Why Use Penis Plugs?

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Penis Plugs are a form of sexual fetish toys for guys. It may sound very strange to insert something into the eye of your penis, anything that is put into the male urethral opening goes against what you normally would do. However for those daring enough to look beyond their normal boundaries they have discovered a brand new ways to experience sexual stimulation. For others the challenge is too great and they will never experience the ‘inside out’ feeling of ejaculating with a cock plug inserted into the urethra. Believe it or not urethral insertions have been used for hundreds of years both for medical reasons and sexual pleasures. The very best and most common Penis Plugs are made out of Surgical grade Stainless Steel, similar to any other form of body jewelry it has to be hygienic and clean.

It makes common sense to use a professionally manufactured penis plug instead of inserting a foreign object that you may find.  Men have been know to insert knitting needles, vegetables, nails and all forms of objects.  As you won’t know what these articles are comprised of or where they have been they can bring about a genuine hazard to your well being so it is strongly recommended not to use them, they can dangerous. Safe penis plugs can be designed in several ways including solid, thru-hole and also Pa Seem. They are also available in smooth, ribbed, ridged or uneven shafts so that you can experience different sensations when inserting and removing. They come in all different diameters, textures and also lengths.

Lately, with the approach of body safe silicone toys, cock plugs are being made of these material and this is a completely body safe variety that will permit more flexibility of the penis whilst the urethral plug is inserted. However stay away from penis plugs that have plastic or silicone joined to a surgical steel plug as it might come loose during use and the fitting will come free making it exceptionally hard to remove without medical assistance.

GENTLE GIANT Vibrating Urethral SoundWhen using a penis plug make certain it is thoroughly cleaned before use and after each use as you do not want to get a nasty bacterial urethral infection. Lubrication is very important when inserting it way up and any good lubricant will do – before silicone lubricants were on the market water-based was recommended but the urethra will absorb the water based lube.  I recommend superslyde as it is 100% silicone and therefore body-safe.  Insert the plug slowly and luxuriate in the experience – do not tighten up or get nervous or the experience will turn bad.

When first starting out, you won’t want to be able to leave the plug in for too long but as you become more experienced you will be able to leave it in longer – even a day at a time. Many men are playing and experimenting with Penis Plugs as it offers a whole new way to experience sex – maybe someone at your office is wearing one now.  It used to be difficult to find retailers but now with the internet you can buy penis plugs at the click of a button.  Even women are shopping for their men as penis plugs can be worn by the experienced when actually having sex.  It is important to seek information about penis plugs from a trusted and well known resources as well as buying your penis plugs from a quality vendor. Please read up all available knowledge about penis plugs for safety tips and maintenance.

It is important to choose the right penis plug for you that should be comfortable when inserted and worn.  Penis plugs also known as a urethral wand, cock plug, cock stuffer, medical sounds can vary from two inch length to eight inches long as well as anywhere from three by sixteenth of the inch up in diameter. The plugs are usually made with steel, or plastic and many other materials including glass that I strongly recommend you do not use.. Penis plugs are usually solid or cum thru by way of a hole. The kinds with the holes allow you to easily ejaculate or even urinate with them on. Some are even designed to allow for electro sex stimulations. The main thing is to make sure is the one you’re buying is constructed from quality material and your seller is reputable.

The main point of inserting a penis plug is to stimulate the urethra and still allow for additional great masturbatory or even oral sex. It also can be donned as jewelry for the penis!  If you wan to experience new, different and a bit on the wild side sensations I cannot recommend highly enough the use of penis plugs.  Experience what it is like coming from the inside out!


Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Penis Jewelry

Behindkink Waving Penis Plug with T-Bar and Ring Sex Toy Image

A penis plug is an excellent man’s body jewelry, which will increase the beauty of your penis to no abound. You will feel stronger as well as more confident when you wear this excellent and unique type of body jewelry. The variety of sizes in regards to penis plugs is part of the attraction to the user who may choose to just use one or have a different plug for different occasions. Due to to the various sizes and shapes now available  it has become very popular with the younger and alternate crowd. If you are just a beginner, then you should not use the heavy or extra long penis plug jewelry for your penis, and ensure that it is not overly wide either – anything 4-6mm will be perfect for beginners. You should use a beginners one to determine first if you like it and if so try different varieties till you find the one you love. So for the beginner I advise to use a regular sized one curved at the end for easy insertion and removing. If you have never used one why not try one today.  It is something different that you may really enjoy. You don’t know until you try and you may be missing something that you will really enjoy. Imagine the feeling of coming from the inside when wearing a penis plug.

