Review: Lelo Isla

Luxury Vibrator from Lelo Sex Toy

We all have favorites, a favorite ice cream, book, place to visit and a favorite child (just kidding).  My favorite color is black. It’s my go-to.  It’s classic, sleek, simple and makes me feel sexy. There is a reason that a little black dress is a staple in nearly every woman’s closet. I can slip on a little black dress, some heels, do the cat eye liner and feel like I can take on the world or at least seduce the sexy couple a few tables over.  It’s only natural that, I have a favourite sex toy. My absolute favourite is my go-to Lelo Isla vibrator in black. It’s sleek and makes me feel sexy whenever I use it.

The Lelo Isla has its own place directly next to my side of the bed. Not in a drawer, not hidden away but right next to where my iPhone sleeps for the night. I never want it out of reach. I am not concerned about my boys or visitors seeing this vibrator sitting out in the open because it doesn’t resemble a cock. It is “contoured to the female form” but my 8 & 13 year olds don’t even notice the weird shaped, arty looking thing next to my bed. It is very cool looking but doesn’t draw attention to itself, unlike a very nice stainless steel sparkly butt plug that went missing. As an aside, stainless steel butt plugs with pretty crystals at the end apparently look like plunder-able treasure to seven year old wannabe pirates.

You’ll be the one going on a treasure hunt, and doing some explaining to neighbors,  if little people find one of those drying in your bathroom and lift it so they and their buddies can bury it in the backyard. Sadly, we know this from experience. Though we are fairly progressive parents and like to have open lines of communication with our kids, it would be a slightly uncomfortable conversation explaining that these are mom’s personal belongings if they found my gigantic black cock vibrator.  It’s huge.  It looks like nothing but a disembodied penis.  The boys wouldn’t be fooled.  This isn’t a problem with the Isla. It looks as elegant and classy as is possible for a sex toy.

G Spot Vibrator
Photo: Lelo Isla


Noise and Vibration: The Isla, like most if not all Lelo sex toys have “whisper quiet vibrations”.  This means I can sneak upstairs while a movie is on and take care of myself in two minutes without everybody knowing what I am up to. There are 6 different vibration levels.  There is a range from a low to a strong pulse, random, and then an all-out heavy vibration. I should experiment more often with the different settings but my favorite is the steady & faithful heavy vibration. It works.  It works great.  I’ve owned a lot of vibrators and, all other features aside, this is absolutely the best one for the main thing you want your vibrator to do.  No question about it, it brings the orgasms.

“It is surprisingly relative quiet which is a fabulous feature.  I know the Hitachi Magic Wand is often considered the standard in vibrators but that thing sounds like a leaf blower in comparison to the Lelo Isla.”

In or Out: I am a clit focused masturbator.  I have used other style vibratos such as bullets, wands & fingers but when I want to get myself off, I am less about the insertion and more about playing with my clit. The Lelo Isla is shaped for insertion and I have occasionally slipped it inside of me.  It’s smooth and slide in easily, especially with some properly placed Sliquid.  Though it feels pretty good, I still prefer using it externally. The straight thrusting in and out motion did not rub me the right way; perhaps my anatomy isn’t complimentary to the gentle curve of the Isla. However, when Fox took over, slide it into me and then lifted it so it pressed against my G-Spot, I enjoyed the sensation more.  That said, I primarily use it directly on and around my clit.

Handling: Ergonomically, the Isla has a looped handle at its base.  This makes me feel like a cowgirl, it makes me want to fire bullets from the tip, swing it around my finger, and put in a hip holster.  Actually, I think Fox has done this once or twice after using it on me. The exterior is a silky smooth, body safe silicone that is waterproof leaving the options of water play open. For example, I enjoy quickies in the shower to just release tension or give myself an attitude adjustment. Since I’m standing up, slipping a hand to down to accelerate the situation can sometimes be uncomfortable or tiring.  This bad boy can do the trick with ease.

