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Online businesses are the current trend in the world of business. There are so many online shopping malls all over the world. I have always wanted to start an online business myself. However, I was torn on which products I should offer. After studying the demands of different products and services in the, market, I finally settled on one unique business idea. This was the business idea of adult online business. I realized that most people were sexually unsatisfied by their partners in bed and were actively looking for artificial sex toys as the alternative. I decided to concentrate on this business of selling adult products such as sex toys online.

I embarked on extensive research to find out how to start such a business. Luckily I found several companies that drop ship adult products in Australia and were willing to have me as their online distributor. After contacting a number of them (some that did not even reply) and with prudent consideration, I decided to do business with the Xsales Sex Toy Drop Shipping Company. The reason I chose this company is because it is appears to be the largest sex toy drop shipping company in Australia. The company has been in this business for many years making it trustworthy and I therefore considered it to very convenient for me. Fortunately, the company was very convenient, the sales assistants nothing but helpful and I can never regret the decision to select them out of the several choices I had. This company is regarded as the path breaker of drop shipping adult products. They offer high quality legalized drop shipping services for sex toys in Australia.

Xsales Dropshipping Services


I oriented myself with drop shipping services of Xsales by learning their terms and conditions. I learned how to make orders and so much more concerning the business. After some time, I had learned enough to enable me to successfully open up and manage a sex shop online and it was as simple as uploading a data feed they provided me. I made my first order from Xsales when I started marketing online. I learnt that most consumers of the adult products sought anonymity and privacy so I created a blog that addressed adult products explaining how to use them as well as their pros and cons. The same day that I started my blog and created my online shop, I made the first sale. The blog helped me get more clients. I also created a Facebook page for my blog as well as a twitter handle. I realized that social media was a very effective method of promoting my business. Most of my clients got to know about my blog via social media. Once on Facebook, twitter or my adult content blog, the clients can click a link that will take them directly to my online sex shop.

I also learnt online marketing tips to help me market my business successfully. One main tip that I have found very useful in my business is that one must market their product in the right marketing segment. It is very important that you are aware of who your clients are and where to find them. Most of my clients are women who find their men sexually unsatisfying. Instead of cheating on them, they opt to look for sex toys. They say that sex toys are convenient because they are readily available and there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex toys and adult products are very profitable. Sexual desire is almost impossible to resist for most people. Sex toys serve the purpose of fulfilling that desire any time anywhere and without conditions. This is what has made the demand for sex toys and to be so profitable – on some of the items I sold I was making more than double what the item cost me. Adult products sell very fast and this translates into huge profits for the cunning entrepreneurs. More and more people all over the globe are learning to use sex toys and adult products. This means that the future of the sex toy and adult products business is very promising and has longevity.

Xsales Sex Toy Drop Shipping Company helps young entrepreneurs with little startup capital to start online business as long as they have the passion and a good work ethic. They help them start the business by providing easy to use data feeds to create a full website or nich site and offer customer support services. The business you develop meaning Xsales have made starting an online sex shop very easy. They even rang me to make sure my business was running smoothly. This sort of customer service I never expected but was glad to receive.

Anyone in the business of retailing adult products, xsales is the best place to get drop shipping Australia at wholesale costs. Many popular and exclusive brands, thousands of unique products, and shipping to Australia and New Zealand. At xsales they are geared up to ship direct to your customers on your behalf or to you.   Our competent dispatch crew generally drop ship orders same day as long as they are received before 11am.  All orders serviced direct to your customers are sent in discreet packaging and just a return PO Box on them in case of failed delivery.

Your biggest question is how you wish to use our services, either become a drop-ship customer and have xsales send direct to your customer or direct wholesale, where we send to you to for dispatch from your own location. We like to develop personalized relationships with our customers and have three dedicated sales staff to answer all your questions and tailor your account requirement to individual needs. The better we understand you, the better our service is and xsales prides itself on customer service.

Shipping within Australia and to New Zealand requires care so we take care in ensuring our packaging will mean that the product is received without damage at its destination.  Often we provide free marketing materials so that your customers will repeat orders with you.  There will always be someone at our office that will be able to help you for special requirements.Xsales prides itself on looking after you and with thousands of stock items available and in stock we ensure that our prices are at a point that you can make good money.

A quick and easy customer registration is available online at the register page and as long as you are on selling our products and have a current and valid ABN or ACN approval is generally made in one day.  See the wholesale prices and work out what your profits can and will be. Their drop shipping post and handling fee is a flat $10 per order – regardless of quantity or size – generally sent Australia Post Express.   This we believe is the cheapest in the marketplace at the present time.  Our wholesale customers delivery fee’s are charged at our cost and are shipped StarTrack.

Xsales currently services:

  • Party Plan/Home-Based Selling
  • Social Media Sales and Marketing
  • Adult Mail Order Companies
  • Drop Shipping
  • Retail and Specialist Shopping
  • Online Shops

Some of the benefits of being an xsales drop shipper are the exclusive brands and lines that are stocked.  Like the hells couture range of bondage and fetish items.

