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Practice Safe Sex

What are Safe Sex Toys materials? Non porous. Phthalate free. Hypoallergenic. TPV. CyberSkin. PVC. 100% silicone. Body Safe… Things we see a lot on the labels on a sex toy packaging. Some of them are well known, some of them not at all – yet the most important thing for anyone when considering using sex toys (especially people partial to infections or people with sensitive skin) is to pay particular attention to what exactly it is that you are putting into your orifices.We need to consider what is the porosity of a toy, and the chemicals used to make it. This is not disregarding all toys on the market, though. Companies like Tantus, L’Amourose, LELO, Fun Factory, WeVibe and many others, make toys of a high quality toys that are body safe. I define this as something which is not immediately (anything over time if not properly looked after can become harmful) harmful, irritating or damaging to the human body. What to look for on the label and what it means:

Porosity is how absorbent a material is. The more porous a sex toy is, the more it becomes a literal sponge soaking up bodily fluids. Or otherwise compared to a breading ground for bacteria. Materials such as Jelly Rubber and PVC are EXTREMELY porous and WILL absorb bodily fluids. This makes sharing with a partner unsafe, due to repeatedly putting thriving bacteria into yours and your partners orifices repeatedly. I know what you’re thinking… There are SO any PVC and Jelly toys on the market. They’re known for their squishy, forgiving, bendy, “lifelike” feeling materials. Because porous toys can’t be properly cleaned (boiled or sterilized) if you have one, wish to get one or wish to share one with a partner – use always with a condom.
Nonporous definition is an adjective for not permeable to water, air, or other fluids. 
Non-Porous toys have a smooth, impermeable surface and do not harbor bacteria in it’s surface. Some non-porous toys can be cleaned via dishwasher – hello 21st century! As well as being boiled or if you’re really fanatic about cleanliness you can mix with a part (and I mean really small mix) of bleach. Non porous toys can be made from materials like glass, metals (steel, aluminium etc), wood, granite, high grade silicone and many more. Non-porous are Safe Sex Toys
Photo of Sponge with Pores
Photo: Porous Sponge
Some sex toys are made from materials that can cause burning, itching rash’s or in extreme cases tissue damage. Phthalates are a material used to cause elasticity in some sex toys (usually PVC). This is what makes them flexible, soft, squidgy and life like. The EPA (environment protection authority) states that Phthalates inhibit possible human carcinogens – meaning it has the potential to cause cancer as well as being linked to some reproductive issues. This is a little bit scary to me. Some claims of Phthalate Free on some sex toys can also be unverified. In this case, what can you do? Despite sounding very scientific, Phthalates are usually easy enough to notice in a product. Here are some tips for ‘sniffing’ out the good and the bad.
  • Read the label to determine the materials the toy is made from. Look for terms like PVC, Rubber, Vinyl, Jelly etc.
  • If a toy is bendy, super ridiculously squishy –  it is likely that plasticizers have been used to soften the material. These could be (are most likely) Phthalates.
  • Toy’s containing Pthalates can often be found with oily discharge or residue on the skin of the toy. This is the chemical degradation process of the toy material. This occurs naturally after an unspecified amount of time.
  • A chemical or rubbery smell can often be omitted from a toy containing Phthalates. BUT – some toys may have this smell because they’re made from plastic. Though some people who have been exposed to the smell before say that there is a particular odour that Phthalates do have.
Though Phthalates are found in materials they’re also found in a lot of other day to day things that we use in life. Many children’s toys have been found to include Phthalates.Again, to be safe – use a condom over the toy. Phthalate free are Safe Sex Toys
Recommended Sex Toy Brands
If you have sensitive skin, are prone to allergies or infections, or just worried about what materials are in some toys, toys made from any of the above mentioned materials are definitely for you. Buying from manufacturers like WeVibe, LELO and Fun Factory ensure products that are made with medical grade, high quality materials. If you want a squishy feeling toy that’s not rock hard without the risk of Phthalates – you need to try Tantus. They’re truly taking over the market with realistic and non realistic dildo’s that are medical grade, 100% silicone that can be boiled to sanitise – AND are squishy as hell. Sold? Because I am.
Folks who crave firm stimulation are in luck. All steels, woods (check the manufacturer and process of making the toys i.e what they used to seal the wood), granite and glass are perfect for temperature play, G Spot and P Spot stimulation. Not only does their rigidity make them perfect for achieving female ejaculation, but they literally last FOREVER. You can’t break them (without at least dropping it from a 20 storey building) and with proper cleaning practices – they cannot breed bacteria. Always do your homework and understand what certain chemicals and materials are. But most importantly, ask the staff at your local sex store. If you’re unsure, staff at ALL Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres are aware of what Safe Sex Toys are made out of and which ones to be careful with. And remember – condoms will make porous toys much safer, cleaner and safe to share with your partner! It is important to practice safe sex.

