What Women Wish Men Knew

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There are so many things that men don’t know about ladies’ needs or wants in the bedroom. It’s not because men couldn’t care less, but its only in light of the fact that the subject either hasn’t come up or she’s so bashful it would be impossible for her to offer you this information. While each lady is diverse, there are a few things all ladies can agree on concerning sex, for the most part. We can tell you the general consensus, but we urge you to talk with her, be straightforward and discover what she enjoys and what she doesn’t. Since couples who impart their needs and wants have much better sex all the more regularly, you ought to urge her to discuss the things she needs. Meanwhile, to kick you off, we’re providing you with five great mysteries she may be covering up.


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  • She Prefers Period Sex: For the most part, this is genuine, but there are principles. It can have a tendency to get extremely wet very quickly; tossing a hotdog down Niagara Falls may be a more suitable depiction. ON the flip side, the other issue you may face is interim vaginal dryness. In the event that she uses tampons, expect somewhat uncomfortable erosion after she evacuates it to have intercourse, and get ready by having some lube convenient. She will warm up before long, but dry sex is agonizing and obnoxious, so don’t pass up being excessively blunt in the entering office. The reward of period sex is she is prone to be very raunchy — hormones make this a positive (however deterrent loaded) time for nookie. Don’t attempt to go down on her unless you have a desire to die or offer horrible vampire dreams on the grounds that she will thump you off the beaten path quicker than you can say “What’s that taste?”
  • She doesn’t prefer non stop sex sessions: This is faking-it domain. Don’t accept the buildup: Being the man means being a man and knowing when to simply take a load off and appreciate the fruits of your work. A cute young lady staring you in the face is awesome, so don’t pass this up by attempting to substantiate yourself. Yes toys machines exist, however aren’t they wired to simply continue beating ceaselessly? Aren’t they made of plastic and elastic? Ladies need a significant other, not an affection machine. Ladies love climaxes as much as the following man, but one is great — just make the most of it. Two is a reward (however the rewards require exclude strenuous and protracted endeavors to accomplish) and after that, well that all relies on upon the circumstance. Know when to unwind into her arms and appreciate the scent of her hair. Most likely, in the event that she is still up for it she will — in no unverifiable terms — let you know.
  • She only likes fingers when used well: At the point when utilizing your digits to please your lady, simply remember that the doorway to the vagina has a substantial number of nerve endings compared with deeper inside the vagina — utilizing this learning further will help with bolstering your good fortune. The whole point is to provide her with pleasure, so keep to the joy zones: the outside passageway to the vagina, just inside the vagina and the G-spot. At the point when physically animating her begin off with one finger, and in the wake of tickling the outside door, delicately and wetly enter her body. Begin stroking in a come-here movement on the front divider of her vagina. Here you will discover her G-spot. Be tender; in the event that she needs you to go deeper or harder she will demonstrate to you by inspiring herself onto you. It can get a bit uncomfortable for her to have a large portion of a hand sticking and hammering endlessly, so ask before putting an alternate finger in and abstain from attempting to reach her cervix. Clean, trimmed fingernails are beautiful; dirty hooks and grimy paws are not.
  • She prefers attempting new things: There are numerous things she has been itching to attempt for a long time, however she might never have felt ready to request or to launch. Things she may be anxious about include: butt-centric sex, butt-centric fingering (you or her), subjugation, fisting, outside sex, and pretending. None of these are as no-nonsense as you both may think; normal individuals do every one of them all the time with exceptionally decent results. A fun and simple approach to discover what new things she needs to go for is to swap a sexual schedule with her. Each of you composes a rundown of things you might want to attempt together, then swap it and get busy.
  • She’s horny in the morning: Men and morning wood have been waking resting ladies since the beginning of time. For the most part, it can be securely disregarded by the not really sharp lady by professing to be snoozing. On the off chance that you need to attempt an alternate tack, take a stab at sliding your damp erection delicately between her thighs, simply brushing her vaginal lips. Take a bit of time, and beyond any doubt enough, much the same as a lovely bloom, she will (ideally) open up and let you in on the grounds that you are inconspicuously tempting her. The trap to morning sex is getting her from sound sleeping to very stimulated before 8 a.m. Oral sex additionally meets expectations exceptionally well, yet the thigh trap is less exertion; do what works best for you. A tip is to saturate your penis before doing anything with it. Spit or lube lives up to expectations; it takes the diligent work out of it for you and replaces that “I simply woke up and you’re destroying me” feeling with “Oh yes, that feels pleasant.” Not everybody is a morning-sex fan, so if your young lady isn’t excessively enthused about an early morning climb and sparkle, there are some simple steps you can take to empower her without making a scene.

