Review: Dame by Eva

Dame by Eva Clitoral Vibrator

Dame by Eva is an extremely cute, hands free, non intrusive clitoral vibrator that is designed to be worn during intercourse. Studies show that 70% of women cannot climax from intercourse alone, leaving a lot of women unsatisfied with their sexual encounters. Dame by Eva was designed by two women in the USA who decided that if they “want better sex toys, they better make them themselves”. They point out in the video linked below, that men are TWICE as likely to orgasm during sex then women and after seeing a gap in the market for a non intrusive sex toy – they designed Eva. Sure. There are toys on the market designed to be worn during intercourse, like the WeVibe 4 Plus… but some folks don’t like the way its worn, complaining that it’s intrusive/gets in the way or is just generally uncomfortable. Eva has been designed so that the wearer can lie back and enjoy the vibrations without having to hold anything in place or sacrifice internal stimulation.

Firstly, I took a few photos unboxing Dame by Eva because it was so damn cute. The picture above shows what you first see after removing the lid. Eva is placed in a velvet cutout with a cute ‘Plug me in to wake me up!’ sign. Eva comes factory locked and can only be unlocked once plugged in to charge. To lock Eva, you simply hold down the button for 10 seconds. The light will begin to flash, indicating it’s locked. Again, to unlock you have to plug in to charge. This is so that there is no possible way that Dame by Eva can turn on whilst traveling etc.

Dame by Eva comes with a set of SUPER SIMPLE (!!) to read, basic instructions on how to operate, charge and wear. They are literally the best instructions I’ve ever seen, complete with diagrams and short, simple instructions. Also included in the box is a super cute, small sticker with #evaluation on it – love a good pun! I think this is a nice touch… I guess most people wouldn’t use it for anything but I sure think it would look amazing on my storage box…

Dame by Eva Clitoral Vibrator
Sex Toy: Dame by Eva


During use:

Dame by Eva is designed so that the two (flexible) wings sit under the labia majora, keeping the vibrator directly over the clitoris. The wings are SUPER flexible, allowing for pretty much any sized/shaped vagina. One thing that I LOVE is that the wings carry SOO much vibration, furthermore stimulating the Clitoral Crura (alternatively known as the clitoral legs), which I mentioned in a previous review. In use I expect that during ‘vanilla’ sex positions like missionary and cowgirl the Eva would stay completely in spot without budging. In more adventurous positions like doggy for example, I suspect you would need to lightly hold the head of Eva down to achieve stronger vibrations because, you know, gravity. There are three vibration strengths and no patterns. The first one is a lite whir, going all the way up to damnnnn that is strong. Granted, It’s no Tango, but it is still way stronger than your average clitoral vibe. The back of Eva has a slight arch/point to provide more pinpointed stimulation.

Battery life:

Dame by Eva takes an hour and a half to fully charge and can last up to 5 (!!) hours on the lowest speed, and 1 hour consistently on the high speed. It is charged by a USB charger, making for easy travels and easy charging. Eva is only splash proof, and should not be completely submerged in water. As shown in the above image, Eva is actually really small. This surprised me… All the photos and gifs reaching up to its release date made Eva look massive! I thought, sure you might not have to hold it but it it’s definitely going to get in the way during intercourse. It’s actually super small and measures only an inch in height.

Over all, I was super impressed with Dame by Eva. Whilst this is marketed as a sex toy to be used during intercourse, there’s obviously no reason why folks can’t use this whilst masturbating or in a same sex scenario. I love this little thing!


About the Author:  Nick is a sales consultant at Adult Lifestyle Centre, Penrith

The Importance of Adult Shops

Safe Zone Image

In this day and age there are a lot of things that adult shops can offer to a wide range of customers whether that strictly be a LGBTQI safe zone.  We also cater to many other people and i’ll tackle some issues that we actually help with and the benefit and good that we actually impact onto our culture which a lot of us overlook.  I think about this often. First and foremost I’ll tackle the males and what impacts and drastic changes we can make in their lives.

