Penis Plug Types

Textured Penis Plug

I will be honest with you. Penis plugs or urethral sounds are not the best sex toys for me to enjoy. I really wanted to have unique masturbation sensations with a plug in my penis while moving in and out but I couldn’t stop that feeling. What I mean by saying ‘that feeling’ is the one may be experienced when you are on a Roller Coaster and you feel like your genital declares its independence and leaves you alone forever. I bet you had the same feeling when you first think about urethral play. However, you are here now and keen to learn about penis plugs and urethral sounds. Please peruse this article prior to play and feel free to share your experience under this review so that we can improve our knowledge together.

To begin with, I strongly recommend you to get informed about the anatomy of urethra. The definition says that:

“The male urethra is a narrow fibromuscular tube that conducts urine and semen from the bladder and ejaculatory ducts, respectively, to the exterior of the body.”

Before going further, we should know the difference between penis plugs and urethral sounds. Whilst penis plugs are inserted into urethra to have sexual sensations, urethral sounds are primarily used for medical purposes such as dilating urethra for medical applications.  However, many people realized that they get sexual arousal with the feeling of their urethra being stretched, so plugs&sounds became more popular among men who seek intense experiences. The first use of penis plugs is thought to be in 1200 AD with the Chinese nobility, but the popularity of it has increased after 1990s. On the other hand, urethral sounds have been used in women from 1800s for medical purposes.

Basically, penis plugs are worn during sex or masturbation but urethral sounds are more likely used in solo sessions and they are longer than penis plugs (sometimes they can reach the bladder). While penis plugs may have ribs and notches to keep them in place, urethral sounds can be easily moved in and out due to their smooth structures. Still, both vary in size and design. Let’s see the varieties elaborately.

Penis Plugs

A penis plug is made of smooth, preferably metal for sanitary purposes but also silicone penis plugs are available on the market. It is used for getting intensify climax and prolonging ejaculation. On the other hand, people who don’t want to have Prince Albert piercing which is “a ring-style piercing that extends along the underside of the glans from the urethral opening to where the glans meets the shaft of the penis” use penis plugs to imitate the look of PA piercing temporarily. You can see the images of both Prince Albert Piercing and a penis plug with glans ring below.

Penis Plugs Types

Silicone Cum Thru Penis Plug
Sex Toy: FELIX Flexi Tube Silicone Steel Cum Thru “Through-Hole” Penis Plug
  • Solid Plugs: This type of plug has no opening which means that the wearers are not able to urinate or ejaculate while using it.
  • Tapered Plugs: If you are a new starter to this kind of play, this type of penis plug will help you with exploring your boundaries. Some of them start off small diameter and then gradually expand which enable you to have light stretching.
  • Ridged Plugs: If you are keen to have more sensation after getting experienced, textured ones such as ridges, waves, beads and etc give more fun during play.
  • Sperm Stopper Plugs: This type of plug has a ball going into the urethra and it is also attached to a glans ring to keep the plug in its place. As a bonus the combination of glans ring and ball stimulates your frenulum perfectly.
  • Through-Hole Plugs: Unlike the others I mentioned above, this type of plug enables you to ejaculate or urinate when in use by the help of its hollowed structure.
  • Prince’s Wand: This type of plug (a.k.a Policeman’s Nightstick) has a hollow shaft with a ball on the end which means you are free to urinate and ejaculate while wearing it. The wand can be used with or without Prince Albert Piercing.
  • Vibrating Plugs: This type of plug has large end where the battery compartment is placed and it delivers powerful vibrations to your urethra.
  • Electro-Sex Plugs: It is easy to turn penis plugs into electro toys as metal is a good material for conduction. Whilst one of wires is connected to your penis plug the other goes to a reference point such as cock ring.

Urethral Sounds

As I told you above, urethral sounds are mainly used in medicine to enlarge urethra but numerous nerve endings in urethra made urethral sounds a perfect tool for intense sensations. They usually come in sets with different thicknesses which means that you are able to change the probe as you get experienced.

