The Stranger of Shifen

Blonde Woman Standing Near Rocks

I looked through the pathways that made up the Pingxi area, Shifen Old Street.  I could see the Shifen railway station, its tracks remained behind and unchanged as they trailed through the peaceful village. They remained as a memory to how they were used to transport coal to the surrounding areas. The locals would walk safely cross the tracks almost as if they weren’t there. It was a quiet reminder of how times had changed since the Japanese had occupied the land.

Everything seemed so surreal, the bustling marketplace which was situated all around the station sold handcrafted goods, tourist memorabilia, delicious foods and xiaochi snacks to hungry travellers and locals. I continued to walk to the Shifen Waterfall which was just 25 minutes away. As I walked I remembered the photos I saw of the Sky Lantern Festival, people from all over the world would visit to write down their secrets hopes and aspirations on a Chinese Lantern which they would release into the sky.

“This feels real”, I thought in my head as I looked around me. I chose a rock and sat down to gather my thoughts. I sat in peace that emerged from a small place within me and I just knew… that it was right.

I thought about the summer, how I knew I had to get out of this city, how I had to take a break from my work and my life. It had been three months since the breakup and it felt like I had moved on but not until recently when I was sitting alone after work in an empty house did I realize how much of an emotional turmoil I was in. I started working longer hours, stopped meeting my friends to avoid all the questions and excused myself of all social gatherings, simply so that I don’t bump into him. Alex.

She had a smile which made the world seem like a better place. Her eyes were blue and reflected the colours around her. The gentle wind swayed her light blonde hair was long and rested on her breasts. Today she had chosen to wear a navy blue floral V-neck dress which tied at her small waist and a pair of brown sandals which complimented her light skin tone.

Just as I was taking in the fresh air and the lovely sound of the waterfall, I thought about how I decided to come to Taiwan. To a place whose culture I’d never learned about, for an experience which I’d never longed but suddenly wanted. I remember using up all of my work leave to come here for a week to relieve myself of all the tension all the worry back home, and just live in a peaceful cottage near Shifen waterfall, just me lost in my own thoughts amidst nature.

Suddenly, a small sound distracted me. I looked over my shoulder to see what it was. At this point, I needed some time to heal, and any disturbance in my mind was met with a resentment that my brain had taught itself to feel ever since I came to Taiwan.

The soft dusky sun was settling behind the falls, and the leaves reflected the dull orange color of the sun’s shy rays. People rarely visited in the evening so I was a little surprised. It was dark and I had to squint my eyes to see who it was. Seemed like a tall broad man and he was walking right towards me. I looked ahead assuming he must be one of the visitors to see the beautiful Shifen and resumed my relaxing state with my eyes closed and breathed in the fresh air, engrossed in my thoughts.

As I opened my eyes, I saw him, the man I’d seen earlier, looking over the Shifen waterfalls as he stood against the railing. He must have heard me because he turned his head around.  The stranger from Shifen.

“Hi,” he said, moving his hands in a gesture that made it seem like he wanted to show something to me. Something about him sparked my interest and I walked up to him.

“Do you see that?” I looked over to where he pointed but all I could see is the cascading water. My face must have shown how puzzled I was because he proceeded to explain.

“I come here every year and you look like you’re new here because, amidst this wonderful beauty, you had your eyes closed.” I frowned because as much as I wanted to deny it, he was right. I was too self-involved to realize how beautiful nature was around me.

“Look at how beautiful the sun shines on these waters, how amazingly these rocks call this their home, wonderful and splendid, just as nature. We can never truly appreciate this if we don’t get out of our problems and miseries and learn to accept the surroundings around us including ourselves”


Shifan, Taiwan
The Waterfalls of Shifen


It was wonderful. His tone has a certain smoothness to it, which had my attention instantly. He seemed very genuine and his eyes shone with a delightful misery and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. On occasions, it felt like I saw them share the same attraction that I was feeling towards him but I dismissed it, thinking it must be something that my brain or my hormones were coming up with, considering how handsome he was.

We talked some more, about nature and random things which never mattered in our lives back home. It was fun, flirtatious and I had never done anything like this. Talk to a stranger about things in a foreign land.

I looked into his face as he was talking, his head tilted charmingly, I couldn’t help but notice how chiseled his face was and how bronze the warm sun made him look. His shoulders were broad and arms something worthy of just grabbing, and pushing closer. I suddenly realized I was really attracted to him. It must have been evident because I caught him staring at my flushed face. He stopped talking and looked at me intently. We both knew what we were feeling. My heart was beating so hard and so fast I was so sure that I was skipping beats. It had been long since a man looked at me like that and brand erotic feelings inside me just like when I read Singapore Adult Stories. I and Alex had lost our spark long before we ended anyway. I smiled hesitantly, and he knew what I was thinking.

His gaze moved further down from my eyes to my lips to my breasts as my nipples showed through my shirt. So hard. I knew he was just as attracted to me when I looked down and could see the bulge in his shorts.

I was so embarrassed, yet a little amused. All of this was a little overwhelming. I realized I was probably mixing up things in my head and was almost ready to leave when he slowly grazed his finger along my collarbone and tilted his head towards my neck as if he was going to kiss it.

I stopped right there. I knew I needed to stay. He was far too tempting. I tilted my head back, feeling the rush of electricity in my body with his one touch. Longing for something I knew he longed for too. But there was no kiss, just his warm breath on my neck and his fingers lightly tracing my arm.

“You’re such a tease” I whispered, pulling back, looking straight into his eyes. “What man doesn’t make his intentions clear, and if so, what kind of a man is he, really?”

He looked back at me with his warm hazel eyes. They breathed this fire that I just wanted to be consumed in. My cheeks turned hotter and I realized the cool wind had no effect on me as the dusk broke into darkness. I could feel the tension between us, building. My heart was thudding so loud I bet he could have heard it. Within seconds he leaned down to me and kissed me softly on the lips. My mind was completely empty and all I could think of was how wonderful his lips felt against mine. Within seconds we were furiously kissing, my back against a tree in the shadows of the dusk against the soft murmurs of the waterfall. My face, hot with pleasure. All that fire consuming us. I gasped as I felt his hands move beneath my shirt, feeling me up completely. His hands felt rough against my soft skin, making me want him more. I could feel him move his hands up my skirt, caressing my thighs with a sense of urgency. Like he was holding off just tearing my clothes then and there.

I softly bit his lip and forced my tongue into his mouth as I bit harder. And I knew I’d done it. Driven him wild. He tugged at my panties and within seconds he had his hand between my legs onto my wet slippery slit. His hands felt cold against my sweet spot and I moaned softly in pleasure as he started rubbing, feeling my swollen clit. He stopped for a brief moment and looked at me before he lowered the top of my shirt with his teeth ushering my breasts to fall out, and just as I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, I could feel his mouth on my breasts, suckling on my nipples, softly.

I was so wet, I could feel it run down my thighs. All I wanted was him. All I wanted was this stranger who had me so wild and so driven with lust that I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Let’s go to my room”

He denied. Both of us pulsating with energy.

“I’m going to take you, right here and you’re going to love it” As much as I wanted to refuse, there was a sense of urgency in his voice and a promise which I knew was real.

He picked me up and had me against another tree in seconds. Before I had time to realize what was happening, the man sunk to his knees, revealing me fully between my legs, my head was thrown back as I murmured in delight. My mouth opened wide, gasping as he touched me gently. His fingers softly rubbing me in circular motions, just how I would often lie in bed and touch myself in those warm lonely nights after the breakup. I whimpered as the cold breeze blew at me combined with the warmth of his hands.  Within seconds my top was off and so were his clothes. He rubbed his erect penis along the length of my wet slit as I moaned some more. His hand reached up to cup my breasts as the other grabbed my buttocks and suddenly he was on his knees again. His head moved in closer towards me and I threw my leg over his shoulder, spreading myself open for him. He grabbed me harder. I grabbed his hair.

“Oh fuck yes baby. Lick it there, oh yes.”

His tongue felt so good, warm as his face was deep inside my wet slit. “Oh fuck baby that’s good,” I said, looking down to see him busy, eating me out like a thirsty boy.

“Put your fingers in.”

He did as I ordered, and I moaned louder. And before I knew it I’d cum in his mouth. He came back up and kissed me harder. Making me taste myself, telling me how sweet I tasted. I wanted more. One look into his eyes and I knew he wanted it too. I took him to the edge of the bed and before I could do anything else, he had me bent over on the edge of the bed.

He leaned in against my back and brought my hands together behind me. His lips brushed my ears as he said

“Hey you, I’m going to fuck you. And baby, you’re gonna love it”

I didn’t even think twice before I moaned in agreement. I felt his shaft slide inside me slowly as he cupped my breasts with the other hand, his other hand rubbing my clit as he pushed himself in as deep as he could and left me breathless and asking for more. He held on to me as he thrust harder me crying out loud, moaning and gyrating against him.

I pushed back, slamming myself against him as he was buried deep inside me hearing him gasp as he felt himself get deeper and deeper every time, lifting his hips to meet me with my every stroke, his hands on my hips now, pulling me closer towards him.

I felt his hands on my clit, rubbing furiously as he was taking me from behind and I could feel myself nearing climax. One more push and I was lost, go into a whole different world screaming as with one final slam, my orgasm washed over me, the muscles of my pelvis and my thighs, tightening with delicious pleasure and me trembling and shaking as my legs tightened around him.

I could hear his knees relaxing, his grip on me getting softer and his sweaty chest against my back and as soon as I had whirled out of the suddenness that my orgasm had brought with itself, I realized he was just as spent as I was. For hours we lay there, both of us on the ground, with our clothes hastily pulled over to avoid a public confrontation, secretly amused with the wetness between our legs.

I was the first to leave. With one last kiss and one long look, he was just as strange as the waiter across the dining table next morning as I found myself, engrossed in his thoughts, the Stranger of Shifen.






Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

The Cherry Blossoms of Yangmingshan Park

China Sex

The discomfort bothered him. He turned to his left side in a bid to get more comfortable. No change. A beautiful face loomed out of the inky darkness and intruded into his dreamless sleep. It looked familiar but he just could not place it. The sweat continued to run off his creased brow and dampened the pillow. The sheets got stuck to his naked body and he kicked them off in his sleep. Finally, the unfamiliarity of the bed got to him and he sat up, swinging his long, lithe legs to the ground in one fluid motion.

In the few seconds before his eyes flew open, the beautiful face wormed its way into his thoughts again. It was vividly clear now, a mischievous glint sparkling in her eyes as she laughed and beckoned him to follow her running naked into the pool of steaming water.

He opened his eyes and sleepily stood up. He swayed on the spot for a bit as the lightheadedness hit him, feeling his way by touch towards the rectangle of light that spilled through an open door few feet away. As he stumbled into the bathroom, he involuntarily screwed his eyes shut against the bright light within.

He flipped up the toilet seat and proceeded to ease himself while eyeing himself through squinted eyes in the mirror before him. He noticed a few sharp bruises across his chest and reddened half circle on his shoulder. It was tender to the touch and he winced, trying to recall how he had gotten these apparent injuries.

As he shook off the final drops, he glanced down at his crotch and did a double take. His black member was covered in crusty, white substance as if some sort of light but viscous liquid had dried up on it.  It did not look good, what the hell had he got up to?

He turned around and went back into the darkness of the room beyond. Temporarily blind, he felt his foot step on something rather hard and sharp.

“Fuck!” he called out.

He hobbled on one foot as he picked up the foreign object, which turned out to be a Jimmy Choo 6 inch heeled ladies’ shoe. The light cackle of a woman’s laughter sounded in his thoughts. He reached for the table lamp and flicked the switch.  The lamp bathed the room in a soft glow of light. Amid the tangled sheets, at the other end of the bed, he could make out a feminine form; black, lustrous hair tousled out over the pillow. Her supine form continued to rise and fall gently in deep sleep.

When he sat back down on the bed, trying to recall who she was or where they had met, she turned over and smiled sleepily.

“For… Forgive me,” he stammered, “Who are you and where am I?”

She chuckled and traced a finger lightly across his back. He buried his head in his hands, trying desperately to recall how he had come into contact with her and what had they done. The foggy clouds in his mind ebbed away and he felt his mind transporting him back to the previous morning.




The sound jerked Tyrell out of his sleep. He slipped his headphones off his head and around his neck before proceeding to fasten his seatbelt. He looked out of the small window and saw fluffy white clouds lapping at the wings of the plane. The plane burst through the clouds and the scenario changed totally.

He was physically active and strong with a muscular well-proportioned body.  He was tall, roughly 198cm or 6 feet five in the old scale.  Just pushing into his late twenties his wild partying days were over replaced with a passion to make his business TK Shoes an global success, hence his visit to Taiwan and China.  Living and brought up in New York he had a heavy and loud Yankee accent that many found annoying and mistook for being arrogant.

There was plenty of rain falling that morning, the droplets rolling horizontally across the glass pane of the window. Tyrell thought nothing of it and pulled the shutter down. He looked across to his neighbor who was gripping the armrest pretty firmly. He flashed him a quick reassuring smile and turned away.  Obviously not a frequent flyer he thought.

Taipei Taoyuan Airport
Taiwan Airport


The tires thudded once, twice and then rolled pleasantly forward as the pilot maneuvered the plane towards the arrivals gate. The passengers filed out and Tyrell found himself in a brilliantly lit arrivals lounge at Taipei Taoyuan Airport. The airport is the largest in Taiwan and is about 40km from the city of Tapei. He proceeded through to baggage collection on the 2nd floor of Terminal 2 and after collecting his two bags proceeded through the immigration line pretty quickly and headed out. If nothing the Chinese in Taiwan appeared efficient.  The exit was crowded by new arrivals trying to find their relatives and loved ones. Tyrell shouldered his way through them and exchanged some US Dollars to New Taiwan dollars before heading to the taxi rank.

There were an abundance of yellow taxi’s but I had already been warned that the majority of them did not speak any English so had my Chinese map with the address I wanted to go to already marked.  He walked up to the first taxi in the rank and the driver put my two bags in the boot.

“Eastern Star Hotel, please,” he said to the small Asian male driver.

“我不会说英语” the driver replied. I then handed him the map and showed him where the x was marked and he nodded saying, “是的,我知道这是什么” Twenty or so minutes later, the taxi pulled up to the hotel and Tyrell got out. The driver took his bags out and Tyrell slipped the driver a ten dollar note, American.  The Taxi driver seemed very happy with this and nodded enthusiastically and said, “这是非常好的付款先生谢谢你”.

He did not wait for any change, turning around and looking at the Hotel.  The Hotel was advertised as a luxury hotel but having traveled Asia many times now, his favorite place in the world apart from NY was Singapore with its many stories. Tyrell was not surprised that in America this Hotel would be lucky to get more than 3 stars.  He had ensured that when he booked he paid the extra few dollars to have a window room – as being enclosed in a room with no natural light he found claustrophobic.  As he entered the ‘luxury’ lobby of the hotel he could not help but notice how small the room was. However warmth within enveloped him and he turned to the smiling lady behind the counter on his right.

Hotels Taipei
Taipei Eastern Star

“Do you have my room ready? I booked one with a window,” he said.

“Sure. We can arrange that,” she replied in heavily accented English. “How long will you be staying, sir?”

“Just the weekend.” He said.

She handed him a key and a bell boy took his bags and helped him to his room.

He looked around the room, seeing everything but not really taking it in but noticing that it was clean. He glanced at his watch. A quarter to 10. He was supposed to meet a representative from a shoe manufacturer at 5pm.

His sneaker line was gaining ground back in the States and he was looking for partners in the Far East who could manufacture his line without compromising the quality that was sought after back home.  He would also look at importing his stock now from China as it was expensive to be made in the USA.

It was barely ten and he was looking for a way to kill the time.

He peered out of the window and saw that there were number of coffee shops lining the street. It was then that he felt the strong urge to relax before this important meeting. He pulled off his shoes and jeans and tossed them onto the bed where his small suitcase lay. He zipped it open and pulled out a pair of black Supreme sweatpants. He pulled them on before unbuttoning the shirt. He tossed it with the other clothes on the bed and turned around to look at himself in the mirror.

The eagle tattoo spanned his broad muscular chest, with the wings outstretched to cover the bulging skin across his pectorals. He pulled on a matching black t-shirt, donned his headphones and flops and walked out of the room and into the elevator. When the elevator chimed open at the lobby, the lady at the counter looked up and he winked at her.

She responded by flashing a smile comprising of white, even teeth that lit up his eyes. She quickly glanced back down at her work but could not hide the red hue that was quickly shading her cheeks – these Chinese and their formalities – he would never understand.

He popped into the first coffee shop, but the espresso was not to his liking. He picked up a brochure and leafed through it. As he turned to a page about the Yangmingshan national park, he glanced up to see a very pretty face, two tables away, hurriedly look down and scroll through her phone.

China Cherry Blossoms
Taiwan Cherry Blossoms


He smiled to himself and resumed his perusal of the brochure.  One of the nine national parks in Taiwan, Yangmingshan National Park was located between Taipei and New Taipei City. The park spanned over a large area, stretching out over Taipei’s Beitou and Shilin districts; and New Taipei’s Wanli, Jinshan and Sanzhi districts.  It was less than half an hour away from where he was now sitting and the pictures were absolutely amazing.

He let out a low whistle of how pretty it looked. A throat cleared a few tables away, and he looked over his brochure to see the woman eye him slyly.

He stood up, finally, and hailed a cab outside. He instructed the driver to take him to the Yangmingshan national park.

“Anything interesting I expect to find?” he asked the lanky driver.

“My English not very good,” the driver replied, “but cherry blossoms in full bloom and much pretty now.”

“Oh, really,” Tyrell was amazed. “I’ve only seen them in magazines.”

“You see, very good sir,” intoned the driver. He then proceeded to talk on his mobile phone while Tyrell thought about the park and the images he had seen.  This sounded like a perfect place to wind down while he waited for his contact. Tyrell scrolled through his phone and was engrossed in his Instagram feed when the taxi jerked to a halt.

‘Mister you see, we here now”, the taxi driver exclaimed.

Tyrell paid the man his fare and got out of the car to be overwhelmed by the sight of pathways filled with pink cherry blossom trees.  The ground was covered with their flowers and a beautiful scent carried through the air.  Tyrell walked slowly along the bitumen pathway feeling like he was in another world – a fairy land.  The park was not busy at all, probably because it was a weekday and everyone would be at work.

Apart from its cherry blossoms, Yangmingshan had hot springs, sulfur deposits, fumaroles, venomous snakes, and hiking trails, waterfalls including Taiwan’s tallest dormant volcano, Seven Star Mountain.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed as he looked around.

Being from New York, he was used to concrete streets and glass skyscrapers. The abundance of green and pink simply took his breath away. It was not raining this far from the city and the calm environment enveloped him like Mother Nature’s hug. He pulled his phone from his pocket and started filming a live video of his surroundings. As he spun around, recording the cherry blossoms and the mountain ranges in the background with the tufts of steam and cloud, he saw a familiar face on the screen.

He hurriedly put the phone down and stared around for the face. He did not see her though. Shrugging, he moved on, recording and taking pictures as he went. Finally he came to an elaborate fountain, spewing water from the center and out towards the edges of the circle. Surrounding this fountain was a short brick enclosure within which grew brilliant pink flowers.

As he was taking a photo of this, he noticed the woman again. This time he did not put the phone down, but observed her through the lens of his device. She had high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes and thick black hair that fell down to her shoulders. The dark, shimmering hair kept being blown into her face by the wind and she had to keep tucking it behind her ears.

After a particularly gusty breeze blew the hair in her face, she parted it elegantly to reveal a small but full mouth that completed the heart-shaped face. She had a small, firm figure, with wide hips that swung gaily as she walked.