A Real Story Of Same Sex Adoption


When I first came out, my mother was confused. Not because I liked men, but because I had always spoken of children and eventually raising my own. The idea of liking men and having children confused her, and to this day that is still on her mind more than ten years later. The thing is, that the world is full of different types of families and it has been this way for decades. With divorce on the increase globally, it has resulted in a wide variety of different functioning families outside the traditional nuclear family of mother and father and two kids. We need to update with the times.

The arguments surrounding same sex marriage, for the most part, ignore the different types of families in place. It ignores that some families only have a sole parent, and it ignores the gender of that sole parent. It ignores the families with which the child is in a dangerous environment, and it ignores children whom are suffering due to family disputes, violence, and are within emotionally devoid environments. The arguments against same sex families focus on the very same arguments for same sex families, that being, the focus is on the child and raising the child in a loving environment surrounded by people whom want to raise it and bring it into this world.

However, the arguments concerning the child are different. There are studies which indicate that a child needs both a mother and a father, there are studies which indicate that homosexual parents will increase the likelihood of a homosexual child, and there are further arguments which dictate the end of the world if homosexuals are allowed to raise children. These arguments forget the child, and they forget the myriad of different family types across the globe. They forget the children in need of adoption due to war, family breakdowns, tragic events, poverty. A recent study using data from the National Survey of Children’s Health discovered that one of the only differences between a same sex family and a different-sex family was that the same sex family had more stress. Little wonder when the laws favour different sex families and the struggles that same sex families face in order to get the legal recognition as parents that they deserve. There have been stories where one of the child’s mothers was refused to see her in hospital due to her not being ‘related’ to the child. It is within this sense that a common conservative argument against same sex parenting exists and that is being that same sex parents are ultimately selfish for ignoring the natural needs of the child.

Modern Family
Photo: A Real Story of Same Sex Adoption

What is clear though is that there is no single parenting style and that all the research spent on child rearing is conflicting, that certain ways are psychologically damaging and other ways are just plain bad parenting. Both celebrities and average mums and dads are scrutinised with every photo. From the two gay dads braiding their daughters hair, to radio presenter Jackie O being criticised for the way she crossed the road with her child no one is immune to the onslaught of keyboard warriors prepared to jump down the throats of anyone that they perceive is a bad parent. And it’s getting worse.

Last year there was an article examining the reasoning behind helicopter parenting and it mentioned that one couple had child services called on them for allowing their children to walk on the street, alone. The article points out that it may not even be the child’s own parents that have become over zealous and over protective but also ‘do-gooder’ strangers who perceive that their parenting style is superior. Personally, I think that’s crazy. I think of my childhood as I write this, I think of Christmas and the myriad of children that would be playing in the streets, that would be riding their first bikes, parents chatting over coffee with the neighbours. Then I think of this Christmas, where I was smiling over my coffee looked out onto the street and saw. . . nothing.

Average statistics indicate that there are around 10,000 human generations. Humans, as they are today, have existed for around two hundred thousand years. The modern form of human psychology has been around for 200 years, and it is this school of thought which commonly attempts to dictate how we rear our children and how we must perform as parents. It is generally within this school of thought whereby the arguments against same sex parenting stem from, through the ‘research’ of children and same sex parents. The way we have viewed children has changed dramatically since the industrial age.

We live in an age where the innocence of the child must be protected, where children are seen as weak, naïve, vulnerable and impressionable. We cotton-wool them to the point of being helicopter and litigious parents ready to rain down legal hell on whomever upsets our little angels. Has the world gone mad? What makes the past two hundred thousand years different to the past 200 hundred years? Are we merely victims of our own crazed agenda’s or is it a combination of media, advertising and slogans being slammed down our throats. You could argue that. You could argue that same-sex parents are damaging to children. Or you could accept that there are different families and you could understand that your own upbringing was different to others and that you still turned out okay.