Urethral Sounds Types

  • Van Buren Sounds: This type of sounds are thin, long and designed in J-shaped to stimulate the prostate from the inside the bladder. They must be inserted into flaccid penis and you should wait until your erection is relieved if you get hard while using it. (Most probably you will!)
  • Hegar Sounds: This type of sounds are designed slightly S-shaped with two different diameters on each end. This is suitable for beginners and also women thanks to its elegant design.
  • Pratt Sounds: The Pratt has more pronounced curve and longer shaft than the Hegar and this features enable you to go further to your prostate. As similar with the Hegar, the Pratt also has two different diameters on each end and can be used in women’s urethral play.
  • Rosebud Sounds (a.k.a. Bakes or Bullet Sounds): These are long and thin sounds with bulbous end which give intense sensations to your urethra like the way anal beads do. The Rosebud is suitable for both men and women and its straight shape makes the toy usable when your penis is erected.
  • Henk Sounds: These are also double ended with slightly curved ends. The prominent feature of the Henk sounds is the pair of metal rings one on each sides acting stopper. The probe does not go further than 3.5 inches by the help of those rings, however, experienced users are prone to use that rings as an added stimulator by pushing the sound further.
  • Dittle Sounds: This type of sounds have straight rods with a rounded tip and a flat end. You can use this type without worrying about your erection during play due to its straight shape. Additionally, flattened head makes the toy more controllable and also allows you to experience electro-sex.Sim Sounds: The only difference between the Sim and the Dittle is its slightly curved rod.

Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds

After seeing all types of penis plugs and urethral sounds, you need to decide which one suits you. If you are a new starter to urethral play, you are more likely to have small and smooth plugs or sounds. The ones with rounded and tapered tips allow you to have pleasant stretch while trying to insert it into your urethra. I recommend you to start with penis plug before going further to urethral sounds, especially having a ring or an enlarged end so that the plug don’t slip in eg. Prince’s Wand or Tapered Plugs.

In addition to stainless steel plugs and sounds, there are silicone and aluminum ones on the market and they are pretty handy and body safe as well, however, stainless steel materials are much more favorable when it comes to sterilization. Don’t worry about boiling them before and after each use, they can withstand all sterilization techniques.

If you are experiencing urethral sounds, remember not to use curved sounds when you are erected. Additionally, it is better to have a sound which is straight, thin and not too long for new starters, so the Rosebud or the Dittle may be a good choice for the very first time.

How To Use Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds

First of all, being slow and patient  is the key point for urethral play. You don’t want to injure your urethra and get Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Always sanitise your plug/sound prior to use by keeping it 5-10 minutes in boiling water and then wipe with alcohol. Even if it seems like a good idea, don’t use saliva. Saliva will not be slippery enough for your urethral walls and it involves sugar which causes UTIs. In addition to the cleanliness of your toy, make sure that your hands and your penis are washed with antibacterial soap and hot water thoroughly. You can even wear surgical gloves during play.

You are ready to insert it into your penis now. Relax and make sure that your penis is in flaccid state. Use sterile lubricant, preferably water-based for easy cleaning. Don’t fight any new sensations while insertion and don’t push the toy further if your urethra does not allow it to slip in. Your urethral muscles work against it and try to push it out and it is completely natural. At this point, let the gravity help you, so it is better to hold your penis vertically during insertion.

If you are comfortable with the toy in your urethra, start experiencing sensations with light strokes on your penis or sliding the toy in and out. When you feel ready to ejaculate, let it go as long as you are using a hollow penis plug. If you are using the solid one, take the plug/sound out then ejaculate to prevent retrograde ejaculation. However, if the sound that you used is curved, you need to wait until your penis goes back to flaccid state.

Once you got experienced you want to try something different. If you wand to stick to a penis plug, go with the Ridged or the Vibrating Plugs. If it is urethral sounds that you want to enjoy, it is easier. They come in sets and after starting with the smallest one, you can increase the thickness gradually for the next plays.

It is normal if you experience burning when you pee after play and even blood can be observed in your urine as you might irritate the walls of urethra, especially when you are new to this fun. However, if you have a discharge, fever or cramping, seek medical attention. Please never insert any random objects into your urethra other than plugs or sounds.

This is about as much as I can tell you from my personal experience but a great medical resource or supplier website I found that will provide you with even more information is which I found to be the informative.

Thank Steve Jobs for Sex

Firstly I want to thank Steve Jobs (May he rest in peace) for creating the Iphone, because if it wasn’t for the Iphone, Tinder which is the world’s greatest app second to Angry Birds would not have been created or Grinder. If you don’t already know about Tinder, it is an application on the phone where you swipe left (to reject) or right (to accept and chat) people in your area. Now you can get some common interests for example a friend from school or awkwardly a relative but this is just a small embarrassment from the larger sum of satisfaction that you can gain from Tinder.