Drinking all this in with his eyes, Tyrell felt the front of his sweatpants rise and stretch tautly. A nervous giggle jerked him out of his reverie and he saw that she was smiling at him, blushing heavily. It took him a moment to realize that many of the women were staring at him. He looked down only to realize that his thoughts about the woman from the coffee shop had triggered a massive erection. Being in sweatpants, this only accentuated the appearance off his arousal.

Hurriedly, he stowed his phone in his pocket and shoved his other hand into the second pocket, trying to mask the bulge of his arousal that had looked like a pole holding up a tent.  In that moment, a few heavy drops splattered on his forehead and, in the blink of an eye, the rain began to fall. Tourists and other locals scattered, mothers dragging their children along. He whipped his head around and saw the woman going ahead, in a different direction from the rest of the crowd.

He began to follow her, but lost sight of her behind some large cherry blossoms. He ran up, and burst into a deserted hot spring enclosure. The bathers had been in hurry to leave when the rain started.

“I see you found me,” a silky voice said from behind him. He turned around and saw her standing there, looking so beautiful with the wet hair plastered over her delicate face. Her white T-Shirt was also getting stuck to her truly feminine figure and Tyrell could not draw his eyes away from her bosom that had perky nipples showing through because of the now transparent, wet and clingy material.

“Up here,” she said, putting her hand on his chin and raising it so that his eyes found hers.

Asian Wet T-Shirt
Chang Ying


“I’m sorry,” he managed to say, “It’s just that I think you were looking at me in the coffee shop earlier today.”

“Yeah,” she replied, “And so?”

“And so it’s only right that I stare back.”

She chuckled again. A sound that was so divine in his ears.

“You’re Tyrell Kiiza, right? Owner of TK Sneakers,” she continued. “My little brother is a fan of your line. Always bugging me when a new pair comes out. I’m ChangYing”

He looked at her, astounded how perfectly she spoke English and that his line of sneakers was well known even in Taiwan. His gaze, however, was following a rivulet of rain water that was making its way down her neck and into her ample cleavage.

“Sorry uhm,” he looked for words. “Pardon me. Yes, I am TK.”

“Thought so, that’s why I followed you here,” she said.

“Well, you do know I don’t carry shoes around with me wherever I go.”

“Of course,” she laughed. “But at least I’m getting to talk to a big person.”

He laughed at her use of the phrase big person. Feigning being hurt, she pushed him and he stumbled, falling into the hot spring. He landed with an almighty splash and came up, spluttering.  He looked up at her with incredulity, she was still laughing. His puzzled expression slowly melted away to laughter as well. He reached out and pulled her in as well, their laughter echoing through the surrounding cherry blossoms, sending birds flapping through the downpour.

When she finally got her laughter in check, she noticed that he was looking at her with a carnal longing in his eyes. Beneath the surface of the water, she could feel the ravenous hunger of his manhood as it throbbed, felt through her wet and flimsy black dress. He reached into the water and pulled her to him, groaning in the process. Pressed against his hard body, she felt vulnerable but was willing to give in. She slipped her nimble fingers beneath his shirt and felt the heat coming off the panes of his abdomen; hotter than even the steaming water they were in.  This was one Taiwan Erotic Story he was going to enjoy!

He looked deep into her eyes and moved in to kiss the smoothness that was her neck. She let out an audible sigh of pleasure and felt her legs giving away; she had not control of them anymore.

She pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the bank of the spring. As his kiss descended towards her full breasts – still clad in the black attire – she felt a deep warmth welling down from her navel and settle between her legs. She let out another moan and bit his shoulder, hard. He uttered a deep, primal and beastly groan that sent delicious shivers down her spine. She raked her hands down his chest, along the wings of the eagle, cutting slightly into the skin with her nails. Down the hands went till they slipped into the heavy material of his sweatpants.

There the slim fingers closed around his engorged, throbbing being and felt it quiver with delight. His cock throbbed with urgent need as her hands danced tantalizing on his rigid shaft. More than her hands, he wanted this girl’s mouth on him. Soon, he promised himself. As he unzipped his jean revealing his fully engorged penis.

She gasped on seeing it but then knelt between his parted legs. She leaned down, her tongue sliding wetly over the head of his cock, her gaze on his face.  She parted her lips, taking him inside her mouth, suckling him deeply while her hands gently massaged his balls. He then began holding her tightly to him so she couldn’t escape the thrust of his cock; his hips jerked upward as he forced himself deep into her mouth. She gagged as he rammed the back of her throat, warm saliva dripping to coat the sides of his shaft as it pounded into her.

I’m going to throat fuck you!”

She gagged as he rammed the back of her throat, warm saliva dripping to coat the sides of his shaft as it pounded into her. He wedged his dick into her throat but instead of being scared, she was excited. The action was so unexpected…so incredibly erotic…that without warning, she came, her pussy convulsing in hard, sharp contractions.

She began to play with her clit as he continued to deep throat her as he began to pull the wet T-Shirt off her shoulders….

Hot Spring Sex
China Hot Springs


Then they heard voices coming closer. In the next instant, he had carried her onto the bank of the hot spring and jumped out at the same time. He pulled on his wet shirt as she fixed herself up and, together, they fled from the scene laughing as the park attendants rounded the corner into the hot spring clearing.


As his thoughts now cleared, he recalled the bar hopping they had done throughout the night. She had taken him to all the local hangouts, where he’d gotten drunk on a number of bottles of rice wine, tasted the infamous betel nuts and tried out a potent local smoke which after that he recalled little at all.

He vaguely remembered falling into the bed at the hotel and as the facts lay themselves before him, he recalled with a sinking feeling of the meeting he was supposed to have had. He had missed his important meeting – the Chinese did not like people being tardy or missing an appointment.  They took this as a personal insult – how was he going to make that right now?

He found his sweat pants (that were still damp) and retrieved his cell phone – but it would not power up and probably never would having been in the Hot Springs of Taiwan.  He cursed loudly, ‘FUCK!”.

She turned and plainly said, “The Taipei Footwear Family Company will offer you a better deal than those fools at National Footwear Pty Limited.”

Shoe Deal
Sneaker Business


He looked at her, realization finally dawning on him. His chance meeting with her in the coffee shop might not have been chance after all. This was all some sort of elaborate corporate sabotage between two warring footwear manufacturers, and he was caught in the middle.  Exhausted from the mere thought of it all, Tyrell fell back onto the bed, inviting sleep to wash over him as he waited for his head to clear and make sense of it all.

This was the strangest way to do business in China’s Taiwan.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Taipingshan’s Haunted Cypress Tree’s!

Evil In The Cypress Trees

Life with Morgan was going to be perfect. Emily knew it. Her family knew it. Everybody at the wedding could see it. This would be bliss forever after. Emily had felt every reason to expect it. And quite right, too. “Morgan + Emily forever!!!“ they had scrawled, with a big heart around it. They had been sweethearts since high school. Emily could always count on Morgan. Morgan was always there. He would always be there. Morgan had never failed her.

The first ten years was amazing. It was everything they had planned. Even the big moves, as Morgan’s job took him first to New York City, then to Paris, on again to Hong Kong, and then finally to Taiwan. Even those huge life-changing events had gone so smoothly. Where bonds between other couples had suffered and sometimes failed altogether, as the stresses of moving to new places, adapting to new cultures, and having to find new lives, with new friends, became too much, Morgan and Emily had only grown closer. Their love was total and the romance never failed. Though, Morgan often had to work long hours, they made sure to get away from the city on a regular basis. Sometimes, it would be exotic and glamorous. They made sweet love on the beach in Tahiti. In Monaco, they laid there for hours, listening to the sea gently lapping against the hull of the boat as they held each other close.

In recent years, they placed even more value on the time alone together and tried to avoid too much travel. Taiwan offered plenty of solace and peace not far from Taipei the Taipingshan National Forest had become a favorite destination. At first, it was day tours. The forest was easy to reach and a wonderful break. Later, they stayed at the eco-hotels, as camping and cooking are forbidden in the official forest area but Morgan, resourceful as ever, found a ‘secret’ place just outside the official area, under the cover of a massive Cypress Tree. It was so him, this beautiful, romantic secret. Long, beautiful weekends they would spend in a tent there, with nothing but birds, trees, mist and heady forest air to deliver them to a place of lust and love.  It had become their spot of tranquility, a spot that nobody knew they had.

They especially liked it in the autumn when the Japanese Maples that grew on either side of the road leading to the entrance turned red and orange and created an other-earthly feel about them.  The forest was also famous for the many Cypress trees, some over 2000 years old and the ancient aboriginal tribes tribes of the Atayal believed that the spirits of the dead ran in the sap of these magnificent Cyress trees.  They loved to explore the elevated trails in the mist clad landscapes or visit the many waterfalls that fed the Nanoa River and Jiuliao River below. One of their favorite spots in the park after a hard days hike was the Jioujhihze Hot Springs also known as the ” Hot Spring of Beauty’ where they could relax unwind and ultimately create their own bit of Taiwan Erotic Fiction after.

Taiwan Hot Springs
Taipingshan Hot Springs


It had been perfect.  A real life dream come true.

Had been!

Right up until that horrible day!!!

Morgan had always been so fit, so healthy. He was still doing the odd triathlon race. He would have done more, and he stayed in super shape, but work didn’t allow enough time to travel for more competitions, so he devoted more time to Jiu-Jitsu and MMA training.  If anything, Morgan was in even better shape than when he had led the high school football and wrestling teams. And didn’t Emily know it! After all these years, her husband could emerge from the shower and ask her for a towel, flash that beautiful smile of his, and she would go weak at the knees.

Emily had aged well, too. She was tall, thin build, narrow hips, small bust, and looked unusually young for her age. Having strong and distinctive high cheekbones, square jaw line and a long neck her stature was elegant and regal.  Her flawless pale skin accentuated her straight jet black hair and the piercing clear blue eyes made many men blush when she looked towards them. She was still a leading fitness model, and thanks to social media and YouTube, she didn’t even have to travel for work now. Just workout, snap some photos or shoot a video and BAM! — more followers. But her number-one fan, without a doubt, was her husband. Secretly, Emily was sure he always ‘forgot’ to take a towel to the shower on purpose. Not that it mattered. After all, a healthy sex life is an important part of a healthy relationship. And if these were the key measures of healthy living, Mr and Mrs Morgan Towns probably deserved a Nobel Prize in great relationships!