Xsales a Trusted Drop Shipper

Drop Shipper

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 26, a happily mother of a beautiful girl of 3 years. My life if not perfect is certainly one that I treasure and enjoy. My life is not overly stressful and although we can use a few extra dollars we are by no means short of a quid. Of an evening I love nothing better than to get on Facebook and am a moderator for two Facebook groups one having about 6000 lady followers and another with about 2500 mixed couples where we talk about everyday things that make our lives happier and more fulfilling. To keep me sane I work casually 3 days a week doing office work, when I drop off my gorgeous daughter to day-care – just so I can get some personal adult interaction more than a requirement to work.

Recently, whilst participating in some Facebook posts and chat the discussion went to the subject of vibrators for women and how many of us ladies found it intimidating to walk into an adult shop to ask about what sex toys worked best for each individual and more importantly to buy one – not knowing who would be serving and what knowledge they possessed. The discussion went further to specific toys and I asked the group if I was able to source specific products at a cheaper than regular retail price would they be interested for me to buy and ship to them on their behalf. This was met with a resounding yes and without knowing how or where, I had created a business model that works for me and had 11 orders without having a supplier.

I then did some research on the web and found a number of adult drop shipping sites in Australia and contacted them. By far and large the one that offered the best customer service, range of products and ability to set up and account with them was Xsales. Better yet after speaking to the lovely and friendly customer service manager Anna she said that if I required products that were not on their website – which is very easy to use and navigate – they could source the product and be able to sell it to me way below retail price so those popular luxury brand toys were all available as special orders.

Drop Shipping Free Company
Drop Shipping Internet Company

So after completing my account application and providing my current ABN that was approved within 24 hours I placed my first orders. It was very simple to do and I could make payment by credit card as soon as I placed the order or leave it in awaiting payment (until I received the money for the products). Working out what to charge for post is simple domestically in Australia as it is a flat $10 for postage and handling regardless the size of the order. Internationally there is a calculator that will indicate what the charges are – as simple as ABC.

Having paid for my first lot of orders by credit card I rang Anna the next afternoon to be pleasantly told that my orders had already been packed and shipped. Online the next day appeared tracking numbers for me to track and for me to provide with my facebook customers. To my surprise and delight the following day I received messages from women wishing to join the group in order for me to source adult products for them at cheaper than retail prices. That evening I placed further orders and was delighted to find that the same great service from xsales was provided.

I have been doing this now for just two weeks but Xsales works for me as I am receiving 10-15 messages from ladies daily wishing to join my group and source products for them. So far xsales has not let me down. Obviously I am not sure how big this is going to become but what I am earning after two weeks is exceeding what I get for my 3 casual days work so am going to be investing more time into it. I do not have a website but am now investigating taking this through Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr to generate similar business models. Xsales does not market through these social networks and it seems to me a huge opportunity for someone that like me that has a group that would be interested in these products. It is a business model that requires no monetary outlay, no website, no-risk and really no work – just a social group that may be interested in the products offered. I came across this by chance and hope it may give someone else, perhaps less fortunate than me, out there the opportunity to earn money.

Drop Shipping Small Business Startup

Computer Diagram

My name is Peter and I have written this review on behalf of Xsales Australia a wholesaler and drop shipper of Adult Products. I have formulated a successful business using their online services and consider them adult drop shipping geniuses. And here are the reasons why I choose Xsales:

I started my business about 18 months ago after looking for adult drop shippers. To be honest I really did not have the capital to buy stock or rent a premises. Having had experience developing WordPress websites found it to be a no brainer as this would be a no monetary outlay. This was a no risk business opportunity that if it did not succeed would cost me little more than time and effort.

After searching on the net for Australian drop shippers, I came across a few that seemed to have what I was after. First was that they could give me a product feed that was easy to upload, second was that they had a large range, third that the prices offered would allow a generous margin on resale, fourth that they had products in stock and could ship quickly and finally that the post and handling charges were reasonable.  The first thing I discovered were that many of the drop-shippers charged a handling fee, some charged a flat fee and others a percentage on the value of the sale which sometimes was as high as 20%. So I immediately started to screen those out as with cost of post and then handling fee’s my selling price would not be competitive to others that were selling online.

It left me with three drop-shipping choices and they were ********, ***** **** and Xsales. I then went about calling each one to see how their customer care was considering at this stage I was not a customer it was a big ask. The first company were not interested in talking to me as my business had not yet been set up, the second and Xsales informed me that before they would discuss drop shipping I would have to have a current ABN and they would then speak to me relating to my desire to do business with them.


