Review: Perfect Fit Real Boy

Real Boy Penis Sleeve

Perfect Fit never seems to amaze me when it comes to their product range especially because of their idea’s and the design and general quality that goes into their product design. Perfect Fit Real Boy is a double sex toy kit. It is unique and fascinating because it is aimed at both pleasuring males and females. It is an ultimate couple friendly sex toy and should be stored in your treasure trove of favourite sex toys right along side your vibrating cock rings. The Perfect Fit Real Boy kit comes with two different items including a dong and a penis sleeve. However, Perfect Fit does not compete with any other brand when it comes to penis sleeves, they excel and embarrass the competition.

Firstly I’ll start by talking about the Perfect Fit Real Boy dong. Generally there is not much to speak about when it comes to a piece of silicone molded into a penis that you can stick onto some surfaces (due to the suction cup) however like I said earlier.. Perfect Fit Real Boy embarrasses the competition. The dong is 7 inches in length and is very thick. What makes it so fantastic is that the silky sleeve is designed to go over it to add an extra half an inch of girth which is a significant difference. The dong can be used in the shower and also in the bath, because it has a suction cup.

Real Boy Penis Sleeve
Sex Toy: Real Boy Dildo Kit


The second part to the Perfect Fit Real Boy has to be the penis sleeve, which is defiantly the best part! The sleeve can be used for so many different things for example;

  • Perfect Fit Real Boy comes in colours black or clear. The colour choice can also add to the visual excitement.
  • As an actually penis sleeve which will add 0.5 inches of girth to you’re penis. This is fantastic for those individuals who want to feel thicker without having to go through medical treatment or the process of penis pumping. An added bonus and incentive is that the sleeve actually has a whole to pull the testicles through this means that 1. it will hold the sleeve in place well and 2. the sleeve won’t slip off like a condom
  • The Perfect Fit Real Boy sleeve is exceptionally soft and gentle, you will be very surprised by how it feels! Although from the first sight you might think it doesn’t look flexible, it really is super stretchy to fit almost anybody who tries it on. The softness and the stretch of the sleeve make it for the ultimate pleasure experience for both people. The ribbing just adds to the ultimate experience.
  • The sleeve can be used as a masturbation stroker due to the inside of the sleeve being ribbed, this allows for the individual using it to actually feel a much greater sensation then rather just wearing a normal sleeve. Adding a nice warming lubricant to the mix and you have an amazing combination that will get anyone off in no time.
  • Turning the sleeve inside out and putting it either on the dong or the vibrator is a great idea if you would like extra sensation. How? the internal part of the sleeve has ribbing so that whoever is wearing is gets a greater feeling whilst using it. By turning the sleeve inside out you expose the ribs to the area you plan on stimulating, providing a solid amount of extra stimulation.
  • Perfect Fit Real Boy sleeve doesn’t take away from the sexual experience but adds a whole new level of fun.

Cleaning is easy, you can wash it under warm soapy water and allow to dry. It is also best used with water-based lubricant or the award winning SuperSlyde lubricant. Silicone lubricant can deteriorate silicone sex toys.  Perfect Fit Real Boy double toy kit is defiantly a fan favourite when it comes to a versatile couples sex toys that can be used for multiple, different situations. I would defiantly recommend to both men/women and couples that are looking for a thicker and fuller experience! Since it is a duel kit including a dong and a penis sleeve, you get to try the best of both worlds.



About the Author: Stephen is a consultant and consellor at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Popular Culture Queer Baiting


There’s been much discussion around the term ‘Queer Baiting’ recently within the media. The term is defined as adding homoerotic tension between two different characters with the sole purpose of attracting liberal and queer viewers. Think Gabrielle and Xena as a classic example, and you can see this with the recent rise of ‘The Magicians’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Supernatural’ as well as other like-minded shows which blend fantasy elements with overt sexualisation between same sex couples. Further, you have celebrities such as Robin Williams, Sacha Baren-Cohen, Olly Mur’s and even Nick Jonas arguably gay-ing up their lives in order to drum up their audiences. This is not just limited to the guys, but the girls as well with Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl and Britney and Madonna’s kiss. With the 2013 LGBTIQ buying power estimated at over 830 billion, is it any wonder that the celebrities are trying to cash in? None of these performers have explicitly come out as queer, instead opting for a fauxmosexuality that flirts with the idea of Lesbian/gay and bisexuality. What annoys is me the most is that these characters are permitted to wear these ‘labels’ where the queer community still fights for equality. Nick Jonas strips down, attaches his body to chains and, for commercial purposes, flaunts what he has. When asked if he has ever fooled around with men his response was enigmatic:

‘I can’t say if I have or haven’t, but if you watch [Kingdom] you’ll see more of that.’