Deserved, that is!!

It was on that horrible day, ironically, that a Nobel Prize-winning doctor made their world fall apart.  Dr. Rowan Jones and Morgan had been buddies for years. Both keen triathletes, they often buddied up on their training. But that day, Rowan probably had to do the toughest thing he could ever have imagined in his medical career.  On that day, Dr Rowan Jones explained, fighting back tears of his own, to Mr and Mrs Morgan Towns that Morgan had cancer. Worse, it was inoperable and at best, even with his incredible fitness and the best preventative measures modern medicine could offer, Morgan probably had a maximum of three months to live.

Doctor Giving Terminal Prognosis
Distraught Doctor


They had tried to be strong. Emily had tried to be there for Morgan. Morgan had tried to put up a brave front for Emily. But it had been futile. They knew each other far too well and, after all, they were not gods. As awesome as Morgan had been at everything he had ever done, he finally faltered when faced with the need to accept not only that he was mortal but that no matter what he tried, no matter how hard he worked out in the gym, trained on the road, or rigorously managed in his nutrition plan, he was going to be dead at the age of 32.

For the first time ever, Morgan + Emily had started to become Morgan, Emily, and a little space. Every time Morgan had told Emily she needed to prepare for life without him, she got angry. She wasn’t going to lose him! Emily simply could not accept it. It played on her mind and hurt her heart. It was understandable, of course, but it started to deprive Morgan and Emily of time together. She felt herself pulling back, emotionally. Try as she might, Emily found herself unable to give herself totally to Morgan anymore. The stages of grief, for her, had already started before his death



Erotic Ghost Story
Emily Towns


It had been a beautiful funeral. Really, it had. Well, as beautiful as a funeral, especially one this tragic, can be. Everybody had felt it was ‘just right’. The sadness among all of the guests had been almost overwhelming but Emily refused to grieve.  The only salvation, perhaps, had been the huge celebration of Morgan’s life told through his friends and work colleagues.

Emily had stood the pain for so long – even before Moran’s death. But finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. There was no reason to go home to their apartment – that now only carried memories of his last weeks dying a painful death. As far as Emily felt, if you looked up the word “empty” in the dictionary now, it said: “See the home of Mr and Mrs Morgan Towns.” So Emily did the only thing she could think to do. She ran. Fighting to see through waves of tears, Emily drove to the forest – to their ‘happy place’. She had to get away from the city, from all the ‘concerned’ friends, from all the sad phone calls. She had to get away from the haunting pain. She had to go to that one last place that was truly theirs and had not been tainted by the despicable disease that started with ‘C’.

The clearing in the forest looked just like it had the day Morgan had led her, giggling and blindfolded, from the car. For an hour, she had endured not knowing, not seeing. But now, she could smell it. The forest had its own smell but to Emily, it was one Morgan shared. Wild, powerful, intoxicating. Emily choked back tears as she set up the tent. Their tent. Their tent in their forest. It had taken a bottle and a half of wine for Emily to stop sitting there, arms wrapped around her knees, sitting under the Cypress tree crying and lamenting over the loss of her husband, her soul mate. To finally pass out in a drunken stupor. To give into the welcome embrace of alcohol – of not knowing or feeling anything if even for just a short time.

“Emily” she thought she heard! Emily knew she must be dreaming. As drunk as she still was, through the sleep, she could sense she was dreaming.

“Emily, come to me.” she heard again.

Emily felt the chill night air and, half-conscious, she dragged herself into the tent and pulled the sleeping bag around herself.

“I miss you so much, Emily.” she heard in Morgan’s voice.

Intense sadness welled up in Emily’s sleep and she cried herself awake feeling alone and sad. At first, there was nothing. Just darkness, and utter silence. “How odd…” Emily thought to herself.  There were no sounds of the night creatures that wandered around, or the sound of wind, or of the distant waterfalls.  Absolute silence and darkness.

“Emily…”  she heard again with the voice much closed.  It sounded exactly like Morgan.  With a start, Emily was very awake. This dream was too vivid.  She was scared.

“Morgan?” she called out. “Is that you?”

“Emily, come to me.” the voice said.

Emily slowly opened the flap of the tent. Her heart jumped, and then she saw him.  Morgan.  He was standing there, large as life under the Cypress Tree.  Emotions waved over her – had she the death of her husband been just a nightmare

“Oh my GOD, Morgan! I had the worst nightmare, ever! Oh my God.” you are alive.

“Oh sorry, honey. That’s terrible. Come here under the Cypress tree and let me hold you.”

Emily suddenly realized that Morgan looked pale and very unwell. He was so very pale and the black rings under his eyes and the way in which he was looking at her made her feel uneasy – these were not the eyes of her loving husband.

Ghost To Cypress Trees
Morgan Towns


Without her asking the question Morgan said, “I’ve never been better, Emily. Come, here darling, quickly.” in an annoyed tome.

Emily, surprised, scolded Morgan, “Honey, I hate when you do that. Stop thinking what I’m thinking! Anyway, it must be because the clouds are covering moonlight. Things look so odd when it is this dark.”

Morgan walked towards here and swept Emily off her feet. His familiar, heady aroma, musty, wild, powerful, swept over her, filling her nostrils. She drank deeply, and felt him touch her soul. This was it!  This is where she needed to be as he placed her on the sleeping bag of the tent and began to fondle her breasts.  He slowly raised the jumper she was wearing and kissed her on her stomach, and slowly began lifting the jumper and kissing each inch of her flesh until her reached her tiny but perfectly formed breasts.  Slowly his kissed around her nipples until finally and gently sucking one and then the other in his mouth whilst his tongue danced this way and that.  She was already moaning with pleasure as he completely removed her top and began to kiss her neck and ears.  If only she had brought some of her sex toys along.

He then began to descend down her perfect and pale skin past her shoulders, breasts until he reached her fleecy pants.  Again he began to kiss around the elastic of the pants. With each kiss he drew the pants down millimeter by millimeter.  He kissed either side of Emily’s tender thighs down to her ankles and even to her toes.  She now lay before him completely naked, exposed with her womanhood before him.  She was so wet and hot down there and wanted to ride the emotions of lovemaking, to be able to release herself over him after so many months of no sex.  I lay down on the cool sheets and he pushed my legs up and went right back to work on my pussy. His tongue was so hot and eager. Jesus, where did he learn to do this?! I do not ever recall my husband Morgan doing this to me so eagerly – our sex sessions had always been gentle and soft. He licked me like a hungry vampire lapping up a the blood of his victim. He plunged his tongue inside me, deep inside me and then began sucking my clit. When the orgasm hit me, I could feel the juices flowing out of me. He lapped them up greedily. He lay on top of me and the weight of his body pressing down on mine drove me wild. I grabbed the back of his head, pulling his mouth to mine, and kissed him hard. The taste of my pussy on his lips made me hotter still. But as I kissed him and felt him on top of me, he felt cold.

I said, “Morgan, you are cold.  Are you okay?’

He again answered angrily, “I told you before I am fine.”  and with this he force ably spread my legs.   This was different, this was not the way Morgan and I made love but by now I was so hot that I needed that cock.

Morgan pulled down his pants and his erection was enormous

“Fuck me. . .” I moaned.

He pushed his hard cock into me. He put my legs over his shoulders and fucked me hard and deep. I could feel another orgasm building inside me.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard!” I moaned over and over.

“Cum for me, girl. Let me feel that tight pussy squeeze my cock. Cum for me now.” He said, still thrusting his cock deep inside me.

My orgasm hit hard. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, letting it wash over me.  When my orgasm subsided I realized he had stopped. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He looked into my eyes, a strange expression on his face. I wondered why he’d stopped. I knew he hadn’t cum yet.

‘I want to fuck you in the ass.” he said.

This surprised me, as I had brought up the option of anal sex with him but he being a Doctor and all thought that the idea was not right.  That the human body was not engineered to have sex up the ass.  This was different – He was different!!

He rolled me over onto my stomach and rubbed my back. I pulled my knees up and spread my ass open to him. He ducked his head down and licked my pussy, then ran his tongue up and over my asshole. I shivered and felt goosebumps raise up on my arms and legs. He traced circles around it with his tongue. He reached under me and started to rub my pussy slowly. He plunged his tongue into my ass and his finger into my pussy at the same time. I gasped at the overwhelming sensations this created. He fucked my ass with his tongue and my pussy with his finger for a long time. When I was very close to cumming, he gradually slowed, then stopped, his movements. I felt the head of his rock hard cock pressing against my asshole. I began to tremble – a strangely erotic combination of fear and desire overwhelming me.

He pushed his cock into my ass so slowly. I wanted to cry out for him to shove it up my ass and fuck me hard, but I knew I couldn’t handle that. When he was completely inside me, he was still for a while, trying to give me time to adjust to the feeling. He reached under me again and slid a finger into my pussy. I groaned. He slid it in and out of me several times, very slowly. Then he pulled it out and put it to my lips. I sucked his finger into my mouth, taking in all of my sweet juice. Then he took a hold of my hips and started to fuck my ass, slow and easy. It hurt, but I couldn’t tell him to stop; I didn’t want him to stop. My mind was blank now. I couldn’t think anything. I could only feel. I was experiencing sensations that I had never felt before. I moaned and whimpered and pushed back against him, trying to get every inch of him in my ass. Gradually, he began to push his cock in harder, faster.

With a final deep thrust, I felt his hot cum shooting up my ass. That sent me over the edge. My whole body shuddered as I experienced one of the most intense orgasms imaginable.

Why? Why for so long had this not happened?!  As she collapsed into an endorphin and alcohol filled post sex trance.