Anyway I’m detracting from the story. I was at home one night and I was bored swiping my life away on Tinder, it sort of sounded like this, “No”, “No”, “I think I’m related to her!” “No”, “Oh! She is cute”, “No”, “Well, Hello Hello Cutie”, “No’. Then all off a sudden I received the best news of my life. “Congratulations, you got a match!.” and I moved my thumb towards the notification saying please be hot, please be hot this blonde girl pops on my screen. Jackpot! Hazel eyes, beautiful blonde hair, these cute dimples. It was defiantly love at first swipe!. I made the first move, I sat there thinking of something catchy to say, something real witty where she will turn around and say oh his a smooth operator i would defiantly have sex with him. So I thought of the wittiest line i had in my arsenal “HEY”.

Who knew that “HEY” could lead to 5 hours of constant banter and then the invitation to come over. God, I love Tinder. So after going to the gym, going home, checking myself out in the mirror naked, a bit of self confidence boosting talk, and a little bit to much aftershave, I headed to her house! Her name was Claire by the way if anyone was wondering. Now Claire was the same age as me, 20, and she lived very close to me, about 10 minutes drive but had no mutual friends. Thank God for tinder, truly bring the world closer


People Kissing
Photo: Thank Steve Jobs For Sex


As soon as I arrived to her apartment, she opened the door and there she was in black lace bra and panties set, with a garter belt connecting to her stockings. It was on. I paced over, and lifted her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom while we were kissing each other passionately, the mouth, the neck, she was nibbling my ear lobe and putting her tongue down my ear. Kinky, I liked that. I take her down to the bed, as soon as she is laying there she leans forward and takes my top off, we are still passionately kissing, little words had been said. It started to get even more heated with my belt coming off, and her quickly taking unbuttoning my jeans. I liked her lingerie so I teased her by leaving it on for longer. She started playing with me using her tans, whilst her lips were still working themselves up and down my neck. She pulls back for a second and reaches into her draw, automatically in my head I said “Here we go, another axe murderer”, oh wait it is not a knife she is pulling out, it was a tube and by the looks of it, it was flavored. I took a closer look at the bottle and it was my favorite WetStuff Salted Caramel flavored lube. She started to squeeze it in drops on my chest all the way down to my pelvis, she chased the drops with her tongue until she worked her way down to my penis, she lined my shaft with this sticky caramel lube and ate it all. I was in heaven.

I picked her up again and took her to the dining room table where i laid her flat and just made love to her. Then again i picked her up and took her to the bed. She reached over for the second time and pulled out a little bullet. It was the 20 function NU Sensuelle, as we were in missionary she started to serenade her clitoris with it. Then all of a sudden in between her moans she started laughing, I asked her what was funny and she replies “You sold me this toy about a year ago, and now I’m using it while you’re fucking me”. If that is not satisfaction, I do not know what is. We continued until she came from the vibrations of the bullet, and then it was my turn. If it wasn’t for the bullet, I don’t think I could of got her to where she wanted to go. NU 20 Function Sensuelle Point Bullet is a must have!!!!!


Secret Causes of Vaginal Odours

Vagina Health Information

Whilst to some vaginal health is a cringe-worthy topic, worrisome Vaginal Odours are something every women will experience in her life at some point, most likely on various occasions. Often women, men, husbands, partners (basically whoever has the pleasure of being in the vicinity of your vagina) have unrealistic expectations on how we should smell and taste. Whilst it would be great for the experience to be something like the video below, it’s just not going to happen. While many women are self conscious about what their vagina smells like, the truth is a healthy vagina shouldn’t smell bad. Just like all of your internal organs, the vagina is a carefully balanced ecosystem made of fluids/discharge and bacteria designed to keep it in healthy working order as well as keeping it clean. Yep, that’s right! The discharge we produce is actually our bodies self cleaning – pretty amazing right?!

I did some research and saw a study where a bunch of gynecologists got together and did some very “unscientific” tests to figure out what a ‘normal’ vagina should smell like or why people have Vaginal Odours… They determined that one can smell a healthy/normal vagina from around 1 foot away. Most odours are completely normal, but there are times when a new/strange odor can be your body signalling a problem. A strong/particularly bad smelling odour may be as a result of an infection, or bacterial imbalance and is definitely something you should consult with your doctor!

What Causes Vaginal Odours?

