Eva By Dame – Sorry For Leaving Such A Negative Review But I Have To Be Honest!

Hands Free Clitoral Vibrator

Last week I was lucky enough to receive Eva by Dame to review and honestly I’m glad it was given to me because I wouldn’t want to spend the amount it’s priced at on such an average product. I’ve also had my eye on the new Fin because I thought the concept of it sounded awesome but now I know I’ll just be super disappointed by it as it’s pretty much the same as Eva just with a finger strap rather than little wings to tuck into your vagina.

Dame products (two products) is a company run by two girls named Alex and Janet.

They started a campaign on indiegogo to start up their business a few years ago to see how many women would actually want their products which was only Eva at the time. If I was one of the people who donated I’d be severely unimpressed with what my money went to and on top of that the price I’d have to pay for the product after it was made. I’d be a lot happier if some of the money made was then donated to some kind of woman based charity that could actually make some sort of an important difference to this world but they haven’t and most probably won’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for what they’re about but they definitely could have put a lot more thought into the business plan and the designs of their products.

For a company with toys for woman and made by woman I’m so so so disappointed.

Soz not soz Dame 2 products.

Eva by Dame Clit Sex Toy Image
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Eva is designed to be a hands-free clitoral vibrator and I’m sure it would work for some but not every vagina is shaped the same so I don’t understand how it’s supposed to fit every woman. I love the idea but realistically I just don’t see how it could work.  It is made out of medical grade silicone and comes in two colours lavender and aqua. Make sure to not use any silicone based lubricants other than Super Slyde with Eva unless you want to watch her skin be eaten away by your lubricant.

The most disappointing part of this vibrator for me is the weak vibrations


it has to offer as there are only 3 speeds and no patterns. If you’re a female who is super sensitive and you can only handle weak vibrations then this product is definitely the perfect toy for you but for someone like me who owns a lot of clitoral toys including a very powerful wand, this toy does absolutely nothing for me, it’s more like a tickle and giggle. It is rechargeable and only takes an hour to completely charge though so at least you’ll never have to worry about batteries.

Eva is supposed to tuck under the labia so it does give you enough room to wear it whilst having sex, I’m not quite sure how it would hold in whilst being in certain positions but I’m guessing if you have the perfect shaped vagina for it, it might stay in place.

If it did fit me properly and it had stronger vibrations this review would be a lot different because I think it would honestly be an awesome product for even the lesbian couples out there who like to scissor and want to add some vibrations into the mix, they’d both be feeling the same vibes and still feel super connected to each other.

As most people who read my reviews know I like my toys to have the words 100% waterproof or fully submergible on the box and this toy yet again disappoints me because it says it is only water resistant, I don’t understand how a product can look so fancy but have little to nothing to offer! Like common for that price it should at least be waterproof ladies!!!

I’m sorry for such a negative and short review but I’m not going to lie,

I honestly expected a lot more from this product and it doesn’t really give me much to write about as it’s such a simple toy. Opinions are like buttholes though, everyone has one so just because I wasn’t a fan of this toy doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t going to be either. If you want a good beginner rechargeable toy to upgrade to so you can throw away your old battery operated toy then this is definitely the right way to go about it but if you’re like me who has plenty of strong clitoral vibes already you’d be better off spending your money on a good body wand or even a We-Vibe Sync.

I have high hopes that this company can come up with some more awesome ideas in the future because they do have the right idea they just need to put a little more thought into it I think.


About the author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Under The Cypress Tree’s of Taipingshan National Forest

Asian Beauty In Forest

The crimson sun was setting on the horizon and the dawn slowly made its way on the picturesque Taipingshan National Forest, Taiwan while the night birds welcomed it with their beautiful songs. As all the visitors and tourists made their way out of the park, Kuan Lin, the lean and tall forest guard did a final check before he locked up the park. Lin was an aborigine from the Atayal Tribe brought up in the rugged mountains of the National Park in the Rato District – otherwise known as the ‘savage land.  There are only a few more than 80,000 men and women left in the tribe and many of them were addicted to the local betel nuts.

Lin was also a recluse living in his solitude in a cabin on the grounds of the National Forest rarely communicating with anyone outside of his working hours. The national forest kept him busy and it paid him enough to take care of himself. He found a tranquility amidst the luscious forest and the animals that made their home amongst them. Though lean and shy, his cheekbones that bore the facial tattoos common among his tribe screamed attention as soon as anyone set their eyes on him. The art of the facial tattoos is generally a family design that is handed down from generation to generation and the belief is that the spirits of the dead will recognize their family by them.



Those deep brown eyes of his may seem to lack any emotion initially but a closer look at them reveals that they hide pain and stories borne from unfathomable grief for a common man to imagine. Maybe that’s the reason why he often avoids people’s eyes or any form of close communication or contact with anyone. His straight black hair lightly grazes his shirt collar and is usually wet with sweat and covers his deeply alluring eyes in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Lin still followed the many traditions and beliefs of the Atayal and whenever he finished work he would adorn traditional dress rather than his rangers outfit.  As Kuan Lin was preparing to finish work for the day, he noticed something unusual. It was not that there was an animal presence around, because with his bush instincts he could detect an animal’s presence often like he is one among them. May be that is the reason he’s always found comfort among living things that cannot talk or question or disappoint. No, this was different. He could hear someone lingering around. Kuan Lin could hear light footsteps on the dried leaves as he moved closer to inspect. Never someone who backs out of a daring and demanding situation, Kuan Lin felt a strange emotion washing him over that he could not put his finger on but he sensed danger. He hesitated for a moment, reevaluating if his mind was playing tricks on him again, as he had often had this feeling many times in the past few years. May be this is why he stopped listening to his heart and mind, he didn’t want them to control him, no not anymore!

