Bella Talks Tantric Massage. You Should Listen!

Spiritual And Sexual Massage Hands

The Sydney Tantric Massage opening line perfectly describes what a tantric massage experience is:

“Your sexual energy is awoken and spread around your entire body, causing a full body response, new sensations, a new understanding of the potential for pleasure within you. A Tantric Massage honours you in your entirety.”

A Tantra Massage is explained as where a person is taken to a place of deep relaxation. The experience will encourage you to breathe deeply and become more mindfully aware of every touch you experience and it allows for your body to naturally sexually respond. With Tantra Massage you are not expected to climax but it can lead to a powerful full body orgasm. It is one of the ways for men to learn how to orgasm without ejaculation.

There are two main types of Tantra Massages including a Yoni Massage which focuses on honouring the vagina and a Lingam Massage which focuses on honouring the male penis. I have to say, it sounds like an amazing experience which honestly connects all aspects of psychology, sexuality and spirituality together in a harmonious environment. Who doesn’t want all those benefits?

Sydney Tantric Massage have a large range of practitioners who specialise in areas including Intimacy Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Tantric Counselling, Energy Work, Bondassage and more. This is an interview with Bella, the Manager of the Sydney Tantric Massage Website.

Bella A Tantric Practitioner
Photo: Bella, The Manager Of The Sydney Tantric Massage Website

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Bella.  I’m a Tantric Practitioner based in Sydney.  I manage the STM website, where independent and professionally trained Tantric practitioners advertise their Tantric services.

How did you get into Tantra Massage?

I was certainly interested in Tantra through my 20s, but it wasn’t until my early 30s that i started to have full body energetic and orgasmic experiences. Sometimes during sex, sometimes while dancing, and sometimes just literally out of the blue for no reason.  This gave me experiential insight into the fact that sexual energy is life force energy, and is not dependent on genital stimulation.  We have more of a powerful and full body orgasmic capacity for pleasure than many of us realise.  As my personal experiences of sexual energy were so far outside the mainstream norm of what we are told sex is, I became passionate about deepening my studies of Tantra and sacred sexuality. Soon enough I realised that this was my true passion, I accepted that I had a gift worth sharing, and that I had the personal qualities and skills necessary to become a Tantric practitioner.  I studied a lot of courses and workshops, and started offering sessions.  That was 9 years ago.

What are the main principles of Tantra and how does it connect you to spirituality?

Tantra is the art of relaxing through arousal, the art of love, the art of meditating on pleasure.  The main principles are to slow everything down, be more mindful and present with every nuance of sensation, breathe deeply, let sounds flow, and move our sexual energy from the genitals around the body using imagination and intention to create full body orgasmic pleasure.   The tantric approach can create valley orgasms,  orgasmic states that last for hours.  It is spiritual because when we are outside the normal confines of our ego we are closest to ‘god’, and sex is the fast track way to get there.  We can achieve much more in a short space of time when we are present with our partner and sexual energy is flowing than we ever could through meditating alone for years. By combining sex and meditation, we can access states of consciousness not available with either practice alone.   Sex has an evolutionary function: when we shift away from a genital and peak orgasm focus and instead conduct sexual energy upwards, it is the energy of enlightenment.   Different chemical reactions in the body take place, the mind becomes flooded with dopamine, serotonin and DMT, the pineal gland can become activated, and one can experience energetically merging with the other, you might feel your chakras lighting up, experience visions in the third eye, or feel a sense of communion with something greater than yourself.  Many, different energetic, spiritual and extremely pleasurable experiences are possible when we unite spirit and sex, that’s why tantra is spiritual.

What are the benefits of a Tantra Massage?

There are many.   A tantric massage will often create a whole body orgasmic pleasure in the recipient.  Bliss states are very healing and rejuvenating for the whole body and all our organs. Experiencing full body orgasmic pleasure can teach people a lot about themselves, and inspire them to create more fulfilment and connection for themselves and their partners.   A Tantric Massage teaches a person the value of slowing down and relaxing during sexual arousal, because in this relaxed mindful state, they will experience energy moving and pleasure in their bodies in new and interesting ways.   They will learn how to cultivate sexual energy, and to move it around the body, therefore showing them that orgasmic pleasure is not limited to the genitals, but we are capable of full body orgasmicness.