When she awoke with a flood of relief, Emily suddenly remembered what had transpired that, “Oh no, that was just a dream! Silly me! Morgan and I are fine” Life was still perfect. Emily was again surrendering herself totally to Morgan’s love. His beautiful physicality but even more so he was inside her soul. She felt his love flood her body.

Suddenly, a white light exploded in Emily’s hungover head and her ears were ringing. She sat up, pulling her hands from under the covers to prop herself up on the sleeping bag holding her ears.

“What the fuck?!?”  she said.  “Morgan!” she shouted, but she was alone with the forest.

The zipper was undone. The tent was open and morning sunlight flooded in, jostled by tree branches drunkenly tossing shadows to and fro. Emily stumbled from the sleeping bag, damp and sweating. She shivered as the cold morning air found her bare, wet skin. Stepping onto the dewy floor of the clearing Emily heaved and she threw up, her lungs filling with the musty, wild scent of forest. Again, and again, she shouted Morgan’s name. There came nothing in reply. Not even an echo, the thick trees and wet forest floor taking everything from her and giving nothing in return.

Emily felt so alone. More so even than during the miserable drive up here, she thought to herself. She couldn’t help but think of those last weeks with Morgan. This… feeling him everywhere but being unable to touch him. To truly touch him. Damn this forest and damn that great Cypress Tree.

“You’re laughing at me!,” Emily screamed to the tree. “Stop it!”

Lazily, one of the great Cypress trees creaked wildly in the wind.

“STOOOOPPPP ITTTT!!!!” she screamed, “Please….”


The Evil Cypress
Chu Jian Bai



The sun had long since set by the time they reached the clearing.

“Jeez, man, I TOLD you we should have left in the morning. That Friday afternoon traffic from Taiwan is always brutal!” Michael taunted, pretending to be angry.

But Ian always gave as good as he got. Letting out his trademark sarcastic sigh, he retorted, “Get off my back, bro. This is gonna be a weekend to remember! So what if we arrived a bit late. We’re here now. Crack open the beers. Let’s get this party started!”

“Dude, I can’t see anything in here. How are we gonna setup the tent? No later than 11am. That’s what we agreed,” Michael continued.

“Shut up, loser. Leave the headlights on. The tent will take two minutes. While you’re doing that, I’ll get the fire going. The sooner you stop whining like an old woman and get going, the sooner we’re kicking back with beers and dogs,”

“Yeah? Well, talking about old women, what the hell was that old Chinese lady going on about back at the gas station? Your Mandarin’s better than mine. All I got was, ‘You two better be careful. Ghostly encounter Taipingshan National Forest!’”

“Oh her? L O L, dude. Old Chinese women. They’re even worse than young Chinese women. They’ll get in your head and really fuck you up, if you believe what they say. All those old Chinese traditions and superstitions.  If you believed half of the shit they go on about there are more spirits than down at our local bar.”

The both laughed at that.

“Well, what did she say then, Mr Chinese Expert?” Michael pushed Ian.

“Oh man, some crap about this ghost up in the forest and spirits in the Cypress tree’s.  Not to go there of a night. The spirits of those that have lost in love. She’ll suck you all the way up, if you know what I mean.”

“To hell with that!” Michael spat, heaving the tent from the back of the car. “I don’t believe in any fucking ghost stories.  Lets talk about some Singapore Erotic Stories instead”

They had the tent up within five minutes and within ten they were into the first beer each from the slab they had brought with them.  They made a small open fire so as not to be found out by any of the park rangers and sat around telling stories like only two mates could.  It was near 12midnight when they both stumbled into the tent and their sleep bags.

“Dude you up?’ Ian said.  He had awoken to what sounded like the Cypress Tree they had camped near was creaking excessively.  The early silhouette of the horizon of dawn approaching could be seen.

Michael sighed. “I guess I am, now. Man, what a party.  What’s up man?”

“What party? Bro, you had, like, four beers and passed out. Must be this forest air. It does something to people.” Ian rolled slowly out of his sleeping bag.

“No man, the party in my dream. That was craaaazy man. This hot white chick was all over me. I am sure I have seen here somewhere, a model or something.  And when I say white, I mean WHITE. Must be where the Chinese get their ‘white ghost’ insult, ha ha ha.”

“Dude, what the heck? Was I talking in my sleep? Stop messing with me.” Ian, effecting mild panic, replied.

“Huh? YOU stop messing with ME! I’m serious. I had this really pornographic dream. In my dream, I had to pee, so I left the tent and went to the edge of the clearing. That’s when I saw this tent. No sooner I had I whipped out the old boy than this chick just appeared in front of the tent. Man, I just felt like she was the one, you know? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the sex was amazing but it was more than just sex. It was like she knew me. Really knew me. I think I’m in love. What the hell? How can you fall in love with someone in a dream.”

Ian wasn’t pretending to panic anymore, “Stop it, man. I know you heard me talking in my sleep. That’s the dream I had. This isn’t funny anymore, okay? just stop.”

Now Michael was starting to panic. “I’m not joking. I didn’t hear you dreaming. I’m telling you the truth. I had that dream.”

“This is crap, Michael!  How can we have the same dream” Ian was actually kind of scared and angry now. “Damnit, I need to pee. Why don’t you check the fire. We need to get the coffee on and get out of here before the park gets visitors.  You know you are not allowed to camp in the National Park.”

Ian stumbled into the cold, wet air. Blinking as he got his bearings back, he headed for the other side of the clearing, where there was some heavy overgrowth. Just before the ancient Cypress Tree.

Michael was making a desultory effort with the fire, stirring red coals with a stick.

“Yo, dude!” Ian shouted over his shoulder. “Come over here and check this out now!”

“Ha ha, very funny, Ian!” Michael replied. “I don’t need to check out you going to the bathroom, thank you very much.”

“No… man.. no. Get over here. There’s a tent back here.”

Haunted Tent
Spooky Tent

Michael stomped over from the fire, “This better be good. I didn’t see no tent last night.  You better not be jerking me off”

“Well, it was too dark,” Michael reasoned. “I could barely see our tent, forget about another one hidden in these bushes.”

“Helloooo?” Michael called out. “Hello? Anybody in there?”

Ian stopped him, “Look at it man. That tent is old. Looks like it’s been here for years. Bits of tree fell on it. There’s a tear in the side.”

Michael pushed past bushes, “Hey, something in there! It’s still not light enough grab the flashlight!”

Ian returned with the flashlight. Shining it through the hole in the tent, the light revealed the unmistakable shape of a sleeping bag and some women’s clothes, but it was still too dark. “Some woman’s been camping here and left all her gear here. Maybe we should leave now.  This is really freaking me out.”

“No way, Ian!” Michael countered. “This tents been here a while.  Maybe she’s sick. Maybe she is wounded. She could need help. Gimme the flashlight and lets take a look around”

Michael and Ian began looking around and calling out , ‘Hello.  Does anybody need any help’.  and as they approached the cypress tree they could see a shape.  A shape that looked female.  They started to run over.

“Maybe she’s unconscious?” Ian offered.

As they god closer Michael said, “Oh Fuck man, she’s not unconscious. She’s dead.”

Ian reached down and said “No man. She’s cold. OMG! OH MY GOD!!!”

“What, Michael? What???” Ian squeezed in next to Michael.

The could both see that the woman had been dead for a long time but somehow her body had been mummified and Michael said, “Man, she has been out here for ages but she is not decomposed and no animals have touched her.  This is weird shit’.

Ian struggled to speak, “Dude…. that… that’s… the woman! The woman from the dream!”

Michael was shaking, “I know. I know. She’s the woman from my dream, too!”



Michael and Ian were not prosecuted by the authorities for trespassing in the National Forest, however they had a gag order placed on them not to discuss or publish anything about the incident – not that they ever would.  Michael and Ian identified the woman later as a model from a YouTube video from a decade before.

The experts would agree that the body in remarkable condition, especially given that the body had laid there, undisturbed, in a wet forest for so many years.

The medical coroner had believed the cause of death as suicide by cutting one’s wrist.  However the odd thing about it a cutting instrument was never found and there was no blood at the scene so it was impossible for him to say this for certain.   It was almost like the roots of the Cypress tree had sucked the last remnants of blood up.

They knew roughly when she had died because they had established the woman’s last movements before arriving at the campsite, approximately 10 years ago. Required by law to provide a cause of death on the death certificate, the coroner had written simply, “Death by Suicide.”

Oh, and that her name was Mrs Emily Towns.





Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

The Beautiful Virgin at Tapei City, Taiwan

Taiwanese Beautiful Asian Women Photo

Why did it have to be so Hellishly hot? “How am I going to make it through another day at work?” he wondered for what seemed like the millionth time, in the dark, at 3am. Really, if this life was going to work at all — to be worthwhile, he had to find a place where the air-conditioning doesn’t die again in the middle of the night, leaving him thinking those dark thoughts about the futility of it all.  After all coming to Tapei City, Taiwan, a modern metropolis with Japanese colonial lanes, busy shopping streets and contemporary buildings. The skyline is crowned by the 509m-tall, bamboo-shaped Taipei 101 skyscraper, with upscale shops at the base and a rapid elevator to an observatory near the top. Taipei is also known for its lively street-food scene and many night markets, including expansive Shilin market.

“Oh what has become of me? Where is my faith in the Lord?” David’s self-flagellation was interrupted by the dawning realization that lack of sleep must be doing the Devil’s work, playing on his thoughts, driving him to doubt. Closing his eyes, he sought strength in God.

David awoke with a start. He had overslept! He would be late for work. The big boss would not be impressed. It had not always been like this. Waving good-bye to the folks back in Spokane, David had set out to do God’s work, spreading the Gospel in Asia. The flight had been exciting but nothing had prepared him for the craziness that was Taipei. And that heat! Sure, there had been some hot times in Arizona but it was never so humid. The air was never so heavy, just sitting there, on your chest, pushing you down, like a giant snake. The Tapei steamy night — it made breathing hard. And besides, back home, the air-conditioning worked!

Those thoughts again! Why did he always return to doubt and question? He was here to save souls! Most of these poor people didn’t have reliable A/C, either. He was here to rescue them from hardship and despair. How could he do that if he wasn’t committed? In any case, the sun was up. David was up. Time to get ready and go to work. Oh yes, and to Wei-ting.

