Review: Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator

Joy N'More Silicone Vibrator

The Joy N’ More range is a very unique, and underrated range I feel. I think it does not receive the credit that truly deserves which is the fact that it can really compete with other high end brands such as Lelo, Fun Factory and We-Vibe. It’s not a back shelf product, in fact it should be a front of house with it’s own display stand. The Joy N’ More range all have the same personality however they all have a different exterior. Today I will be speaking about the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator, but when I speak about it I want you to envision all Joy N’ More products with all the same material, hot pink colours, credentials, motors and vibrations but just with a different shape. Okay, Ready, Set, Go!

The concept which I really enjoy the most about the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator is that it is completely waterproof now this is due to it’s seamless, anti-bacterial silicone design. Now you might be thinking how do you charge a sex toy that is completely seamless? Well it does have a charging point at the bottom of the toy which you will have to puncture to insert the charger, however don’t freak out the puncture actually pops back up meaning that it comes totally seamless again not allowing any water to go through. The Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator makes for the ultimate shower, spa and bath companion. It’s vibration is extremely powerful allowing it to be used solo and during intercourse either as a clitoral stimulator or a general massager.

Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator is simple, yet significant. This is the phrase I think about when it comes to the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator. It does not come with any fancy functions nor does it have any crazy features yet it is a powerful, well shaped vibrator that is completely waterproof to the point you can submerse it. The soft silicone it is made from is FDA approved. It is able to be used with silicone lubricant, yes that is right. Most toys as you would know can not be used with silicone lubricant because the silicone on silicone creates a sort of chemical reaction that leads the toy the toy melting like it has had acid put on it, the silicone from the toy will slowly deteriorate. However due to the design of the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator silicone this will not happen, and it is fantastic when it is combined with SuperSlyde voted the worlds best silicone lubricant.


Joy N'More Silicone Vibrator
Sex Toy: Joy 2 Silicone Vibrator Waterproof

The natural, soft curve in the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator allows the user to move the sex toy easily during masturbation to massage the G-Spot or A-Spot. The slight movements allow the vibrator to do all the work for you. Small movements of the wrist will allow you to place gentle pressure on the pleasurable zone, so you don’t have to hurt your wrist trying to bend it to hit the right spot. It will just nuzzle up to it and do all the work for you. The rounded head provides more space for the 8 seperate vibrations modes to send out to your body, so no matter what size your clitoris or G-Spot is, this sex toy will cover a larger zone. It will also provide pin point accuracy. These features make it especially useful if you are a beginner user of sex toys, so all you have to worry about is moving it to find the areas that stimulate you the most.

Feel the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator‘s smooth silicone, its precious curved contour and the way it vibrates! This sex toy is defiantly in a class of it’s own. It is also completely rechargeable meaning you will save hundreds of dollars on batteries since you will be using it so much. Since there are no batteries the sex toy is quieter then most other vibrators.  It takes around 4 to 5 hours for it to completely recharge. It has one of the biggest running time’s I have ever come across at 8 hours!!


About the Author: Chloe is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres in Kogarah

Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

Fun Factory Bi Range

The Bi Stronic Fusion is a female vibrator made by a high end, adult sex toy company Fun Factory located in Germany. Fun Factory are known for producing curvy, soft, sexy, funny, smart, firm vibrators for all the right places. Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is what I like to call a revolutionary sex toy. The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is not just a vibrator but a pulsator that does something special…… thrusts! Seeing it shake in my hand back and forth just makes me excited. Out of the few vibrators I have reviewed so far none has had this type of technology. Fun Factory really has revolutionary technology.  Now I don’t believe all vibrators should thrust but that’s only to keep some variety and options for those who are crazy enough not to adore this ‘mid-sized beauty’s’ amazing unique feature.

“Now how does the main shaft thrust while clitoral arm vibrates at the same time?”

I’m so glad you asked… voice in my head, well this ‘rabbit-type’ toy has two different sections—an internal shaft and a clitoral arm. Combining technologies the internal shaft pulsates, thrusting back and forward during use, whereas the clitoral arm vibrates. It also reminds me of a sex machine, you know those big ones that take a whole room to set up. Those types of sex machines that you see in a movie. But the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is a hand held vibrator for only a partial cost of a sex machine. Hopefully that makes sense if not then all you need to know is they are separate from each other meaning many many many different combinations of vibrations and pulsation are available, 64 to be exact.