Online Shoping

A day later after I had been on the ATO site and obtained an ABN I contacted ******** and Xsales. I must admit that ******** had a far larger range but I found Xsales products to be far more price competitive allowing me to obtain greater margins. The customer service is managed by Maria, Anna and Steve and I found them all to be extremely helpful as they answered all my questions. It worked out that they would charge me wholesale price, there was a flat shipping fee of $10 no matter how many items were shipped if they were sent direct to the buyer however if they were shipped to me it would be shipped at cost at a minimum of $10. That seemed fine by me as I did not want to handle or see the product and leave that all up to their dispatch.  They also delivered worldwide but that was a bit more complicated.

All items are sent Australia post express or StarTrack, so tracking is always available. The only things I must say though is that they discouraged me from selling internationally but I think this may have changed as recently I have been putting through some international orders and as stock is not taken out of their inventory until items are paid if I waited a day or two to make payment very rarely an item may then become out of stock as other people may have ordered it.  Apart from that I have experienced no real issues.  Payment is up front as goods are always paid for prior to shipping that I found fair as the site I was setting up would receive funds from the customer first anyway so I would never actually be out of pocket.

So the time came and I set up my first site and launched it. It was a site that sold predominately high end sex toys like Lelo and fun factory and waited and waited. No sales the first week, no sales the second week whilst doing my own SEO work. My ranking was getting better but there just were not sales.

Eventually I contacted Xsales and asked if they knew a reason why. Without going too much into it and with Steve telling me that he was not a web expert he said that the successful businesses they drop-ship for seem to have boutique or niche sites. I looked into this and asked him exactly which ones were successful and he told me, probably rightly so, that he could not disclose that as it would be a conflict of interest with their existing clients. I actually respect him for saying that but he did give me a general category on the Xsales site to consider.

Over the next week I went about setting up a niche site. Believe it or not the niche site only had two products from Xsales but with lots of text and seo work done on the pages. I then launched the site, had it indexed by google and pinged it. No other SEO works, no other back links or articles. I was blown away that literally within 3 days of the site being launched it was in the google top 10 for those specific products/keywords.

Within 7 days of the site being launched (and I only had PayPal as a payment option) I received my first order. By the second week I was getting multiple orders daily and by the end of the third was getting hundreds of dollars of orders each week.

For the past 18 months I have set up quite a few niche sites. Some I admit do little in sales but many do and my turnover is in the thousands of dollars a week. I do not have to ship the products, in the rare event that a product is damaged Xsales replaces it, I work my own hours from home. It is a no brainer. Whenever I have had a special request or instructions Xsales have always catered for them and so far apart from a couple of packages getting lost by Australia post – there have been no hurdles or obstacles to overcome. It has been easy which is the way I like things.

So when Xsales asked if I would write a testimonial for them I have no hesitation in recommending them as adult drop shipping geniuses Australia.

ODECO Sextoy Blow Out At Xsales Australian Wholesaler

Xsales Australian adult products distributor of Odeco Sextoys is having a massive liquidation close off sale. Offering 40% off already discounted prices on all Odeco Adult Products from 12midday on 17th of September, 2014 for 4 days or whilst stocks last. All items are being SOLD BELOW LANDED COST.

Xsales recently signed an exclusive distribution with Howells manufacturer of fine adult products for the last decade, and owner of the Aphrodisia brand and lines of sex products. Maria Vermunt owner of Xsales said,

‘Out with the old and in with the new. After 18 months of distributing Odeco sextoys and having received the ODECO BEST DISTRIBUTOR award for 2013 it is time to move on. We have enjoyed our association with Odeco but are liquidating the Odeco brand products to make room and way for new products and lines. This will be a one of sale on Odeco products and we don’t expect all the stock lines to last the four days. It is a unique opportunity for many retailers to stock quality vibrators for women and achieve upwards of 400% MARK UPS at retail. We will not be re-stocking the Odeco lines. This is a one off opportunity’ said Maria

So if you are a retailer, wholesaler or distributor in Australia do not miss this great opportunity. There are many lines such as O Zone line of vibrators that will be marked down from $10 with a recommended retail price of $50. The Bestselling Hedone Vibrator at $25 that retails for $90 plus at retail. Odeco toys are innovative and encompass a wide range of adult toys including massagers, bullets, eggs, balls and vibrators. There is even a Bluetooth body wand that has a mode that will vibrate to the sounds of music or other noises. Retail packaging on the products is also very good and makes a great wall display for those discerning enough to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER.

Once again, be quick as this stock at 40% of the already discounted wholesale price is BEING SOLD BELOW COST. The sale commences at exactly 12 midday on September 17, 2014 and will last for four days or until stock runs out. If you have never purchased from Xsales before and do not have an approved account you can apply simply by filling out the online Registration Form at www.xsales.com.au – a valid and current ABN is required to register online. If you wish to speak with a Xsales Customer Care consultant you may contact using this number 02 9533 8803 and they will only be too happy to assist you.  Xsales is also recognized as the leading adult dropshipper in Australia so do not delay – start your business with no stock today.