It will leave a person feeling full body integration and unite the genitals with the heart.

If a person has an issue the practitioner will tailor the session to specifically address that issue.  Clients will come for a tantric massage if they want to learn how to last longer, control themselves better, or have erectile issues, or for women, if they feel like they’re not very in touch with their sexual selves or feel shut down.  The tantric massage can help people become better loves, help men to last longer in bed, help couples to connect better and enjoy each other more, there are many benefits.

What does a Tantra Massage feel like?

That depends on the individual and where they are at.  Everybody is unique.  It’s a spectrum of experiences, from quiet, soothing, relaxing and nourishing, to high frequency, electric, intense, powerful, blissful, and incredible.  It’s not possible to predict, but everyone gets the experience that’s right for them.  It’s quite common for people to feel energy move through their body in new and pleasurable ways, and to have more full body orgasmic sensations than they may be accustomed to, or to feel the genital heat rise up their torso to their hearts.  Some people will have full body orgasms, for others, it may be something very close to it.  It leaves the body feeling very relaxed, and the person more deeply centred in their bodies, with less tension in the pelvic area and feeling integrated, heart, mind, body and soul.

Are there many different types of Tantra Massages?

Each practitioner will have their own style, but the basic elements are the same.  A tantric massage is a very sensual, full body and holistic massage utilising lots of long flowing strokes.  It works with your sexual energy, waking it up around the body through present, loving, intuitive touch.  A man receives a Lingham massage and he can have a prostate massage too if he likes, and a woman receives a yoni massage, so they differ in that way 🙂  The attitude of the practitioner is calm, loving, and honouring of you in your entirety.


Woman With See Through Top Kissing A Hand
Photo: Woman Kissing A Mans Hand

What is the difference between a giver and a receiver during a Tantra Massage? How does the giver and the receiver prepare for a Tantra Massage?

The practitioner is giving and the client is receiving.  Some light sensual contact may be welcomed but the practitioner is not the focus of the session, the client is.   Receiving isn’t a passive state, one actively receives by following the guidance to breathe deeply, allow sounds to be expressed, stay present with the sensations of the body, and move energy for full body orgasmicness.  The receiver should have their attention within their own body, and if their attention leaves the body, they should bring it back when they realise.   The receiver doesn’t have to do much to prepare, just come with an open mind and no expectations (expectations will block the direct reality of the experience) and be freshly showered, or shower at our studios before their session.  The practitioner will prepare the room beautifully with ambience and beautiful scents, fresh towels and warm oil, and meditate before the session so that we are grounded and present and in our hearts.

How does a Tantra Massage begin?

My sessions go for between one and 2 hours usually.  4 hours for couples.

The session will begin with a conversation with the client to find out more about more about them, and if they want help or guidance with an issue then we talk about that. Some people come purely for pleasure and relaxation, and others come because they know they have an issue they would like to overcome, such as lack of libido, lack of enjoyment of sexual intimacy, inability to orgasm or weak orgasmic sensations, lack of ejaculation control, or inability to sustain an erection.  The tantric approach can help improve all of these conditions. Conversing about sex and intimacy in this new way can be very beneficial to people, and the practitioner will explain more about the session.  Practitioners may meditate with the client before the session begins.

The massage will generally begin with the person lying face down, and there are different approaches for men and women.  For women, sexual energy moves from the extremities to the breasts, to the vagina, so we touch her in such a way to facilitate this. Sensuality is the key to a woman’s sexuality, and we want her to feel safe and relaxed, so we wouldn’t touch her yoni until much later in the session when she is lying on her back, after a breast and belly massage, and only with her permission granted would we enter her yoni to begin the internal massage.  Sexual energy works differently in a man, in that his energy arises in the genitals thus we would touch his genitals at the beginning, and continually return there during the whole body massage in order to awaken and spread the sexual energy and pleasurable sensations around his body.  Everything is done in a relaxing way, so that the receiver can relax into what they are receiving, instead of being overwhelmed by intense sensations.