There are numerous different things that ladies subtly like or aversion, however every lady is different and so are her mystery loves and hates. An alternate approach to figure out these insider facts is to play amusements. There are tabletop games that empower some strange connection; this is extraordinary for figuring out how to speak better with your partner, and for discovering things you would never have thought to ask.

Remember: The best sex is had by lovers who can honestly and genuinely talk about what they want.

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What Men Wish Women Knew

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Many men find women’s sexuality the forbidden fruit. If that is true, male sexuality could qualify as the uncharted forest. Anyway in the matter of sex, gentlemen are basic, isn’t that so? The room is one of the immense phases of male execution, and accordingly, what you see and hear is normally part truth, not the whole truth. It’s no big surprise that women looking for the perfect mate will let those that are not so perfect know.


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Here is a list of 10 things that men wished women knew and would do.

  1. Men Respond to Praise: It’s accepted that men are so devoured by our moxie that we have no reluctance encompassing sex. At the same time men are the same as ladies concerning compliments as impetuses for sexual certainty. This recognition can be conveyed before you even get in the bedroom, give him a quick comment and let him know how buff he is looking, then when he strips down, tell him how great he looks naked. Just as women worry about how they look, men stress over their bodies, their hair (or scarcity in that department) and other different traits. Attempt to be extra complimentary about those sensitivities.
  2. Men Fear Intimacy: But not for the reason you think! Studies have demonstrated that young men are more tender and much more expressive, than young ladies until they achieve school age. Around then, social restraints of words, musings, emotions and our craving for human association goes underground. So unthinkable is this longing for closeness that it can alarm men since we acknowledge how urgent we are for it. What’s a lady to do? To start with, understand that your man’s rushed retreat post-sex may be about his own stun at how much he feels like he needs an association with you. At that point, withdraw a little yourself. This gives him time to see that his childhood propensities are, actually, consummately masculine.
  3. Men Appreciate Sex for Sex’s Sake: Having said that in regards to closeness, here and there a bit of “toss me-down sex” is the right solution. Men need their wives to appreciate crude sex, not simply persevere it or think about it literally. For men, its not about commanding a lady, however beguiling her. Every so often, take a stab at giving him a chance to violate you.
  4. Men Are Not Just Our: The penis gets all the press, however men have numerous erogenous zones. Like the midsection, the internal thighs and face. Two other key zones: Gently holding a man’s testicles can be a genuine turn-on, as it mixes control with discharge. Additionally, fortifying the perineum, the zone between the scrotum and rear-end, will elevate delight amid oral sex.
  5. Men Encourage Fantasies: Men need to impart their dreams yet stress their wives will disgrace or judge them, and wish ladies would uncover their imaginings. Need to open yourself to these potential outcomes? Have a go at making a session of it. To begin with, and most essential, swear up and down to not to judge the other; then, secretly work out situations that have tempt you and spot them in a crate. When you are next private, haul one out. In case you’re both agreeable, provide for it a shot. If not try asking the creator a key inquiry: What about this dream do you like? Now and again, its subjects can be tended to in diverse, more agreeable situations.
  6. Men Like It When You Talk: Talking amid sex empowers more than our ears. What sort of talk? Grimy, commending and enlightening are awesome begins. As entertaining as it may sound, a lady’s words can make a gentleman feel as intense and virile as a Roman combatant, regardless of the possibility that he’s a suburban investor.
  7. Men Need Your Honesty: Sex can tackle the hassles of a relationship, however its frequently where the burdens appear. On the off chance that we gripe around an absence of sex (or your doing certain things just on our birthday), we may be ignoring genuine issues that support such withholding. We require you to illuminate us. The male sense of self is regularly attached to sex, so its simple for us to reject room issues as female lack of engagement as opposed to issues we have a part in. Staying away from these issues, then again, just sustains your inclination inconspicuous and our disappointment.
