Review: Super Hung Heroes

Caped Cock Dildo

Super Hung Heroes is a range of dildos made by the adult company Doc Johnson.They are made based upon all of our favourite marvel super heroes and comics but the rather they are Super Hung Heroes. Imagine Spiderman ripping out his gigantic red swollen cock, Thors putting is extremely hard hammer down, Iron Man with his Mushroom headed hard dong, Batman with his ridged winged big dong or Captain Americas honest and humble dick that get’s straight to the point. With the introducing to these dildos, I will introduce you to who I am.

I myself, am a gay comic nerd who plays video games, Magic the Gathering cards and all sorts of board game stuff. Now I never used to be into comics, but my wonderful and amazing boyfriend of five years (can you tell it’s our anniversary this week) has turned me. With every release of a Marvel/DC film he has patiently dealt with all my questions concerning characters and he has devotedly dragged me to the cinemas and we have watched Every. Single. Damn. Marvel and DC Film. I’ll give the studio credit – they must be rolling in it. And yes, before you ask we have watched the gay porn parodies including Captain Americock, Batman and Robin; An all Male Parody, Batdude and Throbin, and our personal favourite – The Green Lantern is Gay. Though, I will freely admit that we were devastated about the lack of Ryan Reynolds in this film. Though listen up, you can see Ryan Reynolds Ass in Deadpool. Just sayin’. Go see it. Amazing film. Also, putting it out there, if Marvel wants some new marketing blood in their marketing team . . .

Next month Batman vs Superman gets released. It’s sure to be an amazing film, full of action, special effects and oh my god, I just can’t wait. So, to celebrate this upcoming film – today I will be looking at the Super Hung Heroes: The Caped Cock. *Insert Dramatic Fanfare* wondering what would a Super Hero Cock Feel Like.

Super Hung Heroes Amazing Webshooter Dildo
Sex Toy: Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Amazing Webshooter


Now, I do find it hilarious that the ‘caped cock’ is an uncut cock and for those that love uncut toys, or toys that look like an uncut cock – this will have you in the zone in no time.  Combine this with some water based cum lube, and . . . well what I was going to say is just too damn crass. So you can fill in the blanks. Now before you get too excited, I need to warn you. When the tagline is ‘Super Hung’, they ain’t lying. This massive Super Hung Hero is just over two inches wide by one a half inches. It is wide. Did I mention it is wide? So, just like any good super hero slash athlete you will need to warm up before using this super villain AKA Bad Boy. So pucker up, spread some lube and get those sphincter muscles warmed up because there is no way you can take this thing cold.

You’ll also notice that it could not be a Batman Cock without the shape of batman, so rather than sacrifice a phallic shape, they’ve embossed the batman wings on either side of the shaft and then ‘scored’ it, so it almost feels like a bat. Not that I’ve ever felt a bat, but it kind of feels like the leathery wings. . . alright. Now that I think about it, and since the bat is a mammal it doesn’t feel like a bat. It feels ripppley and subtle and when you run your fingers along it, you can tell that’ll feel good. If you can fit it. On top of that, it has little ridges around the two bats so, whilst there’s not a lot going on, there’s certainly some room for some solid stimulation. It’s made of a softish silicone, and when lube is applied it’s silky smooth. My only critique of this is the balls. They aren’t balls, they’re barely even in the shape of balls. Considering the detail on this, and from the other hung super hero dicks – I was a little disappointed that they thought they’d literally just gloss over the balls and not pay any attention to them. That’s certainly not what you should do with balls. Made in America like the majority of super heroes, this silicone dildo will have any fan boy squealing. Whether that’s from delight. . . or something else. Well that’s for you to decide and for you to ensure that you warm up for the Super Hung Heroes!


Review: We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator

The Nova is a rabbit sex toy vibrator made by a very popular adult company named “We-Vibe”. We-Vibe specialises in the creation of power female and couple sex toys and is run by the Standard Innovation Company which is located in Canada. The We-Vibe Nova is a unique step in the right direction towards a rabbit vibrator that can fit almost every woman’s anatomy. This is because We Vibe have tried something different with the Nova. Unalike most rabbit vibrators, where the clitoral stimulator ‘reaches’ for the clitoris, the clitoral stimulator on Nova bends to apply constant stimulation to the clitoris, even when thrusting with the toy. Overall, the general thought process of the Nova is spot on. You typically can’t thrust with a dual vibrator without constant disturbance of the clitoral stimulator – where the clitoral arm actually parts from the clitoris and sometimes slams back on when you thrust all the way back in. This is why I tend to go for two separate toys when considering what to buy – you can manipulate both toys exactly where you want them, move them in any way you like. The We-vibe Nova is a perfectly ‘average’ sized dual stimulator.

