Introducing Penis Plugs To The Wife!

Husbands must learn to find ways to please their wife especially in the bedroom.  A relationship has better chances of surviving, if couples are aware of the needs of their partners, and will strive to give their best in order to make it happen. Not a lot of women are easily enticed in the bedroom, most of the time; they will look for more reasons to increase their sexual appetite. If husbands want their wives to be more appreciative and creative in the bedroom, then the use of sex toys is a must and wearing penis plugs was my choice. Wearing penis plugs is one good way to impress and make your partner happy with your sexual life.  This sexual toy is used for extreme fetish and urethral play as well as penis adornment. This can be used by adventurous couples, who want to enjoy more stimulation and sensations to their urethral play. It is a slightly taboo area and will excite and invigorate taking one to the edge of sexual comfort zone.

Penis plugs are perfect for couples, who want to have a unique sexual experience; the first penis plug experience is guaranteed to provide couples a thrill that they never felt before.  Women also can participate and are guaranteed to feel sexual enjoyment with the help of the urethral sounding, the men can also manipulate their prostate and achieve orgasm using the prostate stimulation sounds.  There are a variety of ways these urethral devices can be used to increase sexual pleasure with your spouse.  Exploring them is part of the exciting journey. Couples sex is meant to be enjoyed; a lot of women fail to enjoy the experience, because they are not willing to explore or they simply don’t know how. This is where sex toys come in, women can gain a lot of help from sex toys that they can play with like the penis plugs on their men or sound on themselves.

First I explained to my wife how much i wanted to experiment with penis plugs and find out how penis plugs work.  She saw how excited I became with the idea and participated in the journey to acquire penis plug facts and in so doing she also became more interested in other urethral play.

The penis plugs, will go right inside the urethra and it works by clamping it at the end in order to secure it. It also works as a jewelry and can be used during the sexual intercourse. It will help to hold back the orgasm in the man and thereby intensifying the result a great deal. Most plugs have thin and long tube metal, it may have a clamp and hoop, and has a wider end, and they also have graduating tubes.  Finding out these things made it easier wearing penis plugs for the first time.  The cock plugs, also come in different designs, some are longer, while some have ridges around their shaft, while some of the basic ones are smoother.  They can work wonders, in increasing the arousal of the individual, and some work as dual function because they have a hole where the sperms and urine can flow, so that they can act as jewelry.  My wife just loves the fact that i get so turned on wearing them.

Using Penis Plugs

What is A Penis Wand?  Penis Wands are special stainless steel sexual stimulation plugs that are typically inserted in the urethral opening to induce stimulation. These devices are 100% safe and can be used by both men and women alike, though men are still the largest group who use these plugs. Women who want to use these sexual wands should go for the shorter smaller versions that are more convenient. When using these Penis Wands do not tense up since they are not painful at all, the inside part of your penis contains many nerve endings that give an incredible sensation when stimulated with the plugs. The feeling is simply incredible.

What is A Prince’s Wand? The Prince’s Wand is the most popular penis plug consisting of a narrow tube at the center with threaded caps on one end. The tubular structure is inserted right into the user’s urethra, followed by a stem which is pulled through using a standard Prince Albert piercing. Prince’s wands shape is more or less similar to a policeman’s nightstick. It has a short side stem piece that holds the tube into position, while the threaded cap can easily be removed so that the wearer can pass urine through the narrow inner-tube that lies within. These sexual appliances are popular amongst men who enjoy having fun with Urethral Play, to use them correctly one needs to take precision measurements of their penis and urethra tract when both limp and erect. Prince’s wands come in 3 unique designs that include the standard type, pinless wands and ringed wands. Each bearing its own unique features and characteristics.

What is A Electric Sex Wand? Electro Sex Wands even though stainless metal is the most common material used for making penis plugs, they also make great electrodes for constructing the electro sex pieces. To operate them, just connect one lead cable to the external section of your plug, and the other acting as a reference point. Some people also find pleasure in adding sex pinwheels/whiskers to their sex devices for increased sensation. The electro stimulation sex wand is capable of sending pleasure waves throughout your penis, allowing you to climax without necessarily having to touch the glans.

What is A Urethral Wand?  Urethral Wand are similar to penis plugs only that they are longer in dimension, they can be fitted deep into the person’s urethra up to the bladder. Most of them also come fitted with Sounding Kits and a small vibrator for extra stimulation. The vibrating wand can be moved up/down the user’s urethra so as to get the best pleasure point.

What is a Catheter? Also the last one is the catheter which is frequently inserted right up into the bladder. Catheters are frequently made of plastic or latex and they can likewise have a little inflatable section at the tip. This is expanded once it is in for piss control. The penis attachment is much the same as the sound frequently curved to the regular shape to take after the penis. There are even vibrating penis plugs and sounds

Together we worked out what other types of penis plugs there were. There are a number of designs for the penis plugs, there are some who have glans ring. The glans ring serves to safeguard the fitting does not go all the way in ‘where the sun don’t sparkle’, while also allowing one to expel it from the penis effortlessly and safely. There are textured penis plugs that are able to make the penis extra sensitive to touch, and harder therefore heightening the pleasure. The penis plugs, in short make you more responsive, and sensitive. It will also make the penis harder and stronger and can lead to more intense orgasms for men and women as it does for my wife and I.