The practitioner will guide the client into the tantric state, and may gently encourage and guide them during the massage to be present, to feel, to have a deeper experience. You can expect a new experience of relaxing into arousal, and that you will be honoured, safe, cared for and respected meanwhile.  Your full body massage will utilise a lot of long flowing sensual strokes, and a lot of attention is applied to the, chest, belly, pelvic and thighs, buttocks and around the genitals, leaving you feeling more open and light, and deeply connected to your pelvic bowl area.  Your penis, prostate or yoni will be touched with presence and love in innocent ways, it is a healing experience to be touched without agenda or without the need to do something for a change, just to receive. The touch around the pelvic area and in the vagina releases tension and allows for more pleasure to be experienced.  People hold a lot of tension around their genitals so it is tension releasing, very grounding.  It helps a person descend deeper into their sexual sense of self.   The massage will build towards a conclusion which is either deeply relaxing or deeply invigorating or a mix of both.  It could be an emotional experience, a blissful experience, a powerful experience, or a quiet gentle experience, it depends on the receiver.


Woman In Black With Whip
Photo: Bondassage

What happens during a Bondassage?

(Written by Taranga from Bondassagebliss)

“In a Bondassage session, you’ll experience both sensory deprivation and sensory overload. First you’ll be lightly bound to my comfortable massage table. Next I cover your eyes with a blindfold, and your ears with headphones, playing soft, sensual music. Then we’ll begin to explore sensation, as my warm, experienced hands knead, stroke, tickle, spank and more. As part of the experience, you’ll also be stimulated with delicious props like fur, feathers, crops and floggers. During a session, all kinds of feelings and emotions can come up. People often report feeling a rush of endorphins, similar to a ‘runner’s high’, and the experience can take you into what’s called a subspace. Here, time slows down and you enter a meditative, trance-like zone. Your mind is stilled and your body feels alive and more responsive than ever before.”

In the beginning if you are thinking of exploring any form of BDSM play then you have to try it out to see whether or not you are enjoying this kind of sexual and sensual play.  Only then will you know.   I think there needs to be an interest in BDSM play for you to enjoy and truly trust and let go.   If BDSM play is not for you don’t do it. Certainly you need to try things out to see whether it suits your particular needs and requirements and Bondassage is a safe way to experience the pleasure and pain of light BDSM with a highly trained and sensually skillful practitioner.

What type of training do the Tantra practitioners receive?

Yes, everyone on the STM site is well trained, and we are all dedicated to our profession.  Definitely if you are thinking about a Tantric Massage you should be looking into the qualifications of your practitioner.  There are many different avenues into this work, but for sure we have all undertaken a lot of personal development around our own sexuality, we have refined our sexual energy, we have all studied sacred sexuality, and completed many workshops and retreats around Tantra, massage, energy, or shamanic healing, counseling and coaching.  All of us have our own personal meditation practices that help us maintain a grounded, aware, present and loving attitude towards our clients. There are many reasons why you should start meditating. Take a look at our personal pages on our site to find out more about what we have studied.

What is the best way to contact you?

Each practitioner has their own hours of operation, generally between 10 am and 9pm or so.  Appointments later or earlier would be at the discretion of the practitioner.

The best way to contact the practitioner is by contacting them using the contact details on their individual pages.  STM website does not take bookings for sessions as we are all private and independent practitioners, you set up your appointment by contacting the practitioner directly.

What types of services or products should a person buy if they would like to know more about Tantra Massages?

They should come along and have a tantric massage because Tantra is experiential.  It is not something you read about or learn about, it is something you have the direct experience of.   A tantric massage is an opportunity to experience something unique in your life, it will be a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience, and for some people it is a life changing experience.   Take a look at our Sydney Tantric Massage website and get in touch with the practitioner that you resonate the most with.









VIP Interview with Helle Panzieri – Global Sales Manager Baci Lingerie And Envy Menswear

Panzieri Helle

Helle Panziere is a charismatic and charming global sales manager for OVO Lifestyle Toys, Baci Lingerie and ENVY Menswear. She is from Europe, born in Rome and grew-up in Denmark. Her mum is Danish and her father is Italian.

