The MPREG Fetish Community

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I have previously written about various sub-cultures in the online community including furries, BDSM relationships and various other non-mainstream and underground sub-cultured identities. Have I put underground and subcultured together? Yes, I have because some of these sub-cultures are rarely seen in mainstream and i would argue that some can be seen as sub-cultures of underground cultures. Which demonstrates how immersive and entwined this world is.  Today, I’d like to look at the MPREG community, that being Male Pregnancy.

I’d like to preface the discussion by saying, like the furry community, MPREG is not solely sexual in nature. Many people fantasies, write original fiction containing MPREG, or appropriate fan fiction into a MPREG as a sub-culture having derived this fiction, writings and artwork from mainstream events and personalities,  most notably Justin Bieber, One Direction and Dr Who. When looking at the results of a poll conducted by a MPREG forum Administrator it depicted roughly half of the community was interested in sexual content, with the other half preferring not to engage in sexual content at all. Despite this, Porn Production company Film911 specialises in the creation of x rated videos of these ‘fetishes’ and fantasies. I use the word fetish lightly, both in the acknowledgement that it is considered to be an outside genre, and that to the people involved within it that it is important to them and their identity. Film 911 is an extremely niche site which specialises in pornographic videos exploring categories such as MPREG (Male Pregnancy), Vore (Being swallowed with no blood shed), Stuffing (Food), Inflation (Stomach expanding), Belly Button Worship, CPR, Amputee and Gut Punching. Despite only producing a few videos every other week, and having a few hundred subscribers – the website is actually quite profitable due to it dealing with very specific niche markets.

Mark Shrayber, in his article concerning an interview with an MPREG enthusiast on Jezebel, describes MPREG as ‘an online fantasy world of images and stories exploring male pregnancy. . . It’s about men getting impregnanted by other men and sometimes other species’. Exploring some of the imagery that exists on the online forums it contains both cartoons, manipulated real life photos, and also various elements of the furry sub-culture. It is a complicated, yet highly intriguing, sub-culture which has a strong basis in the Omegaverse – which by itself has an intriguing history.


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Photo: Male Pregnancy


The omegaverse exists across several sub-cultures and whilst gendered, does not rely on normal gendered insinuations, behaviours, sexual identities or biological traits. Instead, relying on a social hierarchy which includes; alphas, betas and omegas – the traits of which are commonly discussed elsewhere but are heirarchically ranked with specific grouping traits.  Omegaverse has strong roots within the animal world in particularly resonating with Wolves, werewolves, and supernatural beings and is primarily concerned with popular fan-fic (Fan-Fiction) tropes which includes everything from Harry potter, to Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood.  It has social issues such as mating and being ‘in heat’ as well as specific types of dicks (knotting) whereby once aroused the cock is locked into the orifice it has entered until ejaculation or sexual completion. According to fanlore, this increases the rate of pregnancy as opposed to regular humans.

Sound complicated? It is. And that, is what makes it beautiful. For the most part, from the interviews concerning people involved in the omegaverse and the interviews that i have read on both MPREG and Furries and various other sub-cultures – it is not necessarily viewed as a sexual fetish, or explicitly sexual, but rather a sub-culture. Indeed, people involved within it often lead very normal and fulfilling lives with the online engagement with their sub-cultured persona in an online setting, or expressed privately at home. It is not necessarily sexual in practice, though it is sometimes sexually geared, the interest concerning Mpreg is not necessarily the art, sex or practice of impregnation, but the processes of pregnancy and the act of birthing itself. From what i can discover about the community through various forums, websites and readings of interviews, it concerns an engagement of a sub-culture with that sub-culture being a form of expression for the individuals that choose to partake in it.


By Stephen Smith a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Review: Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy

Cyberskin Vagina Sex Toy

I’ve been working in Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres for 2 and a half years now, and what a phenomenal experience it has been. People always say “What a great job you have, imagine all the things you learn about sex toys” and I simply reply “I enjoy the people I meet rather then the sex toys I sell”. Sex is an international activity, it is a requirement for life, sex is needed to keep the human race going. However when I started working here I promised I would never ever sleep with a customer. This is due to the level of integrity I hold for myself and also the belief that I am here to do a job that I should not mix my personal life with. So far 2 and half years, I have not had intercourse or any intimate encounters with any of my customers and please there has been lots of propositions from all ages. “Do you have a girlfriend?”, “Can I give you my number/my friends number?”, “You’re cute”. I am a straight male and I have even been propositioned and complimented by gay men, offering to turn me gay. I still keep my firm belief that I will stay strong and uphold my integrity. Lets be real, that went out the window when I met Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy. What an absolute fox! She was a trail blazer for my sexual desire in the workplace. If I could re-name her it would defiantly be changed to “Can’t Resist”.


