Revolutionize Sex With Your Primal Instinct

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Through my studies in sexology and explorations in the world of Tantra and finding out what is spiritual sexuality, I have come to view and understand many diverse aspects of human sexuality. Sex is a powerful outlet to connect with different parts of ourselves and allows us to share those parts with others in a beautiful and pleasurable way. From having our need to feel emotionally connected to another human being met to a blissfully ecstatic & orgasmic release, sex allows us to be our most authentic and trues selves if we so desire.

Recently whilst completing an intense training diving into sex and spirituality, I experienced a connection to a part of myself which was incredibly healing and empowering- I refer to this part as my inner animal!!  This primal part of myself is so amazing to connect with and allows me a chance to be completely in tune with my senses and my body.

Today, we human beings spend much of our lives in our minds. We think too much, spend an excessive amount of time being occupied with technology and feel this constant need to experience the world in a logical way. I recall a time not so long ago when I became aware of how disconnected I was from my body. When I tuned in to myself, I realised that I was only really in touch with the feelings in my head, completely switched off from the sensations in the rest of my body. Throughout my life, as with so many people, I was encouraged to think, to analyse and to speak. Apart from incidental times like completing sport and when being in pain, I spent most my life in my head.

Being In Touch With Your Body

It is so clear to me now the need for people to experience more of this life in their body, to feel the subtle sensations that are accessible in every single moment throughout the day. Animals are a great example of this, completely in touch with their bodies, using their senses to guide them in the world. They are present to what is, not worrying about the past and stressing about the future, just living in complete presence of what is.

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How To Embody Your Inner Animal

One of the most exhilarating places to embody your inner animal is when connecting sexually with another. When all your senses are turned on and alive it makes for an extremely fun, pleasurable and energising sexual experience. The most enticing part of sex is how good it feels-what could be better than tuning in and amplifying your senses to increase the pleasure during sexual play? Being out of our minds and completely in our body making love with another is one of the most incredible experiences to have if we dare to step into it.

Approaching sex in an animalistic way can look and feel unique for each person. From roaring, purring or growling in your partner’s ear to crawling on all fours, wrestling or being wild like an animal during foreplay, the possibilities are endless.

Doing this with a partner who you trust and can express yourself freely with is crucial for you to really access that wild animal living inside you. It may feel a bit awkward to start with-not unlike a lion cub finding its roar- but if you really take the time and be courageously vulnerable, you’ll eventually access a primal side of yourself that loves to come out and play!!

One of my favourite ways to connect with my inner animal and my man simultaneously is to wrestle. I highly recommend you trying this one out with a partner if you are both up for an adventure!

Find yourselves a soft floor or mattress with enough space to avoid banging up against anything and ensure any breakables are out of reach. Get on all fours as if you were a lion or tiger (or magical unicorn if that is your thing!) and face your partner. Now depending on how easy it is for you to connect with your wild side, you may or may not want to take some time to close your eyes and connect to yourself. Breathe deeply, notice your heart beating, the energy moving through your body and any sensations that grab your attention. Opening your eyes and bringing a sense of playfulness to the experience, look your partner in the eyes and stare them down as if you are a wolf and they are your prey-ready to devour. Find your growl, express whatever noises want to come out and move around on your hands and knees as if you are stalking them and wanting to catch them. Go wild (with some mindfulness to avoid hurting them of course!) and have fun playing!

Whatever comes next is up to the two of you-sometimes for me it has turned into a hilarious and comical bit of fun where we’re both in hysterics, other times a wild, animalistic lead into amazing sex!! Avoid expectations, enjoy yourselves and use it as an amazing chance to see a different side of yourself and your partner.

Getting in touch with this side of myself has meant I feel more throughout my day to day life and experience more pleasure in my body during sex- purely because I am out of my head and in it. I cannot recommend exploring your inner animal enough-there may be a raging Jaguar roaring inside ready to pounce (or a cute purring kitty cat…only one way to find out!). I also apply these 6 Sure Fire Tantra Methods to my sexual lifestyle to make the experience even better!

