friendly and stylish
  5. I find it light and, therefore, easy to use
  6. The seven vibration functions enable you to have different sexual pleasure from smooth to wild and all that takes place with a touch of a button at the base.
  7. I find it easily compatible with any lubricant and it is non-porous and easily cleaned.
  8. I find it simple to use and if gives me one of a kind mind blowing orgasm.
  9. The vibration itself is very soft and comfortable with an emulation of skin design.
  10. It also gives a nice touch feeling on your hand.


Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Silky Caress

Fifty Shades of Grey Silky Caress Lubrication

I have always wanted something to spice things up in the bedroom a little better and that is exactly what I got after trying Silky Caress Lubricant from Fifty Shades of Grey. This is the ultimate bedroom companion that got my marriage back into a good place. My wife was tired of how our sex life was going, lets face it, it was getting boring and mundane but ever since I went online and searched for something that would excite things up a little.   We were both getting rusty in that love making department so I thought lets oil it up, so I got the Fifty Shades of Grey Silky Caress Lubricant and I have never looked back. It is an incredible product that has improved our sessions in many ways and has reignited that spark of desire that we have been wanting for quite some time. The fact that it actually lubricates and makes more sensitive our erotic parts as well as making sure that we maintain a steady fore play that will lead to really wild as well as intimate love making. I love it more each day.

My wife who had actually started to lose interest in me at the  bedroom department but is now coming home from work ready to play and is even now waking me up just so that we can do it more. Sometimes we even do things differently and we take it to the shower and this is where it even gets hotter. This amazing solution will even withstand water so that we can never be hampered from having incredible sex anywhere, anytime that we feel like it.

Sometimes when we come from work and we are so tired, this is great for massaging and feels just like the name implies a silky caress and the fact that my wife loves this foreplay the best is why we have now gone places we have never thought of before. When massaging it on her still beautiful body, it just makes everything even better and within no time all the stresses of the day disappear and we are on top of the world. This is amazing and will mean that our marriage survives any turbulent times thanks to this secret silky caress formula here that is not just amazing but  also totally safe for me as well as my partner.


Fifty Shades of Grey Book
BDSM Movie: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie


We have now begun experimenting with sex toys and the fact you can also apply it on toys safely for that much needed extra slipperiness is what makes it perfect because we get to have that feeling that we have always looked forward to and my wife actually enjoys it when she is wet,  She says it loosens her up when she is about to orgasm and allows her to have a more deep, smoother and sensual climax.

It is also approved by the author of Fifty Shades of Grey which my wife has read a million times over and this is one of the reasons when I got this lubricant, she was so ecstatic about it. It is just incredible that it is even endorsed by that author who would not be doing so unless they believed in it – for goodness sakes they would have so much money from the rights to the books and movie I ams sure they would not want to damage their brand franchise by endorsing a dud. The fact is that it works, it is not a phoney, it is the real deal a silky caress. What you see is what you get and that is exactly what I got and now my sex life is now at a place that I wanted it to be again. We are like a couple of 20 year olds out on camp each night that cannot keep our hands away from each other that with my wife we give thanks to this amazing formula. The fact that it is also really small and I can carry it in my pocket so that whenever we go away from home, we can always take it with us which makes the whole amazing  experience even better.

The solution Silky caress has delivered is just amazing and I like the author of Fifty Shades of Grey endorse it and the fact that my wife also gets to enjoy it just as much as I do I find pretty cool. We get to apply it and have all the sensual fun in the world that we want and this is what keeps a marriage going and in a better places as I am a man who never wants to cheat on my wife. The fact that this secret formula Silky Caress creates that atmosphere for the most intimate fun in the bedroom or anywhere that we want to do it is why you should try it too. It is amazing and we get to have the most intimate sex that we haven’t had in years and I am just grateful to this lubricant and massage oil. It also comes at a very affordable price which is very small considering it has actually helped my marriage as well as my sex life. This is the ultimate solution that I had been looking for just to make things fierier and it has done just that.