The idea of the Nova is that you have complete freedom to do as you wish with it. Thrust, grind, whatever – the clitoral arm has been designed to stay put with a firm fit. And it does. But that’s also (funnily enough) part of my biggest problem with the We-Vibe Nova . The clitoral arm stays in put so much so that it puts an awful lot of pressure onto the clitoris – especially if you want to fully insert the toy. The arm has to bend all the way down towards the shaft and it actually hurts to do it on my hand let alone having that much pressure on my clit. I do, however, acknowledge that the concept of this toy is fantastic – and the main thing to consider when buying this toy is your personal preference. Some of the questions you should ask yourself: the customer when considering whether to buy this toy is – do you like direct stimulation to the clitoris, as opposed to all over vulva/clitoral stimulation? Do you like to apply pressure to your clitoris? Do you like short length toys as opposed to deeper internal massaging? It literally comes down to personal preference. If you love those three things (which a lot of people do!!) – I can guarantee you won’t be able to find a better toy on the market to suit your needs. If you can’t handle pressure on your clitoris, find direct stimulation overstimulating-, or need a longer length in toy – the Nova most likely won’t agree with your body.

Which brings me to my next point, due to the clitoral arm bending the way it does. The maximum amount of insertable length of the We-Vibe Nova is 3.1 inches which is really not much at all. The clitoral arm has a width of 1.1 inches. Whilst it is a G Spot sex toy. Half of the shaft on the toy is not usable. The shaft is also only 1.3 inches in girth – which is on the thin side. Again, these are both qualities that people ask for every day. A toy on the smaller side is exactly what a lot of people are looking for. Yet again, the preference in size is a major decider on whether you are going to enjoy this toy. It’s control pad and handle is the exact same as LELO’s INA and MONA waves. The entire toy (except for the magnetic charging point) is silicone, and it has the same interface to change the functions. It is also 100% waterproof making is easy to clean and safe for some fun in the tub as it can be safely submerged in water.
WE Vibe Nova
Sex Toy: We-Vibe Rabbit Vibrator


One thing that REALLY impressed me with the We-Vibe Nova (as well as the other new vibrator in We-Vibes new range, Rave), is that it can connect to the WeConnect application just the same as the We-Vibe 4 plus’s! This mean’s I can use my Samsung Mobile or even an Apple Mobile to run the application. I thought this was super super cool. We now have a vibrator with the same unique features as the 4 plus, where couples can connect from anywhere in the world. From speaking to our sales representative and researching online, I’ve also found out that one phone application can connect to all three toys at once – by that I mean you can have a Rave, a Nova and a We Vibe 4 plus connected to any one application (if you own all three of course) and choose which one you would like to control at any given time. I LOVE that We Vibe have done this. This function makes it a super unique addition to our range of sex toys and is a big selling point. On the app, there is also several more vibration functions that aren’t included on the interface “built in” modes on the toy, as well as the ‘create your own’ option.

The actual vibrations of the We-Vibe Nova are very powerful and rumbles pleasantly, yet if you need to back off on the power you can fine tune your own strength on the app. As with all We-Vibe products are made from high quality silicone – the Nova is 100% body safe – free from phthalates, latex and BPA. The Nova is USB rechargeable via a magnetic clip on the front and can fully charge in 90 minutes for 2 hours of play, which is pretty awesome. The Nova will also smartly let you know when its batteries are going empty, it has a low power alert indicator which flashes above the interface on the toy itself when on low power – Nova doesn’t want to disappoint you in the heat of the moment. Nova also comes with a really nice silky storage bag to protect itself from the dreaded lint attacks, comes with an instructions manual and comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Nova’s vibrations are supported by 2-motors  (one in the clitoral arm and one in the main shaft) which provide 10 unique different vibration modes. The Nova is also compatible with the We-vibe app, meaning you can make your own vibration patterns with it or play around with it with your partner. 2 motors means twice the fun and even more ways to play with these patterns too, you can choose whether or not you have both motors on or either motor singularly. While the We-vibe Nova may look elegant and innocent its vibrations are anything but. Deep, rumbly and intensely satisfying, We-Vibe haven’t skimped out on making sure that the vibrations which made the ‘Tango’ and ‘Touch’ great have been integrated into their new generation of vibrators. One note to make is on the highest vibration setting the clitoral arm tends to be a little buzzy but the nova is powerful enough that most people are happier using a lower setting.