Kuan Lin channeled his courage and stepped in closer to the spot where the noises were coming from. He could make out a faint silhouette of a woman. It was the same woman whom he caught exchanging way too many stares at him when she thought Kuan Lin was not looking. Shu-Chen was a petite woman whose clear face was as flawless as a delicate flower. Her soft features were a clear indication that life had come easy for her. Things were handed over to her without her having to put in much effort and the unblemished porcelain skin, pristine and expensive clothing and delicate features gave her the air of someone that was always going to get what she wanted.

As she lingered behind the maple tree, her longing gaze lingered far too much on Kuan Lin who was making his way towards her. Her not-so-surprised look was a clear indication that she deliberately wandered away from her friends unnoticed who had now left the park. As Kuan Lin approached her with a clearly uninterested look, Shu-Chen stumbled lightly out from behind the tree with a smile on her face.

Erotic Asian Encounter
Erotic Asian Tale


It was obvious that Shu-Chen was athletic and trendy the goddess with a frozen age her smooth skin, trimmed body and impeccable complexion. Her long dark brown hair rested at her shoulders. She was tall for a Taiwanese woman perhaps measuring 170cm and when she smiled revealed perfect symmetrical white teeth. She wore an orange blouse and a pair of denim shorts which showed off her bronzed legs perfectly. Her eyes were made for staring into and she fit the definition of “petite” more than “curvaceous,” but her breasts were still perky and somewhat prominent.  She was perfectly formed and her description would be perfect for a Taiwan Erotic Story.

Kuan Lin, with his clearly unamused voice asked “What are you doing here.  Your friends have left – I am closing the park.”

Shu-Chen replied, “I wanted to be on my own, to get my head clear and they left without me.”

Kuan Lin did not believe her and it was obvious to him that she was waiting for and watching him.  It was not uncommon for her to come to the park and watch him and Lin had often contemplated talking to the Police about her unusual stalking behaviors – but realistically she had done nothing wrong or illegal and had caused any real concern until now.

Lin said, ‘I am not sure whether to call the Police and have them take you away or drive you into town myself.  This is really disappointing’.

This rejection was way too new to Shu-Chen and clearly she was not taking it well and that made her all the more determined to get to know the man behind the mask that he puts on for the world. As Kuan Lin was guiding her out of the forest, Shu-Chen grabbed his arm and pulled him closer and impulsively kissed him. Though Kuan Lin hesitated at first, he gave in to her beauty and charms. Kuan Lin had been never shy when it came to expressing his emotions, but all that changed a little more than three years ago. I guess that’s what pain can do to a human being. It can take the most innocent, optimistic and romantic person and turn them dark, mysterious and cynical to what life has to offer.

It had been more than three years since Lin had kissed a woman and now with her hugging him he began to give into the desire and the kissing became more passionate. But before Shu-Chen realized Kuan Lin was pulling away from her. Even in that passionate kiss, she could clearly make out the hesitation in Kuan Lin. It was not that 3 years of never being kissed put Kuan Lin out of practice. He was always a passionate kisser and a good and sensitive lover, who could gravitate between gentle and rough in a matter of seconds.

This was something different. Something was holding him back and those butterflies in his stomach that usually were a warning to him of danger felt like bats now. He was torn between his desire and the thought to flee but is there anything stronger than the beauty of a woman who was standing in front of him engulfed with lust and clearly carnally needing him?

She said, “What’s wrong?”

It took just a moment before Kuan Lin was pulling her towards the make-shift cabin he lived in near the old cypress tree that was thousands of years old and fabled to be the host of many mountain spirits. Glad to finally be getting her way, Shu-Chen was beyond excited. They made their way into his old cabin. Kuan Lin quickly closed the door behind them and pulled Shu-Chen closer. And kissed her so intensely that Shu-Chen had to grab on to the door to support them. The initial hesitation that was evident at the beginning had vanished and was now replaced by a yearning and desperation that made Shu-Chen all the more invested in this brown-eyed guy.

Kuan Lin’s hands wandered from her face to Shu-Chen’s hair and then her shoulders. Before she even realized he was grabbing her closer that not even air could come between them. It was almost like Kuan Lin didn’t want to let her go. Though she was no stranger to passion, this felt different for Shu-Chen. She could feel it within her, and that feeling was coming to the surface demanding to be released and clearly her nerves were getting the better of her as she began to become afraid. She drifted into her thoughts, sifting through her memories to recall the last time she felt this way around someone. It was with her second boyfriend who shone through the memories beckoning her to all the wonderful moments they once shared. Before she could relive those innocent times spent with the man she once loved and imagined a life with, Kuan Lin’s tight hold on her waist brought her back to reality.

She enjoyed being kissed passionately for a long time – Lee was a considerate lover. Because Shu-Chen was never a fan of making love, no not after the boy who stole and broke her heart. Soon Kuan Lin’s exploring hands found their way under her shirt and started searching for more, till they found their way over her lacy bra. It lingered there for a moment, cupping her perky breasts, as if he was studying how it felt and was memorizing it. He slowly slid his fingers under her bra strap and grazed her bare breasts, making his way to her nipples. Pleasure washed over him as he recalled the last time he was this intimate with someone. But before he could remember, he shook off the feeling and looked at Shu-Chen intently.

It was the first time he actually noticed how incredibly beautiful she was. Her enticing black doe eyes were a stark contrast to her delicate pink lips. He yearned for her now – there was something – like a feeling of already being familiar or knowing her deepest thoughts and desires.