Review: Jes-Extender Kit

Jes-Extender Titanium Kit Penis Extender

The Jes Extender Kit helps men develop their penis size and has received a lot of publicity over the past few years. While the device has been around for over a decade, the company has recently updated and improved the model. Since the update, people have started noticing the amazing results of using the Jes Extender. Compared to the cheaper versions, the Jes Extender will last longer and shows much more positive results. Many companies have published articles about the wonderful benefits of using the Jes Extender. One of the publications involved a testimonial of a 40 year old Canadian in 2000. He wore the the device over a period of 17 days. The total amount of hours that he had to wear the extender was 55 hours. His penis size increased by 4 centimeters during that period of time when similar devices require months in order to see results. His penis now measures 9 centimeters compared to the original 5 centimeters. This increase in measurement is when he is both limp and erect.  That is simply amazing.

He is not the only user to leave reviews about the wonderful results achieved. Another man noted that after wearing the extender for 19 months for four hours a day, he went from 14.3 cm to 26.5c m – that is almost double the length or penis. Before wearing the extender, he was not able to stay erect for long period s at a time. He is now able to hold an erection longer and his penis hangs lower and thicker. Other results posted all seem to have positive results. Another man in Sydney, Australia wore the device for several hours over the course of 8 months. He first measured 17cm and now measures 20cm. A man who wore the device for 3 months longer than him noted that he went from 17 cm to 22 cm. His penis was originally curved and was very uneven on both sides but after only 3 months of use, his penis was straighter and level on each side. He stated that he gained not only a longer penis but a large boost in confidence due to the improved look of it.


Jes-Extender Titanium Penis Extender
Sex Toy: Jes-Extender Titanium


According to the purchasers of the Jes-Extender Kit, the greatest part about the device is the security. With other brands, the extender slips out of place and does not fit snugly. They have to completely remove the device and then start over when this happens. The Jes is very snug with silicon bands and other plastic material to hold it in place. If you need to adjust the device during the day, you can leave it on while loosening it or tightening the tension. The kit comes with small adjustment tools. It is comfortable enough to wear while you are sleeping. You can also wear it under your clothes during the day  feeling confident that no one will be able to tell. The silicone materials are made of gentle substances that do not irritate the skin. The metal is also unable to rust, so you will never have to purchase new metal rods. In turn, you will save money while receiving a large boost in penis size.

Over 100,000 Jes Extender Kits have been sold to this date to improve the length of the purchasers penis yet I found it hard pressed to find a negative review on the internet. One of the most ideal approaches to answer the inquiry “Does the Jes Extender work?” is read the reviews and one can make an educated guess for himself. Do a little research and your doubts will be set aside as this device works. As a matter of first importance, you ought to figure out how the item functions and how will you best utilize if on yourself. Second, when reading the reviews on the internet find out what worked best for others and they will most probably have the same result on you. Finally take into consideration the warranty given by the company – they guarantee results if the device is used correctly according to their recommendations.

How does the Jes Extender work? This particular extended depends on the antiquated revelation of quick cell division. Tribes used to put rings around the ladies’ necks and they would add an extra ring from time to time. This prompted the extending of the ladies’ necks. The male enlargement device works similarly. Weight and traction are directed to the penis, and the cells begin separating, in this way protracting and enlarging the male organ. What do the Jes Extender Kit audits discovered online say in regards to the item? It will increase your confidence and when in the bedroom your lovers will be very pleased with the results as well. On average, the online reviews state that men get an increase between an inch and a half to two inches and a half during the course of treatment. The main reason why results vary is because the device can be used up to ten hours a day and at different tension levels – not all men use it in the same way. Money back guarantees are essential for today’s abundance of products. They are the only way a person can be sure that he won’t be disappointed with the product he has purchased. The Jes Extender male enhancement device comes with a double your money back guarantee.