What Does The G-Vibe 2 Even Do?

What Does It Even Do?

My initial thoughts when clasping my eyes on the Funtoys G-Vibe 2 for the first  time was “What the hell is it? Where on earth does it go? and What does it even do?”. So I absolutely had to review it. Spoiler alert, the answer to all those questions is, the world is your oyster. It does as much as your imagination permits. Oh and Funtoys G-Vibe 2 has my favourite instruction booklet of all time, no words at all, just ‘how to use it’ pictures just in case you don’t have an imagination.
Funtoys G-Vibe 2 is a split dildo, something I had never heard of before. It is just like a normal vibrator its 9.5 inches long but split down the middle at the top to create 2 arms. Each of the arms are 3 1/2″ in length and can be inserted about 3 inches.  The over all size is quite large if you’re looking for something to travel with, but is very reasonable no matter your experience level as far as penetration goes.  The handle is very like a Lelo, Fun Factory, plastic and ergonomic, with a finger ring. It comes in pink, purple and black.
Funtoys G-Vibe 2 packaging is beautiful , even if it’s not very discreet for storage. Its a sturdy tube box with a design on the front that was apparently drawn by a famous erotic artist. I would love  a bigger version on my bedroom wall. its a keeper, There is a draw string bag too and the USB magnetic charger (no wall plug though unfortunately)  When you open up the box the vibe sits in a foam-like cutout .  The erotic illustrations really give an extra quality that makes this toy  extra special.
G-Vibe 4 Couples Sex toy
Sex Toy: Funtoys G-Vibe 4
Funtoys G-Vibe 2 feels lovely, silky and velvety smooth. It wouldn’t attract dust and would just require a spray of sex toy cleaner. I have to say with its ears, it does look a bit intimidating, but the ears are very pliable and easily flex together for insertion. You can really see by the picture, just how easily flexible this sex toy is. Don’t worry when they open once inside, they are not going to snap open like a jack in the box. If anything I would probably prefer they were a little less pliable so they exerted more pressure on your g-spot and a- spot. However, Funtoys G-Vibe 2 has the flexibility of the ears that make this sex toy so incredibly versatile.

G-Vibe 2 Is Genius

The Funtoys G-Vibe 2 has….wait for it ..3 motors! One in each ear and one at the base. Most sex toys only have 2 motors at most. There are 6 vibration patterns, all easily controlled with 3 buttons on the handle. It has an ‘on’ button, which is pressed again for different vibration patterns, a ‘+’ button for intensity, and a “-” to reduce power and hold to turn off. So simple, no PHDs required here.  The vibration patterns are really well thought out and there really is one for everyone. The vibrations definitely packs a punch on high. There is depth to it although it isn’t as rumbly as some of Lelo and Fun Factory vibrators.  Now as I said, this sex toy is really only limited by your imagination, the instruction booklet has absolutely no words in it, just pictures of what you can do with it. All though I am not sure the nipple one will suit everybody with the tips of the ears only being about 4 inches apart. Other than that,  the Funtoys G-Vibe 2 is genius.

Amazing Couples Sex Toy

I have no idea why the Funtoys G-Vibe 2 are marketed so obviously towards women as it is an amazing couples sex toy. It can be used anally too as a prostate massager or if you prop it under the chin while giving a blow job for extra sensations.  It is a great sex toy for couples or solo use. It is very easy to use with a good quality water based lubricant. Lots of people whinged that the original G- vibe was a brilliant idea, but fell short on power and water resistance. Well, there should be no complaints now. The company have really listened and put in a whole extra motor and made it 100% Waterproof!
So don’t be intimidated by the Funtoys G-Vibe 2, just go and introduce yourselves.

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