Drop-Shipping in Australia

Business Women Stockist

Xsales Australia is offering ways to make money using adult products that are drop shipped by the company. Selling sex toys and hot lingerie online is a good and profitable business. The products sell very well over the internet, since the majority of customers prefer their privacy and comfort of shopping from their homes. But how can one start a business without a large investment? The traditional method would require that you find a local supplier, purchase thousands of products to have in stock and store the items in a warehouse. Then you would have to sell them through a local shop or directly to customers. This is different though with the internet. When selling online you are only dealing with setting up a website and payment processing. To say the least this will not cost as much as a local business if done right. All that is needed is that the re-seller is at least 18 years of age and they can start earning by reselling the adult products within New Zealand or Australia, with an initial order of $500 AUD.  I have started earning from reselling products from Xsales Australia, I have an online shop on Facebook and this is where clients send their orders.

There are a lot of sex shops out there, however since the aim is to make a sale and get profits. I have turned to Xsales Australia products because they are the largest adult product wholesalers, not only that they are also considered as the best adult wholesale store in the entire country.  Using my experience, I can say that the company is able to assist retailers like me. I was given a chance to achieve higher profit margin. The company offers premium products at prices that re lower than most competitors, making them attractive as business partners. So why should you choose for a drop shipping service? Well let’s take Xsales for example. Xsales I a great sex toys drop shipping company that is based online and includes everything that you need to get started. Xsales will include a domain name, a full feature eCommerce website, pre-loaded products and contents and will manage and maintain your website and customer support. Most importantly, your adult business is fully setup and ready to run when you receive it.

Dropshipper Diagram

I have been reselling items for more than 3 years now, and have found that the communication between Xsales Australia and resellers like me is good. They have been able to maintain a good exchange of information; they listen to what I want, and what my clients want making it easier for me to have business dealings with them.  Orders are processed fast; this enables me to reach my target number of consumers for the month. There are very rare instances, where the products have arrived late.

They also have a high number of stock, there is no fear that I will be humiliated because I am not able to supply my clients what they need. If there are any damages on the product, there is a process that could be used in order to discuss it with the marketing team in order to get the item replaced. This type of business ethics is what has convinced me to stay with them for 3 years and beyond that. There have also been times, where I was awarded with discounted items, due to the advantage shopping on-line benefits that they are providing. I make money online using this simple process, it has enabled me to earn a decent living while doing it part time.

Xsales Company will eliminate any technical and financial requirements to the minimum. If you intend to run a business and sell sex toys or hot lingerie, this is the way to go. Xsales will keep the stock for you and will send out any to your customers any orders on behalf of you. So basically the drop shipping service that they offer is a supply chain management method in which a wholesaler offers their products to retailers like you on an as needed basis at wholesale prices. The wholesaler then, in this case Xsales will send the products directly to your customers whenever you make a sale and they will do so using your company’s name and details. You as a retailer you will have benefit from not having to pay upfront prices for buying stock and storing inventory, which in turn can save you thousand of dollars each month.


XSales Sex Adult Drop Shipper

Personally you will see all the retailer benefits on a monthly basis. You have the chance to work in a work from home business, with less money and hassle free. By having more time you can promote your business or design your own marketing that will attract new customers. In the online business, a retailer and a wholesaler can benefit from the cooperation of each other. Each has its benefits and with the rise of internet shopping nowadays, starting a business online has become a wiser choice.

What I did first was familiarize myself with the Shipping and Returns information of Xsales Australia, after following the rules and regulations that the company has stated. I began starting my online sex shop. In order to be able to attract more customers I created a blog that tackled a number of issues that are related with sex.   The blog talked about general topics, but also included tips on how couples can spice up their sex life. I have then started reviewing products of Xsales Australia and have gone on explaining how the items are used and if they are effective or not.

Since Xsales Australia does not allow re-sellers use their logo, I have registered a new local company name and have made it clear that I am merely a re-seller of Xsales Australia and not a direct distributor in order to avoid confusion among customers. If you want to start a sex toys business and you do not have the funds, just contact Xsales. Choose them to be your sex toys drop shipping company that will offer its services and you will see that you will run a business in record time. Be ready to make some money.




Make Profit Drop Shipping with No Outlay

the drop shipping postman process

In today’s competitive business world everyone is looking to get something for nothing.  Unfortunately the old saying in most cases rings true as that in life nothing is free.  However, there is a business model that will allow you to make profit from your first sale with no capital outlay.  The only investment required is a bit of time and research.You may ask how it is possible to make a profit in a new business with no outlay, well here is one of the answers.  Create an online retail presence and service your orders through drop-shipping.  There is no experience in the products you are selling required, there is no capital outlay to have stock on hand, and there is no expense even in shipping the items.  When an item is sold at full retail value plus freight the order is forwarded to your drop-shipper who will service and supply the product at wholesale value plus freight.

shipping parcels making profitThe investment made by the business owner is in time setting up an online presence and perhaps doing some SEO on the site to obtain traffic.  It may also be an add on to an existing on-line business or mail order supplier that would then not incur such a time investment to increase revenue by cross selling.  Many drop-shippers now offer feeds to their products so even the listing component has been streamlined.