Photo: Heidi Baron Pornography Star
Photo: Heidi Baron Penthouse Model


I was at work one day and I was just stricken with I don’t know what, but whatever it was it made my heart race and pump blood to some awkward areas if you catch my drift. I hadn’t noticed Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy come in, until I caught her eye sitting there on the floor. I was Gob smacked, in my mind I was at war, for one side it was integrity on the other side it was “You live once just make love to her already”. It continued to wage war for a solid 5 hours, it was closing in to the end of my shift, I had a few customers walk straight past her and pay her no attention, some women walked past in discuss looking at her like she was a joke or a novelty. Fortunately for my demons, they won the war. I walked over and just grabbed her, and took her with me when I closed up, not saying anything just living life spontaneously. I got home and showered while she waited patiently or me on my bed, undressed. I sat in the shower slowly pumping myself up, “You are a sex God”, “Show her that you invented sex, they don’t call you the panty dropper for no reason”. I walked into my bedroom and there she was, waiting, no clothes on. We skipped the foreplay and I grabbed the lube straight away, and made sweet love to her for a solid 3 minutes. The thing I loved about her the most was she was so understanding of me, and didn’t judge me what so ever for my performance in the bedroom. She accepted me for me.

6 months later….

Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy was one of the best masturbators I’ve ever had. She was understanding, she was the perfect size and she was accepting for my ability to cum very quickly, she made me feel comfortable and my gosh she felt so good inside. Her CyberSkin pussy was amazing, her love tunnel ribbed which provided me with amazing sensation, it felt like my penis had found the magic closet that led to Narnia. She had a fantastic hand grip making it so easy for me to hold on to her firmly while I pounded, but the best thing was is that she loved it in different places like the dining room table, the kitchen table, the lounge room coffee table, my bathroom vanity, she was freaky and cheeky and was just the right recipe for me. Her waterproof body allowed me to take her in the bath with me so we shared a few intimate moments surrounded by candles and intimate love making songs. When I would get home from work, she would come in the shower with me and just let me unleash all my sexual frustration while I would pin her against the wall and pleasure her. Heidi Baron I defiantly love you especially knowing that you are my Pet Pussy.



Review: Fuck Me Silly

Pipedream Love Doll

How do you define the popular guy… charismatic, funny, confident, larger then life, fun. Well unfortunately for me, I’m completely the opposite of that. My names Gary, and I work 60 hours a week for an It company where I have luckily enough moved my way up the ranks to a senior management position. You’d think at the age of 28, apartment in the city, fast cars and enough money that can feed me for 10 lifetimes that I would be able to have someone to share all this with. I don’t.
In fact I suck when it comes to talking to women, let alone being able to progress to second base or even first. I sat in the office one night just pondering on what I should do, I don’t want to resort to dating sites and I’ve become extremely sexually frustrated that my hand does not do it for me anymore. I don’t really want to go to a brothel or a massage parlour because I just feel like they are in it for the money more then the service (Yes I have been before). A colleague of mine suggested I try the local adult store to get some idea’s on how I can really get rid of this sexual frustrations, I mean if anyone can help me it has to be the person behind the counter who deals with peoples sexual problems and desires day in and day out. I used Google to find the best one in Sydney, turns out it was only 20 minutes from the CBD.

I freed up some time in the week just to visit this Oh Zone store, great reviews with barely any negatives. I Turn up and just start chatting with the guy behind the counter, now what a guy I must admit. He was the popular type, chatty, confident in himself and had a great sense of humour.  We started talking about male masturbators and I was getting so much information out of him. He recommended all these different products and then I laid eyes on this on big box on the ground. Now the name kind of caught me off guard. Who seriously calls a product “Fuck Me Silly”?