So overall, I do really really like the We-Vibe Nova. I think it could be improved by making another Nova(2) with a less ‘stiff’ (for want of a better word) clitoral arm so you don’t have to apply so much pressure to your clitoris. I think the We-Vibe Nova  coolest asset is that it also connects to the WeConnect application. What I think you need to consider before purchasing Nova includes whether you would like direct clitoral stimulation, pressure on your clitoris  and whether you like the length or girth of sizeable sex toys. If you have answered yes, you really won’t find a better fit for you body. If no, the We-Vibe Nova most likely won’t be for you. I’m confident that there is going to be a lot of people out there who are going to love the design of this sex toy and really appreciate the clitoral arm. They are going to be the people who see it and think yes! Finally, someone has created exactly what I’ve been asking for.

This toy’s beautifully elegant design really does allow for effortless use, as the Nova bends to accommodate you instead of you having to change for it. Its flexible clitoral arm has just the right amount of give to allow it to move with your body but also the right amount of firmness and stability to stay in place during use.  The Nova is an incredibly firm toy that isn’t particularly squishy at all which could be a negative for some users. If this was lined up next to a bunch of conventional rabbit vibrators it would look wholly out of place for all the right reasons. Sleek, non-representational, slim and body-safe, the Nova puts many of the other hopping bunnies to shame. Of course no toy can cater to every user but the We-Vibe definitely comes close to making a duel vibrator that does. Sleek, gorgeous, innovative clit arm and many more amazing features makes this a complete package. The only downsides I could see is that it isn’t squishy enough (that could be a positive though, it just depends on your preferences) and that there might be a minority of people out there that isn’t compatible with this device but other then that this brilliant toy deserves a place in you collection.



8 Pick Up Lines That Work

Pink Up Line Starwars

8 Pick Up Lines That Work which can be the difference between you and that girl or that man! They create that first impression that we want so that the other party can be interested in us. I have used these lines below here with success on numerous occasions and this is why I have never been single for a while. The key to a good pick up line is that it should make the other party think but it should also not be too complex so that it can’t be deciphered. So, below is a list of these 8 Pick Up Lines That Work!


Pink Up Line Pokemon
Pick Up Lines for Pikachu
  • “Was That Just An Earthquake? Cause I think you Just Rocked My World?” This line not only means that I like this other person and would like to be wit them but it also means that am ready for whatever is the outcome of this.
  • “I would offer you a cigarette, but you are already smoking hot.” I have used this pick up line before and it really gets to the other person the way I want it to. It not only is a really great complement but it is sure to spark up a conversation between us both.
  • “Is your body from McDonalds? Because I’m loving it.” I have tried this before and it worked perfectly because of the McDonalds caption included in it. I guarantee you that if you try this, then you will have a date in no time and you would never be lonely again. It is simple and just gets straight to the point making it effective for anyone.’
  • “Did we have class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.” Although a lot of people have used this line before and it has become somewhat a cliché, I tried it once. It worked like magic on this girl met at the mall once. It is one of those lines that are just the kind that you need to set the mood right and the conversation started.
  • “Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?” I love this pick up line because of the fact that it is not just beautiful but it also brings out the smile in anyone I ever told it to. It makes the conversation really easy and a lot of people always fall for this no matter how many times it has been used before.
  • “Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.” This line is not just witty but it is also funny and all the girls that I have ever used it on, immediately talked to me. It does sound like it is easy to pull off but it is kind of a hard one and you should present it with confidence like I have always done it.
  • “If you stood in front of a mirror and held up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.” I have been in a relationship for a while now and this is actually the line that got this girl to talk to me. It not only flatters but it also complements truthfully enough and any girl would want to be told such words. This is why this is one of my favorite pick up lines because it complements the person you want to talk to which softens them up.
  • “Are you my lines? Because I will never forget you.” It is not only romantic but it means business as well and this is why this line has always been my favorite when am out wit the guys. This always gets me the woman that I want and it is why it is one of my favorite lines and it will work for you too.

These 8 Pick Up Lines That Work! are not just simple but they are guaranteed to work. They make having a conversation for the first times with a stranger seem really easy, well it is. These lines have always worked for me in so many occasions and I still use them again. Try them today whenever you find yourself in those awkward situations or parties and you don’t know what to do to get that girl. They will work I assure you.