Kuan Lin quickly unstrapped her bra and removed her orange tee-shirt over her head and it soon made its way over the wooden floor. He took a moment to admire this young woman who was standing in front of her bare breasted looking adoringly at  him. He took her gently in his arms and kissed her intently with a yearning he had denied himself for so long. Shu-Chen kissed him back as his khaki rangers  shirt made its way to the floor. They made their way to the bed. It was Kuan Lin’s lips which were doing the exploring now. It savored Shu-Chen’s sweet, sweet tongue and took in everything she could offer. He made his way to her neck and starting kissing and sucking them ever so gently, ever so passionately. She could not wait to get all of him all over her body. As her hands unbuttoned the jeans, he grabbed on to her breasts.

As Kuan Lin’s mouth made his way to her breasts, Shu-Chen anticipation made her wet between her legs. He kissed them gently, then continued to suck them with a passion that was unfamiliar to her. She made the slightest moan that got Kuan Lin more excited. He proceeded to suck her nipples and suck them a little harder now. She moaned again. As his mouth continues working on her breasts, his hand went down to her pubic area ensuring that Shu-Chen wanted him the same way as he did. Her wetness aroused him and he could not wait to be inside her. His hardness wanted its way with her. He slowly slid his finger inside her. She arched her back in pleasure. He pulled back and removed her jeans while watching her intently. Her parted perfect pink lips invited him like a bee to a flower.

He went down on her gently liking both sides of her labia, the sweet smell of desire emanating from her.  He slowly and gently licked her clit and then took it in his mouth as she moaned and gasped with desire.

It was not long before she cried out, “I’m coming” and started orgasming and gushing all over Lins face.

She said, “ I am so sorry, you just turn me on so much’.

Lin said with a smile, “I loved it.  It just shows me how much you were turned on”.

Lin Stood up and quickly pulled on a condom over his erect penis and thrust into her. With no hesitation and pure passion, both of them were lost on the fact that they were strangers. Deep and quick thrusts made her pull hard at his hair while he enjoyed her moaning.   The passion was unbridled and it felt like Shu-Chen was a wild animal.

And then it was different!!!!

Erotic Ghose

He was not looking at Shu-Chen anymore. But it was her. How could he not recognize her? Kuan Lin could recognize Yi-Ling among a million faces. It can’t be possible. How can a girl who died 3 years ago in front of his eyes in the most horrible of ways be in his arms this very moment.  Staring back at him?  No, this was insane. He pulled back quickly falling over backwards onto his rear end. Yi-Ling followed him and hugged him and showered kisses over his face.

Lin cried out, “No this is not possible.  Yi_Ling you are dead!”

He turned not wanting to see what was front of him, yet secretly desiring that it was in fact his departed lover.  The bats in his stomach had turned to eagles.  He felt sick, confused and scared.

“I missed you, sweetheart”, she told ever so softly in her beautiful voice.

He couldn’t resist but turn towards her and kiss her again. 3 years he had missed her taste. But this was Shu-chen, not Yi-Ling. Yi-Ling had possession of her here was no denying that. He had so many questions that poured through his mind.

Yi-Ling said, “I have watched you every day since my death.  It has really disturbed me that you have withdrawn from life and you are pining away the years remorsefully in my memory.  I wanted you to move on.”

‘How did you watch me?”, he said.

She said, “You know how I died in this park.  In fact not far from here.  As I was dying my blood fell on and in the soil sucked up by the roots of the cypress trees in this very forest.  You know through your tribal beliefs that the cypress tree is the sign of life and the trees have given me life in the thereafter.  I could not bear to be without you Lin”.

Though all this did not make any sense, his happiness got the better of him. They kissed again, making up for all the time lost. He was inside her again and thrusting harder than ever before, because the woman that he was inside was no longer a stranger to him. Kuan Lin knew her inside out. Knew what gets her off. When she saw that he was dissolved with pleasure, she stopped, divining that perhaps if she deprived him now he might make a gesture towards fulfillment. At first he made no motion. His sex was quivering, and he was tormented with desire.  But then he held onto the header board of the bed and thrusted deeper and deeper, each thrust deeper than the one before till both of them moaned and climaxed.

Immediately after Lin saw that the woman beneath him was Shu-Lin and she was motionless and not breathing. Petrified, Kuan Lin watched Shu-Chen with unbelievable eyes, because the events that transpired today was something unheard of. There were buzzards in his stomach now as Shu-Lin gasped desperately for air and then slumped back into a catatonic state.

Lin had to go outside – anywhere but in this cabin to get some air.  He stood in front of the cypress tree and then collapsed onto his knee’s crying.  After about half an hour he returned to his cabin to find Shu-Chen was awake and dressed with a puzzled look on her face.

She said, ‘What happened?”

Kuan Lin said, ”Do you not remember?”

She said, “The last thing I remember was being with my friends and now waking up naked in your bed.  What has happened?”

Kuan Lin said, “ I am going to take you home.”

Lin drove her to her home in Yilan City with barely a word spoken.

The next morning Kuan Lin pretends that the previous day never happened and goes on about his duties trying to wipe those events totally from his mind. However around mid afternoon, he notices Shu-Chen approaching him. Before a word is spoken, she pulled him forcefully behind the maple tree kissing him passionately. A familiar kiss that he could never forget even if he wanted to.

He pushes her away as she says “It’s me, sweetheart” with the voice of Yi-Ling.

Quickly they made their way to his cabin, his carnal desire and need for pleasure getting the best of Kuan Lin.  He shut down all his inhibitions and gave his deceased lvoer what she yearned for. Thrusting deep into her and hearing her moan was something he had missed so dearly and something he couldn’t bring himself to do with any other girl, till yesterday. As their bodies shivered and quivered, Kuan Lin couldn’t help but ponder over everything that was happening.