That does not matter because it was the finest bottom I have laid my eyes on. It was plump, it was round, it looked soft and then I asked the guy and he told me it was soft because it was made out of high end silicone. He took it out of the box for me and let me put gloves on to feel it. I touched it and I knew I had to have it. Before I asked how much I said ill take it and gave him my credit card. My loneliness was soon to come to an end, with a very happy ending. He wrapped it back up and I took it home. To formulate a picture in you’re mind it is like a big ghetto booty like the ones you see the strippers have on television. I took it back to my apartment and found a nice place for it on my bed, I don’t really want to go into the details about my stroke patterns or how long I lasted but I have to admit I was not shy or awkward at all with it. I know it is just silicone but I treated it like it was real and the experience was amazing.

Pipedream Sex Doll
Sex Toy: Pipedream Fuck Me Silly 2


The “Fuck Me Silly” silicone masturbator although people may laugh at the fact I have one, it completely boosted my sexual confidence. I started to practice on it in my spare time (not that I get much) but I perfected my strokes, how long I would last, my thought process while having sex. While at the office I started to make conversation with more women, asking tips and advice how to dress better, style trends, I cut my workload by 15% and improved by productivity by 25% so that I would get more done in less hours. The boost that the “Fuck Me Silly” doll gave my sexual confidence is phenomenal. I am much more confident in my own skin and I have a large silicon bottom to thank for that. Would most definatly would go back to Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah to search for the top half!!

Did you know? Fuck me silly and fuck my big black ass are two of the most searched products from Pipedream manufacture and for good reason too. The two are basically the same, the only thing that is different between the two models is the colour of the material. Speaking of material, they used their own unique Fanta-flesh which is a high quality silicone, so water based lube only. The Fanta-flesh feels just like real skin it’s incredible, it’s squishy, bounces back to shape and grabable so you can hang on as you bang it.

Coming in just under 12kg, these products are not on the ‘light’ side but this is mainly a good thing because when using the product it won’t slide or move but still easy enough to reposition the body when required. You can fuck these products anal or vaginal and in both doggy style or missionary so it’s easy to say this product has versatility and many ways to keep you satisfied. For added pleasure the realistic vagina is also ribbed and the anal cavity is smooth. The two opening are surprisingly connected in a ‘U’ shaped like way, this is because of the cleaning, so you can flush the water trough and clean it properly.

You can use any water-based lubricant to enhance the realistic experience of this device, luckily there is a small lube in the box for sample as well as a sample toy cleaner which makes cleaning even more hygienic and easier. Also included in the box is a hard core dvd (by zero tolerance) to help bring your fantasies to life. Another important note is that these products are not waterproof. At the front is one hole, and this is because of your safety and enjoyment of using the product. Front hole allows the air to escape when you put your weight on it, and so your Fuck me silly or Fuck my big black ass will not pop up.

This best way to describe this product is that it’s like the real thing, it has the realistic skin, vagina, anus and a realistic weight which all added together give of a a amazing realistic experience that not many other products give.  These products are very durable and high quality, yes it has the downside of not being waterproof, or really that portable when you think about it and it has a pretty high price tag but I highly suggest you don’t let that stop you from buying this amazing product. The guys over at Pipedream put a lot of effort into designing and creating these masturbators and it shows.



Perfect Sydney Date Night

Couple Kissing Under Cherry Blossoms

Having the Perfect Sydney Date Night is very important when it comes to beginning and maintaining a relationship. Why? Well firstly dates set the tone for a potential suitor, it is the make or break on whether you will end up spending more time with a person or leave them right after they burped out loud at the really expensive restaurant you booked. They are critical to maintaining relationships also, a term used by many households known as “Date Night” justifies the one time in the week or month that you and you’re partner can leave all your stresses behind, leave the kids with a baby sitter and just get at least 1 hour to really enjoy and embrace each others company. This article will be mainly focusing on date night and how to really spontaneously spice up you’re marriage by keeping you sexually on track. Date night is very important for a marriage, it is the one time or two (how ever many you want) where both partners can dedicate full attention to each other without getting distracted, without getting called away by children, without getting called away from work. Even the President of the United States has date night, so what is stopping you and you’re partner?

A Perfect Sydney Date Night can take place anywhere, and at any time. Date night is an event to look forward too, it is the time you know that will be spent with all eyes on your partner, and all focus on the activity you are both partaking in. There are a few great ideas that i have for great date nights that i will mention below and also even better idea’s for what should be on the desert menu, oh and this does include a few after hours specials. Wink wink.