She added “The weathers always grey and dreary in Denmark. U.S. been there for 20 years” One of her favourite quotes that inspires her success is by Mandy Helen:

“You don’t always need a plan. sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens”

When asked what she believes in important to the success of the development of the companies she explained “It is very structured, regimented and you must follows plans. The truth is things will be okay. An important lesson to learn in business and life in general is to take active steps to develop yourself and the product. Once you know you have it, you have to let it go which can be hard. I love that I have so much freedom and creativity to do my job. It makes me even more focused to do better, become a harder worker and work long hours. When you do something you believe in and you are passionate about the hard work becomes less.”. Helle Panziere further explained who she looks up to “I look up to my Boss Frank Koretsky as he spent many years he mentored me with invaluable teachings and opportunity. I would like to add, my mum is hardworking. parent freedom to develop into the person without being to appreciate you couldn’t see until later on in life and my favourite accomplishments are my three kids.”

“I love that I have so much freedom and creativity to do my job. It makes me even more focused to do better, become a harder worker and work long hours. When you do something you believe in and you are passionate about the hard work becomes less.”



OVO K1 Rabbit Sex Toy
Sex Toy: OVO K1 Rabbit




Baci Microfibre And Lace Bustier Photo
Photo: Baci Microfibre And Lace Bustier


OVO Lifestyle Toys is a company who design a vast array of affordable and functional sex toys. Their range includes vibrators, vibrating balls, bullets, cock rings and more. They have won over 117 design awards and have received 36 Red Dot Awards. Their products are made from body safe materials and are shaped to work with the contours of a natural body.

Helle said “Ovo best sellers include their rabbit vibrators and kegel balls. Kegel balls are important for women’s health to keep in physical shape for their muscles to function on the inside”

Baci Lingerie was established in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show is Las Vegas. Baci means the word “kisses” in Italian which means their company name translates to Kisses Lingerie. They produce affordably priced lingerie, hosiery, corsets, bridal wear and costumes. Their lingerie collections are made to compliment all women’s body types and enhance their personal sex appeal. Baci Lingerie have also been known to have donate a percentage of their earnings to charity like the Eileen Stein Jacoby Fun, Bra Recyclers, Revlon Run & Walk, XO Oklahoma and Free the Girls. They have won 12 adult lifestyle awards including the 2015 XBIZ Lingerie Collection of the Year After Dark Award and the 2013 StoreErotica Lingerie and Costume Manufacturer of The Year Award. Baci Lingerie created a new brand named ENVY Menswear which offers a range of men’s underwear and dance apparel that includes thongs, jocks, bikinis, barebacks and much more. Helle said “All the brand have in common compliment one another and help to tell a story. they are both soft brands approach from the end consumer so they are easy to understand as it’s lingerie. For example, Ovo is feminine and so is lingerie. If you wear lingerie you can bring sex toys into the bedroom. For example, Baci’s best sellers are their Dream collection of costumes. Envy’s best sellers are their men’s costumes. If you buy one from each collection both couples can dress up.”

A big part of their success is attributed to their activeness in response to feedback they receive from their customers “Our brands rely on listening to constructive customer feedback to make changes. We have to understand the problems to make things better.”







VIP Interview with Donna Fenaroli From Sugar and Sass!

Standard Innovation Company

Why Do You Love Working With The Standard Innovation Company

“I have been the Standard Innovation Territory Manager in Oceania for 3 years. This role is the first role that I’m happy in. I enjoy my role helping people with disabilities and consumers at shows. I have worked in sales and marketing for 20 years within groceries and pharmacy industries. I am a business entrepreneur and managed the number one ice pack named Lets Ice It to.”

I asked Donna what her favourite quotes are and who she looks up to that motivates her successful career she said:

“I have many favourite quotes, here is one of my most important ones which was said by Muhammad Ali “Don’t count the days, make the days count by.”. Three more quotes that ring truthful when you think about it include: “You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with so choose carefully.”, “Behind every successful women is a crazy person giving advice” and “When you talk you are repeating what you already knows unless you listen.”. I am a proud mother of my 3 adult boys. My role model is my Nana Dorothy who is 93 years old, she is so motivated and spirited!”

With a friendly smile and hello, Donna Fenaroli gestured to the products nearby and explained:

“The best sellers are the We-Vibe Sync, Tango Bullet Vibrator and Pivot. We-Vibe Tango is my favourite. We-Vibe is known to bring couples together since couples who play together stay together”

We-Vibe Tango is a waterproof bullet vibrator that is possibly one of the strongest out in the market. It has 8 unique vibration modes with a 1 button control. It can be be used for 2 hours of continuous play time before it needs to be recharged.