Men with erectile dysfunction can often be embarrassed by their completely normal medical condition, we offer a wide range of toys to help them with this from penis extenders, strap ons and even tablets which will help make them feel more confident and better equipped without the worry in the back of their head that their partner is not satisfied with what they can offer. And personally I know just from owning multiple fleshlights that times when I would get depressed or lonely these toys can offer a pleasing orgasm and makes yo feel a lot better than going out and wrecking yourself on alcohol or any other thing like that, sometimes all people need is a quick orgasm or the feeling of closeness or to act out a fantasy and things can change your perspective.

I find it astonishing how many couples come into the shop looking to spice up their sex life, they leave with couple toys such as some light BDSM gear and maybe a we vibe and the amount of joy on their face when they come back in and say things like “They helped so much that we’re going to do more stuff like that, show me ALL your  products” which i can tell has brought them closer to their partners or even relationships on the rocks, a little mix up and spice in their relationship life and suddenly you can be back to your honeymoon stage.


Adult Shop
Banner: The Important of Adult Shops


I have a regular who comes and sees me and she had a double masectomy and does not feel “sexy” or self confident anymore and after showing her countless items we came to a conclusion of what she wanted and what her husband liked, and i remember her big grin when she left the shop and i really value things like that, sex shops are seen as taboo or meant to be a place where creeps hang out but i can assure everyone that’s not the case, alot of the interactions i have with the customers is pleasant and they’re more than happy to open up and tell me what the situation they’re dealing with is and i’m more than happy to recommend products that will help them on an individual basis.

Around 75% of women can’t actually achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, so even as a couples toy the body wand is fantastic, i’ve been in situations with ex gf’s and they weren’t able to achieve an orgasm and that really affected my head i was thinking “Am i not good enough?, am i not attractive” and i took it personally when i really shouldn’t have but it’s understandable why it would make you feel unwanted.

But the fact that we offer such a range of products from toys to movies to costumes, i think we are really doing a good job, and being able to push people in the right direction for their fetishes or anything like that is great, especially when it comes to taboo things when guys are scared of trying anything penetrative on themselves because they will feel less “manly”, i try to break down that stereotype and be up front and say things like ” It’s alot more common than you think, we’re not here to judge, honestly it feels great it’s a prostate it’s meant to be touched for sexual pleasure” and more often than not i will see them again and they’ll end up buying a similar toy.

Bit of a rant but i honestly think we make an improvement in every customers life in a positive way.  So get your wallet out and start shopping now.

About The Author:  Nick is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

My Secret Fetishes

To start off with My Secret Fetishes, let’s look at the word Fetish.  Fetish is derived from the Portuguese word for Charm or Spell.  Fetishes range from completely common to very uncommon.  Today I’m going to cover My Secret Fetishes and the more common ones.

Swinging: It’s actually a common taboo subject which involves a non-monogamous couple (Generally married) that choose to partner swap with other couples or invite another person into the bedroom, a lot of people who engage in swinging do so for the extra spice in their love life and to add a bit more into the relationship, the massive hurdle to get over is jealousy, self confidence and fear, a lot of couples actually tend to get closer after this as they see their partner in a new way and gain more self confidence by feeling sexy and what not. It’s reported that 75% of all Swinging relationships are brought up first and instigated by the male partner.

Swinging has become a huge international lifestyle since the emergence of the internet and even earlier to the 60’s and even has dedicated clubs to it where people can go and swap partners, there is also private chat rooms and online apps that even cater to this lifestyle. According to research done by the Kinsey Institute 2-4% of Married couples are considered swingers.   (With that number likely being higher due to people staying private)

Foot Fetish: This fetish is actually the most common fetish for a non sexual part of a humans body, many people you know or have seen on TV indulge in this for instance Pharrell Williams and Quentin Tarentino (IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANY OF HIS MOVIES) for some this fetish is downright disgusting for others it’s the only way they can orgasm is indulging, for a foot fetishist there are different things that attract them to certain feet, whether that be length of toes, size, arch, jewelry, manicured or not and even sensory (smell,sight,touch)

Researchers think that foot fetishism (and the increase in it) occurred due to rise in STI’s and Illnesses which they’ve actually studied throughout the ages and seen the prevalence during rises of sickness such as AIDS in the 80’s as it was considered a safe sex alternative.  (The earliest to date foot fetish article ever found is from the year 1220) .  They think that foot fetishes are caused by feet and genitals being close in the brain but i’d argue against that as it’s a partialism fetish which also includes, butt, breasts and even naval.