Two People Holding Hands
Photo: Couple Holding Hands


A Perfect Sydney Date Night does not have to be extravagant, it does not have to be expensive and it does not have to go all night but it should be something that expands you’re brains intimate horizons, i personally believe it should be a new experience, a restaurant that you guys have never been too be for, a movie that you guys have not watched, a new part of the city, a different experience for example going to the zoo or an aquarium. You will find that if you go to different places instead of using the same routine location, that you’re date nights will be much more effective and enjoyable. So what are some of the date nights that you could get up to with you’re special someone?

  • Ice-cream by the Opera house (Sydney). Circular Quay is one of Sydney’s most beautiful assets and why shouldn’t you utilize it. The Opera House is lit up every single night, no exception with a phenomenal view of the Harbor bridge and the whole harbor. There are a number of gelato outlets at Circular Quay were you and your partner can grab some fine ice cream and go for a stroll all the way up the opera house steps. If ice cream isn’t you’re thing and you feel like having a little fiesta, then underneath the opera house is a beautiful bar known as Opera bar, it is right on the harbor so you can enjoy you’re long island Ice Tea’s with a splendid view and awesome live band vibes.If you prefer to have a quiet drink with each other in a nice atmosphere, then look no more then O Bar, located in the Australia building on George Street. O Bar provides a fantastic, high rise, romantic feel for you and you’re partner to sit, relax and enjoy each other with some of the best drinks in town. Located 36 levels up there is no way you could not enjoy the view, let alone each other in this beautiful atmosphere.
  • If you prefer to have a quiet drink with each other in a nice atmosphere, then look no more then O Bar, located in the Australia building on George Street. O Bar provides a fantastic, high rise, romantic feel for you and you’re partner to sit, relax and enjoy each other with some of the best drinks in town. Located 36 levels up there is no way you could not enjoy the view, let alone each other in this beautiful atmosphere.
  • If we are feeling like having a nice, romantic dinner with a beautiful view of the city then look no more then Altitude restaurant, located on the upper levels of the Shangri-la Sydney. This restaurant it phenomenal with its food, service and atmosphere and the view is second to none (well maybe O Bar’s). Now this idea is fantastic if you choose to stay at the Shangri-la for the night which i do recommend, this will allow you to ditch the kids, the car and the responsibility of cleaning up the next morning. Start the evening with a few drinks in your hotel room, continue at the bar located next to the restaurant, gradually move next door where you will enjoy a 5 star meal and then head back to the hotel room and order in room service for dessert. I would recommend oysters, chocolate, strawberries and most defiantly some whip cream.  And don’t forget to bring your favorite sex toys for some extra curricular activities.
  • Now sometimes all you want to do is actually get outside, have some fun and truly enjoy your partners company. Not all couples enjoy going to a romantic dinner, some like being outside and experiencing the world and chasing a thrill for adventure. Now other then doing the night time Harbor Bridge Climb which is a fantastic idea for thrill seekers who want to get a better look at our city, but there is a funner option
  • The Tree Top Adventure Park with 3 different locations around NSW is a fantastic idea to get up to some fun with you’re partner. Loads of activities including climbing obstacles and flying focuses will have you’re heart racing while you’re enjoying the thrill with your partner. This is not for the faint hearted couples. Yet it is extremely fun and a great way to test each-others limits.

Be sure to take the time out of your busy life to really enjoy your partner. Allocate at least and hour every week were you can sit down and truly enjoy each other without any distractions. It costs no money to truly sit and engage with your partner and listen to them.

