Review: Fun Factory Spring Miniature Vibrator

It’s been quite awhile since I did a toy review and I’m happy to say that this is my first review for Fascinations Fun. When the lovely Shanna Katz asked me what toy preferences I had I told her about my dire need for some kind of clit vibrator; the reciprocity is now greatly appreciated. The Fun Factory Spring Mini Vibe is a ridiculously cute little vibrator that has interesting features while also managing to pack an impressive punch, my husband loves the UFC and i daresay that the punches this little thing pulls are better than some of the featherweights!

Visually, the Spring is very appealing. It’s my absolute favorite colour; I desired the Candy Stick because it’s a similar acid shade of green. I am strongly of the opinion that this is a perfect sex toy color and that more toys should be this colour. Additionally, the Spring has very gentle contours and pleasant flower reliefs molded into the silicone. The buttons are also molded into the silicone, two simple buttons that click satisfyingly. The buttons’ placement works ergonomically; when I hold the toy against my clit, it’s very easy for me to find and press the buttons. So, the toy is cute and smartly designed but the heart of any toy lies in it’s function and power; let’s explore, shall we?

This sex toy is rechargeable through a magnetic charger. Being that this is my first rechargeable toy, this tickles me to no end. The end of the charger is flat, with two magnetic nubs on the inside; you have to mach the Fun Factory logo on the charger with the logo on the toy itself otherwise it won’t charge; this can be a little finicky sometimes. The Spring will be charging and then something will bump it slightly and mess up the alignment. But it’s not too much of an issue if you can find a peaceful place for the toy to charge. The instructions say to charge for 12 hours the first time; since that initial charging I’ve used the Spring four times (each session lasting anywhere between 20-45 minutes) and it still hasn’t needed a recharge.

Fun Factory Spring

The one thing that I hear a lot about rechargeable toys is that they often times are not as powerful as their battery-operated siblings. The Spring, while definitely not a power tool by any means, is pretty impressive in its power. The levels of vibration are pretty standard: low setting to high, and several pretty common vibration patterns. This simplicity doesn’t really bother me because I’m not a huge fan of patterns; I like steady, consistent vibration. The highest setting on this vibrator is about as powerful as the highest setting on my old bullet vibe, which took four double A batteries. In short, if you like or need your vibrations jackhammer strong the Spring might not do it for you but for me, someone who is too sensitive for that level of power, the Spring is more than satisfactory.

The only issue I take with the vibration is not the level of power but rather the distribution of the vibrations throughout the toy. Rather than having a pinpoint sensation, the vibrations are diffuse throughout the toy; this can make it slightly difficult for me when I get the vibrator in that oh-so-perfect-just-right spot against my clit. The slightest move can throw it off and I have to find it all over again. Additionally, the vibrations travel the entire length of the toy which sometimes leads to more sensation in my hand than I would like or my hand feeling numb; ideally the vibrations should be localized to the end of the toy.

But this issue is probably related to the fact that the Spring is not just a clitoral vibrator. The Spring straddles this interesting line between clit vibe and insertable toy. The girth and contours of the toy feel very pleasant when it’s used as an insertable; however, woe be unto any short toy that nears my vagina. It swallows them up; I had the same problem with the Ella (which is much longer than the Spring). When I use the Spring internally, everything gets covered in fluids and then the buttons get hard to push and the whole entire toy gets slippery and hard to hold and it’s just bad news bears.

So, is this weird size a deal breaker? In my opinion, it depends on whether you like small insertables. This size isn’t necessarily bad it’s just kind of odd and, for my vagina, impractical. I use this toy solely as a clit vibe; it works well in that regard for me, even if I could use a little bit more pinpoint stimulation. If you don’t think you’ll use it for vaginal insertion you’re basically buying a larger-than-normal clit vibe with very good features. It’s made of 100% silicone which means it can be completely sterilized (by boiling, dishwasher [top rack, no soap], or wiping with 10% bleach solution) and, since it charges by magnet and is a totally sealed unit, is completely waterproof.

Although I really, really like this toy for what I use it for I can’t in good consciousness recommend it to people who are just looking for a clit vibrator; this is a high end toy that comes with a moderately high end price. If you have the money, I highly recommend it; if you’re strapped for cash though and just looking for a strong clit vibe, you can find cheaper alternatives. Regardless, the Fun Factory Click N’ Charge Spring is a very cute, relatively well-designed vibrator that has cool features; maybe someday they’ll do a bit of a redesign and shrink it down to actual clit-vibe size (and adjust the price accordingly). Thanks Fascinations Fun!

Fun Factory Review by PussyGoesGrrr

Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.
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