I think it’s just a common one of My Secret Fetishes, for exact statistical data there hasn’t been enough research but it is known as the number one non sexual part of the body as being praised and i can refer to a article by Cosmo that read that 25% of women had some sort of foot fetish involvement on them from a partner.  It’s much more prevalent in males than females.


Massage Therapist
Photo: My Secret Fetish


Wax Play: What fun wax play is! I tried it for the very first time yesterday so I’d like to go in depth with it.  Just a word of warning, since you are literally playing with fire be very careful, it’s actually pretty easy to set fire to anything and wax can give third degree burns if not checked properly or using the incorrect candles. Before using the wax on the subject always check it’s temperature by putting a little bit on the back of your hand or arm as to see how hot it is, as you don’t want to kill the mood and possibly your sub. ( Being actually burnt can turn a lot of fun into a hostile event) test every candle this way as they are all made up of different chemicals so some burn at a much higher temperature than others and some don’t get too hot at all so be sure to choose the right candle for yourself and your partner.

Also keep in mind that depending how your partner is restrained or not (maybe even blindfolded) they will have different levels of heightened sensations, which will make the wax feel hotter or even cooler than it actually is. When applied to hairy areas i have found trying to get the wax off after about as hard as trying to comb chocolate pudding out of a shag rug, so be prepared for that haha, you can use a credit card or similar items to take the wax off but if it is in a sensitive area (i.e genitals) a nice warm shower will help unlodge any bothersome wax that just wants to be close to you. Wax Play is one of the easiest fetishes to get into.

Wax Play Suggestions:

  • Hold the candle higher than you normally would and it will land at a cooler temperature due to the fact that it has time to cool down mid air.
  • Make sure you’re using the right candles, so ones without irritants or added chemicals especially metal based ones or super shiny ones, they generally have acrylic in it which is not skin friendly.
  • There are many ways to do wax play and i’m sure you know it’s a form of temperature play in the BDSM scene, these can range from just using it with a candle or to even melting in a pot, if you are using a pot be super careful and make sure that it has all evenly temperatures , the way to achieve this is by stirring the pot continually.
  • When choosing the right place to start on your partner with the wax make sure you pick a good spot, by good spot i mean one that isn’t flammable (hairy) and make sure you don’t do the face or direct on piercings as the caked wax is very hard to get off especially around piercings and can cause annoying infections.
  • Parrafin candles are generally the way to go because they have a low melt temperature and are much more likely to be fun first time around, as i’m more of the jump in the deep end type guy i tried really really really hot ikea candles right on my jiggly bits and it was the most insane feeling, i loved it.

If you haven’t tried it Wax Play would suggest it. At Oh Zone Penrith we even stock some soy candles in our shops that retail for $24.99 and they can be used as a body massage oil once poured onto the sub.

JimmyJane actually carry a range of candles as well for beginners. This one has a few scents in it which is awesome, smells can bring around new arousal, so for instance I hate the smell of strong vanilla but if someone poured melted caramel on me i’d be turned on like a light switch.  With all that said it comes down to tolerance on what you want/what you can handle.  Some might think that Soy and Parrafin aren’t hot enough so they might like to increase and go with a beeswax candle which has a way higher melting point. The cool thing also about wax play is you can make beautiful works of art on your subs body with multi colored candles or even by melting down the child safe non toxic crayons to make awesome colors and works of art 😀 I hope you try it out if you haven’t because it was truly mesmerizing.


About The Author:  Nick is a consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Penrith.

Mobile Sex Applications

Grindr Easy Hook Up

Here is my look at the current generation’s Mobile Sex Applications and the ways it goes about getting sexual satisfaction. For anything in life from how to cook an egg to wanting to dress someone up as a intergalactic space alien and spank them with a fake wobbegong shark tail there’s an application for that.  So the Mobile Sex Applications that I cover will be widely known for hookups, friends, chats, sex positions, locations and games. We have literally become Generation Sex with these Mobile Sex Applications.