We-Vibe Pivot is a waterproof, vibrating cock ring that stimulates the clitoris that has 10 different vibrating modes. It features a stretchy, soft and comfortable silicone. Available in the colour midnight blue. Cock rings are placed around an erect penis to help maintain blood flow which allows the erection to last longer and become as big as it possibly can be. The cock ring can be used during solo masturbation or during penetrative sex. The We-Vibe Pivot has not been released yet!

D1 Stone Blue Pearl Larvikate Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Exclusive Interview with Donna Fenaroli Oceana Territory Manager Standard Innovation Corporation – D1 Stone Blue Pearl Larvikate


Standard Innovation also run Laid who create cock rings and dildos with a difference. The product which stands out most is their “D1 Stone Blue Pearl Larvikate” from Norway which is made from absolutely beautiful Black Norwegian Moonstone. It features a smooth surface made from a natural stone that has dark grey, blue and white undertones. It has a g-spot curve for pleasurable stimulation. It can adapt to temperatures which means it can be used for temperature play.

About The Standard Innovation Company

Bruce Murison is the inventor and founder of Standard Innovation Corporation alongside his wife Melody in Canada. Standard Innovation Corporation manage the intimate adult lifestyle brands We-Vibe and Laid. We-Vibe started when Bruce was in search for a couples vibrator that could be placed between a couple whilst they were making love. Through thorough research he was unable to find a couples sex toy which was specifically designed for that sole purpose. Bruce wanted to create body safe, high quality, ecofriendly products that were used during couples play. Through hard-work and determination We-Vibe was created. We-Vibe has now sold over 2 million products.

Standard Innovation Products In Australia

We-Vibe Sync won the Couples Sex Toy of the Year XBIZ Award for the past three consecutive years including 2017, 2016 and 2015. We-Vibe Nova a rabbit vibrator won Innovative Sex Toy of the Year for Design XBIZ Award 2017. We-Vibe had also been awarded the Excellence in Packaging XBIZ Award 2017. They have also been nominated for 2017 Adultex Awards including the Best Couples Product and Best Luxury Toy/Toy Range. They are continually setting new industry standards for sexual health, fulfillment and wellness. Standard Innovation Corporation design team explore advancements in technologies, materials and concepts in order to build upon We-Vibe’s sex toys. They work alongside engineers, industrial designers, sexual wellness experts, doctors and consumers to create the highest quality products according to the peoples needs.

I asked Donna, ‘Whats the thing about selling about selling these products?’

She replied, ‘I don’t have to really sell them at all, because they sell themselves.  The products are luxurious and work.  It is all that customers want.”


















VIP Interview With Lynda Mort Director Of Business Development For XR Brands

Lynda Mort Director Of Business Development For XR Brands Photo

XR Brands is an adult lifestyle company who have created over 28 well-known brands including CleanStream, Inmi, Master Series, Raging Cockstars, Trinity Vibes, Vogue, Tom of Finland and Wand Essentials. They are most famous for their brand Master Series which is a fetish sex toy range which includes restraints, bondage and discipline gear, prostate massagers, nipple play, strap-on dildos, chastity and much more. XR Brands focuses on the development of niche products for people who wish to fulfil their sexual desires with quality, innovation and comfort.

Most recently XR Brands have won multiple 2017 XBIZ Awards including the Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools and Master Series were awarded as the 2017 XBIZ Gay Sex Toy/Line of the Year and Fetish Product/Line of the Year. They have also been nominated as the StoreErotica 2017 LGBT Company of the Year.

This is a VIP interview with Lynda Mort the Director of Business Development for XR Brands with the Adultsmart Blog.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Lynda Mort, I am the Director of Business Development for XR Brands. I have been with XR Brands for two and a half years.

What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company and product range?

XR Brands is located in Huntington Beach, CA. Our company was created to cater to those who have interest in the fetish lifestyle.  We offer a wide variety of fetish/BDSM/niche products. We understand that everyone has their own kink, and we want to show them that we have a product that fits their lifestyle. Our goal is to encourage our users to find their Kink!