The truth is our vaginas are a pretty sensitive area and should be treated with  R E S P E C T (great song). There are tonnes of things which can throw out your body, some of which I’ll explain below.

  • Poor diet: Odoriferous foods like garlic, asparagus, curry, diets with a high intake of sugar are just a few of the foods that can throw out the natural smell of your vagina and over all body odour. (I guess you really are what you eat!)
  • Medications: Many antibiotics can cause the natural 4.6 Ph of your body to imbalance, resulting in thrush, itchiness, change in discharge and odour as well as other nasty problems. Slightly less unknown is antihistamines (as well as asthma inhalers) causing dryness and abnormalities in your vaginal health.
  • Hormonal Changes: Your body smells different at different points in your menstrual cycle. Birth control pills have also been shown to alter the natural smell of your vagina and effect the Ph of the vagina.
  • GOD FORBID – A FORGOTTEN TAMPON: A horror story we’ve all heard before… It actually happens. Quite often apparently. A forgotten tampon leaves a smell that somewhat resembles an animal crawling up there and dying. Yep, horrifying. Though, once removed, the smell disappears almost immediately. There are many alternatives to using tampons which are SO much healthier for your vagina which I will discuss in my next review…
  • Poor Hygiene: Whilst your vagina doesn’t need to be douched or cleaned whilst using a magnifier, it does need to be washed. Underwear should NOTTTTT be worn for over 24 hours and should be loose and preferably made from cotton.
  • OVER CLEANING: Something many people are guilty of, is over cleaning. Despite how gross some days you might feel – studies show you only need to rinse with water to adequately clean your vagina. Though if you feel this doesn’t work for you or would feel better for using some sort of product, stick to natural soaps which are not fragranced.


Practice Good Hygiene to Minimise Vaginal Odours

  • Use the correct soap
  • Wipe front to back after going to the toilet and be sure to be thorough. If you’re really worried about cleanliness you can use some sort of baby wipes with no fragrance for a quick clean after going to the bathroom.
  • Be careful what you put in and around your vagina! Flavoured lubricants are a big no-no during intercourse if you’re prone to infections. The glycerine causes an imbalance of (yep you guessed it) your Ph.
  • Watch your diet!
  • Know your body! Be vigilant of any changes in your body and head straight to the doctor is something changes.

DO NOT FRET! Vaginal Odours aren’t supposed to smell like that YouTube clip above. Your body is amazing and your vagina can do some pretty cool things – so (SING IT WITH ME NOW) ???????

“You’ve got to show me, got to show me a little
You’ve got to give me, got to give me a little
Yes, all I want is, all I want is a little
What all I need is a little respect.

What you want, baby I got
And what you need, you know that I’ve got it
All I’m askin” for is a little respect”

Woman Having a Bath
Photo Vaginal Health Guide


AND REMEMBER: Even if you don’t like your Vaginal Odours, guys and girls enjoy the smell of their partners vagina. Their brains associate that smell with getting to see you naked and having sex. So really, it isn’t in your best interests to change mother nature anyway.

**Warning: This review contains personal stories of tampon usage and may be confronting to other staff members who do not wish to read about my vagina.. SOZ IN ADVANCE. For the educational aspect, I’ve include everyone in this article – because let’s face it, we all know someone with a vagina.**

It’s no secret – I like vaginas, vaginas are cool. So I’m going start this article with a fun fact…Did you know that the Ph balance of the vagina, which is usually around 4 – 4.5, is the same Ph as wine, beer and tomatoes.?!? Excuse me whilst I rave about vaginas – but how cool are they?! I’m about to make a bold statement. If you have a vagina, or you know someone who has a vagina, you/your friend with a vagina NEEDS a menstrual cup. Or, let me start with a less bold statement – you/your friend with a vagina needs to consider not using tampons. Like many women, I’ve used tampons ever since I got my first period. Mainly because they were easy, they don’t smell, they (are supposed to) feel like you’re not wearing anything, and they’re just what everybody uses. (Shit’s about to get real personal, continue down to the  bold cue if you don’t want to read about my vaginal mishaps…)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had REALLY uncomfortable periods. Not period pain in my abdomen or back, but in my actual vagina. It would feel dry, itchy, extremely uncomfortable at best, and would feel unusually hot. Once I became sexually active, I realised that it was kind of all the time that my vagina felt that way – it just got worse when I was on my period. I also couldn’t (it was impossible) have sex without lubricant, and didn’t produce any of my own natural lubricant. Let’s just say “It feels like wearing nothing” was a statement I called bullshit. Admittedly, I’m sort of ashamed that it took me like 7 odd years to figure out that it was tampons that were ruining my vagina, though I figure there’s tonnes of women who are in the same boat – and just like me, are misinformed.