  8. Men Enjoy the Dance: Men like a decent journey; lamentably, nowadays, there are so few. At the same time sentiment procures that qualification. Permit us to court you; make us merit your yearning. Enthusiastic closeness is about closeness, however managing sexual craving requests a certain measure of separation. How do couples strike this dubious offset? By permitting each one accomplice to have what he calls “separate sexuality”: a sexual life that does exclude, yet doesn’t deceive, the other. For him, that may mean permitting his wife to utilize toys or letting other men take a gander at her; for her, it may be allowing him to watch erotic entertainment so as to experience a dream. Such indulgences help keep up the offset of craving and commitment for both sides.
  9. Men Can Explain Pornography: Discovering a companion utilizing obscenity is a top reason couples look for advice yet it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion or pathologized. A couple of things to clear up:
    i) Sex addicts make up just 4 percent of the population, so its very very unlikely that your man is one.
    ii) Since youth encounters impact sexuality as a grown-up, individuals are exceptionally particular about what turns them on. As it were no lady can, nor would it be advisable for her to, be everything to a man. Still, the inquiry remains: How does a lady not think about erotica literally? Initially, figure out whether your mate is impulsive, or can just engage in sexual relations, with erotica. Assuming this is the case, you may need to look for guiding. If not taking the mystery out of erotica by talking about it. Utilize the lens of “shouldn’t something be said about what turns him on versus what turns you off.” That way, a dialog is made that takes into account genuineness, poise and closeness.
  10. Men Always Need It, But Not for the Reason You Think: Men are blamed for being sexually unquenchable, however ladies ought to reevaluate this. Men see sex as a festival and they wish ladies would take more of a ‘carpe diem’ approach to it. We travel through life at the rate of sound, with increasing difficulties and weights. It’s anything but difficult to permit requests on our time and vitality to deny us of the delight, joy and opportunity that sex bears us. On the not insignificant rundown of needs, it ought not be on the base rung.” If that doesn’t make you want to seize the day, consider the medical advantages: Orgasms discharge oxytocin, which has been known as the “holding hormone,” uniting couples while it eases tension and anxiety, diminishes circulatory strain and advances recuperation.

So these are some of the things that men wished women knew.

Now, if you want him to know what you want read on for the things that Women Wished Men Knew!

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Popular Sex Toy Types

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Adult toys which are popularly known as sex toys are popular in Australia. Adult toys in Australia are used more and more and it is estimated that up to 90% of women own a vibrator. As adult toys can be used with your partner or alone it is certainly an economical and healthy lifestyle choice to use them. They give many great sexual enjoyment and relief as well as making sex play with your partner more adventurous and interesting.  Or even if you miss your partner when you or they are far away these adult toys will fulfill your sexual needs! Due to these reasons many more people have become interested in buying adult products but many more people are also confused at what are the best sex-toy product. We’ve taken the guest work out for you, so you can relax and take your time to prepare for the ultimate sex lifestyle!

Did you realize that around 75 percent of ladies can’t achieve climax through penetrative sex and about 50 percent have faked the “Huge O” at any rate once? On the off chance that you utilize sex toys, your odds of achieving a climax increment drastically. Most ladies need clitoral incitement to climax. That is the reason sex toys are an astounding approach to help you peak. And plainly, the best sex incorporates a climax every time.

A great deal of men may feel deficient when sex toys are utilized as a part of sex; in any case, others feel that the weight is off them to perform, in turn this can improve your relationship. Go gradually and begin discussing sex toys, little by little in non-sexual situations.