First though we made sure that all the Urethral plugs designs should be considered before getting one, the design of the plugs must be appropriate with the man’s body in order to make sure that the experience will be safe.  The insertion dip must be thick and smooth, and must be easy to insert in order to avoid irritating the walls of the urethra. It also must fit well; there must be an approximate size, so that it will stay in place. As a beginners who wanted to use this sexual aid, I needed to make sure that I chose one that was not too big to start with.  A smooth one, and then as I got more experienced began to try other varieties once I knew and was comfortable in  how to use them.

Before inserting the plugs, make sure that both hands and the toy is clean, apply a lubricant on the penis head, and then slowly push it in the urethra, but make sure to allow the wall of the urethra to open up naturally.  The next step is to insert when the penis is not yet erect, and then relax and lie on your back, in order to get much needed gravity. Explore the most comfortable way to use it, take it for a test drive and make sure to enjoy the sensation with your  partner. If the plugs are solid, and I recommend starting with a solid one first make sure to take them out prior to the ejaculation phase, in order to prevent any chances of retrograde ejaculation.

All in all wearing penis plugs has certainly enhanced sex with my wife and she loves to join in too.  Recently she has discovered that slowly inserting and removing the plug in my urethra will make me cum and she loves doing it.  Watching my face contort from exquisite pleasure to even kinkier pain. For urethral play you can use a penis plug, sound or catheter. The urethral stimulation implies that devices or equipment are inserted into the urethra and bladder. The utilization of sounds and penis plugs, wands is frequently connected with the BDSM scene. This is about control and mastery. In any case with a penis plug for instance you can likewise engage in sexual relations. For the subs out there the thought of having no control on the bladder and urethra is a tremendous mental journey. A lot of people the thought of urethral sex and play is disturbing and thought to be risky and dangerous. Experience demonstrates that although those thoughts differ if you use urethral toys correctly they are safe and will give an abundance of sexual joy. Here we are offering a few penis plug safety tips..

Urethral Play
Surgical Lubricant for Safe Urethral Play


Follow these tips for safe urethral play:

  • Don’t take drugs that can numb the sensations. It is hazardous and you won’t know when you have reached your limit.
  • Use a sterile water based lubricant like surgical lubricant or a silicone based lubricant like Superslyde for extended usage. Don’t ever have additives like nonoxynol-9 oil or flavours. Doing such may aggravate the bladder. Indeed oil-based lubricants are not good at all and are hard to expel from the urethra after use.
  • Make sure your equipment is always sterilized and clean. Utilize an anti-bacterial cleanser it is made for that reason.
  • Have a wee before and after using a penis plug or other urethral insertion. This serves to clean out anything foreign and also ensures there is no damage.
  • If you experience any discomfort or ‘spotting’ immediately see your doctor to have a check up.
  • If you want to do some ‘buddy’ or shared urethral play be cautious to ensure that everything is ultra-sterile and that you lover has no infections or other communicable ailments that you may catch.
  • If you have a cum thru device ensure that the direction of any fluids is out and not in.
  • In the event that you let go of your sound or penis plug and it goes up into the urethra. Relax – do not get tense – as the urethra should naturally expel any foreign object.
  • Be cautious not let the sound off when you embed it. On the off chance that the sound is.
  • After you have experienced urethral play your urethra will be especially sensitive and susceptible to infection so if you are having sex after or during urethral play please use a condom.
  • On the off chance that the ring or other plug is harsh or sharp, or if there is the smallest probability that the ring is not perfect, there is no real way to make it alright to use: don’t use the toy – throw it away as it will be cheaper than going to a doctors surgery

There is a growing wave of people who have become aware of and pleasured themselves or their lovers with butt plugs, yet what about cock plugs?  Every week it seems there is an increase in people that are using penis plugs and they are becoming more popular. While the more dashing aficionados have found energy through arousing excitement from embedding objects into their urethra (into the gap in the tip of the penis for men), there is developing interest among individuals who have found out about this practice through the Internet.

As with most sex toys utilized for joy, inquiries of well being lie less in the cock plug itself, but in the ways you use it and the ways you deal with it. Clearly, a penis plug is not a toy you just hammer in like a plastic stopper in a bottle. In the event that you try to use it that way it won’t be much different than if you shoved a corkscrew in it and imagine the damage that would cause. Yet when embedded tenderly by somebody who enjoys having his urethra teased and its boundaries extended, or actually when put even up to the bladder if done correctly it will not cause injury, discomfort yet will give a great deal of pleasure.



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