Grindr: Now we all know Grindr some of us may have used it, some of us know someone who definitely uses it and have heard a range of good to horror stories from this app.  It is created purely for gay people. This app was the first geo-social based gay app to be launched in the Itunes Store and is now in 192 Countries and amassing nearly 100,000 members in Australia alone! It was launched in 2009 and has received a wide array of criticism and praise.

  • The Worst: Egyptian Police used the triangulation of the GPS to hunt down gay people.
  • The Best: One of my heroes Stephen Fry met his Husband off this app. (VERY RARE)

So using the GPS based in this app you are able to chat to other gay people around your area for anything from fun to just a beer down the local watering hole. You simply upload a photo of yourself to the app, put in some details and write a lie about 150 characters long in your “About Me’ section and you’re ready to go! The app is very good for the fact you can send photos, locations and find other like minded people in your area you just have to trawl through a mountain of dick pics and seedy people that are like the pop ups of the 90’s but humans and way more intense.

Related Applications: SCRUFF, JACK’D

Brenda: This Mobile Sex Application is purely for lesbians, it’s again basically the same as grindr but replace all the words gay with lesbian and dicks with vaginas and Brenda ends up being the exact thing.

Related Applications: Findhrr, Curvenow


Tinder Easy Hook Up
Dating Application: Tinder


Tinder: Now a lot of Mobile Sex Applications have tried to cater to straight audiences and mixed audiences, none have done what Tinder has done. (Thank the lord for this app) .  With Tinder you HAVE to connect it through Facebook set up your distance (Up to 150km’s) you can set it to gay, straight or even wobbegong. You swipe left to dislike someone and swipe right to like someone and if they swipe right back on you, well you’re in buddy! You get to speak to this person, it’s a very shallow based app which basically every app like that is, but i find it fun swiping through hundreds of people and just saying “no”, nothing makes my day like declining things.

Back to your profile, much like the other apps you write a little bit about yourself upload some photos and you”re good to swipe left or right or even just have a conversation, with all of these apps there is a free version and a paid version, it’s not sad paying for an app because you get a lot more out of it, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Tinder is a fantastic way to explore your sexuality and i would suggest everyone give it a try before settling down as you can pretty much meet someone somehow close that will do anything you want and more, i’ve actually met two girls off there that i ended up dating longish term, but i always end up back on there! As with real life you will only get as far as the other person wants you to go , so some people are directly there just to talk to people or others just want to get laid.   A neat factor about this app is the fact you can set age 18-99  or lower.

Something cool they released about a week ago is a group chat, where it sources your friends who have tinder and can select up to 3 of them (4 in the group including yourself) and you match with other groups and all chat.  I absolutely hate this idea as my friends are a bunch of immature tattooed lads that make penis jokes as where i’m the more mature one (which really says something). Overall, I think Tinder is the friendliest regardless of age, nationality or creed and would rate it 8/10 as an app overall.  I’ve had very little things go wrong with it , it’s constantly maintained so it doesn’t crash and you can simply unmatch assholes.  Also don’t be corny or ask stupid questions that will get you far.

Tldr: I’ve met some really lovely people off this that have become life long friends I’ve also met some really lovely people off this that have become five hour friends.

Related Applications: Blendr (also created by grindr, ugly interface and messy), POF (Plenty of Fish, mostly scammers)

3ndr: 3ndr is for woman who are down for threesomes, but you’re having trouble finding a third (I mean really, how do you even facilitate that?) 3ndr is here to hook you up. The app takes the creepiness out of finding a guest star for your sexy time — everyone on the app is either looking for a third or is eager to be in someone else’s threesome. Swipe right on the prospects you’re into, and if it’s a match, you’ll be able to connect and… flesh out the details

Other Mobile Applications:

Kindu: We all have kinky desires, but bringing them up to the person we’re boning isn’t always easy. Not to mention, things can get real awkward, real fast during these types of talks. Kindu solves this problem the same way that Tinder eliminates the ability for people you’re not into to contact you. The app suggests potential sex acts, and you and your partner separately swipe left on what you aren’t into, and right on what you’d like to try. If you both say yes to the same scenario, you’re both notified. And if both of you aren’t on board, fear not — your significant other will never find out about that naughty nurse fetish of yours.