How can Yi-Ling make love to me? Why does Shu-Chen not recall anything?

He decided to have a conversation with her, but with whom would he be speaking, whether it was Shu-Chen or Yi-Ling. He decided to continue anyway.

Lee said as Shu-Chen woke up, “Why did you come here today?’

Shu-Chen said, “ I do not know.  I have just have this overwhelming need to come to the National Forest.  It is almost like pain if I do not give I and drive here.”

Lee said, “You must stop this. For your own safety”

She said , “What do you mean? I cannot.”

Not wanting to explain anything further Kuan Lin convinced her that nothing was wrong and maybe she was just exhausted from the day before.

He said, “You can no longer visit me anymore.  Do you hear me?  I mean it.”

Shu-Chen began crying and said, “I understand.”

As evening approached he went by the hot spring to ensure that all the tourists had left, but there was a surprise waiting for him there. It was Shu-Chen and he had to look twice to make sure it was really her and not Yi-Ling. He approached her ever so cautiously, his looks giving away to how sorry he felt for the both of them.

She jumped up at the sight of him and hugged him, and this time she was yearning for comfort. They exchanged sweet kisses and before they realized it they were half-naked in the hot spring. Kuan Lin found a rock and made her sit on it and quickly removed her shorts and spread her legs and the transition happened again and he was with Yi-Ling.. He licked her clit ever so gently relishing her sweet nectar. She quivered and held on to his hair tightly. He then slowly inserted his tongue inside her and licked her voraciously. She screamed out of pleasure, but in a sweet gentle voice he couldn’t shake off.

This time however Yi-Ling remained after they had both cum and said, “Lin, you can have me and be with me forever.”

Lin said, “How is that possible?”

She said, “If you sacrifice Shu-Chen to the spirits of the Cypress Tree and allow her blood to join their holy sap they will re-incarnate me in the body of Shu-Chen.”

Spiritual Cypress Trees
Cypress Tree Spirits

Lin was ready to do almost anything, but what was being contemplated here was the murder of an innocent young woman.

Yi-Ling said, “When she is gone, I will come back in her place.  We will be together again.”

Lin said, “This is not like you Yi-Ling.  You were always a caring and loving person when you walked this earth.  What you are suggesting is taking another life.  This is not right, I cannot be a part of it.”

Yi-Ling said angrily, “But we will be together. We are going to make this happen.  You and me.  We must.”  She then fell to the ground, her body limp.

When Shu-Chen came too Lin said, “You must never come to this park again. Never!!!”

Days turned into months and months into a year. Kuan Lin slowly started to put things behind him and get on with his life deciding that it was for the best. Often he would gaze longingly at the Maple Tree. One day as he was reading the newspapers when he noticed a familiar face in the column. It was Shu-Chen, before the nerves got the best of him, he decided to read it quickly.

It was an article on how a young and healthy woman named Shu-Chen went into a sudden coma about a year ago.  She had been behaving differently and erratically and then returned home where she incoherently spoke about death and unrequited love. He couldn’t believe his eyes and decided he must try to help and visit her.  He could not be responsible for the state she was in – he must try to fix it.

She-Chen In A Coma
Shu-Chen In Hospital


As he was approaching her bed in the hospital, he was stopped by this short sweet girl who pulled him aside and asked, “Are you Kuan-Lin?”

He said, “Yes”.

She said, “My name is Angel and I am Shu-Chen’s friend from Singapore Story – an web-based publication.  I have something to show you before you see her.”

“What,” he said.

She said, “Follow me,” and then led him to another room where there was a dvd player and popped in a dvd and presses play.  It was a video of Shu-Chen.  Shu-Chen narrated it explaining that strange things were happening to her.  She showed bite marks, bruises and explained of memory loss and behavioual changes.  She explained that before she had a need to go to the Taipingshan National Forest but that need was now overshadowed by a desire to end her life and harm herself.  She explained that she no longer knew who she was but felt like she was being watched 24/7 and constantly felt unsafe – even in her own home.

The girl said, “She told me that if anything was to happen to her that you would come and to show you this video.  That you would know what to do.”

Kuan Lin felt his legs give way and decided to leave immediately before meeting Shu-Chen. He felt his whole world turned upside down and felt responsible for the misfortune that befell Shu-Chen and had made a decision on how to help her. As he was driving away the tears streamed down his face for all that had been cast upon the poor Shu-Chin.

As his car entered the National Park and he drove closer to his cabin he put his foot down on the accelerator.  The cars speed increased rapidly and through the headlight piercing through the darkness a shape began to emerge and suddenly at close to 100km per hour a crash as Lins car ran into the aged Cypress and he was flung through the windshield smashing into the tree.  Life ran from his broken body as the sound of a banshee pierced the night.

The next morning Shu-Chen awoke from her coma none the wiser as to what has happened and now lives a comfortable life having gotten married and with family.

Many strange things have happened in Taipingshan National Forest near the Cypress Grove ever since.


What Can I Say About Prostate Play? Ditto

WeVibe Ditto Sex Toy Image

Keep ’em Coming We-Vibe!

It’s just gone past mid-way through 2017, a time of year where one likes to reflect on the successes and fails of the year when working in an adult store. The most notable success of 2017 in the sex toy manufacturing industry is Canadian world-leading company, We-Vibe, who have been consistently setting the bar for couples play around the world. 2017 saw We-Vibe bring out the Sync, the Wish, the Pivot and the Verge cock rings and now; Ditto, and I say “KEEP EM COMIN’ We-Vibe!!”.