Lucy Lawless and Xena
Photo: Xena Warrior Princess

If you’re gay, simply say it. Why is there the need to hide behind a mask of ambiguity? The argument here is a catch 22, to say that you are gay would somehow hurt ones career, however, by not admitting ones sexuality you can be hurting the community. On one hand saying you’re a supporter, but not actually committing to it. This sentiment is echoed by Wentworth Miller in his speech at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, when he not only came out, but spoke about supporting his community. In contrast we see the above, still flirtatious comments, which clearly demonstrates that Jonas is making himself commercially viable in terms of drawing in as much a market as possible – which from a business perspective is fantastic marketing. But when you have people struggling to gain acceptance in a social setting, can it really be deemed that appropriate? Sure, people state that they’re gay friendly, and that they’re merely trying to give attention to queer issues – but when you’re straight, it’s simply not the same. Adam Lambert recently rejected playing frank-n-furter in the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show because he felt that the role should go to a trans actor. The thing is, when it comes to straight actors playing gay characters it can be considered funny, or you’re not actually throwing homosexuality in people’s faces.  Straight people turn a blind eye because, in their mind, it is simply a straight dude playing a gay dude and that’s pretty much okay. It’s not okay though to treat Queerness as a commercial commodity, it’s not okay to make a mockery of homosexuality despite your best warm hearted intentions. Charles Pulliam-Moore in an old article states that ‘Explicit male sexuality is a cultural commodity, and if Nick Jonas is to be successful, then Nick Jonas is going to have to give the public its pound of flesh.’

What? Taylor Swift, one of the most successful pop stars on the planet, has not once had to take her shirt off, pose nude or sexualise her music or videos in any way. Why does Pulliam-Moore suggest that this approach is okay for Jonas?  It is clear that Jonas is a classic example of this phenomena, who in recent years has said that he loves his gay fans, has repeatedly stripped down on various covers and played several gay characters in Screem Queens and a gay MMA fighter in Kingdom and refuses to confirm or deny his sexuality in interviews. Which, on one hand is a fantastic step for queer representation but why does it have to be in the form of gay baiting?

Fat Sex

Fat Acceptance Man Model Photoshoot

We live in a world full of different bodies, and different sexual preferences. Now before you fall off your ladder, let me tell you a little secret. Some people enjoy fat sex. They enjoy sleeping with fat people, or they like watching fat sex whether that be where the two bodies are drastically different or whether they are of a similar shape. It’s not at all dissimilar to how many men like sleeping with older women, the same can be said of men enjoying BBW sex, either with women or other men. Fat sex, however, can be slightly different. With some handy tips listed below as well as considering some of the Liberator Sex Furniture you’ll look at not only fat sex, but every kind of sex differently.

One of the many questions I hear when discussing differently shaped bodies is ‘how does it fit’, how do two (Or more) bodies so drastically outside the ‘average’ fit together in such a pleasurable and intimate way? Or, how can they find such a body pleasurable? Isn’t it gross? I’m so often intrigued by what people find abnormal and I sometimes feel that the idea of fat sex is so grossly exaggerated and abhorred by so many people yet the same people are quite comfortable with open relationships, kink sex, water sports, urethral stimulation and a wide variety of sexual deviancy. I especially find this in the queer world, the world I’m most closely familiar with, where anything outside the six pack masculine swinging hung male is treated with utter blasé-ness whereas those that have worked hard on their body, or have insane genetic capabilities are treated like the Greek Gods reincarnated.

