Medical Sex Toy List

Medical Sex Toy Doctor

If you think that sex toys were mainly made up of vibrators and dildos you would be incorrect. For those that take part in bondage and fetish activities, medical sex toys can be very appealing. Instead of comprising of the usual bondage and fetish gear of ankle and wrist restraints, blindfolds, bondage spreader bars, collars and gags, medical and surgical steel sex toys derive directly from items associated more with the practice of medicine than the practice of sex. They can be used for playful fun and games, role play, cleansing and more extreme forms of pleasure/pain. The most popular medical sex toys are as follows:

Medical Vaginal Sex Toy
Vaginal Speculum
  • Wartenberg Wheel: The Wartenberg Wheel is a pin wheel surgical steel sex toy with a handle that is intended to be rolled over the skin. There are a number of different types of these instruments available ranging from light to severe depending upon the number of spikes included on the wheels and the number of pin wheels built-in.
  • Urethral Sounds: A urethral sound is a surgical steel sex toy especially intended for use by men. It is a metal stemmed instrument that you insert into the penis in order to experience pleasure and pain simultaneously. Urethral sounds are available up to a width of 17mm and can be pushed as far into the penis as the pleasure/pain threshold will allow.
  • Speculum: Intended for either vaginal or anal use, speculums are made from either surgical steel or plastic and allow either the anus or the vagina to be prized open with prongs to a leverage of the user’s choosing. They are also easy to keep clean after use.
  • Intimate Douche: Classed as a medical sex toy, a douche is a unisex device that uses water to cleanse the anal or vaginal areas that is both pleasurable and practical. Douches either come with one of more attachment, the number of holes on which determines what the flow of water will be into the chosen intimate area. A surgical steel douche that screws into the shower head can provide a more powerful douche experience.
  • Breast Pumps: Breast pumps have cups on the end that go around the nipple and/or breast depending upon the size of the pump and a bulb is attached to this. Simply squeeze the bulb to extract the air away from the area surrounding the nipple and breast and temporarily extend the length of the nipple as well as increasing sensations in this area.
  • Glycerine Squirt: Surgical steel glycerine squirts enable up to 200 centiliters of fluid to be emptied into the penis, vagina or anus through different nozzle ends. A variety of new sexual sensations can be experienced by using this type of medical sex toy.
  • Medicinal Instruments: Forceps, scissors and other stainless steel hardware are all over the medical sex toy scene.
  • Restorative Supplies: From grown-up diapers to latex gloves, going the additional mile to add these supplies to your sexual lifestyle will make your dream medical sex toy experience become substantially more genuine.
  • Purification Douches and Enemads: Enemas, are used normally for heath reasons. Those this fetish has been quickly developing sensual obsession amongst gay and straight individuals alike. Douche play joins the experience of giving you an additional perfect feeling with the incitement of inclusion and development. Expendable and reusable forms are accessible to suit your yearning and needs.

The advance of a medical sex toy scene is well known generally on account of the assortment of choices accessible in this kind of imagination that are not accessible in different foundations. Not just are conventional therapeutic practices, for example, caressing from a ‘physical exam’ basic practices in this sort of play, however accommodation and predominance come into the scene as do different sorts of douche and limit play. Make a point to peruse our aide for an incredible portrayal of how a scene, for example, this can be sexual. If you want to find surgical steel sex toys, visit Adultsmart online adult store and shop for all your needs and desires. I am sure that you will find what you are looking for. Be sure to use medical sex toys, with people whom your trust and always sterilise your sex toy equipment before and after each use.

Find Gay Love Online

Gay dating websites are the most effective way to meet single gay men looking for other men. There are thousands of gay partners at the moment who met each other online. The best part of online gay dating websites is that single men look for long term relationship. Unlike bars or clubs, which most gay singles found there just look for a one night stand. So, in these modern days, men seeking men online at gay dating websites is popular. In other words, gay online dating for gay men is really working out well. Thousands of gay relationships are created every year. Gay dating websites are meant for single men looking for men for love and relationship, not just for sex. There are thousands of single gay men seeking men at these dating sites waiting for you, so take action today and find your ideal match.