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Penis plugs as well as penis sounds have really found an active niche market and it seems that men that have tried one, come back and buy more.  Wearing a penis plug will certainly mystify and make you more intriguing to your lovers and partners and often may be used during intercourse to increase sensation and enjoyment.  Penis plugs can be used by men that have pierced penises and there are various body bracelets plugs for sale for the non pierced penis plug jewelry enthusiasts  that have remarkable design, style and look. Penis and glans rings can also be used in conjunction with  wearing a penis plug and they will definitely help improve your sexual prowess.  As with anything inserted into the body it is essential that hygiene and care are used and there are many safety tips that must be followed to ensure fun and healthy use.

Jewelry for the penis, even not for piercing type are very well known to enhance pleasure as well as the look of the penis.  Penis piercing is very popular and has been used for many centuries.  For those that are not just interested in the look and want to go deeper within the urethra there are penis sounds as well.  Urethral play and urethral systems are famous for enhancing and improving sex in a man. If used correctly penis plugs will give you the perfect pleasure and it will not only be comfortable but good.   You will feel more manly wearing a penis plug so many men have taken to wearing cum thru penis plugs that they can wear all day long at work. If you never tried a penis plug then buy a penis plug today. Not only will you find it interesting but your lover will too.

Slender Penis Plug is one of the popular men’s penis jewelry among the fetish fascinates of today.  Many of them use it as the part of their body jewelry or penis art. Your Slender Pipe Penis Plug is ideal for new users as it offers a an excellent size which makes it user friendly, more so than any other penis plug . It truly is the right beginners size being only one by four inches inside and the largest size up to 2 to 1/4″ long excluding the actual excellent glans ring. This penis plug part has 1 to 7/8″  insert-able length and possesses a five to sixteen inch ball around the end.  It has a glans ring linked to allow for simple as well as easy wearing whilst going out. The penis plug naturally crafted from 316LVM Surgery Steel and is cum thru or hollow to ensure that everything will flow through whether it be cum or urine so as to have no serious or harmful problems.  This plug can be used by those that have a Prince Albert piercing or not and for those that do not it make it look like the penis is pierced without the actual piercing. There is a huge amount of excellent penis body jewelry just like the slender penis pipe plug available in specialized adult shops. This cock jewelry is very famous for its remarkable design as well as excellent style.

Penis jewelry is very popular, even non piercing types continue to boost pleasure along with various kinds of urethral toys and penis sounds. Due to this reason the penis plug as well as various penis jewelry has become the ‘it’ for men’s sex toys and urethral medical play. Insert the penis plug into the eye of the penis, also referred to as a urethral and insert slowly up the urethral canal.  Manipulate it in and out slowly whilst relaxing and you will experience an orgasm inside out These plugs can be made with steel, plastic or silicone. Penis plugs can be also be solid or soft. It depends on the type of the penis plug and which form you will feel most comfortable with. Most regular users prefer a cum thru plug with is a plug with a hole! The kinds with thru-holes let you ejaculate or urinate via them. These can be worn for a long time. If you love electric sex, which is one of the greatest form of sex you can also do there are plugs designed for electro sex.. The most important thing is to be certain the one you are going to be buying is manufactured out of quality resources.

Penis jewelry is becoming very popular as the penis is the most valued part of the man’s body and many smart as well a handsome men and their lovers want to give his penis a stylish look making it different from the others. Cock jewelry also will help you to improve your confidence whilst having sex. You will feel the difference when you first start to use it. You will get awesome feelings. Be smart, and buy a penis plug today to feel the real energy and difference. If you are a girl, why not buy a penis plug to give your boyfriend, lover or husband for an excellent surprise gift!



Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.
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