By Stephen a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Sex Shop Products

Sex Shop Products Photo

In the modern age, there are a lot of Sex Shop Products. There are always new sex toy types or products filling the shelves due to high customer demand.  There will always be a high need for people to fulfill their sexual desires and the easiest most effortless way to do that is to build their personal sex toy collections.  Listed below are the most common Sex Shop Products:

Sensuelle Vibrating Cock Ring
Sex Toy: Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring
  • Cock Rings: A cock ring can be made of metal, leather or rubber and is a couples sex toy. Leather cock rings are preferred since most people prefer removing cock rings when they want to ejaculate and it’s easy to achieve this with the leather ones. Cock rings enhance sex but it’s important to fix properly to achieve this and also to avoid permanent damage to the erectile tissue. You should always be careful when using a cock ring and If extreme swelling or pain is noticed, the cock should be taken off immediately since this indicated its too tight. A cock ring that is too tight can lead to stopping of blood flow entirely which can cause permanent damage to the erectile tissue. Vibrating cock rings are also available that normally include a small bullet. The bullet is normally located on top to provide extra stimulation to the clitoris during penetration or can be turned around to stimulate the testicles.
  • Nipple stimulation: Nipples are very sensitive and when love egg is used for stimulation, can be extremely pleasurable for both men and women. This can be as part of foreplay or during intercourse. In conclusion, though love eggs are less popular than vibrators of wand shape, they are widely available and common sex toys which do they job well.
  • Male Chastity: I often get asked what the best male chastity device is. I really, honestly, and completely cannot answer that, because it will vary per individual. I can, however, give you some examples that might help you out. I suggest trying out a few different devices to decide which meets your needs and having some for back-up in case you travel, or do a sporting event. I know that the chastity device Jon wears around the house isn’t the same as the one he wears when out riding. Male Chastity devices are often worn by submissive man that have a dominating sexual partner.
  • Fleshlights: Artificial virginal and pocket pussies are your travel companion. They come in different appealing textures, sizes and prices, ensuring that you get what you are looking for. It is always a good idea to buy yours from a reputable seller to enjoy genuine, and durable products at the right prices. Most of our masturbators & strokers are designed to help you while you are on the go. Our experts will help you choose your device, ensuring you get a perfect grip, in a perfect package, and perfectly packaged.
  • Vibrators: Vibrators allow you to feel exquisite pleasure and increased arousal. There are a lot of different kinds of vibrators. However, most women use the ones that stimulate the clitoris. Vibrators come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, material compositions, and variable speeds.
  • Dildos: Dildos are basically used as a substitute for a penis. They can be used for anal,oral, and vaginal penetration. Dildos increase pleasure during intercourse. Dildos also come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, material compositions, and some vibrate.
  • G Spot Vibrators: G Spot Stimulators are designed to bring a woman pleasure through stimulation or vibrations to their g spot. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, material compositions, some vibrate, and some don’t. These sex toys are amazing all you do is stick them in, and lay their turn them on and they do all the work.
  • Lotions and Massage Oils: Lotions and Massage Oils are used in order to encourage touching, caressing and giving or receiving sensuous massages. Lotions and Massage Oils come in various sizes, scents and flavors. Some massage oils are lick-able, and some heat up when applied. So remember ladies have fun and make sure to get your partner to use the lotions and massage on you first. After all ladies first.

In conclusion, push a side your fears, and approach playing with various sex toys with an open mind.


Sexual Health Examinations

STI Health Check Up

April is sexual health awareness month! although we are almost halfway through anytime of the year is a great time to visit your General Practitioner to get a sexual health check up! A sexual health check up involves visiting your General Practitioner, a sexual health clinic or a youth clinic. Youth clinic can be visited if you meet their age criteria. Many people find seeing their General Practitioner to be very daunting especially if it is a family doctor you can be assured that any medical professional is under strict laws to keep your information private, confidential and they are not allowed to share you information or test results with out your expressed permission. If you do have a sexual health examinations at a clinic you may be asked to participate anonymously in a survey to help local and national organisations better campaigns and methods of testing.

 The best times to get sexual health check ups are:
  • Before you become sexually active with a new partner
  • If you’ve had more that 2 sexual partners within 12 months or have had sexual relations with an overseas partner
  • If you consume narcotics or alcohol before sex as it lowers inhibitions and increases the chance of engaging in risky behaviour
  • If you have been diagnosed with an STI in the last 12 months
  • If you are showing symptoms of an STI or have weird bumps appearing in private areas
Clinics will often ask you to fill out a sexual health background questionnaire as you wait. Many of the questions can seem personal or confronting but the questionnaire helps to determine what type of samples they will need to take and have tested at the laboratory. All the information, you give them will be kept strictly confidential.
STI Symptoms
Graph: STI
Questions that may be asked:
  • How many partners have you been sexually intimate with?
  • What sexual acts have you preformed? Anal? Oral? Vaginal?
  • What gender you sleep with or if you sleep with both
  • Have you had any symptoms that may suggest you have contracted an STD?
  • Are you up to date with the recommended vaccinations? i.e HPV and HEP B