Life had already changed so much for David. He struggled with that, a lot. It never really felt totally comfortable, this mission abroad, doing what he had been “destined’ to do. Everybody else was happy. He liked making people happy. But still, something was not right. “I should be so happy doing this,” David argued, to nobody. Well, nobody but David. And God. “But doesn’t God want me to be truly happy?”


David had tried. He really had. Every day, he washed, got dressed, and headed out on the bicycle. To visit the people who needed his help. Every day, he came home and asked himself the same question: “What am I missing?” “Surely the answers to life are there already?” David picked up the Bible and held it close. It was familiar. The answers were there in his heart and in prayer with God. He knew this to be so. Or did he? Why didn’t he have the answers? Why was he still searching? Was he still searching?

Ruefully, David had realised he was stuck. He could not go home yet. His mission was completed but he knew he had not done his work. And in any case, how could he go back home filled with doubt and so many questions? He knew he would not be able to face his family and friends like this. He could not lie to them but he could not say what he honestly felt. In desperation, David had found a new calling, at least temporarily, he hoped. There was a never-ending demand for foreign English teachers in Taiwan. He could remain in Taipei City, improve his language skills, get to know the people better and eventually, or at least that was the plan, return to his ministry among the people. He would be better armed for the fight for salvation.


Taiwan Woman in Garden Photo
Photo: Taiwan Virgin in The Garden



There she was “May”, Wei-ting was her proper name. Or rather, the phonetic expression. Her proper name would be impossible for most Americans to get right. Tonal languages were just so alien for the Westerner. So, nicknames were better. At least until friendships became closer.  He had not even noticed when it had happened. That day when getting up in the morning and heading to work had changed. Forever, it now seemed. Where once he had thought almost non-stop about how to do his work, how to progress, how to make it toward getting back to ministry, and returning home to the welcome appreciation of the church and his family.

Now it was all about May.

She had seemed interested in his life story. To her, it was as alien as the inner workings of Taiwan life were to David. But that had been very attractive, her interest. He tried to focus on his ministry, on church life, on how dedicated he and his family were to living the life they should. But there was so little about this he could say to May. So strange — he could have preached for hours to other Chinese. Now, he didn’t want to talk to May about it. He wanted to know about May. And the more he wanted to know about May, the more he wanted to share David with May. It was so hard. How could he have these feelings? This was wrong! Everything he had learned told him so. But it felt right. In his heart, as much as he searched, and as much as he prayed, it still felt right. “God, the pain! I don’t know what to do!”

For May, things had not been much easier. Her and him? She had a better idea about how she felt, and she could see how difficult it was for him. He was so different from the other boys. The boys she had grown up with. They didn’t find it difficult. But she never let them. They were rough, rowdy. So driven by ego. Always needing to prove themselves. And so loud! Loud in everything they did. Stupid! In any case, she could never. Mama and Baba would probably ground her for life! Things had always been very strict at home. This was necessary! After all — had her parents not literally had to fight to survive? Strict order and following rules must be maintained. And she would marry a good boy from a good family. A Chinese family! There was no other good family.

But those Taipei steamy nights had a way of playing on people. It didn’t matter if you were a local, hot and heavy was hot and heavy. It ground you down, wore you out, left you gasping for breath and seeking refuge from the sweltering, oppressive atmosphere. A way out. Relief.

For May and David, their budding friendship was starting to offer a sense of relief. Certainly, May felt better when David finally arrived at work. Once, he had been sick. Her day in the accounts department had been an interminable drag. She found herself very worried. But she couldn’t ask anyone else if he was okay. Tongues would have wagged.

Relief washed through her body when he arrived at work the following day. She felt herself flush, her face burning so hot, when she looked up that morning to see him smiling at her. Did anybody notice? Did David see? He had turned quickly and rushed off, so she couldn’t tell. David had totally forgotten! It was Friday. William’s last day today, and the office was having a party. Some of the guys at work really didn’t follow a way of life portrayed favourably in the Bible. All that drinking. That partying. No way! But this was an office party. Socializing with colleagues was an important part of work life. He had to go. Anyway, senior management would be there and the party was being thrown at a classy restaurant in a good part of the city, so everything should be okay. “God, I hope May is there,” David caught himself thinking.  He had often heard that these parties ended up at Taiwan Erotic Stories of legend.

For May, things were not so straightforward. She didn’t live alone. Like many young Chinese, she shared the old shophouse with three generations of her family. She was expected to help around the house, too. Her auntie would need dinner. Why couldn’t her lazy brothers help, just this once? Such a bore! May tempered her rebellious feelings. As she always had to do. She had to be the dutiful daughter. She had to be a good girl. The work gang had assembled in the reception area of work. They were already a bit excited. The “lads’, those loud Brits who always led the parties, were already declaring in broad statements what a “wicked night” they were going to have, mate.

David tried not to attract their attention. He hated being dragged into having to pretend that he could get along with their behaviour and he didn’t want to cause any offence. So, he hung back and mingled with the team from accounts. But May was nowhere to be seen. A secretary giggled that May had rushed off, head down, before the others had even packed away their work. It was turning into another hot, steamy night. The air was so heavy. Fingers of mist wrapped around the peaks of Taipei’s office towers, neon lights suffusing dark clouds with an otherworldly glow. It was as if a great curtain was being drawn down upon the daytime and an uneasy night had begun. David found it hard to enjoy the party. The British boys were too boisterous. The restaurant was too loud. The food was odd and uninteresting. Everybody was up for karaoke. And why not? May wasn’t there. It was the weekend. “Even I need to enjoy myself sometimes,” David told himself.

“Cheers!!!” bellowed the boys, clanking their beer glasses together. “Come on, mate! Live a little!” pleaded Richard, the leader of the brat pack. He handed David a glass. “Come on mate, didn’t Jesus turn water into wine? This is the next best thing! KnowwhatImean?”

That first taste. Like nothing he’d experienced before. It had a hint of apple about it. “How ironic!” mused David.

“What’s that, mate?” Richard slurred. He was already on his third pint.

“Oh, nothing,” mumbled David as he took another swig of beer.

David was already feeling a bit odd. Only half a glass and he felt warm, a bit unsteady. Could he even see straight? The noise in the restaurant seemed to invade his head. He couldn’t hear clearly.

“Hello..,” a thought suddenly popped into his head, cutting through the haze.

“Hello?” it came again. It was in his ear. He turned toward the sound, his lips brushing against something soft and warm.

“Oh!” May giggled. “I am so sorry! I was too close.”

“Oh no. I’m….the sorry. I mean, I’m the one who should be sorry,” David struggled to reply. This darn beer! What would she think! David struggled to regain his self-control. “But what are you doing here? I thought you went home?”

“Oh I did,” May said softly. “But you know what? I already do enough at home. Today is about me.”

David could see more clearly now. May had never dressed like this before. He could almost see down her shirt. He caught his eyes darting down her neck and felt his face turn red. Had she noticed? David’s heart was really beating now. Was it the beer? He wasn’t sure. “But won’t your parents be angry? I understand that they are rather conservative.”

May was feeling more confident now. She had already taken the biggest step, the first one. She felt emboldened. Grabbing David’s beer, she took a big gulp and declared, “Forget about them, let’s just have fun!”

David felt the room start to spin. Reaching out to steady himself, he found his arm around May. Panicking, he was about to pull his arm away but May already had her hand on his arm. She smiled.

With her other hand, May brought a glass of water to David’s lips, “I think you need some of this, dear David.”

It felt so wrong but it felt so right. May knew there would be Hell to pay when she got home tonight. Or would it be tomorrow?

David was sure now that he was going to Hell. Partying, drinking, and now in the embrace of a woman to whom he was not married!

His mind began to wonder as he caught another glimpse down her top, he could see her chest moving up and down with her breathe. A button had come undone and the tip of her breasts were easily seen.  He thought about placing his hand on her chest and slowly undoing each button until her bra was fully exposed. He pants began to bulge and pulsate as his mind continued to wander. He wondered what it would be like to touch her soft supple skin and how she would react if he placed his hand between her warm thighs. He wanted to explore sexuality and his spirituality.

His brain was screaming at him, exhorting him to stop sinning, to end this wicked behaviour before it was too late! His heart was thumping. Or was that May’s heart? She was so close now.

“Come on, you two! Get a bloody room!!!”

It was Richard again. His tie was gone and his shirt was hanging out of his trousers. He looked, and sounded, a mess.

The house lights came up. The restaurant was closing. David and May edged away from each other, blinking in the light. Had anyone else noticed? Richard probably wouldn’t remember on Monday but the office girls! Word was sure to get back to May’s parents. She would never be allowed out of the house again!

As the party stumbled out into the Tapei steamy night, David realised he was in no fit state to go onto karaoke. He’d had his first taste of the party life and, yeah it was fun, but he knew there would be more beer and he already had a long talk with God ahead of him.  It reminded him of some of those Singapore Erotic Stories he had been told about.

David turned to May, “I suppose I should help you get home.”

“No, you don’t need to do that,” she replied.

“But it’s late. It’s not safe for you to go home alone,” David offered.

May giggled, “I don’t NEED to go home, do I?”

David felt unsteady. It wasn’t the beer now.

“Come on, you two! Get a room!” It was Richard again. A taxi pulled up to the kerb, Richard opened the door, “In you go! Hurry up! Your secret is my secret.”

It might have been the longest taxi ride of David’s life. Could May feel him shaking? He was so nervous. May snuggled up to him and smiled. He tried to smile, too. Could she see how nervous he was?

May was sure of herself now. She had never been with a boy before but you know, girls talk. She had heard what happened with boys. Had David been with a girl before? He was so kind, and seemed so innocent. “No,” she told herself. She would be his first.

Taking charge, May paid the taxi driver and led David into his apartment building. David felt as if he was being carried along by a powerful river. Things were happening so fast now. Fumbling with his door key, he dropped it on the floor.