Gay dating websites provide the means to help single gay men set up a profile, search for men and interact with each other. There is also a chat system if you want to chat with each other online. After you message on one another, you can exchange e mail addresses and communicate. When you post your personal ads, it is recommended that you include your own photos. In fact, gay men prefer to search for profiles with pictures. So, if you don’t have any photo on your profile, then they cannot find you.

The main reason that many gay dating websites expand in the last few years is to help gay men seeking gays online. As we live in this busy world, you lack of time to go out in search for a date. If you are a gay man, then you should take the opportunity to find your partner online. Gay dating websites allow you to read each profile carefully before you send out a contact. You already know his personality in general so you are not nervous when you meet that person face to face. Gay dating websites allow the same sex singles to meet each other for love and relationship. So, selecting the best sites to join with is a must. There are some totally free gay dating websites that don’t charge membership fee.

Some gay dating websites are free and some charge monthly membership fee. Usually, most gay men prefer to choose free dating sites to start with since they don’t have to pay any fee. Free dating websites have the same features as paid sites. The only difference is that free gay dating websites have more members than paid ones because they are free. Some people think that free sites do not have serious gay men as paid sites. You can use your imagination to figure out if it is true or not.

Gay dating websites are the means to connect you with your potential life partner. If you are a single gay man, you should take action to find your partner. Gay dating websites have connected thousands of single gay men online nowadays. When finding love, it is always a good idea to think about finding gay single men online. This is especially the case when it comes to Internet dating. Some single gay men who try to get into the gay dating community tend to suffer from a great deal of pressure as they are trying so hard to date other singles from different classes or demographics.

The fact is that it is best for gay men to look for love online when they are looking for singles outside their racial boundaries. One of the best reasons for this case is because gay dating is made to where personals can easily get in touch with one another in a private online environment without worrying about the public judging anyone. Unfortunately Internet dating is that it is often seen as a suspicious activity in the eyes of some. However, gay dating is easier to get into when online as it can be done in a place where singles won’t be suspected of anything and are free to know each other in a private environment where there won’t be a great deal of judgment going on in the process.

Keep in mind that it might be easier for people to find each other in closer areas. Part of the fight that comes with trying to date others is that they often run into singles which are too far away from each other. The key of online gay dating is to find personals which are closer to where they will be easy to date and be of interest with. Also, online dating allows single gay men to get in touch with each other in a way to where they will have a little more pacing with regards to how they communicate. One of the biggest problems that often come with dating in the real world involves the need to rush things along in physical settings. This is particularly a challenge in Internet dating as two singles might struggle to get their feelings in check and talk with each other just to feel positive.

Two Men With Hearts

Gay online websites are used to give gay men the opportunity to get to know one another in a better setting. This can be done without outside pressure and other hassles. In fact, the online dating world has evolved to where the industry is extremely selective in terms of how singles are to be identified. People can no longer simply apply for sites and just post their information on these places. They now have to work harder to actually list themselves and their details while also participating in multimedia chat sessions with other singles to make them heard. Internet dating is certainly a great thing for gay men who are looking for love as it expands the horizons that singles often get into when trying to find other singles.

Today, a large number of people visit the online dating and social networking sites to look for people of same sex. Being a gay man is no longer a tabooed topic on the online world and that is the reason, many websites have come to help people for finding a partner of same sex. As several online websites are offering gay dating options, many people are interested to know how men are searching for men at free gay dating websites.

There are several gay dating websites and it is indeed a tricky task to find which websites are reliable for this purpose. That is why many people have a common question how men are looking for men at these free gay dating sites and which are they? It is true that finding the best gay dating website at the first chance is a tricky task but that does not mean it is impossible. Where there is a will, there is always a way, as we say. If a young and sexy man was looking for an equally bold and charming man on a gay dating site, he would meet his search. However, to find the desired search results, one needs to spend some time for searching the best gay dating website.