In its most basic format drop shipping requires five parts and they are;

  1. An ad or listing is made for an item you don’t have
  2. Customers then buy the item sending you the money
  3. You then pay for the item at wholesale cost plus any shipping or handling charges.  You keeping the difference (Profit)
  4. The drop shipper then services the order
  5. Everyone is happy

It is imperative though to research first the goods you wish to sell and secondly to find a reputable drop shipper. Remember that although they may not be your products, those products represent your image and your business and they need to be taken seriously.  One of the growing and highly profitable industries that sells well on line are surgical steel and bondage products.  Companies like Hells Couture Australia import these products from across the globe assuring quality products and huge range.  Typical mark up to retail is 140% and the average sale is upwards of $100.  This means on a $100 sale typically profit will be around the $60 mark – with no outlay or stock on hand.

Another growth industry for drop-shipping is the range of products available to treat penile dysfunction.  Opportunity for smart entrepreneur’s exists to team up with a distributor like LA Pumps in Australia who at this stage only concentrate on servicing adult shops and medical suppliers.  A whole retail online presence is open. In short, this is a business that can turn instant profit after the first sale with no outlay but it is imperative that you find the right product and dropshipper to service your orders and partner with.

If you have been thinking of starting an online adult business for a while but just don’t know where to start or even how to go about it then this is your lucky day! You are in the right place. Whether you main intent is how to make money via the online platforms by selling the wide range of adult products or just a single adult range of products this article will give you the best idea on how to develop and actualize the business with products from Xsales.

The first and the most significant step is to draft a plan of action. Look at the objective you wish to achieve and the interests you have. You must first of all decide which clientele you wish to serve and what you intent to offer them. In this  case the primary aim is to make lots of money for you. A website in this case would come in handy for the purposes of promoting the products and generating traffic of viable and potential customers. Then ensure that you come up with ways of meeting the expectations of your customers. Build a structure that will enable you to deliver the adult products to them within their specified timelines.

The next step is to find a reliable dropshipping company that you will cooperate with to supply you with all the adult merchandise in good time. While this is not an easy thing to achieve it’s not impossibility. Xsales is a dropshipping company in Australia that offers excellent services to its customers. Making money through dropshipping has never been this easy. With this company you don’t need a warehouse for your merchandise! All you need to do is to develop a name for your enterprise and make a choice of the products you are interested in offering to your customers.

The choice of the novelty adult products you intend to sell solely lies with you. From this point you can now relax and let business take care of itself! All you need to do is do a thorough promotion of the enlisted adult products on your website and leave the rest to Xsales. When you receive orders from your customers Xsales will ensure that they act on it and ship the required products to your clientele. When this is done you will pay them a flat shipping cost which is usually a very small amount. What’s more interesting and convenient is that they do not even charge you for handling the goods. This greatly reduces the overhead costs to almost zero which ensures you a hefty return on your investment.

They also have a policy of being discreet. They deliver the goods to you without having their company logos or other details. In addition they will pull you out of the mud whenever you face some difficulties. With so much cushioning on your business you can concentrate fully on generating a lot of traffic to your website which translates to real customers by running effective promotional campaigns. The major advantages of the dropshipping business with Xsales is that you only need very little funds to start off, you can do it and home and this is how to make money.


Xsales Best Sex Toy Drop Shipper Australia

drop shipping sex toy profit

Selling sex toys and adult products online is profitable business that sells a lot. Today these products sell well over the internet, since the majority of customers prefer their privacy and comfort of shopping from their own house. But how can anyone start a business without a lot of money? First, the traditional method would require that you find a local supplier and purchase products of thousands dollars in value in order to have them in stock. Then you would have to sell them through a local shop or directly to customers. This is different though with the internet. When selling online you are only dealing with setting up a website and payment processing. This can be done by using a dropshipping company, thus saving you time and lots of money.

make money from drop shipping

So why should you choose Xsales among the sex toys dropshipping Australia companies? Xsales is a pioneer in drop shipping. They are one of the best and most reliable authorized dropshipping services for sex toys in Australia. It is online and includes everything that you need to get started. Xsales will include a domain name, a full feature ecommerce website, preloaded products and contents and will manage and maintain your website and customer support. Most importantly, your adult business is fully setup and ready to run when you receive it. With years of experience, knowledge and service in the Australian market, they are selling thousands of sex toys, adult costumes and other adult products. They are 100% Australian owned and operated. All the above things mean that you can trust them to deliver what they promise.

Xsales Company will ensure that you will run a smooth and hassle free business. If you intend to run a business and sell sex toys, this is the way to go. Xsales will keep stock for you and they will deliver the products directly to your customers on behalf of you. Their service is simple. You take care of the sales and they will handle everything from order fulfillment through to delivery of the packages, to your customer, while giving you all the support you need to succeed in your business. Basically the dropshipping service that they offer is a supply chain management method. Xsales offers their products to retailers like you on an as needed basis at wholesale prices. Xsales then, will send the products directly to your customers whenever you make a sale and they will do so using your company’s name and details. You as a retailer you will have the benefit from not having to pay upfront prices for buying inventory and not physically be present in an office, which in turn can save you thousand of dollars and time each month.