Woman in White Bra Photo
Photo: Taiwan Woman in Bra



Before he could move, May had retrieved the keys, opened the door, and pushed him inside.

His hands searched the dark wall for the light switch but May took both of his hands and, pulling them around her waist, she strained to reach his mouth with hers.

David heard May give a small gasp as they came together in the half light, her lips eagerly meeting his. He felt her tongue, tentatively at first, then more forcefully.

Even as they embraced, May was undressing herself. “How does she do that?” David wondered. His thoughts were interrupted as she started to remove his shirt.

Both of them stumbled over their clothes as David led May to his bed. He couldn’t believe this was happening but he was so happy. David sat down and pulled on May’s waist for her to come closer, he kissed down her chest to her belly button. As she stood in front of him he began to rub her clitoris as she began to moan in sexual frustration, her legs began to give out. She couldn’t take it anymore and moved up onto his lap with his big hard erection pressing against her clitoris making her extremely wet. Some precum started to form on the tip of his penis.

May wanted to feel everything inside of her and began to rub her body against his. David held his cock and slipped it between her wet thighs. He pushed the tip of his erection into her extremely tight vagina. He held onto her waist and pushed it slowly until his whole cock was inside of her. He hugged her tightly so both of their bodies were completely touching. May began to move slowly up and down at her own pace. David kissed her chest and began to suck on her nipples. May’s moaning became louder and louder until finally she orgasmed. May fell onto the bed as a street light reflected off May’s face. She was smiling. A big smile.

David awoke with a start. He lay there. Hot, sweating, and exhausted. It was still dark. What a dream! Then he heard it: May’s breathing. Her hair was draped over his shoulder. She seemed to be dreaming but she had a smile on her face.

For the first time in his life, David was happy to lie there in the Taipei steamy night.








Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Under The Cypress Tree’s of Taipingshan National Forest

Asian Beauty In Forest

The crimson sun was setting on the horizon and the dawn slowly made its way on the picturesque Taipingshan National Forest, Taiwan while the night birds welcomed it with their beautiful songs. As all the visitors and tourists made their way out of the park, Kuan Lin, the lean and tall forest guard did a final check before he locked up the park. Lin was an aborigine from the Atayal Tribe brought up in the rugged mountains of the National Park in the Rato District – otherwise known as the ‘savage land.  There are only a few more than 80,000 men and women left in the tribe and many of them were addicted to the local betel nuts.

Lin was also a recluse living in his solitude in a cabin on the grounds of the National Forest rarely communicating with anyone outside of his working hours. The national forest kept him busy and it paid him enough to take care of himself. He found a tranquility amidst the luscious forest and the animals that made their home amongst them. Though lean and shy, his cheekbones that bore the facial tattoos common among his tribe screamed attention as soon as anyone set their eyes on him. The art of the facial tattoos is generally a family design that is handed down from generation to generation and the belief is that the spirits of the dead will recognize their family by them.



Those deep brown eyes of his may seem to lack any emotion initially but a closer look at them reveals that they hide pain and stories borne from unfathomable grief for a common man to imagine. Maybe that’s the reason why he often avoids people’s eyes or any form of close communication or contact with anyone. His straight black hair lightly grazes his shirt collar and is usually wet with sweat and covers his deeply alluring eyes in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Lin still followed the many traditions and beliefs of the Atayal and whenever he finished work he would adorn traditional dress rather than his rangers outfit.  As Kuan Lin was preparing to finish work for the day, he noticed something unusual. It was not that there was an animal presence around, because with his bush instincts he could detect an animal’s presence often like he is one among them. May be that is the reason he’s always found comfort among living things that cannot talk or question or disappoint. No, this was different. He could hear someone lingering around. Kuan Lin could hear light footsteps on the dried leaves as he moved closer to inspect. Never someone who backs out of a daring and demanding situation, Kuan Lin felt a strange emotion washing him over that he could not put his finger on but he sensed danger. He hesitated for a moment, reevaluating if his mind was playing tricks on him again, as he had often had this feeling many times in the past few years. May be this is why he stopped listening to his heart and mind, he didn’t want them to control him, no not anymore!

Kuan Lin channeled his courage and stepped in closer to the spot where the noises were coming from. He could make out a faint silhouette of a woman. It was the same woman whom he caught exchanging way too many stares at him when she thought Kuan Lin was not looking. Shu-Chen was a petite woman whose clear face was as flawless as a delicate flower. Her soft features were a clear indication that life had come easy for her. Things were handed over to her without her having to put in much effort and the unblemished porcelain skin, pristine and expensive clothing and delicate features gave her the air of someone that was always going to get what she wanted.

As she lingered behind the maple tree, her longing gaze lingered far too much on Kuan Lin who was making his way towards her. Her not-so-surprised look was a clear indication that she deliberately wandered away from her friends unnoticed who had now left the park. As Kuan Lin approached her with a clearly uninterested look, Shu-Chen stumbled lightly out from behind the tree with a smile on her face.

Erotic Asian Encounter
Erotic Asian Tale


It was obvious that Shu-Chen was athletic and trendy the goddess with a frozen age her smooth skin, trimmed body and impeccable complexion. Her long dark brown hair rested at her shoulders. She was tall for a Taiwanese woman perhaps measuring 170cm and when she smiled revealed perfect symmetrical white teeth. She wore an orange blouse and a pair of denim shorts which showed off her bronzed legs perfectly. Her eyes were made for staring into and she fit the definition of “petite” more than “curvaceous,” but her breasts were still perky and somewhat prominent.  She was perfectly formed and her description would be perfect for a Taiwan Erotic Story.

Kuan Lin, with his clearly unamused voice asked “What are you doing here.  Your friends have left – I am closing the park.”

Shu-Chen replied, “I wanted to be on my own, to get my head clear and they left without me.”

Kuan Lin did not believe her and it was obvious to him that she was waiting for and watching him.  It was not uncommon for her to come to the park and watch him and Lin had often contemplated talking to the Police about her unusual stalking behaviors – but realistically she had done nothing wrong or illegal and had caused any real concern until now.

Lin said, ‘I am not sure whether to call the Police and have them take you away or drive you into town myself.  This is really disappointing’.

This rejection was way too new to Shu-Chen and clearly she was not taking it well and that made her all the more determined to get to know the man behind the mask that he puts on for the world. As Kuan Lin was guiding her out of the forest, Shu-Chen grabbed his arm and pulled him closer and impulsively kissed him. Though Kuan Lin hesitated at first, he gave in to her beauty and charms. Kuan Lin had been never shy when it came to expressing his emotions, but all that changed a little more than three years ago. I guess that’s what pain can do to a human being. It can take the most innocent, optimistic and romantic person and turn them dark, mysterious and cynical to what life has to offer.

It had been more than three years since Lin had kissed a woman and now with her hugging him he began to give into the desire and the kissing became more passionate. But before Shu-Chen realized Kuan Lin was pulling away from her. Even in that passionate kiss, she could clearly make out the hesitation in Kuan Lin. It was not that 3 years of never being kissed put Kuan Lin out of practice. He was always a passionate kisser and a good and sensitive lover, who could gravitate between gentle and rough in a matter of seconds.

This was something different. Something was holding him back and those butterflies in his stomach that usually were a warning to him of danger felt like bats now. He was torn between his desire and the thought to flee but is there anything stronger than the beauty of a woman who was standing in front of him engulfed with lust and clearly carnally needing him?

She said, “What’s wrong?”

It took just a moment before Kuan Lin was pulling her towards the make-shift cabin he lived in near the old cypress tree that was thousands of years old and fabled to be the host of many mountain spirits. Glad to finally be getting her way, Shu-Chen was beyond excited. They made their way into his old cabin. Kuan Lin quickly closed the door behind them and pulled Shu-Chen closer. And kissed her so intensely that Shu-Chen had to grab on to the door to support them. The initial hesitation that was evident at the beginning had vanished and was now replaced by a yearning and desperation that made Shu-Chen all the more invested in this brown-eyed guy.

Kuan Lin’s hands wandered from her face to Shu-Chen’s hair and then her shoulders. Before she even realized he was grabbing her closer that not even air could come between them. It was almost like Kuan Lin didn’t want to let her go. Though she was no stranger to passion, this felt different for Shu-Chen. She could feel it within her, and that feeling was coming to the surface demanding to be released and clearly her nerves were getting the better of her as she began to become afraid. She drifted into her thoughts, sifting through her memories to recall the last time she felt this way around someone. It was with her second boyfriend who shone through the memories beckoning her to all the wonderful moments they once shared. Before she could relive those innocent times spent with the man she once loved and imagined a life with, Kuan Lin’s tight hold on her waist brought her back to reality.

She enjoyed being kissed passionately for a long time – Lee was a considerate lover. Because Shu-Chen was never a fan of making love, no not after the boy who stole and broke her heart. Soon Kuan Lin’s exploring hands found their way under her shirt and started searching for more, till they found their way over her lacy bra. It lingered there for a moment, cupping her perky breasts, as if he was studying how it felt and was memorizing it. He slowly slid his fingers under her bra strap and grazed her bare breasts, making his way to her nipples. Pleasure washed over him as he recalled the last time he was this intimate with someone. But before he could remember, he shook off the feeling and looked at Shu-Chen intently.

It was the first time he actually noticed how incredibly beautiful she was. Her enticing black doe eyes were a stark contrast to her delicate pink lips. He yearned for her now – there was something – like a feeling of already being familiar or knowing her deepest thoughts and desires.

Kuan Lin quickly unstrapped her bra and removed her orange tee-shirt over her head and it soon made its way over the wooden floor. He took a moment to admire this young woman who was standing in front of her bare breasted looking adoringly at  him. He took her gently in his arms and kissed her intently with a yearning he had denied himself for so long. Shu-Chen kissed him back as his khaki rangers  shirt made its way to the floor. They made their way to the bed. It was Kuan Lin’s lips which were doing the exploring now. It savored Shu-Chen’s sweet, sweet tongue and took in everything she could offer. He made his way to her neck and starting kissing and sucking them ever so gently, ever so passionately. She could not wait to get all of him all over her body. As her hands unbuttoned the jeans, he grabbed on to her breasts.