Other questions you maybe asked during the examination aren’t really related to sex acts but contribute to the advice and sample requirements when being tested for STDs

  • Have you any tattoos or piercings and where they are located?
  • Have you injected narcotics or shared injecting equipment?
You may find answering these questions embarrassing but if you have genuine concerns or are uncomfortable with doctor or nurse who is treating you it is at your discretion to say so and request another nurse or to request another clinic. It is entirely up to you if you feel uncomfortable as this process can be quite a stressful period for you.
A full spectrum exam can involve a urine sample; a swab taken vaginally, orally or rectally and blood test. Women can choose to have a pap smear also to test for abnormalities in the cervical cells that can lead to cancer. It is good to have regular check ups even if you don’t believe you have an STI as the test’s could let you know what else is happening in your body. The results from these examinations usually take 7 days to come back. if your results come back negative you don’t have a sexually transmissible disease! You will still need to use a condom to avoid pregnancy or if your partner has not undertaken a sexual health test.
If your test is positive you will be given the correct information and the course of action to treat it. most will require antibiotics and others like herpes or HIV will require ongoing treatment. not all STDs are curable although medical intervention and advancements STDs are manageable.
A number of counselling services are available to you if you feel it is something you do require.

About the Author:  Amy is a Sales Consultant at the Adult Lifestyle Centre, Kogarah.

My Female Chastity Experience

Surgical Steel Cock Cage

Today I’m just going to talk about male and female chastity devices, they have been around for CENTURIES originally made so females were devout to their faith, and or to make sure ones wife was faithful when they went away for a war or mission during the Renaissance period they were rarely made for males (if ever back then) but this day and age they have come BOOMING back into the BDSM scene which is like what most people say “even if it’s not cool anymore it’ll come back around” just like when bell bottom jeans came back around for a brief 3 months ha ha.

The devices used today are generally made of a steel or hardened plastic type material and are used 99 percent for males and rarely for females except for some countries where rape is a serious daily event, which is abhorrent and even in some Asian countries so masseuses can’t engage in prostitution. I feel as though that is a tad sexist towards females but I’m not delving onto that subject.

These “cock cages” are generally worn for short to long period of times and some have extra attachments such as urethral tunnels so one can urinate through it.  It’s main use now a days is orgasm denial or being a submissive to whoever holds the key.  I wore one for two days as a test to see how they worked and let me tell you from first hand experience my partner has never tried harder to arouse me and it killed me slowly, so these cages do work, I wouldn’t use them long term because it’s like a dog with a muzzle.


Surgical Steel Cock Cage
Sex Toy: Instituted Cock Cage & Penis Plug Large


How the most popular cock cage works is by putting the balls through a ring followed by the penis, which in turn the ring sits around all the jiggly bits and then a cage goes over the head and shaft all the way down to the ring where it clips in and is padlocked together to make it nearly impossible to take off without the key (More than two days I would of gnawed through the cage) the testicles sit down between the ring and the cage that covers the shaft so you comfortably get blood flow but when you get an erection the cage suppresses the beast and the pain is like no other, you cannot orgasm or get off, the slightest bit of arousal and I was forced to think of chairs or any other object that isn’t sexual.

I recommend if you do buy this definitely have a long discussion with your partner to select the proper cage for yourself, the terms and conditions that go with wearing it if you’re planning on wearing it long or even short term, ground rules are important and please get one that you can urinate through! I cannot stress that enough, some are made with a bar across the front which makes urination impossible and I can only assume these are made for very very short term wear, it’s uncomfortable putting it on, once on it is easy to get used to, just don’t sleep on your stomach.

These cages are common in cuckold videos/lifestyles where the man shows complete submissiveness for the woman or “hot wife” where infidelity gets the husband off.  I’m sure we all know what a cuckold is.   As with any other fetish based item we stock, if I sell a few I’ll talk to the customers and eventually purchase it and try it myself to see if it is my cup of tea.  I recommend doing this with most if not all products we stock because it can unlock doors you didn’t know were there for yourself.

Female chastity belts are rare these days and so are full front covering male chastity belts, if you are quite a large fellow I’d suggest getting one made for your exact measurements which is not hard to do , there are a lot of companies that work only in this industry and the industry is somewhat booming. My own experience with it was it was good to get it off. But I understand why people wear them, I spent two days with my partner laughing at me and dressing provocatively and there was no way I could get it off, as I mentioned its like a muzzled dog ha ha. Definitely try it out though it was a lot more fun than I expected.


About the author:  NIck is a sales consultant at Oh Zone, Penrith.