What are your favourite accomplishments of all time working for XR Brands?

I am only as good as the team that works with me, and one of the things that we are most proud of is how far the brand has come in such a short time. Over the last two years we have grown so much, it is amazing to see our brands being offered all over the world! We have spent so much time choosing fantastic partners who believe in our brand, our business and our team. Our partners have been the key to our success, and we are so happy to be working with a network of successful distributors who want to grow with us. The time, effort and sacrifices that our team has made over the last few years is admirable and we pride ourselves on the incredible staff we have working for us.

What are your favourite quote’s that inspire you?

Recently a mentor of mine sent me this, I loved it so much that I printed it out and put it on my desk!

“Even if you go for it and it doesn’t work out, you still win. You still had the guts enough to head straight into something that frightened you. That type of bravery will take you places”.

The one quote that inspires me daily comes from one of the women I look up to, Sophia Amoruso author of #GirlBoss,

“It is she who listens to the rest of the world who fails, and it is she who has enough confidence to define success and failure for herself who succeeds”.

These inspire me because they show you that you should not fear failure, but use it as a tool to learn and to grow. In my opinion, you cannot learn without failure.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured all over the world. We choose the location we make our products based on the materials we are using. We manufacture in regions that specialize in the products they are making. Because we use so many different types of materials we want them to be made where they originate from.

What does your company value the most?

Hard work! Our motto is PLAY HARD and we encourage our team to work hard and play hard! The company values each and every employee and the sacrifices they make to take XR Brands to the next level.

What is the product development process like?

XR develops products following market trends and customer feedback. We take customer feedback very seriously and we read reviews on our products religiously. We have developed and improved many products based on customer feedback. Our customers are the heart of our company and we value their suggestions. Once we have an idea, we roundtable and brainstorm the idea. It then goes into the prototype stage, and testing. When we are satisfied with the results, it goes to the buying team, then art and production. It’s a pretty fun process and I would have to say that we have the best jobs in the world!

What are your favourite memories from working with XR Brands?

Honestly, I have too many to count! I do work with some incredible people and have some of the best customers in the world! I would say that one of my favorite memories would have to be the XR Brands Dungeon opening party. It stands out as my favorite because the entire XR family was there, as well as our wonderful partners and customers and we all just had an amazing time. We did a live whipping and caning with a master Dom, and it was the first time I had ever witnessed something like that. It was truly incredible!

What are XR Brands best sellers?

Our best sellers vary as they span across multiple categories. We have items that range from Cock and Ball Holsters to Lube Launchers to Electrode Penis Pads. The reason for this is due to the wide variety of kinks that people are into. We have products that cater to so many different lifestyles. Because we are known for our fetish and BDSM products, those categories do best for us.

Zeus Electrode Penis Pads Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Zeus Electrode Penis Pads

What products would you recommend?

I would recommend our new SHEGASM forced clitoral stimulator. Ergonomically designed for easy use, Shegasm’s unique suction sensation is like nothing else you have experienced. Simply turn on, place the silicone tip opening over your clitoris, and feel its amazing suction. The easy to use dial lets you increase the vibration power for added stimulation. Since Shegasm is wireless and charges via USB cord, you can take this amazing pleasure vibe anywhere you go.

Shegasm Focused Clitoral Stimulator Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Shegasm Focused Clitoral Stimulator

Does XR Brands use any unique materials or technology?

We are always trying to stay ahead of the market. We recently released an update to our iFuk Virtual Reality Stroker. The update features actual stars such as Lisa Ann, Blondie Fesser and Indica Cannabliss. The stroker allows you to have a more interactive part in the scene you are a part of.

iFuk Virtual Reality Stroker Sex Toy Image
Buy Now | XR Brands Sex Toy Range

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Don’t be intimated by our products. We offer something for everybody and we encourage people to explore themselves alone and with their partner. It’s important that we understand ourselves and our bodies. Don’t be ashamed to ask for what you want sexually.