Fun Factory Miss Bi GSpot Vibrator
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Miss Bi


You can make your Valentines Day naughty with the perfect sex toy. There are various types of adult toys in Australia. Vibrators are one type that comes in so many varieties and forms for him and her. If you want to boost the sexuality of your partner you can use a vibrator. Vibrators varieties can be according to your choice just like rabbit vibrator, G spot vibrator, deluxe vibrator, clitoral ticklers and many more Vibrators for Women. There are cock rings, prostate massager, body-wands and many more vibrators for men.  You can play naughty games with that excellent sex toy of your choice.

Many people do not want to talk about sex in front of others because of their shyness. But  do you know your shyness may be boring to your partner! If you want to have a happy sexual life with your partner you need to try something different to add some excitement to your relationship. It will increase the attraction of your partner to you. Adult products and Adult toys in Australia will do this task. It brings another taste and style of sex to your life. You will love the new play time with your partner and your partner will be happy too.

Exotik Silicone Butterfly Pink is one of the greatest sex toys which is very easy to use as well as it produces amazing sensual connectivity. This adult toy is actually a waterproof toy. So you can have fun anywhere even under the water or outside in the shower.   Luna Beads are also an awesome adult toy. They are used by women to tighten their pelvic walls especially after childbirth and will allow the to achieve stronger orgasms – these are often referred to as Kegel Balls. This awesome adult product helps to maintain a perfect fitness for the women and due to this reason many women love to use them. You will get the long lasting results by using this product.

You will also get various personal massagers. These toys will give a perfect massage to your whole body and you will feel  pleasurable and relieving feelings. Pie pocket pussy is another excellent adult toy. You will get this adult product in a very reasonable price and if you are a man you will love to use it in the absence of your partner. As this toy is not very expensive many men use this excellent toy when their partners are away or watching free sex movies. Sex toys or any kinds of adult products actually help your sexual and healthy lifestyle whilst being more romantic. Use the Adult Toys in Australia and you will feel the difference.

Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.

Review: Joy N’More Collection

The Joy N’ More Collection are coveted pieces that are up there in terms of quality with some of the top line designer toys.  They are fully water submersible which means they are 100% waterproof. It is exceptionally difficult to find full submersible toys, this means you can use them in the bath, in a powerful spa or in the shower without being scared that they will break!  They are made from a pure silky smooth silicone. Most Joy N’ More sex toys come with a wireless remote control versions. So you or your sexual partner can control the various speeds and functions with a click of the button which will help increase your intimacy. The Joy N’ More Collection is rechargeable, seamless, FDA approved using medical grade silicone with very powerful, strong silent motors and an astonishing 8 wild vibration modes. Just think of the most gorgeous, fully innovative sex toy using the latest technology! It will definitely heighten your sexual experience and provide a way to reach many orgasms over your lifetime.

 Joy N' More Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Joy N’ More Collection
  1. Rechargeable:  The rechargeable feature extends the run time and saves you money on batteries.  Most importantly it is environmentally friendly by keeping batteries out of industrial dumps.  The lithium batteries can last up to 6 hours per charge ensuring that you will never be left high and dry. 6 hours of battery life will last you so many sexual sessions you will be crying with joy! Having no batteries means that you have to interchange means that your device will not leak battery fluid and it will be much more quiet then any other sex toy on the market today.
  2. Waterproof: The self sealing recharge point make Joy N’ More vibrators virtually seamless and 100% waterproof.  In a bath or a shower explore the unique sensual contours and shapes and it also makes it a breeze to clean.  No more worrying about nasty bacteria hidden in seams. You can take the sex toys almost anywhere and not be scared of getting them damaged.
  3. Silicone:  100% Medical Grade Soft Silicone, phthalate free ensures it is safe to insert into the human body, making it a healthy and sexy life style piece. Medical grade silicone does not absorb bacteria, and due to the nature of the material, bacteria cannot breed on it’s surface. Meaning that with a simple clean and wipe with low grade soap that the surface of the toy will be pristine and clean. Take care of your toy and your toy will take care of you.
  4. Strong and Quiet:  Each Joy N’ More vibrator comes with a powerful and quiet vibration motor designed to be nearly inaudible.  Make sure you make your play private – with no annoying and embarrassing buzzing sounds. This is partly due to the quality of the motor, and partly due to the thickness of the silicone and its softness. No one will be able to hear your sex toys so you can have private sessions all to yourself!
  5. Vibration Modes:  For those that want to experience and unique playtime each time and designed to cater for your mood at the time there are 8 ‘wild’ vibrations modes easily switched and controlled with a single button. Let your partner control the buttons to, for some seriously passionate fun.
  6. Elegant Packaging: All Joy N’ More are presented in a special gift box for those wishing to spoil their partner/s with the ultimate present.  Each luxuriously designed gift box contains a travel pouch, charging base and cords, user manual and catalogue. The collection will contain everything you need to get it up and working. Place your sex toy back in its travel pouch to keep it free from rubbing against other products.