About the author: Stephanie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

14 Crazy Places To Have Sex

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Having sex in public places will get your adrenaline pumping in a new way which you may have never experienced before. Here are 14 crazy places you can have sex.

  1. In A Canoe On The Water: If you are planning on having sex in a canoe you will need to be careful as you may accidentally flip the canoe over and capsize from all the moving around. To top that off, the wood may feel very hard on your body so you should definitely use a blanket. As long as you don’t flip the canoe over, having sex in a canoe would be a lot of fun!
  2. In A Stairwell Or Elevator: If you live in an apartment building that has an emergency exit door that is linked to a stair well that is secluded, it would be relatively safe to have sex there late at night. You could also try having sex in your apartment’s elevator that has been stopped, but keep an eye or ear out for when it starts moving or any doors that are opening or closing as that could be a sign of people coming your way. Living in the moment is the key to thoroughly enjoying sex in a stairwell or elevator as you will get an adrenaline rush from the feeling of almost getting caught.
  3. In An Attic: Due to all the objects and boxes sitting around in an attic, there isn’t too much room for movement but the lack of room will make you stay nice and close to their body.
  4. In The Backseat Of A Car: If you plan on having sex in the backseat of car, I suggest you do it in a long car, one where you can put the seats down. Some of my companions have attempted it in a little automatic subaru car however the sex turned out to be a disaster. Sex in a car can be hot though it can also be somewhat awkward if you don’t have enough space. To make things easier you can opt for a hand job or a finger fuck in the drive in cinema or in a secluded car park. Industrial areas are generally deserted and if you want to ensure you remain anonymous you can pick an area that’s not local. For your personal safety ensure your doors are locked and the windows are up to keep any bugs away.
  5. At A Waterfall In A State Park: If you go to a public area like a waterfall, be cautious of who is around. I recommend swimming to a faraway secluded waterfall to ensure that when you are having sex you can do so in complete privacy.
  6. In The Restroom Of A Plane:  So you are planning on taking a trip in an aeroplane and want to have a quickie in the restroom. The first rule is to let your companion know which restroom you will be in so they can meet you there without any stress. That way, nobody would be suspicious.
  7. In A Pool On A Loft: The great thing about using a pool on a loft is that anyone who comes across you having sex will realise it but they will be unable to see anything clearly since your bodies are under the water.
  8. In The Office: There’s certainly one way to clear a desk in an office and put everything in the out folder. Discretion is key in this situation. There was a couple in New Zealand who were caught in the act in their building, both of them faced a rather awkward and potentially damaging office meeting during the incident.
  9. In A Movie Theatre: A movie theatre is a perfect place to indulge in some finger fucking or a quick hand job. Pick a seat which is in the back row and ensure there are only a few people around.
  10. On A Park Bench: The best time to have sex on a park bench is at night, under the stars to add a touch of romance.
  11. At A Beach: If you plan on having sex on the beach, be careful where you get the sand! But if you have sex with your bodies under the water, not many people who see you will know unless they are up close and personal.
  12. On a Hiking Trail: You can find private areas on a hiking trail that are often hidden with shrubbery, bushes and trees.
  13. At A Golf Course: You can have sex at night time on a clean cut golf course. There will be spinklers, low lighting and a lot of soft mountains of grass to roll around on.
  14. In The Change Rooms: Having sex in a change room is probably a risky spot since there are normally people waiting outside but it will definitely give you an adrenaline rush!
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Photo: Couple On A Hiking Trail

A Sex Toy You Can Wear In Public

If an adventure like that isn’t exactly what you’re after, you can try using a discrete couples sex toy like the We-Vibe 4 Plus the number 1 couples vibrator. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is worn inside the vagina which can be used comfortably during penetrative sex. It comes with a wireless remote or you can download the We-Connect application to your smartphone and control the sex toys vibrations no matter where you are in the world. The vibrator can be worn when you are out and about. For example, a lover can wear it when they are on the train and their lover can control the vibrator functions. Or maybe you can use it when you’re doing a mundane task like when you are grocery shopping.