One glorious day, I decided to google the affects of tampons and found these facts…

  • Questionable materials: Unbeknownst to a lot of people, tampons are actually made of a combination of cotton and rayon (chemically treated wood pulp fibre *alarm bell no.1*), plastics and additives to increase absorbency. These materials are not naturally white… Tampons go white through a process of bleaching (alarm bell no.2), resulting in by-products of dioxin, which has been linked to immune system suppression, reproductive issues and even cancer. It’s also be proven that the pesticides used while cotton farming can make their way through the manufacturing process and into the final tampon product *are your alarms ringing yet?*
  • They don’t discriminate: Not only do tampons absorb your period, they absorb everything. During menstruation, your body still produces normal fluids and vital bacteria to keep your vagina healthy. Tampons don’t discriminate! THEY ABSORB EVERYTHING, causing vaginal dryness, an imbalance of Ph, furthermore impeding your vagina from being self cleaning and leading to infections. Yikes.
  • They loosen: Tampons are designed to expand and loosen once inserted. Meaning if the tampon does cause vaginal dryness, even once the tampon is removed there could be fibres left behind. This leaves a perfect surface for bacteria to breed.
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome: Not as much of a fear these days, but can still occur from leaving a tampon in for too long.

So what did I do? I tried an alternative method that I had all but previously laughed at.

The JuJu cup

Vaginal Health
Sex Health Product: The Ju Ju Cup


A girl in my grade had one at school and I just thought it was the weirdest concept. I couldn’t picture what one looked like and I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask to see hers. I wish I’d asked her about it though, I definitely would have saved myself some pain and some money!!

There are tonnes of menstrual cups out there, though the JuJu Cup is Australian made and owned. Put simply, it’s a small, silicone, squishy cup about the size of my thumb which folds up nicely and then pops out inside your vagina once inserted. It sits just below your cervix and is designed to capture everything that trickles from your cervix, with no leakage due to it suctioning to the walls of your vagina. To remove, you pinch the bottom of the cup to break the seal and remove. Unlike what I found with tampons, it literally feels like wearing nothing and without sounding like a drama queen – it’s literally changed my life. I’ve only had my JuJu Cup for 3 menstrual cycles now, and I have noticed the BIGGEST difference. I literally have none of the previous symptoms I had, I’m so much more comfortable and I self lubricate YAY. If I’ve noticed this much of a difference in a matter of months, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in a few years to come.

THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENT. On average, a women uses about 11,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime. These are not biodegradable and end up in landfills or worse – in the ocean. A 2010 study showed that on an average beach clean up there are 30 menstrual products on a beach/in the water per kilometre. That’s pretty scary. I now preach the excellence of the JuJu Cup to anyone who will listen. They reckon on average, a women spends about $3000 on tampons and pads – my JuJu was $50. Enough said.

Just like our silicone sex toys, it needs to be properly looked after to get a full lifetime of use. Menstrual Cups should be boiled before first use at the beginning of every period, and only rinsed in between. They’re designed to not fill until around 12 hours of use – so don’t fret. Change it in the morning, and wear up until you go to sleep without worrying! Most importantly, in-between periods, keep your cup in it’s storage bag to stop it coming into contact with anything nasty. My menstrual cup has literally changed my life and I refuse to let anyone rain on my parade! They’re awesome and I think everyone should give them a go at least  if not just for your vaginal health! You might be surprised – I was!

  About the Author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

HIV Explained

HIV Community Help

This question sometimes occupies our minds, actually most of the time. You don’t have to have an active sex life for questioning this. There are many people who think that they got (or will be) infected somehow and they will live in hell for the rest of their lives. So, if you are one of those people you are in the right address. Now please listen to me carefully. First of all, misinformation makes this problem bigger. I am pretty sure that you browsed all websites on the Internet and saw heaps of stories related to this topic. Still, let’s clarify our minds.

What is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and if it is not treated, it will live with you for life. I know this is the reason for you to feel frightened too much but keep calm.  HIV attacks your immune system, especially your T-cells which take an important role in your fight against diseases and reduces the number of T-cells day by day. In the end, it destroys your immune system and you have AIDS.