Before we get too into depth concerning sex and ‘fat’ – let’s explore the reasoning and some aspects of the mind that need to be addressed first. The thing is, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is no need to feel so vulnerable or so exposed. We spend so much time consumed with our own self-image that we develop a paranoia about our own bodies and how they behave/react/appear during sex. Let it go. If you truly want the best sex of your life, you need to understand that your sexual partner finds you attractive, that they want to sleep with you. They’re not concerned with your own self-destructive thoughts, they’re concerned with whatever it is they are attracted to. It’s as simple as that. I read an article where a woman described how during sex she would refuse to put herself in unflattering positions, where she would drape a pillow across her during sex, or clutch (attempting to be seductive) a blanket in order to hide what she could not accept. This, she states, prevented her from enjoying the moment. From enjoying the sex because she was too pre-occupied in her own mental state that that was the only thing that consumed her during the act. Her epiphany came during one moment when she turned the lights off, because in her mind she had deduced that he wouldn’t know just how fat she was if he couldn’t see her. The thing she didn’t realise was, he had already seen her. Which meant, he wanted to have sex with her, and further, he loved it. She then realised that her sexual partners were having sex with her because of the way she looked, it wasn’t a pity fuck, it wasn’t that they found other parts of her attractive and they merely ‘tolerated’ her body, they wanted to have sex with her and her body.

Fat Acceptance Woman Model Photoshoot
Photo: Fat Acceptance Woman

This is something we can all relate to. In sex, we are at or most vulnerable, we are literally sharing everything about ourselves in front of our sexual partner. Now, when it comes to the mechanics of sex with differently shaped bodies, it is by no means impossible, just a little extra care needs to be taken. For women, excess fat can pool around the vaginal region including the mons pubis and and labia. This means that when having penetrative vaginal intercourse, you will need to take care ensuring the object that’s being inserted (toy or dick) is well lubricated and that you spread the area around the vagina to help ease the entry. For boys and anal play the same care needs to be taken, for boys penetrating, you need to ensure that your dick is lubricated and that you select a comfortable position designed for maximum entry – some of the best are missionary, partner on top, and doggie style. It depends on where the fat is situated, whether you have a low belly or a high belly or a variety of different things. For missionary when your submissive partner has big thighs or a belly you need to note that these will get in the way during sex. The best way to deal with this is to bring your knees up and pull your thighs to your chest.

If you’re struggling with this position some strategically placed firm pillows placed under the lower back or the butt will work wonders. Or even better yet, the Adult Lifestyle Centre has just obtained some liberator sex furniture in stock. The liberator wedge (Plus-Sized) is absolutely ideal for trying different positions, and is absolutely fantastic for people with different body shapes or even simply those trying to reach the ultimate sexual positions. The high density foam of the of the Liberator Wedge works by preventing the body from sinking – which is one of the unfortunate results of having a larger body. You’ll be laying there enjoying the moment and all of a sudden you’ll realise that you’re beautifully soft bed is actually working against you and undermining your sexual positioning. What’s more is that the microfiber cover not only feels great against the skin, but if you’re working up a sweat it’s moisture resistant and machine washable covering will certainly come in handy.

If you’re going with the partner on top position, be aware that there is no way you are going to crush your partner. It’s just not possible – it’s about maneuvering yourself into the ideal position and sometimes you may have to move your fat around as well and readjust how everything sits on your body. Grab a liberator wedge and stick it under your partners but to elevate them so you can achieve the maximum type of penetration. If you find yourself tiring, just maintain position and get your partner to thrust! It can be a tiring position, but if you’re tiring easily, you need to reconsider the way your body is distributing the weight and adjust it. Just remember this; if you have a large ass, use that to thrust down on your partner. The extra momentum will really rock his world!

If you haven’t noticed, fat sex is not that much different to every other kind of sex. It’s about positioning, and about finding those key spots. There are loads more positions you can consider including the crouched turtle, but I’ll let you find out those ones. Just remember you need to let go of your mind and ride the moment (literally), get some leverage in the form of a pillow or liberator wedge, and find a position or a multiple of positions that work for you.

By Stephen Smith is a Consultant at the Oh Zone Stores.