You will see all the retailer benefits regularly. You have the chance to work in home based business, with less money to spend and less hassle to fix. By having more time you can promote your business or design your own marketing that will attract new customers. In the online business, a retailer and a wholesaler can benefit from the cooperation of each other. Each has its benefits and with the rise of internet shopping nowadays, starting a business online has become a wiser choice.

Xsales services distributes all around the world, from the local Australia, to the far away USA. The location of the customer is not a problem, since they will use Australia post, Startrack and DHL for all parcels. This gives them speed of delivery on all orders placed, while ensuring signature on delivery, tracking information and access to other features. By choosing Xsales for your dropship sex toys services, you will get consistent support. They will offer advice, website building, marketing, and planning so that you can earn profit and maintain an established name in the online business world. Xsales sources all their products from the biggest brands and ensures that you will offer high quality products to your customers. Xsales also offers a large number of inventories and your customer can choose among a variety of sex toys and other adult products.

By using Xsales as your drop shipping company, you will have the peace of mind of running a business free from hassles and you can rest assure that each delivery will meet its goal and all products will reach their destinations smoothly. Xsales offers simple ordering processes and convenient payment ways. You don’t have the need to pay upfront for stock. You also don’t need to rent warehouses and other facilities to store your office or products. Xsales does that for you. They offer reliability; experience and knowledge that can help you increase your business sales and make a name in the business. You can count on them to deliver each product to your customers.

Xsales will charge you a flat shipping rate for shipping the products to your customers, whether it is one of a hundred of products to the same customer and you will not need to pay for any hidden fees or other handing fees. They will wrap your products in a discreet packaging with your company’s details and they will deliver it to your customer’s door. Xsales wants to establish long term business cooperation with you and in the meantime you will establish a great relationship with your customers. They can trust your company and they will be amazed by the customer service but also the convenience as which they can order their sex toys and other adult products directly from their home without having to live with embarrass while going to a local shop. If you want to start a sex toys business and you do not have a lot of money, contact Xsales. Choose them to be your sex toys dropshipping Australian company that will guide you properly and help you run a profitable business in record time. Be ready to count some money.

Dropshipping Makes Life Easy

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Don’t be lured by companies that promise you cars and holiday while taking the biggest part of your profits. How do you think they can offer those gifts without making serious profits off of you? Wouldn’t you prefer having all your work rewarded with all the profit on your own terms? Wouldn’t you prefer having that money plus more profits by buying wholesale direct? If you want to make money by starting your own sex toys business, this is a must read article. Here I will review why it is actually easier to avoid working for a company and instead having your own business. Read how you can avoid having to pay for expensive starter kits or large amounts of stock inventory that offer only small profit.

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Let’s begin on how to search for a good drop shipping company. The best way to go is using an online search engine and typing the phrase ‘adult toys dropshipping’. This will give you lots of information and results that you can use as your starting point. If you know what adult toys you want to sell it will be easier to focus on specific drop shipping companies. Most drop shipping companies will use outdated 90s designed websites, but don’t let this thing put you off. They make a lot of money.

Most people do not know how most companies really work. They are going to sell to you a starter kit that will give you few products that you can show off to your customers. They will make a good profit from you, directly from the starter kit. On the other hand, you will be left with a poorly made and low quality starter kit with only a limited number of sex toys that you can present to your customers. Today the internet gives so many choices of what you want to sell. You can choose to sell just one product or you can select to offer thousands products to your customers. There are not limitations here. The best way to do this is by choosing a sex toys wholesale distributor.

Do you know that when you cooperate with wholesale distributor you are getting a large number of inventories and you can choose among thousands of products? Do you know that you can negotiate with them and the more you order the lower the price you will need to pay? This means that when you place a large order for your customers, you’ll get the order in a lower price. When your customers pay the normal price, you’ll get a larger profit.

Xsales is one of those sex toys wholesale distributors in Australia. This is a reliable and experience company that has been working for several years in the online world of sex. Xsales will treat you like a real partner and will help you to run your business like you always dreamt off. You just place the orders for your customers, or you let your customers place the orders directly, and you let Xsales do the rest from you. They will ship the packages with marketing material of your company and without any of their information and they will deliver the products on your customers’ door steps. Cooperating with a well known drop shipping company will ensure that each product you sell will go to its destination correctly. Xsales will offer you a website with automated ordering process and several payment methods that you can choose from, for your convenience. Only thing you need to make sure while running your business is attracting new customers, to increase the profit you will get. Your customers will believe that they deal directly with you. Now this is your chance to use Xsales, one of the best sex toys wholesale distributors, to run your own adult sex shop, hassle free and with less costs.