As you all know, Internet hosts multiple scam sites that want to make an improper use of people’s money as well as personal information. Therefore, you should be careful about the website that you are selecting by checking all the necessary details to know about its authenticity. When you are searching for a free gay dating website, you should check the terms and conditions of the site thoroughly. Many free gay dating websites would ask for your credit card or debit card number for registering your name. It is always better to avoid them and check for the websites that do not require any such details.

Many scam gay dating websites make improper use of your financial details and so you end up giving a large sum amount of money for nothing. Therefore, it is always suggested not to provide your financial details to the dating sites if you want to date for free. When you are searching for a free gay dating website, you should carefully check each and every guideline and rule of the gay dating websites. This will help you in avoiding any troubles or legal issues later.

If you are new to online gay dating websites, it is always recommended to opt for a user friendly free website. By opting for a user friendly chatting site, it would be easier for you to find the man of your fantasies easily. The simple features of the user friendly chatting websites, would give you an excellent experience of chatting on the Internet. By chatting on the online gay dating websites, you might not only find a good friend but you can also find your future partner.

Use Craigslist for Gay Sex!

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All of the best how-tos and don’t-dos are included in this article series. I include some of the lingo, posts to stay away from and how to get through the best responses in Craigslist personals section during your search for anonymous gay anal sex. First, you need to understand that Craigslist is perfect for gay people.  Straight people have it way easier than gay people in most aspects. They can get married, they aren’t hated by religious people and each of their days passes smoothly. However, when it comes to getting anonymous online sexual hook ups, gay men have it much easier than straight men. Most women just don’t go looking for anonymous casual sex like men do, most likely because they can get it fairly easily if they’re looking for a man. So while there are sections for straight people, even for a casual encounter they will be likely expecting dinner and appearance before sex.

The reason so many straight men indulge their bi-curiosity on Craigslist is that they simply get fed up looking for women only to get scammed over and over again. Most posts by men under ‘men are looking for women’ section go ignored or are only answered by hookers and webcam girls. Most women actually looking for sex on Craigslist really aren’t the type to socialize beyond a certain point or even know to look past a certain aesthetic level. It is not impossible to meet an attractive woman on craigslist, but it is 99% difficult. Don’t expect success on your first try, your second or your third. In the meantime, there are plenty of gay guys on ‘men are looking for men’ section who might be happy to take care of your needs. And you don’t even have to make them the dinner.

Secondly, it is important to know the craigslist terminology. We live in an age of abbreviated words and phrases, mostly due to the internet, which is still something new for many of us. There are several craigslist shorthand terms, but I’d say these are some of the essentials. For example, NSA means No Strings Attached. DDF means drug and disease free while M4M encounters mean men for men encounters. HWP is Height/Weight Proportionate and ISO mean is In Search Of. After you learn the lingo everything is easy. It’s really just about making a post, including a picture and waiting for men to send you a message. Having a picture on there is really important, as a lot of people ignore submissions that don’t have photos.

Gay Men Running

By the way, if there is one Craigslist abbreviation that you want to avoid, it would be PNP. PNP, in Craigslist terminology, stands for “party ‘n play” which stands for sex while high on drugs. If you’re a bottom, one of the problems hooking up with drunk or gay men under drug influence is that they last long and drugs prevent them from finishing quickly. So they can fuck you, turn it over and then fuck you even harder until the condom literally breaks and then you’ve just had unprotected intercourse with a junkie. A thing to keep in mind is that anyone using a random capital letter T in an ad is looking to get high. For example: LeT’s have sex tonighT mean let’s get high and fuck all night

Another third and important thing on craigslist is that people who are looking mostly for generous men are prostitutes. Whenever you see an ad on craigslist advertising someone looking for “generous men” or just “gen,” it can only mean that the person is a prostitute, and “generous” is just a code for “give me money.