What is AIDS?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome which is the terminal stage of HIV but not everyone who has HIV reaches this stage. When your T-cells fall under a certain limits, you are diagnosed with AIDS. Once you diagnosed with AIDS, your life expectancy will be around 3 years.

We heard about life stories of people who got infected with HIV eg. our dearly beloved Freddie Mercury or most of us have seen series/movies about life of people who have AIDS, for example Angels in America (2003) or The Normal Heart (2014). However, these happened 30 years ago. Thanks to modern medicine, someone diagnosed with HIV can live as long as a person who does not have HIV. The only way to achieve it first getting tested before it is too late and then staying on treatment.

History of HIV: 

Scientists believe that we got this virus via chimpanzees in Central Africa. They had different version of it and people hunted them for their meat, contacted their infected blood then that virus mutated into HIV. The first official report on AIDS was published in 1981 in the U.S.after death of 5 gay men. There was a total of 270 reported case among gay men and 121 of those people died by the end of that year. And just a quick reminder, we are not in the era to say that AIDS is a gay disease. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) there were approximately 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV at the end of 2014, 2.6 million of these were under 15 and 34 million people have died from AIDS related causes so far. An estimated 2 million individuals worldwide became newly infected with HIV in 2014.

You Can Not Get Infected with HIV by:

  • Mosquitoes or other insects.
  • Air or water.
  • Any fluid that is not mixed with the blood of an HIV-positive person.
  • Shaking hands, hugging, sharing toilets, sharing dishes/drinking glasses.

You Can Get Infected with HIV by:

  • Having anal or vaginal sex with someone who has HIV without using a condom. In this case, receptive anal sex is riskier than insertive one. Vaginal sex is the second highest-risk sexual behaviour.
  • Sharing needles or syringes with someone who has HIV. HIV can live in a used needle up to 42 days depending on the factors.
  • From mother to child during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.

In Extremely Rare Cases, You Can Not Get Infected with HIV by:

  • There is a tiny little possibility of getting HIV in oral sex. It is theoretically possible if an HIV-positive man ejaculates in his partners mouth during oral sex.
  • Being bitten by a person with HIV (There is no risk if the skin is not broken).
  • Contacts between broken skins, wounds.
  • Deep open-mouth kissing if the one with HIV has bleeding gums.
  • Eating food that has been pre-chewed by a person with HIV as long as infected blood mixes with food.


Condom Packets
Sex Health Products: Condoms Range


Stages of HIV:

The symptoms of HIV depends on what stage you are in and it varies from person to person. Please remember that not everybody will experience these symptoms and the only way to make sure if you have HIV is to get tested and do it regularly in every 3 months. HIV is examined in 3 different stages:

  1. Early Stage of HIV
  2. Clinical Latency Stage
  3. AIDS

1. Early Stage of HIV:

Don’t assume that you have HIV just after seeing these symptoms cause each of them can be caused by other illnesses. If you think that you get infected, get an HIV test but bear in mind, there are many HIV test available so let your doctor know that you think that you are in Early Stage of HIV so that proper test can be applied. Symptoms of Early Stage of HIV may be experienced within 2-4 weeks after infection.

  • Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Muscle aches
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Mouth ulcers

2. Clinical Latency Stage (a.k.a. Chronic HIV Infection):

HIV is active but reproduces at very low levels in this stage. No symptoms may be seen in people with Chronic HIV Infection but they can transmit HIV to other people.


HIV will destroy your body eventually if you have the virus and you are not on ART which is a medicine used to treat HIV, stands for antiretroviral therapy. Symptoms of Aids are:

  • Extreme and unexplained tiredness.
  • Rapid weight loss.
  • Sores of the mouth, anus or genitals.
  • Memory loss, depression and other neurologic disorders.
  • Prolonged swelling of the lymph glands.
  • Red, brown, pink or purplish blotches or on under the skin.

Lower Your Risk of Getting Through Sexual Contact By:

  • Using condoms consistently and correctly.
  • Getting tested and treated for other STDs.
  • Encouraging HIV-positive partner(s) to get and stay on HIV treatment.
  • Choosing less risky sexual behaviour.