“Guilty as charged.  The Isla is shaped a bit like a gun.  If all guns are, to one degree or another, phallic symbols, it is interesting to have a phallic symbol that is gun-like.  I think it is much more sci-fi than old west, but that’s just me.”

Longevity: It has a rechargeable battery which, I think should be standard with all sex toys. The Isla holds up to a 4 hour charge so you could take this with you on a short vacation without worrying about another charger to keep track of. In short, you simply can not go wrong with the Lelo Isla.

“Also, it can take a beating.  For whatever reason, whenever Bella gets done using it she more or less chucks it across the room.  I’m not talking a cool, Jay-Z dropping the mic and walking off stage situation here, she flings it.  It’s bounced off just about every piece of furniture in our bedroom.  It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  So to speak.”

One of my goals in 2014 is to relax and try venture away from clit focused masturbation but for now, I probably use this daily. It is always exactly right, always exactly what I need.  At around $240 it isn’t cheap but it is worth every single cent.  Every woman should own the Isla, it’s the little black dress of Lelo sex toys.


About the author: Review by BellaPecosa with quoted comments by Mr. Fox.


Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.

Review: Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit

10 Function Vibrator

I wanted to feel what any other woman feels when they are having good time but with the current lifestyle that we are living, this wasn’t to come get it. Sex is more of a basic thing but being a career woman commitment to my job could not allow me to indulge in any form of an intimate relationship. Keeping a pet wasn’t either a good idea but what is technology for? There are plenty of rabbits in the market which could help me to fill this void but I had tried many of them with no satisfaction. But, I got another brand of called Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit which just took me to the place that I always wanted to be for an unbelievable $30 price tag.

Yes! For the first time I got what I have been looking for. Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit is one of the sex toys that can give a woman what many cannot give. It will ensure that you get the orgasm you deserve to make you feel good and relaxed after a hard days at of work. The device will make you scream ‘OMG’ if not cry out of joy. It just took where I had longed to be for a long time, to have a wonderful orgasm without having to worry about anything else but focus on what was happening to my body. I bet no woman would feel fully sexually satisfied if they have not reached at that climax stage of this wonderful game.


10 Function Vibrator

The simplicity of the Aphorodisia Vibe O’Rabbit lets you play with your clitoral whilst the shaft is pentrating your vaginal walls. Utilise the sex toy by yourself for masturbation or let your lover play with the sex toy on your body for some passionate play time.

What made me go for the Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit apart from the unbelievable $20 price is the fact that it is a pure silicone. It is made from 100% body safe silicone which is smooth to the touch. The sex toy is unscented and phthalate free so your health is protected from harmful chemicals and if you have any allergies to scented product’s you need not worry when you use the sex toy. To use press the button.

It runs on AAA batteries and this is what made it to be my best choice. It is these batteries that will provide the powerful force of vibration to make you feel good all over. If you feel that the rabbit is going down, you only need to change the batteries to re-energize it back to its full operation. It will never disappoint you if you keep it powered and it will definitely entertain you with lots of orgasms and you know what I mean with lots of them. To store the rabbit remove the batteries and place it in a satin pouch.

With its 10 functions, I found Aphrodisia Vibe O’Rabbit more superior to others of its kind in the market and oh did I mention the $30 price tag? It is a very affordable rabbit vibrator. Considering all of its functionality you really are investing in a bargain. With these functions I have been able to try several rhythms and I can guarantee you that you will ultimately get one that will take you to the oh my god zone. The one that will leave you helpless and full of satisfaction that you have never experienced before. The Aprhodisia Vibe O Rabbit comes in four colours including purple, pink, rose and blue. So you can match your sex toy up with your favourite colour.

So if you are searching for a vibrator that will give you great orgasms, then I would advice to try the Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit. This is a device that will give you lots of orgasms after work and it will leave relaxed and sexually satisfied like never before. Woman, you don’t need to beg for any man to provide you with any sex joy since this device have it all. No commitment and you can go on with your life or pursue your career comfortable. Always remember to use Id-lube as your lubricant as it is the best for vibe o rabbit. And did I mention the $30 price tag?