Age is important buy if there is one place where it can be ok to lie about age, its craigslist. If you’re 25 and look 25, then post your real age in your ad. But general Craigslist rule is that you post as the age you think you look like, not the age you actually are. It’s not like you want to show to strangers your ID anyway. The one time that is not okay to lie about your age is when you’re underage and posing as an adult. You can ruin someone’s life that way or get in trouble.

Lying about your race also is ok sometimes. For example if you’re a Latino but you look more like a European guy for example, just say white in your ad. Aesthetics are about visuals not about facts. This isn’t a survey so post what you look like, not necessarily what you really are. Sadly, when using craigslist one must expect that a lot of people won’t show up to their dates or be all that reliable. Lots of people get off on the thrill of setting up an anonymous sexual encounter, but while they get turned on by the thrill of this search they often have zero intention of actually meeting. Or maybe they freak out at the last minute. Whatever the reason, it happens a lot. Most of the times these people never have the courtesy to even email you or text you with a simple sorry.

Craigslist is a game. For every sexy gay man you might meet you may get a fun time or equal numbers of people not showing up. Just know this fact when writing an ad on craigslist. It never stops being annoying, but it helps you to get ready for the real arrangements that can offer you sweet time. If you’re really looking to give this a try, assume that everyone is just as nervous as you are. Craigslist is a great place for gay men to find other men for anonymous gay sex.

Gay Online Dating Fetishes

Gay Erotic Fetish

Let’s face it there are certain urges and fantasies that have sneaked into your mind from time to time. Gay online dating offers the best way to explore these urges and fantasies. Why? Well, in gay online dating, anything goes. It does not really matter what your fantasy or fetish is. There is something for everyone. Imagine a stranger approaching you in a bar or somewhere else and asking, “Hey, I’m into restraints, want to play?” Kind of a weirdo, don’t you think? This is another big advantage of adult gay online dating over the other dating methods. The choice of alternative lifestyle. Alternative lifestyle can be described as a way of life, or certain aspects of it, in a way that does not fit cultural norms and values.

It is said, that it is more common that gay men are able to freely talk more openly about their sexual kinks when online dating because they have already taken the leap to discover their sexuality with themselves. If they have accepted who they are, they are more likely to let people know who they are which will in turn get them what they need sexually as they are able to let people know what they actually truly want in there sex lives.

Alternative lifestyle may include:

  • Bondage and BDSM: This encompasses bondage, domination, and sadomasochism.
  • Fetish: When you think about gay fetishes, a lot of people enjoy oral sex and a lot of gay men enjoy cumming all over a mans beard. When you think about it, this is pretty common as a lot of people enjoy cumming on people’s faces since the beginning of pornography. All things considered, cumming on fellow’s whiskers is quite manageable contrasted with a few fixations with the wide ranges of fetishes available. From peeing in a man’s anus to coming in a man’s ear there is no fetish left to comprehend. Some people even enjoy motor boating other men’s behinds which can quite fun if you are into that type of thing!
  • Swinging: This involves consenting adult couples meeting other couples for sexual activity.
  • Fetish: May be defined as any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation. Fetishes include things like foot worship, size of dress, and even racial heritage.
  • Open Relationships: Even if two men are happy with the physical affection of one another and emotional relationship due to the fact that people can have wild sexual yearnings. Remembering this organic truth that two men together can have an overflow of testosterone, numerous gay couples open their bed for another to join in on the fun in a threesome of even in an open relationship where they let each other date other people.

Mens Costume

Whether you have an alternative choice or a fetish, you just want to try something new, or want to explore a fantasy; you will find good company in gay online dating. This does not mean that this dating method is only for those weirdos. Those looking for the good old one night stand, discreet relationship, or other forms of sexual encounters will find a home here as well. Perhaps the biggest advantage of gay online dating is availability of consensual like-minded adults, thus eliminating guessing as well as people with holier-than-thou judgmental attitudes. This beats going out to bars and night clubs, in the hopes of bumping into someone with similar interests. An added advantage is anonymity and comfort. You can browse gay dating sites anonymously at any time of day or night. Not only that but, both parties can choose not to know any more about each other than what is needed for encounter or relationship to take place.