IKamasutra: Do know all 64 kama-sutra positions of by heart and how to do them? Yeah I didn’t think so, ‘IKamasutra’ suggests new sex positions on the regular, so that you’re never short on new moves to try. The app operates like Tinder: Swipe left on the positions that you’re not interested in, and swipe right on the ones that you want to add to your to-do list. You can even track which moves you’ve mastered using the app.

Pillow: Pillow is like Netflix, but for your sex life. Instead of sitting on the couch with your beau arguing over what you’re going to watch, put on a hot episode from the Pillow app, and follow along to their steamy suggestions on what the two of you should do to each other. Each episode is set up as a choose-your-own adventure style journey through different sex acts.

Truth or Dare: There’s nothing like a dirty game of truth or dare to make you both feel like you’re horny teenagers again. The 2.0 version of this party staple, Dirty Games Truth or Dare, features categories that include foreplay and fantasy dares sure to heat things up, taking your normal bedroom routine to the next level.

69 Places: So, you’re looking to have a public romp. Whether it’s your first time dipping your toe into the world of public sex, or you’re a seasoned expert in need of some new location inspiration, the ’69 places’ app has got you covered. With categories that range from “obscure” to “transportation” and even “sporting venues,” there’s sure to be something that will spark your interest.

We-Vibe 4 Application:

Application to Control We-Vibes
Application: We-Vibe 4 Application

Recently, I decided to download the we~connect app by we~vibe since I had been raving on about how it was such a great, innovative idea every time I show a customer the We-Vibe  4 Plus I thought it’d be a good idea to get the app and get familiar with it. Its also sometimes helpful to show someone the app of they are a bit iffy on buying the we~vibe! just so they can see the thought and quality that has gone into this product. I love how brightly coloured everything is once you download the app, Its literally like a game so discreet there is no we-vibe branding in the app at all and basically the only people who may possibly know would be other we-vibe users! This easy to use app is extremely discrete for those who wish to use their we~vibe outside of the bedroom perhaps at dinner or a concert

The application allows people of varying locations control the we~vibe which is perfect for those that travel often, are in long distance relationships or partners who enjoying being in control of their partners pleasure with a tap of the screen! A downside to this is that the wearer of the we~vibe must invite the other person to control the vibrator, Which does take away the element of surprise. This isn’t a function I’ve been able to test out as of yet as I haven’t been in store with another app having staff member. In the “shared” or “paired” part of the app the option to speak to each other through the or via a face time like mode. This concept is pretty fantastic for long distance relationships!

You can control the intensity, frequency and pattern with literally a flick of the wrist its pretty magical. There are several premade patterns on the app and already programed into the device. They are as follows: vibrate, pulse,wave, echo, tide, crest,bounce, surf, peak and chachacha you can also combine these pre-programmed patterns to create your own. Other than the 4 plus the app can control the (new) classic, the rave and the nova. I think the app makes these products more enjoyable as you can tailor the intensities and patterns to your likes and avoid your dislikes. The possibilities are limitless with the app as it provides far more variety than the programmed and standard functions.

The application is great for the Nova as you can create a rollercoaster like vibration pattern between the internal and external motors and change up and vary the pattern! say you like the chacha in your hooha and that you like tide on your externals the app allows you to make that happen! There is even a tips and tricks section that answers some users most burning questions and gives some hints on how to get acclimatized with the we~vibe! Although there are toys out their that do have apps we~vibe is such a reliable brand and the app is so easy to use and simplistic its no wonder that it has won so many awards and has refined the we~vibe 4 plus to almost perfect cover all the bases hetrosexual couples toy!

There is always an Mobile Sex Application for everyone aye? to ‘spice’ things up has never been so easy, whether it be public sex or simply trying new positions. Go explore!


About the Author:  Nick is a consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Penrith.

10 Benefits of Swallowing

Woman with Milk Moustache