What is the key to We-Vibe’s success you ask? It comes down to their world-class engineers and designers who work closely with sexual health and wellbeing experts, doctors and consumers to produce toys of an impeccable standard, that work with the human body. In saying this, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that their first toy, the We-Vibe, is the most popular rechargeable vibe IN THE WORLD, with a crazy 2 million people getting down ‘n’ dirty with it.

Then it comes to butt plugs, a lot more thought and consideration has to go into the comfortability of the wearer than other toys, as the anal cavity is such a sensitive intimate area of the body, a seam out of place or a wrongly designed toy can be extremely uncomfortable for the wearer.

Now, when it comes to recommending a toy for a customer or even picking one out for myself or my partner, I have three CRUCIAL characteristics or qualities of a toy:

  1. The flexibility of the toy
  2. It must have soft, seamless silicone
  3. (If after vibrating plug) It must have strong, rumbly vibrations

Tick, Tick, Tick! Props to you, We-Vibe!

We-Vibe’s renowned rumbly vibrations, high-quality silicone and flexible, forgiving silicone have all made an appearance in the Ditto, making it one of my most lusted after vibrating plug’s to date.

As are all of We-Vibe’s collections, the Ditto was designed to intensify and add to solo masturbation, couples play and intercourse and thanks to the app compatibility of the Ditto, it can be worn almost anywhere, in any situation!

The Design of Ditto

Ditto was made with ultimate comfortability for the consumer in mind. Ditto is a pretty slim plug, making it perfect for beginner and intermediate plug players. Its dimensions are 68.45mm x 88.10mm. The toy itself is comparable to the size of the Sync. The back of Ditto is completely flat, while the front side is curved to fit the bodies natural contours, a major aspect of any We-Vibe toy.

Ditto is made from 100% medical grade, body-safe silicone, which is free of phthalates, BPA and latex. Paired with your favourite water based lubricant or a high-quality silicone lubricant, like Super Slyde, the Ditto feels INCREDIBLE.


WeVibe Ditto Measurement Image
Buy Now | We-Vibe Sex Toy Range


The Functionality of Ditto

The Ditto is USB rechargeable through any USB port and takes 90 minutes to fully charge, giving you two hours of play time. The Ditto can be controlled through the included, advanced remote with intensity control, which is the same remote control that is included with the traditional We-Vibe’s. The We-Vibe Ditto is also fully compatible with the WeConnect Smartphone App, which is such a great, unique aspect of We-Vibes toy range.

The Ditto has 10 different vibration patterns, which range from four different levels of steady vibration, through to different massaging patterns and pulses.

We-Vibe did not want to restrict you or your partners play, so they, therefore, made the Ditto 100% waterproof, meaning you can enjoy your new toy anywhere you’d like to, in a safe and easy way. The 100% waterproof aspect of Ditto also makes it a nice and easy toy to clean, also. We’d recommend trying the Wet Stuff Toy Cleaner, for a thorough clean.

One thing I love about We-Vibe is that they do not skip out on an instruction manual. We don’t all know how to charge/use/lock a new toy, so I think it is great that We-Vibe is still one brand that consistently includes an instruction manual with their toy.


WeVibe Ditto Usage Image
Image: How The We-Vibe Ditto Is Worn


Ditto is available in two stunning colours: Midnight Blue and a deep Purple. The colour choice of We-Vibe makes me slow clap every time because you know, not every girl want’s a bright pink toy and not every guy want’s a black toy. Thanks We-Vibe for not putting us all in the same box! The Midnight Blue Ditto is, as expected, a deep luxurious blue, not dissimilar to the deep blue of the Pivot, while the Purple is a gorgeous plum shade.

The Ditto was an absolute triumph on We-Vibe’s part, winning and definite YES! from me. I would highly recommend the Ditto to any beginner or intermediate plug user searching for a new plug to try.

We-Vibe just keeps hitting home runs and I tell you what, I cannot wait to see what they create in the future.


About the author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




An Angel In The Moonlight!

Shanlinxi Nature area in Nantou County Taiwan is a popular forest and recreation area that is only about 2 hours drive from Taichung and is elevated high so that often you will be walking in the fog and clouds.  It is a popular hiking destination with beautiful waterfalls including the Blue Dragon Waterfall, hiking trails and an education center.

It was approaching late afternoon and the shadows were dark, and the sunlight was fading in the now misty Shanlinxi forest. Angel was lost. There was nobody else around. She had walked off the marked path, spotting a group of monkeys in the bushes, but then she had followed them – they had gone and now she was lost and afraid. Only a few minutes more till I find the path, she had told herself over and over again, walking among the massive Cypress trees.  Just to get that perfect shot she admonished herself. Minutes had turned into an hour, and as she had walked trying to find the trail felt within her the first signs of panic

After another hour spent trying to find her way back to the path she began to cry, and now she was cold too.  How long before the chilly evening would descend – were he clothes warm enough to last the night.  She sat down at the trunk of a behemoth of a cypress that had been on this earth thousands of years to contemplate what she could do to salvage her dire circumstance. Her only hope she thought was that she may bump into someone else, or that one of the forest guides would come and look for her – but she had not notified them of her presence – and she cussed herself for not obeying the signs ‘Stay on the Path’!.

Shanlinxi Wilderness
Mists of Shanlinxi

Angel called out into the fading light, but there was no answer. She could no longer hear the waterfalls, or the river. She tried her phone one last time, hoping against hope, for a better signal. There was only one bar, her battery was low too and when she dialed a number the recorded message told her there was no signal.

With all her might she yelled, “HELP!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!”

“Hello!” A strange male voice called from above in the cypress trees.

Angel stopped and looked around her. There was nobody around.  Where had that voice come from?