By Honey from Port Stephens


Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.

Review: Luv N Fun 5 Vibrator

Vibrators For Women

This is the third time I’ve bought a vibrator for personal use, and I must say that the Luv N Fun 5 Waterproof Vibrator has kept me very content. It treated me very well, it was very good to me. The vibrator is different than the ones I’ve had previously. The Luv N Fun sports a very flexible shaft, I mean it really bends almost to a 25 degree angle! To me this was very surprising as I hadn’t come across many sex toys that could flex this well. I mean it would bend and mould with my body, I could apply the pressure I needed and I wouldn’t accidentally hurt myself. It would flex to a comfortable position that I needed it to stimulate my body, it let me! One of the reasons why I choose to buy this toy was because of the ribbed pattern on the surface of the shaft. From seeing the ribbed pattern I knew I would love it and would make me feel so good.. The ribs are gentle and they are just enough to make climaxing that much easier.  The length of the vibrator means that it is long enough to reach your G-spot with ease and the ribs will be able to rub against your G-spot


The Luv N Fun 5 was my first flexible vibrator so when it arrived at my house I was very excited and couldn’t wait to try it for the first time. Just make sure no one is around when your opening up your sex toy parcel!  The Luv N Fun 5 is completely waterproof so you don’t need to worry about it when you’re in the shower or having a great time at the tub, you can even take it into the sauna if you really wanted to. It comes in a pretty pink, and while I must say I’m not a fan of that colour, I also say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The Luv N Fun 5 shape is pleasing to the eye. It also does not take that much space when putting it inside its storage pouch for safekeeping and storage.

Luv N Fun

The vibrator does not seem to consume much battery, and it is pretty quiet with just a little buzzing sound to indicate it’s doing its job. Its great because with around three hours of fun per charge, you can put it to charge during the night and by the next day you’re ready for another Luv N Fun time. I was surprised at first when I discovered it had eight vibration modes. After I tested all of them I found that there are some that can give you a slow building climax which would feel so lovely whilst there are stronger modes that are good for people who need a heavier climax. Since you can change the modes, you choose the one which will work well for you and you can change them depending on your mood.

There are several good things I liked about the Luv N Fun 5, the first being its size and portability, which allowed me to take it with me when I went to visit my sister in another state. Another one is how the combination of a flexible shaft and several of the vibration modes felt; I really liked the synergy of the design of the vibrator. Even better, it can be taken into the shower for some water play!

The material of the vibrator is body safe soft silicone that feel gentle. Since it is a silicone vibrator you will need to use your favorite water proof lubricant rather than a silicone based lubricant. For cleaning, all it takes is a quick bath in soapy luke warm water and dry it down with a clean towel. When I had to clean it, the time it took me around 20 to 30 seconds to have it completely pristine and it was ready to use all over again.

I really recommend the Luv N Fun 5 Waterproof Vibrator because it is a portable sex toy that is made of quality that met and exceeded all my expectations, with its many features and surprises all while keeping the quality that Luv N Fun are known to have.


By Bec from Cairns

Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.

Review: ABC Feeling Vibrators

ABC Tidal Vibrator

ABC-Feeling Vibrators are electro-mechanical devices which generate pulsation, the pulsation makes the device useful for massages. Vibrators come in many shapes, sizes and textures, and can be used in a variety of ways, including externally or internally to the body. When used for sexual stimulation rather than for massage or other therapeutic use, vibrators are generally applied to the erogenous zones, and in particular to the clitoris, vulva, vagina, anus or penis. An appropriate vibrator is the perfect sex toy to get you revved up for a hot and steamy night of passion either by yourself or with your partner. Currently there are four ABC Feeling Vibrators including:

  • ABC Feeling Tidal 2 Vibrator: This sex toy is intended to be as provocative as its clients and has its streamlined body secured by smooth silicone that brings you solid profound thundering incitement. What’s more, it accompanies a round head that tickle your G-spot and ensure you some awesome and lovely astounds.
  • ABC Feeling Kissy Vibrator: This very sentimental is particularly intended for women searching for some genuine and genuine fun. Its body has a one of a kind tongue shape and most ladies essentially call it the inclination kissy vibrator. It promises the most abnormal amount of fulfillment and exotic joy for the spirit and body.
  • The Feeling Breezy Wireless Vibrator: With this vibrator, simply feel the breeze and the joy each morning, day or night. It is the most blazing vibrator you can get in the accumulation of feeling windy. conveys vibrations that will totally shake your reality. On the off chance that you are looking for an exotic delight, this is an absolute necessity have vibrator.
  • ABC Feeling Tidal Vibrator: This vibrator accompanies a streamlined body. This guarantees the client has a thundering, solid and profound incitement as they tickle their G-Spot. The vibrator likewise includes a particular outline that makes it substantially more agreeable and less demanding to use as you appreciate those extraordinarily incredible minutes you enjoy it. You simply need to close your eyes and let things move over.

ABC Tidal VibratorABC Feeling Vibrator

Power Source: ABC Feeling have rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries which generates powerful pulsations, a vibrator consumes a lot of power during its operation. Thus ABC-Feeling provides vibes with rechargeable feature to extend the run time and save your money which spend on expansive batteries, most importantly it benefit the environment by keep the batteries out of landfill.

Modes: The rechargeable power source help back up the extraordinary engine too. ABC-Feeling vibes come loaded with 8 amazing patterns of powerful and thrilling vibration. The ABC Feeling vibrators are water safe for sauna, shower and any type of water fun for you to enjoy. The vibrators have multiple speeds to choose from.

Materials: The ABC Feeling Toy’s silicone raw material is made in the EU. It is pure, medical grade, body safe, FDA approved and phthalate-free soft silicone which tends to feel like skin, warm to the body temperature and retains heat, is extremely durable, non-porous and heat-resistant. is a shower fun, whisper calm vibrator with a consistent configuration and an ergonomic shape. The silicone is smooth and delicate to the touch.  In the event that you need a water safe, silicone safe, totally consistent and a quality toy, search for only than the

Sound level: Vibration is sound, thus no vibrator is completely quiet. Especially when you want a powerful pulsation, you should expect to hear your vibrator. However we understand that sometimes you want to keep it to your own, or you don’t want the buzz sound to distract your romantic hours with your loved one, this is why our vibes is designed to be almost inaudible.

  • The motors we use in our vibes are powerful and extremely quiet ones.
  • The surface is designed to be soft to absorb the movements produced by the motor and sound, making vibrators very quiet.

Colour: It is now available in 3 amazing colors: Red, Purple, Green, Pink &Blue

Circumstance and opportunities: Travel ready, the “Press and Hold” feature allows you to travel safely without any concern that the product might come on and cause embarrassment with security issues or run out of battery. And all forms of ABC-Feeling vibes are come with a convenient charging base and a free travel pouch which is excellent for incognito storage.
In the water – all forms of ABC-Feeling vibes are perfectly seamless and 100% waterproof. You can enjoy them in the bath tub or in the pool.

How To Use:

Read the following instructions before you start the journey with your very first ABC-Feeling vibe.

  1. To turn on the Vibe, simply press and hold the on/off button for a few seconds till it goes on.
  2. There are 8 wild modes to choose from, to change the rhythm of vibrations, and simply press the on/off button without holding.
  3. To turn off the vibe, press and hold the on/off button for a few seconds till it goes off.
  4. To charge the item , simply deposit it on its charging base, it’ll automatically stop charging when the battery is full and be ready the next time you want it.
  5. When it is full charged , the LED indicator will go flashing.
  6. To clean the Vibrators, just wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water.
  7. Rinse it well with clear water to remove any residues.

So now you have all you need to know about ABC Feeling Vibrators.

Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.

Review: Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition

Jimmy Jane Form 2 - The luxury in Vibrators

“Like beautiful lingerie, Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition fits into the context of customers’ carefully curated lives.”

Following the success of the FORM 2 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator, and to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its release, Jimmyjane is pleased to present a premium addition to the line the Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition. Originally designed by Yves Behar and Ethan Imboden, FORM 2 has become an iconic product for Jimmyjane and the industry, and is coveted by customers worldwide. The introduction of FORM 2 Luxury Edition further solidifies Jimmyjane’s commitment to setting the standard for quality, innovative pleasure products without compromising personal style, well being or values. The release of the Luxury Edition marks the 5th year anniversary of FORM 2, which launched in 2009 and instantly became a cult-classic. Originally designed by Yves Behar and Ethan Imboden, Jimmyjane’s founder, FORM 2 took the concept of the “Rabbit” vibrator to new heights. Using “just the ears” made FORM 2 small enough to use during couples play.


JimmyJane Form2 Lux 24k Gold

By adding a motor in the tip of each ear, it continues to deliver vibration when it comes in contact with the body. Since its release, FORM 2 has been honored with numerous design accolades including an   (IDEA) from Fast Company and IDSA, a GOOD Design Award and a Spark Award. For five years, FORM 2 has continuously been a best seller for Jimmyjane. It is often the #1 selling vibrator for Jimmyjane’s retail partners, and its popularity continues to grow.

Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition is the quintessential object of pleasure. It is adorned with sleek black silicone, a 24-karat gold insignia, and black and gold detailed charging stand. It comes with chic, special-edition packaging and a new USB universal charging system. The vibrator employs the same functionality as the original FORM 2: a compact design that offers more intense vibrations than any other product of its size. Each flexible ear is internally powered for dynamic stimulation. As the two vibrators interact, they surround a touch-point in a unique sensation unparalleled by any vibrator on the market. The new Luxury Edition also features a special Spontaneous Mode in which the user relinquishes the power of control to FORM 2 as it cycles through impromptu variations of modes and power levels.

“Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition is the quintessential object of pleasure. The success and notoriety of FORM 2 continues to surpass our expectations, and shows no signs of slowing down. The customer testimonials, retailer feedback and press coverage of this vibrator is astounding, and has created Jimmyjane brand evangelists worldwide. FORM 2 Luxury Edition adds an extra touch of style and sexiness to the most private moments, when one feels most vulnerable. It makes each intimate experience feel sexy and special. We know it will be a perfect addition to our customers’ collections,” stated Alicia Sinclair, VP of Worldwide Sale and Business Development at Jimmyjane.


JimmyJane Form2 Lux 24k Gold

The vision for Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition was to create the most refined and sophisticated incarnation of Jimmyjane’s most established favorite – FORM 2. Through innovation, body-safe materials, design and minimalist aesthetics Jimmyjane has created products with mass appeal and been credited with leading the category to mainstream crossover. By shifting the public’s perception, premium pleasure products are now widely sought after and accepted. Demand has been on a steady incline in recent years as consumers recognize their value and positive effects on sexual wellbeing and relationships.

Customer feedback indicates that customers use FORM 2 regularly as their go-to bedroom accessory. Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition is ideal for existing fans of FORM 2 and style-minded newcomers alike. It was crafted to make each intimate moment feel like a special experience. Jimmyjane believes if anything should be beautifully designed and made, it’s the products that engage our sexuality. Like beautiful lingerie, FORM 2 Luxury Edition fits into the context of customers’ carefully curated lives. Jimmyjane’s Form 2 is an easy to use device which can enjoyed by both females and males. Bring the Jimmyjane Form 2 into sexual play and experiment with each other’s bodies to find out the secret places on each other’s body that send pleasurable shiver’s down each other spines. The simplicity and luxury of this sex toy make sex classy. This sex toy remind me of a man in a tuxedo or a woman in a sleek classic dress.

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Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.