Remote Controlled Sex Toys For Men

Don’t panic boys, there are remote controlled sex toys for you as well. There are many remote controlled Butt Plugs for those that enjoy anal play and there is also the NU Sensuelle Remote Controlled Cock Ring with 20 functions.

In Conclusion

So why limit yourself to just bedroom sex? I’m not suggesting you replace it entirely but you can definitely kick things up a few gears by exploring your sexual lifestyle outside of the bedroom. All these places have different levels of risk of being caught however this will intensify the thrill and completely expand you’re sexual mind. Enjoy and happy exploring!


Rick is the owner of the Adultsmart, an online sex toy shop that stocks over 13,000 products. He has been involved in the adult lifestyle industry for more than 25 years. Rick is an active sex blogger who provides a wealth of information and experience. He is an advocate of equality for gender and sexuality.

6 Sure Fire Tantra Methods!

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My 25 years on this earth have led me to many conclusions and realisations, the most relevant right now being that sex is one of the most exciting topics of conversation. I don’t know if it’s the people I seem to attract into my life or my own willingness to turn any conversation into one about sex but I end up talking about it all the time (Working in an Adult Store and studying Sexology, it’s expected with the territory too I guess!!).

I notice how so many men and women light up when given the space to discuss one of the most intimate areas of their lives. It fills me with so much joy when I have people come into an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres shy and nervous initially and then leave talking explicitly about sex and not wanting to stop.

Sex and the overt representation of sexuality is everywhere in our lives, from advertising and social media to pornography and films. Despite this, there is a lack of frank conversation about sexuality meaning many people have a warped perception of what healthy sexuality looks and feels like. One of the concerns with society’s widespread unwillingness to discuss sexuality is that when it comes to developing healthy sexual relationships, many people are unsure of how to speak of sex with the people they’re actually having it with.

I know of many people who struggle to talk openly with their intimate partners about sex sometimes resulting in unhealthy consequences. The repercussions of leaving things unspoken with our intimate partners can result in unnecessary conflicts, physical and emotional trauma and general unfulfilling sex lives.

We miss out on accessing the potential of our capacity to feel exquisite pleasure because we struggle to ask for what we like and we remain silent when something doesn’t feel good.

I recall a time a couple of years ago when I was being intimate with a new lover and he asked what it was I wanted. I remember freezing in fear and had no idea how to put what felt good for my body in words. I think I ended up saying something along the lines of “what you’re doing” just because I was so mortified that I didn’t know how to ask for what I desired.

Couple Having Breakfast In Bed Photo
Photo: Romantic Couple Having Breakfast In Bed

Throwing myself in the deep end shortly after this experience, I discovered the world of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality which provided me with some tools I needed to communicate clearly with my intimate partners. I’ve including the following tips that if applied, have the potential to lead to greater levels of intimacy, connection and pleasure in your sexual relationships:

1. Be Open To Talk About Sex

Speaking of any discomforts you may have around talking about sex is an excellent first step. Let your partner know that you would like to be more open discussing sex and acknowledge the fact that it may be a difficult conversation to begin for the both of you. Express the importance of opening this conversation and speak with honesty.

2. Use Explicit Words

If the thought of even speaking words associated with sex makes you cringe, I recommend trying this exercise with your partner. Jump in the deep end and throw explicit words at one another. It may go something like this “Cock, pussy, lick, anal, orgasm, cum, wet, squirt.” Think of this as the ultimate “ice-breaker.” Come up with as many words as you can that you identify as sexual and get used to saying them to each other. In little to no time, it will be a breeze to say what you need without shame or embarrassment. Make it fun and playful because sex is supposed to be!

3. Take Ownership Of Your Feelings

Stay away from blame and take ownership of how you feel. Instead of “You’re really bad in bed and you need to change” turn it into “I am feeling like there is so much more I want to experience sexually and I would love to try this with you next time.”

4. Try The Palm Exercise

Take in turns tickling each other’s palms with your fingers and make adjustments that will lead to a more pleasurable experience. “May I have a softer touch?” “Can you move your finger faster/slower?” “Can you give the top right hand corner more attention?” Becoming used to asking for what you need in a non-sexual activity will translate to greater comfort and ease asking for what we desire sexually.