The process is simple. A client goes to your website and searches for the products he wants to buy. He can choose among a large variety of thousands of sex toys and adult products. He will place the order and it will be processed automatically to Xsales.  Xsales in turn will package the product in a discreet packaging with your company’s details and they will ship it directly to your customer. You will only have to pay a flat shipping rate whether you’re the product is one or more than ten that need to be delivered to your customer’s door. If you have any problems during this easy process you can always contact Xsales’ customer service every day. Choose Xsales as your sex toys and adult products Drop-shipping Company.

Choose a reputable company for all your drop shipping services will ensure that your customers will get high quality adult toys. You will only need to invest a small amount to start your business and you just need to lay back, relax and count the cash that will come in. Drop shipping has become today one of the easiest ways that can take advantage of when starting your own business to make lot of money. Today, sex sells and by using a drop shipping company that will supply and deliver sex toys directly to your customers, you can earn profit.

If you already know about the products you want to sell try contacting the original manufacturer is the easiest way to find qualified distributors. Not all distributors will be willing to drop ship the products for you. Unfortunately, the market is full of poorly designed and low quality drop shippers. If you do decide to invest in an online sex business, I can recommend Xsales as a reputable company that will offer adult toys dropshipping Australia services for adult sex toys.

First of all the competition among drop shipping companies is tough. Xsales is a well known a reliable company and a well known name in Australia. By cooperating with them you will be able to establish a viable business that will bring you much profit. To be successful you need to compete on price and offer value. Xsales helps you to do this. They will offer you better prices and betters discounted offers especially on bulk orders. Let your customers buy more and you will earn more money. If you worry that a drop shipping company will disappoint you on stock, Xsales in the contrary will amaze you with their options. They have warehouse that store large quantities of products. If you are selling adult sex toys you will be amazed by the variety of the products that you can choose from to offer to your customers. This gives you a great flexibility.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is hard to sell something that you can’t see in person. This should not be something that puts you off. By using Xsales for your adult toys dropshipping Australia services will help you run your business, free from problems. Xsales will take care of all your issues from receiving the order, through updating stock inventory and to delivering the products to your customers. Final benefit of using a drop-shipper company is that you do not have to pay a large amount upfront for the products you sell.   Xsales will keep them in stock for you and the stock will be available only when you want to purchase based on as needed basis.

Hell’s Couture Bondage & Fetish Wear

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When you are looking for an importer and distributor of a line of products one of the most important aspects is that they have a variety of choice.  There are very few products that are one offs.  Retailers demand choice in which they may satisfy and cater for their customer’s needs and wants.  This is even more important when you are talking about intimate objects and sex toys with a bit of difference.

In the most fundamental structure BDSM (Bondage and Discipline/Dominance and Submission/Sado-Masochism) is about the sensual and sexual acts and attitudes of ruling and giving up control. The fundamental standards can be to a great degree freeing and over the long haul in the event that you connect with it, turn you on in a way that you could never at any point have pondered. The way the media representation of BDSM is of something dingy and senseless and here and there make it feel like a forbidden.
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Yet, in the event that ladies steer it can really expand their sexual certainty and feeling of office, while offering men a reprieve from being ‘on top’, mentally and additionally truly which is the standard element for generally couples. The trap is to have a receptive outlook to sexuality, clearly anything which causes mischief to your accomplice or yourself isn’t great (well really it’s illicit) however we’re all people and investigating the parts that make us somewhat distinctive is the thing that can make an immensely valuable relationship. So in case you’re supposing you’re into BDSM or need to investigate it with your accomplice what’s the following stride why not begin with buying from a trusted brand like Hell’s Coutre?

Hell’s Couture has become one of the largest importer and suppliers of bondage and fetish wear.  Whether you be after surgical steel sex toys that will include restraints, chastity devices, penis plugs, collars, cuffs, hangers, speculums and more.  They are the go to wholesaler with the kinkiest gear. A stringent selection process is undertaken when a new product is stocked and the main basis of choice is price point, quality and ability to supply.  Hell’s Couture sources product from around the globe and wholesales at a price point few competitors can even dream of.  Exclusive deals are in place for a great many products meaning Hell’s Couture is the only place you can get these items from the manufacturers in Australia.

Quality leather gear is also stocked including masks, hoods, blindfolds, ties, gags, restraints, harnesses, cock rings and much, much more.  You will be amazed at the quality and price.  Most hell’s couture products now come in classy and custom boxes so it is a retailer’s delight.  In fact many retailers have acclaimed that per square meter hell’s couture products return more in retail sales than any other products in their stores. If you are an adult shop, leather shop, kinky shop, alternative lifestyle store or online retailer don’t miss out on an opportunity to make good money.  The products sell themselves and most customers do not worry about the dollars and cents allowing your mark up to be ridiculously high.