It is important to check out the Joy N’ More Collection of products as their are several in the range all with different functions and focuses. There are several within the Joy N’ More range which range from insertables, eggs, and remote control toys. The product line is one of our most loved collections. Joy N’ More provides a quality range that is highly affordable and takes almost everyone of your wants into account. Make sure you store your sex toys safely, clean them with anti-bacterial spray and use a water-based lubricant to protect your sex toys from degrading.


Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.

The Good Girl

Women in Bed

Looking through the morning light, peeking through the curtains with the pleasurable sensation of being fully serviced by his lover.  Increasing pressures at the office, there was no better way than with her mouth engulfing his growing cock.  She loved it this way and often woke herself up before him, to play with her sex toys and then to explore his manhood orally and for him much better than an alarm.  She was such a good girl to him and he treasured her so.

Throatily he groaned, signalling his imminent ejaculation, she moved up to let him finger her wet cunt.  Oh she got so wet, he loved finger fucking her with one, then two, finally three fingers, and when she was totally involved in the moment fisting her.  She moaned over his thickening shaft, swirling her tongue around it as took him deeper and deeper until managing to deep throat him, gagging as it went deep past the gag reflex.  She devoured his cock polishing with her tongue her saliva dribbling down the shaft and then she would deep-throat him again, sucking up all the excess juices and starting all over again.

He thought to himself how lucky am I to have such a good girl like this.   His cock was now throbbing and the pressure to ejaculate was starting to grow in his balls.   He moaned deeply and said, I’m about to cum.”


Couple in Bed Photo
Photo: Couple in Bed


She smiled and nodded encouragement stroking his strong erect cock vigorously as he started to spurt. She placed her cock just above his mouth catching his jism in and around that glorious mouth.  He was in the throws of gushing semen all over her face and it was dribbling down her chin and dropping onto her breast.  When he had finished she set about wiping up all his thick white cum an like a child getting the spoon mother had just made cake with ceremoniously, looking him in the eye gobbled it all up.

When she was done she asked him whether he was all spent and he let her know he was just getting started.

Moving his fingers inside her wetness, her twisted his hand so he could thumb her swollen clit, four fingers inside and one manipulating that beautiful hooded clitoris she had,  She moaned and he smiled thinking what a good girl she was as she was always turned on and it took nothing to make her cum.  Often she would cum whilst giving him a blow-job but as he manipulated her pussy the wetness became a flow and she began to start spurting her cum.  He loved this and as often he did, he put his face toward her gushing cunt.  He knew this drover her crazy and her gush became an ocean as she blew all over his face.

He loved the feeling of her gushing over his face. His erection, now so hard and erect was throbbing once again, and after she stopped spurting rose and she took it orally in a slow, deliberate, sensual way…teasing and pleasing  him.  Never did she remove her mouth from him, just as she had had the last spasm of female jism.  His lover might open her mouth and lick his shaft, slide down and lick or suck his balls, but never would she stop.

He sighed ‘God you are such a good girl’.

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Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.