5. Invest In Adult Lifestyle Products

Invest in sex toys for couples to make your lifestyle easier.

6. Get To Know Your Body

Last but certainly not least, get to know your own body and what feels pleasurable to you. I cannot express the importance of this enough!! If you don’t know what feels good to your body, how can you expect that you can communicate clearly to your partner? Sex can be a hit or miss and expecting your partner to know everything that turns you on is a lot of pressure.

When talking about sex with your partner/s becomes easeful, the possibilities to explore sexuality and sexual expression are endless. You can try different things, express fantasies and desires and get to know your partner more deeply…in more ways than one!! You can also talk about what is Tantra Sex and how to incorporate into your lifestyle.

About the author: Stephanie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Kinky Sex And The Art Of Pleasure

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Sex is fun. It’s exciting and it’s an expression of intimacy between couples. As we enter into an age where we view sex as pleasure as opposed to just being about reproduction, the boundaries of sex, intimacy and pleasure are being continually expanded.

This is why kink sex, or sex that has previously been viewed as outside the norm is sky rocketing into people’s bedrooms and sexual lifestyles. We’ve seen the impact of Fifty Shades of Grey, and we’ve seen it embraced by people around the world. We’re becoming far more comfortable with both ourselves and the idea of pleasure. We’re becoming more open about the fluidity of sex and sexuality, and we are becoming more in tune with the ideas of pleasure.

Kink sex is amazing. It’s wondrous and it’s a ball of fun. The issue is that the idea of kink sex is so diverse, people hear the word kink and because it is often used as a negative term, they become distant. They become nervous and they become a little confused. They might wonder why a partner needs kink in the bedroom, they might become disheartened that they’re not enough and therefore take it personally, or they might have a predisposed idea of what kink is. Which isn’t the kink that you are considering bringing into the bedroom with your lover. It’s one thing to discuss handcuffs, it’s another thing to say that you’d like them to control you sexually while you are role playing a completely different character and personality than what you normally are.

Kinky play can involve anything that’s outside the standard missionary position, it can involve the use of toys, it can involve bringing in other people, or it can simply be a way of exploring ourselves and our own idea of pleasure.

Kink Sex Positively Impacts Relationships

The studies have indicated that kink sex and BDSM has a positive impact on relationships, and our own understanding. Why? Well in order to engage in such activities we have to negotiate, and understand what we like and what we dislike. This, inevitably, leads us to communicating with our partner. In this way the idea of kink sex forces us to sit down and acknowledge our pleasurable likes and dislikes with ourselves, and our partners. To come out and say, I like being tied up is both a liberating experience, as well as placing us in a vulnerable position.

Not everyone likes particular kinks and it therefore becomes a minefield as we navigate our pleasurable activities and sexual interests with our loved ones. I’ve discussed kink, and in particular BDSM extensively in the past. For the most part, the idea of using Kink and BDSM products as well as sexual skill sets comes down to a few core values within trust, vulnerability, power exchanges and role playing.

Discuss Your Interests With Your Lover

When you tell your partner that you’d like to be tied up and engage in some intimate activities, you’re revealing something about yourself that they may not have known. They might be turned on by the idea, or they might be confused because it is different. The thing is, that it is necessary to discuss your interests with your partner. Failing to do so, will potentially mean that you become disinterested in sexual activity, it might lead you to becoming sexually unhappy as you deny your idea of pleasure to yourself, but most of all it means that you’re not being completely honest with yourself and with your partner. Yes, there are some kinks that are deal breakers, and one shouldn’t expect that you tell your partner what you’re interested in on a Sunday night and on Monday night you find your partner dressed up in a latex suit holding a whip ready to have their way with you. Kink play is about navigating, it’s about slowly building up to things, but most of all it’s about finding common ground and it’s about failing.

Women in Handcuffs and Blindfold For Sex Image
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I mentioned earlier that the idea of kink is very diverse, and what you see in pornography, or in such popular fiction such as Fifty Shades of Grey, might not work for you and your partner. The trying something new bit, and then failing doesn’t mean that you should just give up on exploring a new activity, what it should do is open up a discussion as to what you liked, what worked and what didn’t work and how to best navigate that in future activities. Study after study indicates that kink minded couples have better communication than other couples, they enjoy a closer and shared intimacy because they better understand each other through their communication. With that in mind, if you’re interested in kink or BDSM here’s some tips on how to introduce that to your loved one.