Safe Sex Toy

Practice Safe Sex

What are Safe Sex Toys materials? Non porous. Phthalate free. Hypoallergenic. TPV. CyberSkin. PVC. 100% silicone. Body Safe… Things we see a lot on the labels on a sex toy packaging. Some of them are well known, some of them not at all – yet the most important thing for anyone when considering using sex toys (especially people partial to infections or people with sensitive skin) is to pay particular attention to what exactly it is that you are putting into your orifices.We need to consider what is the porosity of a toy, and the chemicals used to make it. This is not disregarding all toys on the market, though. Companies like Tantus, L’Amourose, LELO, Fun Factory, WeVibe and many others, make toys of a high quality toys that are body safe. I define this as something which is not immediately (anything over time if not properly looked after can become harmful) harmful, irritating or damaging to the human body. What to look for on the label and what it means:

Porosity is how absorbent a material is. The more porous a sex toy is, the more it becomes a literal sponge soaking up bodily fluids. Or otherwise compared to a breading ground for bacteria. Materials such as Jelly Rubber and PVC are EXTREMELY porous and WILL absorb bodily fluids. This makes sharing with a partner unsafe, due to repeatedly putting thriving bacteria into yours and your partners orifices repeatedly. I know what you’re thinking… There are SO any PVC and Jelly toys on the market. They’re known for their squishy, forgiving, bendy, “lifelike” feeling materials. Because porous toys can’t be properly cleaned (boiled or sterilized) if you have one, wish to get one or wish to share one with a partner – use always with a condom.
Nonporous definition is an adjective for not permeable to water, air, or other fluids. 
Non-Porous toys have a smooth, impermeable surface and do not harbor bacteria in it’s surface. Some non-porous toys can be cleaned via dishwasher – hello 21st century! As well as being boiled or if you’re really fanatic about cleanliness you can mix with a part (and I mean really small mix) of bleach. Non porous toys can be made from materials like glass, metals (steel, aluminium etc), wood, granite, high grade silicone and many more. Non-porous are Safe Sex Toys
Photo of Sponge with Pores
Photo: Porous Sponge
Some sex toys are made from materials that can cause burning, itching rash’s or in extreme cases tissue damage. Phthalates are a material used to cause elasticity in some sex toys (usually PVC). This is what makes them flexible, soft, squidgy and life like. The EPA (environment protection authority) states that Phthalates inhibit possible human carcinogens – meaning it has the potential to cause cancer as well as being linked to some reproductive issues. This is a little bit scary to me. Some claims of Phthalate Free on some sex toys can also be unverified. In this case, what can you do? Despite sounding very scientific, Phthalates are usually easy enough to notice in a product. Here are some tips for ‘sniffing’ out the good and the bad.
  • Read the label to determine the materials the toy is made from. Look for terms like PVC, Rubber, Vinyl, Jelly etc.
  • If a toy is bendy, super ridiculously squishy –  it is likely that plasticizers have been used to soften the material. These could be (are most likely) Phthalates.
  • Toy’s containing Pthalates can often be found with oily discharge or residue on the skin of the toy. This is the chemical degradation process of the toy material. This occurs naturally after an unspecified amount of time.
  • A chemical or rubbery smell can often be omitted from a toy containing Phthalates. BUT – some toys may have this smell because they’re made from plastic. Though some people who have been exposed to the smell before say that there is a particular odour that Phthalates do have.
Though Phthalates are found in materials they’re also found in a lot of other day to day things that we use in life. Many children’s toys have been found to include Phthalates.Again, to be safe – use a condom over the toy. Phthalate free are Safe Sex Toys
Recommended Sex Toy Brands
If you have sensitive skin, are prone to allergies or infections, or just worried about what materials are in some toys, toys made from any of the above mentioned materials are definitely for you. Buying from manufacturers like WeVibe, LELO and Fun Factory ensure products that are made with medical grade, high quality materials. If you want a squishy feeling toy that’s not rock hard without the risk of Phthalates – you need to try Tantus. They’re truly taking over the market with realistic and non realistic dildo’s that are medical grade, 100% silicone that can be boiled to sanitise – AND are squishy as hell. Sold? Because I am.
Folks who crave firm stimulation are in luck. All steels, woods (check the manufacturer and process of making the toys i.e what they used to seal the wood), granite and glass are perfect for temperature play, G Spot and P Spot stimulation. Not only does their rigidity make them perfect for achieving female ejaculation, but they literally last FOREVER. You can’t break them (without at least dropping it from a 20 storey building) and with proper cleaning practices – they cannot breed bacteria. Always do your homework and understand what certain chemicals and materials are. But most importantly, ask the staff at your local sex store. If you’re unsure, staff at ALL Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres are aware of what Safe Sex Toys are made out of and which ones to be careful with. And remember – condoms will make porous toys much safer, cleaner and safe to share with your partner! It is important to practice safe sex.