With these products your psyche may naturally move to amazing thoughts, yet BDSM just must be as hardcore as you need it to be. For instance, you as of now participate in servitude in the event that you’ve ever set your accomplice into fluffy cuffs or have been blindfolded. You can go easy and slowly rather then do anything which is to full on and intimidating. One of the delights of BDSM is making sense of what you’re occupied with and possibly notwithstanding pushing those limits. Always remember to have fun and if your using quality product’s you know they will last you along time for many more fun time’s in the bed room.

If you are a customer that is into S&M or bondage and fetish then here is a list of retailers in Australia that are currently stocking the hell’s couture range.  This list is growing on a daily basis and if you stock hells couture and are not on the list contact them to have your outlet included.  You will be amazed at the quality and price point. Hells couture range is exclusively distributed in Australia by the leading adult wholesaler and drop-shipper xsales.


Reliable Adult Drop-Shipping Australia

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One question that you can ask is ‘Where can I find a reliable drop-shipping company?’ Here I will tell you exactly which company to choose as your drop shipping source. Let me answer the question above. Let’s start of with where to look for drop-shipping distributors. At the beginning, you can choose to contact directly with the manufacturer of the product that you want to sell. They are usually going to keep a record all of their drop shipping distributors, and they are going to be eager to expand their retail network. So usually, you should not have a problem to get information of who drop-ships their products in your territory.

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You can also use the internet search engines like yahoo and Google, to find what you are looking for. This can be time consuming, because most wholesale suppliers are bad at marketing and spend most of their time and effort processing orders, so it will be difficult for you to recognize the good straight from the front page of yahoo or Google. You can modify your search and use words such as distributor, supplier, drop shipper and bulk. Using all of these is going to make your search process much easier.

You still haven’t found what you are looking for? Well, if you haven’t found what you are looking for you can always contact one of the best and reliable sex toys drop shipping services in Australia. The company is called Xsales. This is a reliable company with knowledge and experience in the field of online sex toys selling. They also keep a large number of stock and they will satisfy any of your customer’s needs with the variety of sex toys they offer. Xsales also has the technology to update their inventory frequently and let you change orders online. Another important benefit of using Xsales is that they can take orders by email and process them fast. You will be amazed of how many drop shipping distributors will not accept orders by email.

Running a sex toy shop can be rewarding only if one takes the time to search for all the requirements of a successful business. The most important part of a successful business is having a reliable supplier that would offer a variety of sex toys at appropriate prices. The traditional way to find someone is by checking local distributor in your local area. However this means usually higher prices and low variety of products. Many shops will use distributors that can offer thousands of sex toys at incredible prices. Today with the rise of online shopping, the most appropriate way to run a business is online. Now you can find a reliable distributor online that can offer you the services that you ask for. One of the best sex toys wholesale distributors is Xsales. Since business has many roots that can cause you to lose money, Xsales can work most issues for you, so you can enjoy your free time and you’re hard earned money.

Xsales can offer you several categories of products, from sexy lingerie, bondage gear, vibrators, anal toys and other sex toys. They can help you by keeping an inventory and forwarding products to your customers. Today to run a business locally will cost too much money. First of all you have to pay to register your business. Then you will have to rent an office and warehouse facilities to store your inventory. Later on you will have to pay for your stock upfront and you will not gain any immediate profit.

That sounds costly and exhausting right? Xsales can be the wholesale distributor for you. They can keep the inventory in their own warehouse and you can use it when you have customers that want to buy. Your customer will place an order and you will let Xsales do the rest for you. They will ship the products in a discreet package and they will only show your company’s details and marketing material that concerns you, while avoiding leaving any details of them or their PO Box. So your customer will only know that he got the products directly from you.

Xsales have a large variety of stock. You can choose several products and they offer the best prices in Australia. They will only charge you a flat shipping rate, whether the product is one or hundred to the same customer. They also have great customer service and they will take care of you with a smile. Their customer service can be reached each weekday from Monday to Friday. They will resolve any issues that you may find.

Letting Xsales taking care of the sales, you will have more free time to focus on your business. Use the free time to promote your business or design your own marketing material. Taking advantage of online business today that there is so many rises in online shopping is wise. An online business can be profitable and it’s better that you choose a sex toys wholesale distributor that will be at your service at anytime. An important feature of good distributors is that they will not charge large fees. Xsales is one of them. They will not charge you hidden fees or other handling fees. They will only charge you a flat shipping rate for your order, whether they will ship just one or a hundred of products to the same customer.

Choosing Xsales as your wholesale and drop shipping distributor will offer you another important benefit. You will have the flexibility and increased options to select more products to offer to your customers. Xsales keep a large inventory that is updated frequently. They have a variety of products and designs that will please even the most demanding customer. Finally, the most important thing is their customer service. Xsales offers great customer service. You can contact Xsales every day from Monday to Friday.  Xsales will solve any of your problems. They will keep you satisfied and they will offer you the chance to run your business smoothly and professionally. You will then have the free time to establish long term business with your customers and count the money that come in.