Have a conversation with your partner. This needs to be done in a non-aggressive way, such as I saw this person being tied up in a film the other week and I thought that was pretty hot, what do you think about that? Bringing something up in such a way means that there is no pressure being placed on your partner, and it opens up a discussion.

Prepare Yourself For Positive and Negative Responses

In this way, you need to prepare yourself for both positive and negative responses. If it’s a positive response then it’s absolutely perfect, you can navigate how best to incorporate it into your sexual activity over time. If it’s negative, then don’t be disappointed. Disappointment can be an emotional guilt trip for a partner if they feel that they aren’t pleasing you. Leave it for a little while and bring it up again later.

If the response is positive, then there’s no need to rush out and get the gear that’s associated with your particular kink that you’d like to explore. Give it some time, discuss it with your partner and then slowly build up to it. If you’d like to be tied up, then you might want to look at buying a simple pair of novelty handcuffs before you go the full hog and buy a stylish black leather cuff set.

In this way, you need to prepare yourself for both positive and negative responses. If it’s a positive response then it’s absolutely perfect, you can navigate how best to incorporate it into your sexual activity over time. If it’s negative, then don’t be disappointed. Disappointment can be an emotional guilt trip for a partner if they feel that they aren’t pleasing you. Leave it for a little while and bring it up again later.

If the response is positive, then there’s no need to rush out and get the gear that’s associated with your particular kink that you’d like to explore. Give it some time, discuss it with your partner and then slowly build up to it. If you’d like to be tied up, then you might want to look at buying a simple pair of novelty handcuffs before you go the full hog and buy a stylish black leather cuff set.

In this way, sometimes it’s about building up to a particular activity. Take for example, domination. Your partner might not be naturally inclined to dominate within the bedroom, so to put them in an outfit and ask them to whip you might be very intimidating for them. Think of the ‘end goal’ and start with something simple. If you’re looking to be dominated, start off by getting them to dirty talk with you, or by giving simple demands. The thing is, is that if you have decided that you are interested in a particular kink or activity, then you have obviously had some time to research it, learn it, and become accustomed to it. Your partner might not have had that opportunity and as such they will need to grow into the role. By starting with the basics, not only do you give them the chance to develop into that role, but most importantly, you will be allowing the activity to naturally develop. You, as an intimate couple, might have the goal of being dominated and whipped into submission, but as you play around with that idea you might discover new aspects and new facets of that kink which interest you both more. This is where the communication and the natural progression parts come in. As you communicate with each other, and check in with how you felt, you’ll learn more about each other and you’ll learn where you need to compromise so as you can both achieve the pleasurable satisfaction that you’re both looking for. Kink, and the development of kink, is not just about you and your pleasures, but it’s about the both of you and you interact together.

Above All Else, It Should Be Fun

Throughout the way you’re going to fail. You might fall into the corner and giggle. Don’t be disappointed by this. Porn and sex have taught us that the purpose of sexual activity is an orgasm. This is vastly incorrect, sex and intimacy have the purpose of bringing us closer together. We don’t have to orgasm to enjoy each other’s company and to develop intimacy between individuals. I dare say, some of the best experiences that I have had with my partner were the moments that we failed, because it was those moments that allowed us to communicate with each other. Good luck on your journey with Kinky Sex and BDSM.


About the author: Stephan is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Group Sex

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Sexual fantasies involving multiple people are one of the most common fantasies for both men and women, it is also one of the reasons why people watch porn. I used to believe that only few people ever ventured into group sex territory and that it was a thing that happened behind closed doors at the end of a dark alley way guarded by vicious werewolves.  I am now a little older and wiser, my mind since expanding as to what is possible when it comes to participating in sexual experiences with multiple people all at the same time. I now realise it can occur in so many different ways and is extremely common. Just to paint a picture of the extent of group sex, here’s a few fun facts:

  • Cuckholding is defined as a man seeing his partner/wife having sex with another man. It is the second most commonly searched heterosexual internet porn categories worldwide.
  • An estimated 15 million Americans engaged in swinging in 2011 (That’s 4% of the population!!).
  • In Japan, Bukkake parties, where multiple men masturbate and ejaculate onto a woman, are held regularly, with establishments openly advertising these parties in very public places.