VIP Interview With Joe Hanson Co-founder Of Empire Labs

Joe Hanson Co-founder Of Empire Labs Image

Empire Labs was established in 1996 in San Francisco Bay. They originally designed skin like materials which were made for medical or prosthetic purposes. They became so popular that they worked with Hollywood to create products for movies to add special effects especially in horror movies. They were asked to make realistic penises for movies and they developed a work method which allowed anyone to easily create a DIY Willy. From here, they were able to develop a retail version which is now shipped worldwide.

Empire Labs adapted this process so that people at home can create their very own products for affordable prices. It offers an exclusive experience which you will not be able to find anywhere else and you will be able to keep the irreplaceable souvenir for yourself!

Empire Labs products include Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy. Clone-A-Willy is a kit which allows people to create copies of their penis and/or testicles which can be used as a personalised sex toy. Clone-A-Pussy is a kit which allows people to create copies of their vagina. They are made from high quality materials that are American made and body safe.

This is an interview with founder Joe Hanson which will explore his success in the adult lifestyle industry.

Silicone Penis Casting Kit Image
Buy Now | Empire Labs Sex Toy Range

Tell me about yourself?

Our experience began in the Bay area in the 1996. Co-founder Dr. David Claus drew inspiration from a handful of sources. He was creating kits for a specialized orthotics process, which led to creating dildo kits for movie sets. During this time, I was running an advertising agency in NYC that I had founded working out of my bedroom with a friend, while I was working nights as a crew member of the original Blue Man Group show.  My agency specialized in assisting small businesses to sell & market their products through the mail and bought ad space for them in national magazines like Playboy and Cosmopolitan. We first met first over the telephone and kept in close contact until we worked a trade show together in Las Vegas promoting the then “Make Your Own Dildo Kit”, which eventually became Clone-A-Willy.  in 2001 we expended and moved the Company to Portland, OR where we are still today. All of our molding kits are assembled right here on site.  It gives us the ability to closely monitor all the compounds for quality and consistency.  It’s one of the reasons we have so much continued success.

What are your favorite quote’s that inspire you?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” ~ Goethe

I have lived by this quote my entire life and it is one of the main reasons Clone-A-Willy exists.  We basically invented an entirely new product category and it was a tough sell in the beginning because there was nothing else like it at the time. Buyers had nothing to compare it to to gauge sales and/or interest with their Customers.  We decided to offer our products to stores, distributors and websites free for them to sell on consignment.  They only had to pay for product they sold, and could return any unsold items to us at no cost.  We even paid for shipping! It was hard to say no to free product!  Our strategy paid off and now Clone-A-Willy has become a staple of any Company selling adult novelties, almost anywhere in the world.

What inspired the creation of your company originally when you had made medical and prosthetic parts?

While finishing up my chemistry dissertation at UCLA, I ran into an old friend who had just started working in the film industry creating special effects.  My friend asked if I could formulate some very specific polymers for him, as there was essentially nothing affordable on the market that could do what he needed. Among the unique physical properties he required were: precise viscoelastic characteristics, able to cure at room temperature, completely body safe, and it can’t be too expensive!  After a bit of experimenting with step-growth polymerization I came up with a semicrystalline 2-part polymer that fit his needs perfectly.  It was fairly simple and inexpensive to produce, so I mixed up loads of it.  My friend began using it for all kinds of projects, and soon most of the effects studios around Hollywood were using it in some aspect.  Eventually I connected with a medical prosthetics company where we were able to create ultra-realistic looking artificial limbs.

Your design process is quite unique with clients or retail customers asking for products, what did you learn from the design process?

We do all our own designs and R&D in-house.  All our departments work closely together, especially when we are working on a new product.  We always encourage everyone that works for us to share their ideas.  We have worked hard towards supporting an open and creative work environment, where everyone’s opinions are welcomed.  We’ve learned so much over the years from both our Customers and our Employees.  I think the stand out lesson though is that you never know what you can do until you try!


Empire Labs Professional Team Members Image
Image: Empire Labs Team Members

What are your favourite memories and moments from working at Empire Labs?

I’ve had the opportunity to travel and attend trade shows and conferences all over the world and I am grateful for all that combined experience.  Winning the ANME Industry award for Best Product of the Year in 2016 has to be one of my favorite moments. It was so rewarding being recognized by the folks in our industry for one of our achievements.

What movies do your products make an appearance in?