“Hello lady!” The male voice called out again, the sound emanating from above her in the cypress trees. She stared up into the trees, in the half fading light. And then she saw him. The voice belonged to a man, perched in a tree far above her. His voice was deep, and he was African American,

“Hello”, Angel answered, a sense of hope filled her heart.  She had been found.

He climbed down from the cypress tree, photographic equipment swinging from his neck.

“I’m Jack Spencer, pleased to meet you M’aam.’ Americans, they were always so polite as she giggled. And he was so tall.  He must have been at least 2 metres tall and her being a tiny petite Taiwan Girl standing only 150cm or so.

Angel looked up into his face, his eyes were dark, and he towered over her. His eyes were dark brown and he had shaved his head so that the ebony skull seemed to shine with a life of its own.  He was wearing cargo pants and sweatshirt and she could see beneath the clothes that he was extremely muscular.  She also could not help but notice the huge bulge in his pants and wondered to herself if the stories about Negro men and massive penises were true.

She became aware that she was staring at his crotch and that he had noticed this.  She giggled like and little girl and felt shy and nervous. Her rescuer was a foreigner. Would she be safe with him, or was it better that she just made her own way through the forest.

Jack said, “So, do you speak English?’

Angel nodded, “Yes, I am an English teacher. Hello. My name is Angel. I am lost.’

He said, “Don’t worry, I know this forest well. I will take you back.  What are you doing out here all by yourself.  Didn’t you see the signs’.

Angel blushed, “Yes I did, so sorry.  But I follow the monkeys.”

Jack laughed, a deep and cheery laugh and said, “Ahh yes, the monkeys.  They are very entertaining.  That is why I was in the tree’s.  I love to photograph them – especially in the early evening.  I am a photographer and specialize in nature.  The are very naughty and cheeky’

They began to walk slowly through the trees, the insects were buzzing and the night was cool but not cold. He took a jacket from his backpack and put it over her shoulders without saying a word.  He was not a very talkative man. Angel decided to ask him some questions. She was curious to know a bit more about this stranger.

“Jack are you a good, I mean is your photo’s, I mean how do you photograph”, Angel’s English was good but she found herself tongue tied around this man.

He stopped, smiled, and looked intently at her and said, “Angel I photograph animals in their natural habitat, I photograph beautiful settings, and I especially enjoy photographing beautiful women.  Just like you’!

Angel felt herself blush and wondered if he noticed.  There was something that attracted her to this man.

“Would you pose for me? It is getting dark now and the moon is just coming out and you can see it trying to sneak through the clouds.  It is almost ethereal and I would love to photograph you in the moonlight?’

Angel hesitated.

“The moon will cast off the perfect light in about two hours, and I know the perfect place, not far from here.’

Angel was tempted. She had always had a fantasy about having an affair with a black man, and posing for one, well, wouldn’t that be almost the same?”

Jack smiled, and reached for her hand and said, “I promise there will be nothing inappropriate, only the soft moonlight shining on your beautiful body, and shadows on your face. You will be the perfect model.’

Angel’s heart beat faster and faster. It was madness. She didn’t know him at all. Anything could happen. Maybe something would. However she felt like she could trust him, even though they had just met. He was tall, and strong, and his voice was confident and deep, without meeting him she would be lost in the forest and he wanted to do anything to her he already could have.  His confident manner made her feel like they had been friends forever and deep down she hoped that perhaps they would be. As they walked through the forest, he spoke about his passion for life, photography, nature his family back in New York, and his dream of traveling throughout Asia.

For someone that at first she thought was quiet, he had opened up.  But not with dribble, everything he said was of substance.  It was like he had empowered himself to only use words that he meant.  The more he spoke, the fonder of him she became.

He then said, ‘We are here.”

“What” she said in a disappointed voice.  “I thought you said it was a 2 hour walk”!

He said, “Angel, We have been walking for more than two hours.”

She could not believe it.  It had felt like it had only been minutes, so caught up in what he had to say that time had just vanished.  She said, “So sorry, time must have slipped away from me.  Jack I haven’t thanked you for finding me.  I do not know what would have become of me if you had not come along.”

Jack said, “You are very welcome. But I must say Thank you, Angel. You are a wonderful person, to trust me enough to photograph you. I am sure that your boyfriend must be wondering where you are now that it has come to night?’

Angel blushed, “I broke up with my boyfriend today. That is why I am here at the park. I needed to have some time to myself.  I am glad it is over and after meeting you I know it is the right choice as there are people out there, like you, that are just so much nicer and more interesting.”

“Wow, Guess I am sad for him, but it’s lucky for me, that we could meet. Fate, I’d say, or perhaps destiny?’

Jack stopped at the edge of a group of trees. There were a few big boulders, and a deep pool of water. The sound of a waterfall in the distance could be heard. The moon had risen, and silver light transformed the trees, and branches into slow moving silver green arms covered in fog. The calls of the insects seemed louder too, as they came closer to the water. It was very pretty. The full moon was bright and golden, the light reflected in the perfectly calm water. Not even a ripple on the water.

“It’ s so beautiful, I think we should put our feet in the water.” Angel suggested, and started to take off her shoes.  “If we have time of course, relax a bit, before we get to work.’ Angel felt bold, and shy, at the same time.

Jack said, “You are crazy, it is pretty cool up here but what the heck.  I have a towel in my backpack.  Let’s do it”.’

Jack laughed and tossed off his shoes, and they both walked to the water’s edge. The water was cold, and night air cool.

“Shall we jump in? It seems a waste time to go this far and not do the job completely!” Jack said, his voice husky and slow.