As Kuan Lin’s mouth made his way to her breasts, Shu-Chen anticipation made her wet between her legs. He kissed them gently, then continued to suck them with a passion that was unfamiliar to her. She made the slightest moan that got Kuan Lin more excited. He proceeded to suck her nipples and suck them a little harder now. She moaned again. As his mouth continues working on her breasts, his hand went down to her pubic area ensuring that Shu-Chen wanted him the same way as he did. Her wetness aroused him and he could not wait to be inside her. His hardness wanted its way with her. He slowly slid his finger inside her. She arched her back in pleasure. He pulled back and removed her jeans while watching her intently. Her parted perfect pink lips invited him like a bee to a flower.

He went down on her gently liking both sides of her labia, the sweet smell of desire emanating from her.  He slowly and gently licked her clit and then took it in his mouth as she moaned and gasped with desire.

It was not long before she cried out, “I’m coming” and started orgasming and gushing all over Lins face.

She said, “ I am so sorry, you just turn me on so much’.

Lin said with a smile, “I loved it.  It just shows me how much you were turned on”.

Lin Stood up and quickly pulled on a condom over his erect penis and thrust into her. With no hesitation and pure passion, both of them were lost on the fact that they were strangers. Deep and quick thrusts made her pull hard at his hair while he enjoyed her moaning.   The passion was unbridled and it felt like Shu-Chen was a wild animal.

And then it was different!!!!

Erotic Ghose

He was not looking at Shu-Chen anymore. But it was her. How could he not recognize her? Kuan Lin could recognize Yi-Ling among a million faces. It can’t be possible. How can a girl who died 3 years ago in front of his eyes in the most horrible of ways be in his arms this very moment.  Staring back at him?  No, this was insane. He pulled back quickly falling over backwards onto his rear end. Yi-Ling followed him and hugged him and showered kisses over his face.

Lin cried out, “No this is not possible.  Yi_Ling you are dead!”

He turned not wanting to see what was front of him, yet secretly desiring that it was in fact his departed lover.  The bats in his stomach had turned to eagles.  He felt sick, confused and scared.

“I missed you, sweetheart”, she told ever so softly in her beautiful voice.

He couldn’t resist but turn towards her and kiss her again. 3 years he had missed her taste. But this was Shu-chen, not Yi-Ling. Yi-Ling had possession of her here was no denying that. He had so many questions that poured through his mind.

Yi-Ling said, “I have watched you every day since my death.  It has really disturbed me that you have withdrawn from life and you are pining away the years remorsefully in my memory.  I wanted you to move on.”

‘How did you watch me?”, he said.

She said, “You know how I died in this park.  In fact not far from here.  As I was dying my blood fell on and in the soil sucked up by the roots of the cypress trees in this very forest.  You know through your tribal beliefs that the cypress tree is the sign of life and the trees have given me life in the thereafter.  I could not bear to be without you Lin”.

Though all this did not make any sense, his happiness got the better of him. They kissed again, making up for all the time lost. He was inside her again and thrusting harder than ever before, because the woman that he was inside was no longer a stranger to him. Kuan Lin knew her inside out. Knew what gets her off. When she saw that he was dissolved with pleasure, she stopped, divining that perhaps if she deprived him now he might make a gesture towards fulfillment. At first he made no motion. His sex was quivering, and he was tormented with desire.  But then he held onto the header board of the bed and thrusted deeper and deeper, each thrust deeper than the one before till both of them moaned and climaxed.

Immediately after Lin saw that the woman beneath him was Shu-Lin and she was motionless and not breathing. Petrified, Kuan Lin watched Shu-Chen with unbelievable eyes, because the events that transpired today was something unheard of. There were buzzards in his stomach now as Shu-Lin gasped desperately for air and then slumped back into a catatonic state.

Lin had to go outside – anywhere but in this cabin to get some air.  He stood in front of the cypress tree and then collapsed onto his knee’s crying.  After about half an hour he returned to his cabin to find Shu-Chen was awake and dressed with a puzzled look on her face.

She said, ‘What happened?”

Kuan Lin said, ”Do you not remember?”

She said, “The last thing I remember was being with my friends and now waking up naked in your bed.  What has happened?”

Kuan Lin said, “ I am going to take you home.”

Lin drove her to her home in Yilan City with barely a word spoken.

The next morning Kuan Lin pretends that the previous day never happened and goes on about his duties trying to wipe those events totally from his mind. However around mid afternoon, he notices Shu-Chen approaching him. Before a word is spoken, she pulled him forcefully behind the maple tree kissing him passionately. A familiar kiss that he could never forget even if he wanted to.

He pushes her away as she says “It’s me, sweetheart” with the voice of Yi-Ling.

Quickly they made their way to his cabin, his carnal desire and need for pleasure getting the best of Kuan Lin.  He shut down all his inhibitions and gave his deceased lvoer what she yearned for. Thrusting deep into her and hearing her moan was something he had missed so dearly and something he couldn’t bring himself to do with any other girl, till yesterday. As their bodies shivered and quivered, Kuan Lin couldn’t help but ponder over everything that was happening.

How can Yi-Ling make love to me? Why does Shu-Chen not recall anything?

He decided to have a conversation with her, but with whom would he be speaking, whether it was Shu-Chen or Yi-Ling. He decided to continue anyway.

Lee said as Shu-Chen woke up, “Why did you come here today?’

Shu-Chen said, “ I do not know.  I have just have this overwhelming need to come to the National Forest.  It is almost like pain if I do not give I and drive here.”

Lee said, “You must stop this. For your own safety”

She said , “What do you mean? I cannot.”

Not wanting to explain anything further Kuan Lin convinced her that nothing was wrong and maybe she was just exhausted from the day before.

He said, “You can no longer visit me anymore.  Do you hear me?  I mean it.”

Shu-Chen began crying and said, “I understand.”

As evening approached he went by the hot spring to ensure that all the tourists had left, but there was a surprise waiting for him there. It was Shu-Chen and he had to look twice to make sure it was really her and not Yi-Ling. He approached her ever so cautiously, his looks giving away to how sorry he felt for the both of them.

She jumped up at the sight of him and hugged him, and this time she was yearning for comfort. They exchanged sweet kisses and before they realized it they were half-naked in the hot spring. Kuan Lin found a rock and made her sit on it and quickly removed her shorts and spread her legs and the transition happened again and he was with Yi-Ling.. He licked her clit ever so gently relishing her sweet nectar. She quivered and held on to his hair tightly. He then slowly inserted his tongue inside her and licked her voraciously. She screamed out of pleasure, but in a sweet gentle voice he couldn’t shake off.

This time however Yi-Ling remained after they had both cum and said, “Lin, you can have me and be with me forever.”

Lin said, “How is that possible?”

She said, “If you sacrifice Shu-Chen to the spirits of the Cypress Tree and allow her blood to join their holy sap they will re-incarnate me in the body of Shu-Chen.”

Spiritual Cypress Trees
Cypress Tree Spirits

Lin was ready to do almost anything, but what was being contemplated here was the murder of an innocent young woman.

Yi-Ling said, “When she is gone, I will come back in her place.  We will be together again.”

Lin said, “This is not like you Yi-Ling.  You were always a caring and loving person when you walked this earth.  What you are suggesting is taking another life.  This is not right, I cannot be a part of it.”

Yi-Ling said angrily, “But we will be together. We are going to make this happen.  You and me.  We must.”  She then fell to the ground, her body limp.

When Shu-Chen came too Lin said, “You must never come to this park again. Never!!!”

Days turned into months and months into a year. Kuan Lin slowly started to put things behind him and get on with his life deciding that it was for the best. Often he would gaze longingly at the Maple Tree. One day as he was reading the newspapers when he noticed a familiar face in the column. It was Shu-Chen, before the nerves got the best of him, he decided to read it quickly.

It was an article on how a young and healthy woman named Shu-Chen went into a sudden coma about a year ago.  She had been behaving differently and erratically and then returned home where she incoherently spoke about death and unrequited love. He couldn’t believe his eyes and decided he must try to help and visit her.  He could not be responsible for the state she was in – he must try to fix it.

She-Chen In A Coma
Shu-Chen In Hospital


As he was approaching her bed in the hospital, he was stopped by this short sweet girl who pulled him aside and asked, “Are you Kuan-Lin?”

He said, “Yes”.

She said, “My name is Angel and I am Shu-Chen’s friend from Singapore Story – an web-based publication.  I have something to show you before you see her.”

“What,” he said.

She said, “Follow me,” and then led him to another room where there was a dvd player and popped in a dvd and presses play.  It was a video of Shu-Chen.  Shu-Chen narrated it explaining that strange things were happening to her.  She showed bite marks, bruises and explained of memory loss and behavioual changes.  She explained that before she had a need to go to the Taipingshan National Forest but that need was now overshadowed by a desire to end her life and harm herself.  She explained that she no longer knew who she was but felt like she was being watched 24/7 and constantly felt unsafe – even in her own home.

The girl said, “She told me that if anything was to happen to her that you would come and to show you this video.  That you would know what to do.”

Kuan Lin felt his legs give way and decided to leave immediately before meeting Shu-Chen. He felt his whole world turned upside down and felt responsible for the misfortune that befell Shu-Chen and had made a decision on how to help her. As he was driving away the tears streamed down his face for all that had been cast upon the poor Shu-Chin.

As his car entered the National Park and he drove closer to his cabin he put his foot down on the accelerator.  The cars speed increased rapidly and through the headlight piercing through the darkness a shape began to emerge and suddenly at close to 100km per hour a crash as Lins car ran into the aged Cypress and he was flung through the windshield smashing into the tree.  Life ran from his broken body as the sound of a banshee pierced the night.

The next morning Shu-Chen awoke from her coma none the wiser as to what has happened and now lives a comfortable life having gotten married and with family.

Many strange things have happened in Taipingshan National Forest near the Cypress Grove ever since.


Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.
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