What Hospitals Finds in Butts

X-Ray of Light Bulb in Butt

The internet is full of stuff.  From houses, from shopping, to hilarious cat photos and insane youtube videos. You know the story, you’re surfing the internet and clicking link after link and you comes across the headline ‘Insane things found in butts’ and you click on it. You scroll through the photos, laugh, and you move on. But let’s pause for a moment. These people have inserted objects into their ass, for the most part for what one assumes is some kind of sexual gratification (discounting the images where the individual was using their ass as a hidey hole) and the object has become stuck whereby they have sought medical help much to the Internets amusement.

It seems hilarious – but we are forgetting the real issue at hand. That It’s not funny. That this is happening in 2016, is actually kind of sad. Anal pleasure is still taboo, and discounting the questionable choices and subsequent idiocy of some of the objects inserted, the fact that they have chosen some kind of household object is indicative of their sense of shame and guilt in terms of not only anal pleasure, but self pleasure as well. More so when you consider the accessibility of ordering sex toys online, or even traveling to a bricks and mortar sex shop where you can get direct and relevant information to your needs.  We should not be shocked as to what is Up Other People’s Butts.

The issue here is not that something is stuck in their ass, but the guilt and shame that clearly surrounds the act. Why is this still a thing? Doing research for this article i came across an article concerning a couple in the United States that were trying to become pregnant, after seeing a fertility counsellor, it was discovered that this couple had thought the act of intercourse was dry humping. Even if you question the legitimacy of that article, it is clear that Sexual Education in most areas, aside from the understanding of the basic biological functions of the gendered genitalia, is poor. Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, has just published an article that indicates children want and need to know more than just the biological and physiological aspects of sex. The things that they want to know about include such topics as; sexual diversity and gender, break ups, respect, love, sexual pleasure and how to start a relationship.The current school of learning is that sex is for reproduction, penis goes into the vagina ejaculation occurs and if the conditions are right then a baby is formed. The thing that all this forgets? Pleasure – whether that be solo or mutually with a partner.


X-Ray of Key in Bum
Photo: X-Ray Bum


Parents don’t want to do it because it’s ’embarrassing’, schools can’t do it because apparently it violates the rights of the parents and raises an abundance of legal issues due to the perception that it sexualises children. Lets face facts – children become sexualised far more quickly than we realise and want them to be because we are too busy trying to protect their innocence. We do not want to see our children become sexualised – because that’s our little baby. We remember them when they were born and now that they are potentially sexually active we cast them aside in an effort to protect modesty, to save embarrassment or whatever reason slash justification that you’ve told yourself in order to convince yourself not to mention it . But how can we protect them any more? With pornography easily accessible in an ever increasing tech world, with the sexualisation of images in advertising, and sexual imagery being thrown in our faces every which way, how can we honestly expect to protect the ‘innocence’ of the young when we have long ago thrown away any semblance of ‘innocence’ in an adult world. Whether you like it or not, it’s becoming the norm and we have to adapt. Children become more sexually aware far more quickly than we give them credit for.  You cannot continually keep two worlds, a children’s world and an adult world because it simply does not work and when it falls apart you cannot blame ‘the other person’, when that person is collectively, us. This is partly due to the litigious society we have become, with people so quick to blame others making the accountability and responsibility of teaching sex a place people don’t want to raise their hands for fear of overstepping that invisible red line.

Surprisingly, i have never had the sex talk. My parents never sat me down and told me the birds and the bees, we never spoke about sex and aside from the old wives saying ‘if you keep playing with it, it’ll fall off’ when i was small’ there was never any talk about my genitals or the genitals of others. It was completely blank. It is not surprising then that i was unconsciously instilled with the notion that sex is a shameful dirty secret. So i did what every other person did when it came to the sex talk, i bluffed and when you bluff – you make mistakes. I stood there flipping through porn magazines with my mates making ever increasingly outrageous claims to legitimise my sexual prowess and knowledge in front of my friends. So, when it came time to having sex all i had was the misconceptions based on the knowledge of my friends and my understanding of films and my consumption of porn. I had determined what pleasured me and my dick – that self-exploratory thing that arguably most boys go through. But that’s all i had, and that is all that most people have when it comes to sexual fruition – making for some amusing ‘how i lost my virginity stories on reddit‘. But even that can arguably be a slight extension of truth as people attempt to out do each other in different ways. I can guarantee you that several of those posts would involve an individuals imagination as they clumsily seek new information in regards to sexual behaviour.