Angel looked up at him, her breath caught in her chest. He was so well built, this African American man. She could see the muscles in his arms, and had noted his broad thighs. His hands were confident as he had reached for hers before, they were strong and he was pulling off his shirt, and flung it into the bushes. Moonlight washed over his body. Angel couldn’t help but stare at him. He was beautiful. He undid the zip in his trousers, and Angel turned away. The sound teasing her senses, she peeked at him, anyway, he was standing in his boxer shorts. Moonlight shone right though them, she could see every inch, or to be correct the many inches of him, he may as well have taken them off.

Angel held her breath and unfastened her blouse. The buttons were tight, and difficult to undo. She tugged at her shirt, and wrenched it off her body. She slipped out of her jeans, and stood in her panties and bra, thankful that she was wearing a new white lace set.

Jack was mesmerized. She may as well have also been naked, her underwear left very little to the imagination, what little of it there was. Jack was very turned on, and ran into the lake.

“Come into the water?’ Jack called out.

Angel stood in the moonlight, a feeling of freedom washing over her body. Along with the moonlight, she felt like a new woman. There was nothing she couldn’t do, or wouldn’t do. She felt a part of the natural world. Like the men and woman of ancient times. There were no rules to obey in Shaninxi forest. They were just a young man and a women together with nature. They were attracted to each other. What did it matter if they were strangers? Angel was free. She could do anything she liked, on a night like tonight. She walked slowly into the water.

Jack watched her walk towards him. Her body was bathed in silver light, her straight black hair hung down her back in a silk curtain. She was a fantasy come to life, this mysterious oriental woman he had met just a few short hours ago. Time stopped, the night went darker around them and they felt like they were the only two people existing in the world. She was a Taiwan angel come to life. She almost seemed to float towards him, the water barely moved. Jack watched her dive into the water, and swim towards him. His heart was in his chest, his body aching and his cock becoming erect. He wanted to touch her. Feel the smooth delicate porcelain skin and the beauty of her body. Taste the softness of her lips. She swam to him, slowly, every stroke perfect. Her delicate arms dipping into the water, and slim legs floating behind her. She was a water nymph.

“You are so beautiful in the moonlight,” Jack said softly, his voice a whisper.

Angel smiled shyly, “The water is wonderful.’

He said, “Yes, It is.’

She said, “I feel so free.’

He said,” So do I.’ Jack answered leaning closer to her. “I had a dream I would meet a beautiful Asian woman on my travels.’

Angel looked up at his handsome face, and saw him smiling at her. She returned his smile, and felt free and fearless. She leaned forward, closer to him. She placed her hands on his chest, and felt his heart beating. He places his hands over hers.

“ I can feel your heartbeat.’ She said

“ It only beats for you.’ Jack answered, slipping his arms around her.

They were so close that Angel could feel his breath on her skin, she could feel the stubble of his two day growth graze her face. He kissed her neck, his lips warm on her skin. Her every nerve tingled and the world around her spun. Moonlight and water washed over them. They clung to each other as the insects buzzed around them, lips meeting lips, and tasting the sweet freedom of a strangers love. He was gentle, and kind, and told her again how beautiful she was. Jack spun her through the water, and pulled her body against his.  This was going to be Angel’s most erotic Taiwan story ever.

“You are so handsome and strong”, Angel said, stroking his cheek, and kissing his neck.

His muscular body was so hard. Angel couldn’t help but compare him to her ex-boyfriend, Chen.  Chen was who was skinny and had no muscles at all and the way he moved and spoke was always erratic making her feel nervous. This man was strong and gentle, and made her feel so delicate and small. In his arms, she felt more powerful, and weak, at the same time.

“I think we should take the pictures now.’ Jack said, kissing her softly.

Angel was disappointed, that he wanted to leave the water, and take pictures. Surely, it was enough to spend such wonderful time together. Jack walked out and got his cameras ready.

“Where do you want me?’ Angel asked.

Jack chuckled, “Why everywhere, of course, but for now, can you stand in the water, and look up at the moon.’

Angel nodded, “I am in my underwear.  What do you want me to wear?”

Jack said, “If you wouldn’t mind taking them off.’

Angel felt shy, but she could not deny him and she wanted him so bad now.  So she took off her bra first revealing a pair that would grace the cover of the illustrated Kama Sutra with pride.  The nipples were pointed and erect and with the cold water dripping off them made Jack just want to envelop them in his hands so warm them up.  He wanted to take those areolas deep in his mouth sucking them until she would squirm in ecstasy.  As she slowly slipped down her panties revealing her almost hairless fanny.  It always bewildered how most oriental women were so silky and smooth.  He just wanted to touch her – be with her.

Jack said, “ Can you lie down in the water please?” as he walked to her, and moved her arms, and legs, getting her into a more relaxed and erotic position. He picked up his camera, and aimed it at her. Angel felt quite shy and turned her head away.

Shanlinxi Forest
Angel in the Moonlight

“ Relax honey, you are beautiful. The moonlight is beautiful. You are a goddess. Your body is amazing.  You should see the shots that I am getting”.

Jack smiled at her, and her confidence grew.

“Yes, gorgeous, just like that. Now look at me. Better. Now turn around. Yes. Lean forward. A little more. Now look back at me. Look naughty. Like you’ve just been surprised.’

Angel felt even more confident.

“You’re a natural Angel. Have you ever thought of doing any modeling work? You could make a fortune. That hot body. You are a waste as a teacher, you could be making so much money. You are so hot. Yeah, baby. Give me sexy!’

Angel pouted her lips, and put her hands on her hips, she got up and she strutted and turned, and blew kisses at Jack, her wet body glistening in the moonlight and placed her hands over her breasts.

“Oh my God, that’s the shot, more like that, you are so hot!”

Jack moved her onto the rocks, and helped her up one of the boulders.