Fun Factory Bi Range
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion


Now you are probably thinking how is anyone supposed to be able to easily control the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion which has 64 different combinations? Well fear not the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is very simple to use, just press and hold the ‘fun’ button to turn the toy on. From there one button sifts through the patterns of the clitoral arm where the other controls the pulsating internal shaft, and it’s as simple as holding the ‘fun’ button for a few seconds to lock in your favourite combination. Another neat function is you can also travel lock the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion by pressing and holding the ‘fun’ and top button and for unlocking it just do the same but instead of the top button it’s the bottom.

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion has a G-Spot vibrator that curves gently upwards. The tip also has a gentle bendable curve that you can massage and change the pressure on your g-spot without having to worry that you will hurt yourself. It will bend with your body and with your motions creating a more personable experience. The clitoral arm looks like a stingray jumping out of the water a the sydney aquarium and trying to fly. That’s honestly the best way I can describe the clitoral arm. The wings are not only for show, it helps spread the area of stimulation to cover the labia as well as the clitoris from the powerful ‘clitoral-labia arm’. This is great especially if you enjoy your mound being stimulated all at the one time. I like this feature because everyone has different type’s of stimulation points and this will help for a well rounded area.

This soft yet firm vibrator is made from high quality silicone and ABS plastic making it phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. Since it is non-porous bacteria can easily be cleaned off the sex toy after each use with some soapy water. The material reacts great to lubricants and is definitely recommended for a more intense session we recommend using SuperSlyde lubrication.

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion shape, size and design is perfect, from the subtle curves and slight folds in the silicone for ribbed pleasure to the perfectly tilted bulge on the end allows this device to make the g-spot sing with a loud thank you for buying the Bi Stronic. Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, a sex toy that gives pulsation and vibration options, strong duel action stimulation, constantly pleases the g-spot, easy to use and does all of this while looking and feeling amazing.  Revolution and innovation at its finest.


By Bronson a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Sexual Stamina

Stamina Sex

I’ve been working in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres for about 2 and a half years now. I can say that I’ve learned a lot and have heard a lot of crazy things. Some thing’s I’ve heard are true and some thing’s are not. For most of the 2.5 years I have worked here, I have been unfit and didn’t really pick up weights. I only would do a couple push up’s here and there to psych myself up. Ever since I embarked on my weight loss journey and road to a European holiday I have felt a lot better. I can honestly say the way you feel about you’re body and how much you exercise directly relates to your Sexual Stamina which will effect how well you have sex. You have to learn this stuff the hard way as growing up they don’t really teach you the fundamentals of sex or how most of the way you perform in the bedroom, is the way you see yourself. Great sex is directly related to you’re confidence in you’re ability to perform and how sexually confident you are with you’re body, the confidence in you’re body and obviously comes back to how well you exercise and develop your fitness.

One of the benefits I find that is really helpful for your Sexual Stamina is the fact that you have more strength. This means you’re actually able to pick up you’re partner, and hold you’re body up instead of come tumbling down every few thrusts. Being able to hold you’re body upright with you’re arms will allow you to have a much more rhythmic thrust motion and allow for deep penetration at a more consistent rate. Going to the gym and being able to push heavy weights will not only lower you’re body weight and the fat in you’re body (which will increase circulation in you’re body meaning that you will be able to get erections easier and be able to hold them) but it means you can be creative with the positions that you and you’re partner do. You will be able to hold you’re partner up in the shower while he or she has their legs wrapped around you. You can pick them up from the bed move them to the table, a desk or a couch. The possibilities are endless when you have the strength to lift you’re partner.