Here’s a list of the most memorable:

  • Jersey Shore – MTV
  • The Osbournes – MTV
  • Hollywood Darlings – Pop TV
  • Black Ink Crew – VH1
  • Jobs That Don’t Suck – MTV2
  • Movie: Neighbors

What do you love most about your brand?

That Clone-A-willy brings people together!  Our Customers get to experience something unique that was once only reserved for rock (and porn!) stars.

What are your best sellers?

The “Skin Tones” and the Glow-in-the-Dark kits.  I think the Skin Tones (Light, Medium & Deep) sell the best because they help make the final replicas look even more life-like and real.

Silicone Penis Casting Kit In Deep Skin Tone Sex Toy Image
Image: Silicone Penis Casting Kit In Deep Skin Tone


Silicone Penis Casting Kit Glow In The Dark Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Silicone Penis Casting Kit Glow In The Dark


What products would you personally recommend?

Get a Clone-A-Willy Kit! you’ll have fun AND you’ll end up with the most personalized sex toy on the planet!

It’s not just for men! Our kits are really about the experience..most people have never made a mold of a body part before and are looking for something new to do.  Our products are very popular at bachelor & bachelorette parties.  We sell a good number of our kits to people that travel frequently as well as the military.  It’s the perfect sex toy for a long distance relationship.   As far as the motivation, our customers have told us they wanted something fun and different to do…it’s almost impossible to make one of our kits with your partner without having a have a few laughs in the process. .AND you get a high quality totally custom, body-safe silicone sex toy…all for around $40!

Tell me what’s involved in the process of creating the homemade dildo?

Our home molding kits come with everything you need.  All you need to do is basically cut the molding tube to size and then mix warm water with the included molding powder.  Once you pour the mixture into the tube, you insert yourself and wait about 45 seconds and you have your mold!  The last step is to mix the silicone, (we have different skin tones, modern colors and three different glow-in-the-dark colors!) and pour it into the mold with the included vibrator and let it sit overnight.  When it’s cured, usually in a bout 12 hours, you have an exact vibrating replica of yourself that will outlast the real one!


What chemicals and ingredients are used in the creation of the homemade dildos?

All our compounds are made in the USA, are phthalate and latex free and are completely body safe.  Our silicone is 100% platinum cured.  Since we hand craft each kit right here in Portland, OR, we are able to keep a very tight control on quality.

What safety issues and precautionary measures are involved with the creation process?

None whatsoever.  If you are extremely hairy, it might be a good idea to trim down a bit before you start.  We also recommend making your mold over a hard surface for easiest cleanup.

What other adult products and services does your company offer?

We also have the Clone-A-Pussy Kit, which makes a silicone or solid milk chocolate replica of any vulva!

Clone A Pussy In-Home Moulding Sex Toy Kit Image
Image: Clone A Pussy In-Home Moulding Kit in Hot Pink


How does the Clone-A-Willy differ from traditional dildos?

It’s the most personalized sex toy on the planet.  We have one product, but millions of possibilities!  We have a few different Clone-A-Willy kits available, including chocolate candy version, but our most popular are the silicone kits, which come in various modern colors & skin tones.  The finished silicone replicas show every detail of the penis being copied and is soft to the touch and pliable.

Is this a one-person or two-person cloning process?

We have found that most people make our kits with someone’s help…it’s really a couples product.  But it can easily be made by yourself as well.  We’ve had a lot of military guys clone themselves overseas and send one home to their partner.

What’s the largest homemade dildo that a customer has created so far?

The beauty of our product is we don’t actually see anyone’s private.  Our molding tube is 11 inches long and we do have a larger tube for anyone extra big.

What do individuals think of their partner’s cloned penis?

To me, the biggest compliment a man can get is knowing his partner used a copy of himself to get off.  Everyone has a different preference when it comes to sex and what feels good..and every penis is different.  From what we hear from our Customers, and we get lots of positive letters, is that they really enjoyed the experience of making a Clone-A-Willy Kit.  I wouldn’t say we are the only sex toy you ever need, but I would say Clone-A-Willy is the the most personalized sex toy on the planet.

What issues are commonly faced when using the Clone-A-Willy for the first time?

Not reading the entire directions first.  For best results it’s a good idea to read through the steps and familiarize yourself with the process before you start.