“You are so sexy, the light is amazing. I want you to look up at the moon, and show me your inner moon goddess. You are the night. You are the moon. You are all woman. You are so hot.”

Jack told her how to pose, and what to do with her hair. The shots were amazing, possibly the best he had ever done. He could sell them so fast. They would make him so much money.  He took some more shots by the tree’s.

Angel said, “I’m starting to feel a little cold.”  Goosebumps ran up and down her flesh. She was thirsty too, somehow in all the excitement, she hadn’t really been thinking about her stomach but now she was cold, hungry and a little tired too.

Jack said, “I am so sorry Angel, I was so carried away with your beauty that I did not even think about how you were feeling.”

She said, “I think I am feeling in love with you a little bit.  You are my erotic story

Jack laughed that deep and hearty laugh of his and she knew that she had fallen hard for this man.

He said, ‘Believe it or not it is almost dawn.  Why don’t we lay underneath the tree and we will use our body heat to warm us up.  Let’s put some clothes on first.”

Angel was a bit disappointed as she was not so hot for Jack Spencer and was hoping that their erotic encounter was going to end up in heated passion.  However she felt extremely exhausted and it would be so much better when they woke.  They put their clothes on and Angel was enveloped by Jack’s strong arms and as the last of the moonlight washed over their bodies she fell into a deep sleep.

Angel awoke a short time later to the sounds of people shouting ‘Hello, Hello’.  Jack was nowhere to be seen.  A short time later two park rangers appeared and ran over, “Are you alright miss?  Are you okay?”

Angel got to her feet and said, ‘Where is Jack”.

The rangers looked perplexed and said, “We have been searching for you miss.  There are others out looking for you too.  We have image recognition technology at the parks entrance to monitor the visitors and it showed that you had not left the park yesterday.  You have been lost – and to be quite honest lucky still to be alive.  It was very cold last night.”

Angel said in a more demanding voice, “Where is Jack?  Jack Spencer.  The camera man from New York that is photographing the monkeys in the park.  Surely you must know of him.”

Both Rangers had a shocked look on their faces and one said, “Miss, you must not joke like this.”

Angel said, “You think I am joking.  I spent the night with this man.  He rescued me when I was lost.  Where is he.”

The ranger said, “Miss, Jack Spencer died ten years ago in this forest.  He fell from the cypress tree whilst photographing the monkeys.”


Doris Is Demoniq In Lingerie

Demoniq Dark Desire BAnner Image

I’m Not A Cheap Shitty Piece of Lingerie!

I was lucky enough to receive the amazingly, sexy Doris 3 piece set by Demoniq. These wonderful little pieces came in store a fair few months ago and honestly I’ve had my eyes on most of them since they got here. Now when I say I’ve had my eyes on them I actually mean I’ve had my eyes on them picturing my girlfriend dressed in them.  The packaging really was what caught my eye though, I must admit I have a weakness for blondes, blue eyes and tattoos and she literally has all three  The model is beautiful and you can already tell by just looking at her wearing it that it screams “I’M NOT A CHEAP SHITTY PIECE OF LINGERIE!”


Demoniq Doris Lingerie Set
Image: Demoniq Doris

So last week I made a bet with my girlfriend, if I won I could dress her in a suit and take her to a gay event to show her off in it and if she won I had to pick a piece of lingerie from Oh Zone and parade around the bedroom in it for her.

Well, guess who won the bet….

Anyone who has met me knows I’m a masculine looking female, I dress in men’s clothes, I wear male underwear and I wear sports bras that make my boobs look as non-existent as possible so you can only imagine how I felt about wearing a set like this, not only was I wearing something I’ve never worn before but I was completely exposed and went way beyond my comfort zone.

Surprisingly my girlfriend loved it, well I mean I know she loves me in anything or nothing so it wasn’t too much of a surprise but she made me actually love myself in it which was what surprised me. Doris was super comfortable! I really loved the way the polyester felt against my skin and it doesn’t feel or look like cheap material like most mesh outfits usually do, I loved the way my boobs looked in it, the garter belt sat nicely on my hips, my butt looked pretty damn amazing and it was relatively stretchy so it felt like all three pieces fit me well, I’m really self-conscious about my weight so it definitely helped with that and I am forever grateful because that is a massive struggle for me.


Demoniq Doris Lingerie Set
Buy Now | Demoniq Designer Lingerie Range


The one thing me and my girlfriend were both a little bit disappointed about though is that on the packaging it shows the model wearing tights but there were no tights included, I mean I guess it was OK for me but I did end up picking a size I knew my girlfriend would fit into as well so this just means I’ll have to purchase a pair of tights from Oh Zone and that shouldn’t be too hard as we have quite a big range of tights to choose from. It’s just a pet hate of mine when companies show something on a package and it’s not what is in the box. But other than that one issue I had with this product, I’m very happy with Doris being in my life and I intend on eventually purchasing the rest of the Demoniq range in the future.

You can purchase this sexy three piece set from Adultsmart or you can find Doris in any of our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres.


About the Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Demoniq Dark Desire Collection

The Demoniq Doris lingerie set is from the Dark Desire range which is made in Lodz, Poland. The Dark Desire range looks into the world of the darker side of eroticism. The designs delve in topics which are often taboo in nature. The collection is inspired by sex literature including Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Marquis de Sade, Guido Crepax and the Christian Grey trilogy by E.L. James. It is also influenced by Japanese bondage art Kinbaku.

The Dark Desire range will fulfil the sexual desires of lovers of BDSM, kink and fetish without compromise. Wearing these gives people the ability to dip their toes into a new erotic world, it will give you the courage to experiment which will tantalise and ignite the passion within the bedroom. You will find this collection is made specifically in black to accentuate the female figure by highlighting the body’s natural curves.