5 Excuses For Not Buying A Present

Man Sick Drinking From Mug

There is nothing as rich as the feelings and experiences we share with our loved ones. The power of Love accentuates to its crescendo during  the Valentine Season. However, it may not be in the possible or on the cards to have any  unique presents for a variety of reasons.  If you have  fallen into the group just mentioned and really do  not have a valid excuse for buying your loved one a gift on this day of love; you do not need to worry. Here are  5 Excuses For Not Buying A Present or Valentine Day gift that will either get you out of trouble or buy you some time. As a part of my  goodwill, I would advice you keep this page away from your loved one for it they know you have read this hell may be a more pleasant place to be that with your spouse or lover. A gift is one of the best things you can do for love but just on the off chance you haven’t then let us quickly run through the list in no particular order of the 5 Excuses For Not Buying A Present.


Businessman No Time to Himself
Photo: Busy Businessman


  1. I lost a long distant cousin: This is one of the most powerful excuses that works if  it is applied correctly. Your partner can not know everyone in your  Family tree regardless of how long you have been together and your dearly departed Cousin Ralph whom you spent your childhood days climbing trees but subsequently moved to Alaska hence you have never mentioned them before has really rocked your world. Losing a loved one  can bring so many feelings and you may need some  personal time to  recuperate from it. You must sound hurt,  devastated and distraught and any thoughts of gifts would have fallen by the wayside. The upside is that your loved one may even console you but it would not be cool to let your lover feel guilty for what happened. Keep the conversation as brief as you can then go  find something to make you both happier. If you do use this excuse, you might want to buy your own travel ticket through Qantas.
  2. My Boss Made Me Work Extra Hours and I Haven’t Picked Up Your Valentines Gift Yet: The demands of work are becoming a  growing challenge in our present day realities.  Although, this may not top the list of the 5 Excuses For Not Buying A Present it shows you as a serious partner who takes commitments to provide for your spouse and family seriously. No one who truly cares for you would begrudge you for having to work extra hours. However, you must find a genuine reason that can make you stay  away from your lover for a few days till the Valentines day fever dies down and/or you have had the opportunity to pick up that gift. It would be ideal if the work takes you out of town if you do not want to buy a gift at all. Who  knows…you may not be back for a few weeks! One of the benefits of  being in paid employment is you do not have the freedom to choose your  work schedule. You can take this to your advantage and enjoy the time  you have all by yourself. You do not need to feel guilty as it takes a  lot of work to have fun when you are alone.
  3. Everyday For Me Is Valentines Day When I Am With You: This is one  of the best excuses for missing that hallmark moment. Work for anyone and for many year. It shows you are  opinionated and would not fall for the whims of society or dates but care deeply for your partner each and every day. You can choose  to have something extra special on a given day outside Valentine to  cover up your tracks. Also, it is ideal to start creating the vibes of  not having a liking for Valentine and/or Christmas prior to the day. This gives you ample  time to walk free when others are wondering which gift they would get  for their partner.This excuse is ideal for people of all  ages because it cuts across board. One of the 5 Best Excuses that would  never grow stale is this one. It pays to start honing your craft with  this missile in order to ensure you are well covered against the rainy day.
  4. I Have An Extra Special Gift/Event/Holiday That I Am Going To Give You: I have  something special for you: This is an infinite extension and a promise of something that may, due to unforeseen circumstance beyond your control, never happen. It gives you the opportunity to buy time and find  the next best excuse to bail with. One of the things that make this work is  the fact that you are seen to be thoughtful and romantic. People do not  like to lose a huge surprise because of the little gains they may have in the  present. This makes you a winner on all fronts with this excuse. It is essential to give a few days notice if you want to use this ploy so that  you don’t give yourself away. Interestingly, if you find something that  can make up for this excuse  that you want, you can give it a shot. That 100 Inch LED TV never looked so good.  There are two ways  to find out if this is your ideal bet; if you lay your tracks well and  if you know you have something that can appear to genuinely make up for this excuse (That New Sex Toy).
  5. I Have Been Feeling Very Unwell: This may not seem like  a strong contender but it holds its own when properly used. Who wants to go out with a Partner that is battling ill health? You are just  trying to push yourself to do your routines and may not have the time or strength to get a gift. This would get you some good time of affection and care from your ideal partner. You do not need to break the bank but you can enjoy  your Valentines Day with this excuse. Maybe you’ve got a cause of the man flu.