As with almost everything else, gay online dating has some disadvantages also. One is anonymity as it is sometimes a good thing but also a negative thing that tends to bring out the worst in people. Some people will do bad things online that they would not otherwise do in real life. Lies and misrepresentations are perhaps the greatest complaint in gay online dating. People will lie about their age, profession, social status and the like. Some prostitutes have discovered that it is safer to post an adult ad online than working the streets. Another thing to look out for is for scam dating sites. Some gay dating sites are temporary operations while others are fronts for pornographic sites. All things considered, gay online dating presents an exciting way to explore your fantasies, fetishes and alternatives.

Plan Your First Gay Date

Gay Men Dressed

Dating can be an anxious task for many gay men. We understand the obstacles that you can meet during dating another gay man. Living in a straight dominant and stereotyped society, this can be an obstacle by itself. The following tips in this article are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your date with another gay man will be successful. This way you will ensure that your unique first date will ask you again for a second date.


  • Choose the ideal place to meet as this is very important. Make it a quiet, neutral place outside of your home and away from noisy gay clubs or bars. You want to be able to communicate easily with your date.
  • Focus on your date. Since this is a new opportunity to connect, avoid distractions. Relate directly to him and listen to what he has to say.
  • Balance the conversation and don’t monopolize it with rambling talk about yourself or your accomplishments, or your ex’s. If he starts to do something similar you should probably reconsider booking a second date. Stay in the present and avoid talking about your ex boyfriends. Your date doesn’t want to hear about it on your first meeting. Concentrate on interests or points of view you have in common. Deal with the present and not the past. It’s ordinary for the individual you are meeting for that first date to be interested about your identity. Be interested in sharing the nuts and bolts, including what you do, where you are from and things you find intriguing.
  • In any case, be cautious of oversharing. This implies being aware of revealing an excessive amount of too early, which could bring about your date to feel like you are boasting.  Points to keep away from incorporate your present pay, the kind of auto you drive or the amount you are paying for rent. On the off chance that you two hit it off, there will be a lot of time to open up about your own data. The exact opposite thing you need is the person sitting opposite you to think you are a seething narcissist. Thus the point here is to share carefully. Which drives us to our next point.
  • Let the positive energy flow. Let’s face it. First impressions are important. If you’re flowing negative energy your date will never become interested in you so relax.
  • Getting sexual right away doesn’t usually work out. Allow yourself time to balance physical attraction with other important elements like basic communication and similar outlooks and interests.
  • Pacing is important. You can’t take a relationship faster than the pace at which both guys are comfortable. In other words, if you tend to be more intense or serious than the other guy, relax. Allow him time to discover how he feels and wants to proceed, so let go of needing to control the outcome.
  • Unequal attraction means tuning into vibes from the other guy. Be honest with yourself as often the level of attraction is not equal. If you sense your attraction to him is not really reciprocated, don’t try to force the issue. Let it go and direct your energy toward a more promising potential. And if you’re the one who’s less interested, let the other guy know as quickly as possible.
  • Follow through and respect your date. Unreturned phone calls and lack of follow through are a real issue for everyone. We’ve probably all been on both sides of this issue and it’s really simple. Have enough respect for each other to follow through and communicate where things stand. That way you can both move forward together.
  • Should your first date arranges incorporate an eatery or a place where liquor is served, it may be a smart thought to choose ahead of time to have “only one”. That is correct – only one. Here is the reason. When you drink a lot on a first date, you may send the accidental message that you require liquor keeping in mind the end goal to have a good time. More terrible, you may appear to be messy. Is that what you truly need?  An incredible approach to maintain a strategic distance from liquor on a first date is to just not associate with it. For instance, rather than going eatery where liquor is served, why not go for dessert or espresso? Shouldn’t something be said about somewhere fun like a zoo or a stroll in the recreation center? The principle indicate here is be aware of liquor use. Along these lines your basic leadership isn’t disabled or your judgment.

By following all these important gay dating tips you ensure that your first date will be successful and the second date near the corner.