Shows such as Sex Sent Me to the ER can be entertaining and humorous, however they can also demonstrate how things can quickly go wrong in sexual situations. I am not suggesting that every child, every adult should be subjected to a mandatory and detailed course on sex and sex education, but certainly an expansion of the current teachings is necessary. For almost every individual, Sex is necessary, it is inescapable, so why do we stick it in a cupboard never to be seen. It would be inaccurate to say that every person that has had an object stuck up their butt has made a mistake, some people just make stupid decisions, but just maybe if we gave sex education a chance it could diminish some of the mistakes.

By Stephen Smith a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre

Why I Love Singapore Women

Singapore Woman Classic Beauty

Besides it been known as one of the world’s largest city, Singapore holds homage to one of the world’s best architectural buildings, museums and a whole wide range of special cuisines. It is also one of the most technologically developed state and most traveled destination by shopping gurus. The list is endless. We however may not fail to recognize one of the beautiful aspects of Singapore, their Singapore women. They are highly irresistible not only because of their outward physical beauty but also because of their high intelligence and great personality.


Singapore Model
Photo: Classic Singapore Beauty


Here are my five major reasons why I love Singapore women;

  1. The women are a comprehensive package of beauty: These women have a great physique brought out in absolutely any kind of outfit that they wear. They have a good modeling physique which has made them attain the miss world title in the past. They do not necessarily require expensive clothes, lingerie, handbags, jewelry and shoes to give them the feeling of being beautiful. They have a high self-esteem and nothing can really belittle them. They have the kind of faces that wouldn’t need mounds of make-up including foundation, concealers lipsticks eye liners artificial eye lashes and all other beauty enhancers that women use to step up their physical appearance to make an appeal. However, beauty goes further than all the stated facts above. It also includes being sociable and a selfless heart. In the recent there has been a corporate social responsibility that was introduced by Singapore women which main activity was to sell tote bags. The funds collected from handbags sale initiative, were used to help Cambodian women living with HIV and AIDS. Isn’t that a beautiful course by beautiful women?
  2. Successful rich and independent women: Each and every individual person in the planet wants to be successful. Being successful is however measured using different scales of references. For some success means owning a fleet of vehicles, earning a six figure salary and even being married to the richest tycoon in town is a success measure for others. However, in Singapore, ladies have been brought up with strong moral values where they are nurtured to earn each and every success bit by their own hard work. They undergo their schooling right from kindergarten all through to the O and A levels with keen concentration on building their career lives based on their passion with an ulterior motive to succeed. Unlike majority women from other countries, women in Singapore do not believe that for success to come their way, they have to be elevated by men in undesirable ways such as engaging in lustful relationships. There are a number of successful business enterprises and empires that have been built by women in Singapore that have been a source of job opportunities to many people.
  3. Social status and financial of a man is not a key factor in finding a partner: Women from Singapore are less oriented to money and social status when finding a partner either marriage partner or a dating partner. They believe that all can be built together if both parties are hard working enough. However majority of them are clear enough in their disgust towards mediocre men whose vision is only limited to the present. They care more about financial stability to have easy day to day living since with the high dollar exchange rate in their country; the cost of living is also high. This is quite the contrary when it comes to women from other parts of the globe who wants an already established partner.
  4. Respect: With their high moral values instilled in their upbringing, Singapore women know values required in being a modern woman alongside her family, which encompasses all her children, in-laws and most importantly the husband. They are taught values on how to respect everyone in the circle, being submissive and also in areas beyond family. The world is a large family and the pedestrian walking right beside you, is part of the world’s family. They treat everyone with equal respect which is quite an appealing and admirable character difficult to find despite having attained their success and position in the society.
  5. Singapore women are good in bed: Finally, despite having all the admirable physical characters, Singapore women can unleash the tigress in them when it comes to matters of intimacy. Who wouldn’t want a woman who awakens all your senses? It may be highly attributed due to their high flexibility, yoga and salsa expertise.

With all these factors, all embodied to create a single persons personality, it is difficult to resist the auto charm exhibited by the Singapore women creating their unique distinction unlike those of other women in other parts of the globe.