When we look at the 5 Excuses For Not Buying A Present, you  must realize that each one works best under certain conditions. You  must not try to fit in to all the roles and choose the one that is right for you. Find what works best for you and use it. Ideally, I have made my pick on which excuse seems plausible  but I would allow you to make your choice. It is fun to know that you  have a good reason for not getting a Valentines Day gift. We must raise a glass to  that.

So in summary the 5 Excuses For Not Buying A Present for not getting a Valentine Days Gift shows you can make your story plausible with any of the ideas. One of the 5 Best Excuses is Health  related, another is work related and more. They captures the basic areas that  affect our human existence. There is no better way to know you would get  off the hook than applying any of these methods. I think the 5 Best  Excuses should give rise to greater pursuit of more excuses for the coming year. What do you think?  Please share your favourite excuses!


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Present with Rose

As you get older the magic of special days can lose its shine. Maybe we think we don’t not what to buy our partner or they already have everything that they nee. Celebration events like Christmas and birthdays no longer become about the presents you receive but about the joy of giving a present to make someone else happy. Birthdays become something similar to the point where it’s more about spending time with the people you care about and seeing the birthday person smile with love. Even really end up being not so much about what you receive.

My parents, bless their cotton socks, have been married for over thirty years and present giving becomes more about “Oh, you said you needed some shirts so I bought you some” or “You get socks every year, it’s a family tradition” and therefore gifts end up being more for practical lifestyle reasons. Valentines day, however, should be a little different because the event is about the celebration of love. With Valentine’s day everyone makes you think you should be buying the same old routine of flowers, watch a romantic movie at Event Cinemas, a piece of jewellery from Prouds or some meaningful token which demonstrates that even after all this time that there’s still no one else in the world you’d rather spend your life with. But, bear with me, does your partner already have a lot of tokens from all the other years of being with you? Why not demonstrate your love and keep things a little more interesting for a Valentines Day Gift Ideas.

Kama Sutra Collection
Romance Gift: Kama Sutra Candle Massage Collection

Intimacy and sex become paramount the longer you’ve been together. It is said that all relationships go through a couple of main stages. The first stage which creates the foundation of the relationship is the infatuation or romance stage. This is the stage where you feel that wild fire spark of passionate connection ignite through your soul. You feel like you can’t stand to be away from the person because they are into you just as much as you are into them. It is normally in this stage that people explore each other sexually, experimenting with different things to see what works for each other.

Eventually, people’s sex drives can drift off into different directions. Eventually, it becomes very important to keep that sexual spark alive but even then trying can become a routine. No matter what age you are, this can definitely happen to young couple. Intimacy is just as important as sex and that Is why, this valentines day, you should buy the flowers, take them out to dinner and do whatever it is you need to do but on top of that – take them out to your local Adult Store. Walk around, have a giggle maybe even pick up a new toy, or even your first toy. Adult stores these days are no longer about sleazy single men doing their business in dark rooms or even men picking up their porn. Adult stores, especially the Oh Zone Chain with locations at Penrith, Kogarah, Caringbah and Park Street CBD.  Other boutique style stores have become more couple orientated, and friendly to all genders and sexuality. Far from the sleazy stores of yesteryear these stores stock the latest products, high quality toys and have both friendly and knowledgeable staff making it the perfect place to purchase your Valentines Day Gift Ideas.

Lelo Soraya GSpot Vibrator
Sex Toy: Lelo Soraya

So why go to the store for a Valentines Day Gift Idea? Firstly, you get to look around, see what’s new, what’s around and what people are into at the moment. Secondly, the fact that you are talking about sex to your significant other can be ground breaking in terms of intimacy. If you haven’t spoken about toys before you can walk around and potentially see what each other finds interesting, absurd, horrifying or fun. This way you can kind of gauge each others reactions to things without necessarily having an in-depth discussion complete with likes and dislikes on a list.

Enjoy a nice cozy dinner with a glass of Brown Brothers of wine, head to the store and have a bit of wander, giggle and fun. You might actually be surprised what new things you discover about your partner and certainly check out their couple toys including body massager, We-Vibe, as well as your classic massage oils and flavoured lubricants. Above all else, if you’re unsure ask questions! The things you and your partner can learn in a stroll through the adult store can not only spice up the romance, but can also create some lasting passion that’ll surpass anything the flowers and chocolates will give!

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