Elderly Man Running
Photo: Increasing Sexual Stamina
Another benefit is your Sexual Stamina significantly increases especially if you’re exercise regime has a significant amount of cardio in it. Improving you’re cardio vascular health firstly allows you’re heart to start performing better under stress, meaning it will pump blood to the places the body needs it more efficiently. Secondly you will struggle less when you’re thrusting, you will be less puffed out and will be less likely to get a stitch. The increased cardio vascular endurance will help propel you to thrust quicker and be able to find a great rhythm because you will be able to maintain a solid breathing pattern. Thirdly, exercising allows your body to release a natural amount of painkillers, natural serotonin and increases the air flow and blood circulation in your body. All these chemical reactions lead to a happier person. If you are happier, you will naturally feel more confident within your body and mind which will lead you to have the confidence to do thing’s which previously you may have felt that you couldn’t do before.
Thirdly and most importantly having a good Sexual Stamina, you will be so much more confident in you’re ability to perform in the bedroom, and this will spill into you’re everyday life. This confident will defiantly work wonders for you’re daily life and even when it comes to meeting new sexual partners. You will feel significantly happier, and this will be noticed in the way you carry yourself. Humans judge on tone of voice, posture and how you carry yourself. If a potential partner see’s that you are upbeat, positive and confident in yourself she will hold you to that and feel that you can perform well when it counts. So stop watching the pointless reality tv shows and go pick up some weights and kick start that treadmill that’s been in the garage for 8 years.

Can All Women Ejaculate?

Photo of Woman in Rain

Female ejaculation. Squirting. Gushing… is the expulsion of fluids by the paraurethral ducts during or before orgasm. Female Ejaculation is one of the most debated topics when conversing about sex, along with the elusive G Spot – the two are debated and questioned medically and professionally every day. Dr. Ian Kerner the author of She Comes First says:

“Much of the confusion around female ejaculation and squirting is because they’re two separate phenomena that are often discussed indistinguishably. While it’s not correct to refer to squirting as a G-spot orgasm, it may be a simple way to think about the experience. Some women squirt voluntarily, some women do so involuntarily. Some women report pleasure, others do not.”
What is Female Ejaculation & Why Does It Occur?
The Skene’s Gland is anatomically near the G-Spot and is basically like the female prostate gland. Glands produce hormones, however during arousal they also produce fluid. In the female body this fluid can be suddenly released with vigorous or prolonged stimulation.
What Does Female Ejaculation feel like?
The sensation you feel before squirting is similar to the sensation of needing to pee. It is for this reason that most women panic, or even stop masturbating at this point in fear of they’re going to wet themselves. One has to push past this slightly uncomfortable sensation for a few minutes before usually starting to experience unbelievable pleasure. Some people don’t feel anything before or during squirting and get a rather wet surprise mid way through a masturbation session or during sex.
How Do You Squirt?
Typically, a curved toy which has a rigid body is the best for achieving your squirting goal. A few of my top picks for achieving a squirting orgasm would be:
  • Lelo Mona 2
  • Lelo Gigi
  • Curved glass dildo or steel dildo like the Chrome Curve
  • Jopen Key Comet
  • Rock Box Finger
All of these toys have a strong curve or bulbous tip to stimulate the G Spot. This is key to when trying to achieve a squirting orgasm. Not only do you need the correct ‘tool’s (haha), however, but you also need serious arm strength (usually) to achieve the desired result. Some of the key techniques include super fast thrusting or rocking for a decent period of time. I say decent as it is hard to pin point the exact moment that it’s going to happen, if at all – but once you start to feel that strange needing to pee sensation, you’re well on your way!!
Happy Women in Rain
Photo: Female Ejaculation
Can Everybody Squirt?
No. And not because they physically can’t, but they’re merely out of practice. Some people need to almost train themselves to do so, while some people simply cant go without squirting naturally. My favourite sex blogger Girly Juice was frustrated for years saying that if she COULD this toy (whatever toy it was) would definitely make her squirt. She took the whole concept with a grain of salt and decided to just be patient, yet consistent with her efforts. And low and behold, as her twitter account reveals, she regularly achieves squirting orgasms on the daily.
So what’s the big deal media?
In my research, I found it rather horrifying that in December 2014, the British Government outlawed depictions of female ejaculation in pornography. No such ban was put in place for male ejaculation. So basically men’s orgasm = great, women’s orgasm = obscene. Interestingly, I also found in my research that Pornhub, the online porn site released data last year showing that ‘squirting’ was the 7th most searched term for their site in 2014, and that more women are looking for it than men. I think the people searching for it are not just seeking pleasure, but to see it for themselves, or people seeking out whether it is real. Only today I had a man come into the Caringbah store who was rather upset saying he has been married to his wife for 22 years but he still thinks she’s never ‘come’. She too says that she gets the slightly uncomfortable sensation of needing to pee and then refuses to carry on as she thinks something is wrong with her and that she needs to urinate every time they have sex. I explained this most likely is her body pre-squirt, put basically. He couldn’t believe it. So I sent him on his way to do some googling with his wife and here we are now writing this article! So that got me thinking… maybe it’s a lack of knowledge on the subject that has created such a taboo and not the act itself?
In Conclusion:
Achieving a squirting orgasm, if you already haven’t done so, is not an unattainable goal. With practice, the right toys and the ability to just ‘let go’ (literally), you will be well on your way to achieving your squirting goals. Happy Squirting!