Through my experiences, I’ve realised that group sex can be challenging to negotiate either as a single person or when in a relationship. It is for this reason I am sharing some advice for group sex newbies and people looking to open to this wonderful and exciting field of possibilities.


If this is not present then challenging issues may arise. Communication needs to be open throughout any sexual experience and with more then two people involved, it is especially important that everyone involved feels comfortable communicating. If you can’t communicate with one partner, you’re going to struggle with more so I recommend having this down pat before experimenting with multiple people at once. There are some really important things to discuss prior to engaging in a group sexcapade that will mean a healthy and fulfilling experience.

  • Boundaries: What is not ok, what behaviours are you not willing to engage in, what are your limits? When this information is known, the people you are engaging with can feel more at ease knowing your limits and what is ok to do. Obviously, things can change throughout the experience and it is important that all people involved are empowered to speak up throughout.
  • Desires: Speaking your desires and voicing what turns you on can be a really juicy way of letting everyone involved know how best to pleasure you. It means that you get to receive exactly what turns you on

Sexual Health

Taking the right precautions to stay physically healthy is crucial and having more sexual partner’s means you’re at a greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. In order to make sure that you’re safe when engaging in group sex, condoms are a must. This also means using a different condom for each partner. Getting tested for STI’s is important in order to keep everyone safe.


World Ending Group Sex Question
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Eliminate Expectations For It To Go A Certain Way

Like any sexual experience, trying to stick to a plan is a libido destroyer. Adult movies demonstrate threesomes, foursomes and moresomes in a way that is intended to entertain the viewer-it is not for educational purposes. So don’t be concerned if your experience doesn’t look the way you thought it might. Group sex, like any other sexual experience, can be messy and awkward at times. I mean, for a start, an extra set of limbs is guaranteed to make for some logistical concerns! I find that approaching group sex with a sense of playfulness without trying to get it “right” is a sure way of making it a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

Must Be An Authentic Mutual Desire Of All People Involved

No matter if it involves 3, 4 or 10 people, having all people on the same page is vital in order for the group experience to be enjoyable. If you are going along to fulfill your partners desires and they are not your own, issues are sure to arise. I can’t stress this enough, only partake if it is your own desire to do so!

Jealousy Is A Normal Emotion

Speaking to friends about polyamory and sex with multiple partners, I hear the same thing “I couldn’t do that, I would get too jealous.” Now maybe I am wrong here but I believe that no matter what kind of relationship you are in or what kind of experiences you partake in, jealousy is probably going to come up! It may be that you’re jealous because your boyfriend has an attractive work friend who he spends time with. Or it could be that you get jealous when you saw your girlfriend checking out the cute bartender. In fact you may experience either emotional jealousy or sexual jealousy, or maybe you’ll experience both at the same time. Often the stories we create to justify why we feel jealous are unfounded however it is a strong emotion that brings out very intense feelings which is why people avoid situations where it may be felt. My advice to you is to openly discuss these feelings and fears with your partner without projecting it on them or blaming them for your feelings. If facing is jealousy is completely out of the question then maybe group sex is not your cup of tea. However if you can see it for what it is-an emotion that will pass-and you’re prepared to possibly feel it then group sex may be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Have Fun!!

I think the main point to remember when participating in group sex is that it should be an overall fun, pleasurable and playful experience that allows you to connect with different people. I have spoken to many people who swear that opening their relationship was the best thing they did. I understand it is not for everyone but any shame surrounding a mutual desire to participate in group sex in the context of a relationship needs to be eradicated. Also any single people looking to explore with multiple people should be proud of their willingness to explore the possibilities of this awesome activity

About the author: Stephanie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave






Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.