I am not gonna say that “Hey mate, it is impossible to get infected with HIV, I have a friend having sex without using a condom with someone who is HIV-positive but he did not get infected” or “The risk is the same in both anal and oral sex, don’t do it!” Do it, but do it in the way it should be. Get well informed, use condom, get tested regularly, know that it is not the end if you get infected but also know that you will not get infected if you act responsibly. You know what you need to know about HIV now, you got tested several times and they are all negative but, still, you are pretty sure that you got infected with HIV and you have all the symptoms of it. Then all I can say is that you need to see a psychiatrist immediately because it seems like not HIV but OCD. Stop acting like a lunatic, don’t make this world a hell for yourself and for the ones who are around you. There is always a solution for everything. “You are on Earth. There is no cure for that.” ( S. Beckett) So, enjoy your life, visit one of our stores and spice your sexual life up with the safest way. We have many toys and at least one of them will certainly meet your needs.


About the Author:  Goki is a consultant at Oh Zone, Sydney.

The Origins of Tentacle Porn

Clothed Tentacle Porn

Trigger warning first of all for Stephen from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre at Caringbah as I know how sea creatures can bring back horrid flashbacks for him. *cough* wobbegong *cough*.

Tentacle Porn was originally a Japanese type of pornography called  “Shokushu Goukan (Tentacle Rape)” and is featured mostly in hentai movies. Tentacle Porn was brought back around famously because of the strict pornography laws of Japan. Japan’s pornography laws censored out penises, so people had to watch porn with blurred out penises. The creation of Tentacle Porn was kind of a back hand slap to the Japanese censorship government but it also helped them when they had not many options. Tentacle Porn is one of the most well known types of porn fetishes in the world due to its incredible visual nature. Tentacle Porn is mostly science fiction, horror related and definitely bestiality, almost all of it is animated except for a VERY FEW that are live action movies.

Tentacle pornography in pure illustration form was originally around as early as the year 1814 by Hokusai Katsushika titled “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” . The earliest animated tentacle pornography was in 1986 on an anime titled “Guyver: Out of Control”. But the modern day was brought around due to a Manga magazine in 1989 titled Demon Beast Invasion and as explained before Japans strict regulations won’t allow to see penetration of a penis but a tentacle or any robotic appendage is completely fine which is odd, I know. But that is why he made this type of manga. As I mentioned earlier there is some live film tentacle sex but it was from really terrible American movies, as this craze has become popular as a joke, there are parodies and really bad movies that like to use things that are odd in nature to poke fun at or try to seem leading edge when in fact they are just terrible. So it’s safe to say that if you censor our porn in Australia, I’m sure Australians will just start drawing koalas doing weird things.


Clothed Tentacle Porn
Fetish: Tentacle Porn


What is A Tentacle Fetish?

A Tentacle Fetish is a sexual enthusiasm for tentacles and the genuine or envisioned animals that have them. Individuals with a Tentacle Fetish have a tendency to invest an over the top measure of energy fantasizing around tentacles or expending writing, pictures, or recordings that delineate tentacle sex. The types of media that people who enjoy a Tentacle Fetish sorts is called Tentacle Porn. Individuals with a Tentacle Fetish might be stirred by the possibility of consensual sexual experiences with tentacled creatures especially in the case of an Octopus. People who have a Tentacle Fetish may likewise be stirred by the considered non-consensual experiences, also called tentacle assault or rapes.

A specific Japanese cartoon or outline, known as hentai, is made particularly to speak to individuals with a tentacle fetish. These people who watch Hentai shows, are looking at the cutting edge variant of conventional Japanese stories and workmanship concentrated on tentacle sex or tentacle assault. In these works, tentacle assault acts are frequently dedicated by a tentacled creature, creature, or plant. Some individuals with a Tentacle Fetish are pulled in to the considered being infiltrated by something that is more creature than human, a being that may need aptitudes in dialect and social mores. For example, the way that animals have sex. In this case an octopus has various tentacles which will engage the woman or man in sexual stimulation. The tentacle stimulation is how Octopuses in the real world have sex as one of their 8 arms is actually a penis. These individuals who enjoy Tentacle Porn may have a longing to be twofold or triple entered, maybe while being held down or limited by the tentacles. They may observe their Tentacle Fetish to be a sign of their actually docile side or submissive side to their personality.

While tentacle porn is a decent outlet for some individuals with a Tentacle fetish, some sex toys may likewise fulfill their longings as they are made to look like tentacles. These Tentacle sex toys are becoming more common and can be used by people who do not have a Tentacle Fetish.