By Chloe a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Review: Liberator Sex Furniture

Liberator Sex Housewares

Liberator Sex Furniture is a sex houseware manufacturer founded in America in 2001. Liberator Sex Furniture is extremely hard to locate within Australian brick and mortar stores which can be really disappointing because they are sex furniture which is aimed to be a beautifully designed sexual aid for all people. Liberator Sex Furniture can help take the strain off wrist, backs, knees, necks and a whole host of other areas. If you have any type of pain during sexual intercourse Liberator Sex Furniture can really put you into the correct position to allow sex to occur naturally without having to worry about the stresses of causing pain during the heat of the moment. The boxes do suggest some sex positions but liberator also produces other bedroom adventure gear that makes these pieces free thought flowing and easy to experiment with.

Liberator Sex Furniture packaging is wonderous! its black and white with a very sultry photo of a beautiful woman in lingerie demonstrating the product. The packaging is actually quite artistic and tasteful. There is also a small flap you can lift up which gives you a few tips and tricks for using your new furniture and what shapes you can stack them with. The boxes are extremely deceitful. The only product I’ve had the luxury of seeing is the Talea spreader bar and its box and I’m literally mystified as to how such a long bar came from a teeny tiny box. I’m going to ruin the magic, Vacuum sealed and origami folded into their boxes which is actually great for everyone and the environment. They call it eco-compression. Once the shape is unsealed it begins to instantly take shape in minutes. If you give this furniture a whole day to expand complately so that all the material is evenly distributed.


Celebrity photo George Clooney Sex Furniture
Photo: Celebrity George Clooney with Liberator Furniture


The liberator shapes are comprised of three main components the core, liner ad the outer cover.The liberator foam core is made of a high density foam or liberators technical term is “champagne foam”. its quick like a memory foam with a lot less give it is very good at retaining it shape when in use and can support 2 people with only minimal dipping. The foam core stabilizes, cushions and supports bodies in a way that regular memory foam or pillows lack. The liner is already in place when the product is sealed in the box it is a moisture resistant  polyester. The liner is machine washable and aids in protecting the foam from bodily fluids, lubricants and massage oils. The velvet touch microfiber outer layer is extremely soft to the touch and softens with each wash.The reason Liberator choose this particular blend of microfiber is that it helps to keep you and the other shapes in place! the material basically stick to itself like a super soft Velcro. it also prevents overheating and stays cool whilst being a low skin irritant and is also machine washable.

What I love most about the Liberator Sex Furniture are the wonderful velvety feel and luxurious looking materials they are made from. The Liberator Sex Furniture look so sexually seductive, almost as if it were placing the person lying on it on display in an elevated position. The velvet material gently changes depending on the light in the room, for the ultimate seductive encounter. The material is made so that the person who lays on it, will help them to eliminate movement due to the frictional material will keep them in place during sex so that all you have to worry about is the pleasure of the experience and helps to keep yoursef within the moment.

The Liberator Sex Furniture has also been used in the comedy movie  “Meet the Fockers” staring Ben stiller and “Burn after Reading” with George Clooney.

Liberator is currently only available at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre at Kogarah in New South Wales and through the sex shop AdultSmart online.   If you are interested we can sort something out and when I say we I certainly mean Belinda our manager, who we should all thank for getting in such a bad ass product that will beautifully help so many people to have a wonderful sexual lifestyle.

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