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In the 21st century, sex is no longer a topic considered as taboo. Online, and offline conversations about health and sexuality are a sure fire hit, what with adult lifestyles being the central theme in pop culture. Nowadays, the public has become more open to sexual excursions and escapades as the modern times have killed notions of slut shaming, queer issues and many other previous taboo subjects as being acceptable. Open discussion about sexual lifestyles are now seen as a means of self-discovery.

Adult content initially made its way into society through men’s magazines and papers. These magazines for men have content that cater to the sexual preferences of men.  The same content later became available on dvd and on ‘educational shows’.  Soon enough as the internet boomed, adult content websites sprouted like mushrooms in the online world. The internet has made anything related to sex prolific, and available to all. Videos invoking sexual actions has now become one of the most viewed types of material on the internet. However shortly after a new type of adult content began to circulate the internet: Adult fanfiction and Adult Blogs.

Adult fanfiction is a work of literature that pens the fictional desires of fans to do a sexual act with their idols. This fanfiction usually evokes the writer’s sexual fantasies on their favorite stars. Adult fanfiction paved way to Adult Blogs. These adult blogs are now one of the staple of Not Safe For Work stories and further developed into more informative and authoritative blogs relating to the health and sexuality of the average person.

This online community of self-discovery that has formed in the 21st Century is considered as a safe space where everyone can be themselves. And people who have a problem with that are allowed to leave with no questions asked. Because of this, the internet has given way to a public sphere of knowledge that discusses sexcapades, fetishes, and sexcursions. The goal of this community, like any other communities, is to share information. The major difference on the other hand is that this community shares information that previously was hidden or discussed behind closed doors.

The anonymity offered online meant that Adult Blogs discuss various topics that vary from sex stories, mental health, bondage and sex toys reviews that are totally frank and honest. Let’s have a clear discussion on the former. Adult blogs are a staple source of fictional and factual sex stories, and sexual discovery. Adult bloggers can pen works of art where they detail their sexual fantasies, and even their sex adventures or simply relay information that will assist their niche or talent.

Adult Blogging
Blogger Writing

Adult Bloggers are usually people who are sexually active and/or are sexually open. The stories they write not only entice people to on the road of self-discovery through but also allow them to make informed choices through the experiences of others.  These writers give insights on how this may feel for readers. Adult bloggers inform readers on the do’s and don’ts of sex. Adult Bloggers try to be honest about everything, and they let people know in order for the readers to gauge if this type of activity may be suitable for them.

Often you will also be given tips, and tricks for newbies who are on the long road to self-discovery. This is where the important part of Adult Blogs come into play: education. Beginners who want to be sexually active, and aggressive will need to gauge information from these terrific and informative sites. Beginners may have a tendency to be swallowed whole by the booming sex industry with a large number of sex toys, lubes, and other sex-related products. Adult Bloggers are like parents who can give us sound advice on sex, the only difference is, learning about their sex stories isn’t as awkward as it usually does with parents.

You will find also sound advisers in BDSM. Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism is a type of fetish that involves aggressive sexual acts. The sites are a safe space where people can share information, and give light to topics.

Aside from this, Adult Blogs are a sounder source for sex education. Some people resort to watching porn in order to learn a few moves. We all know that porn usually gives people higher expectations, but very minimal information. This is one of the wonders of Adult Bloggers: they allow us to peak into their lives, and learn a thing or two about how to properly execute sex. Adult Blogs may also be treated as a support community as you have the power to ask the blogger themselves with this, you have the voice in order to shamelessly voice out your queries.

Adult Blogs also provide an opportunity to protect readers. Some adult bloggers go under pen names in order to hide their personality. Other online bloggers are professional writers of erotica, and these bloggers would like to keep their identity to themselves. The same benefits can be done for readers who are silently considering the long journey of self-discovery.  One of the coolest features of the sex blog is that it contains many sex-related stories that will surely excite you. Surely after reading this blog you will be more excited to try the many products AdultSmart offers. This blogsite is also active publishing at least one post daily, which is why it makes for a great online community that specializes in the sexual issues. The articles in this blog varies from first time sex encounters, and product reviews making AdultSmart the epitome of adult online content.

AdultSmart is one of the best, if not the best, Adult blogs there is in the world. Their bloggers, they have one permanent blogger named Elle (the sexpert) and three guest blogges who also discuss a wide array of topics making the blog as diverse as it can be. It caters to many sexual preferences, as the adventures of many sex writers of the blog is boundless.  You will find a slew of high-quality adult products that will surely rekindle your libido. If you would like to live a satisfying life with no regrets, this blog community is the online place for you to fully discover yourself.


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Exploring The Arms of Tentacle Porn!

Pop Culture
When it comes to Asian Popular culture – there are many things in it which the Western World finds strange. Take for example Asian game shows – a variety of which can be found with a simple search through youtube. They excel in oddity and absurdity, and this often transcends through Asian exploration of sex and sexuality. Absurdity in this instance refers to a situation or thing that is deemed to be wildly unreasonable to the point where it comes across as foolish. There are no negative connotations here as absurdity often relies on surreal humour which is a collection of bizarre juxtapositioning, and irrational situations using expressions of nonsense. For these reasons absurdity, and surreal humour are either used to point out irony, or are used to poke fun at things not meant to be taken seriously. Indeed, Asian culture uses this form of humour as entertainment, and for today’s discussion this is a crucial element in understanding Asian Culture’s relationship to sex and sexuality.
Tentacle Fetish
Tentacle Romance
I speak often of the advancements of human communication and technology and how that brings cultures, civilisations, countries and continents ever closer – but not always. When it comes to sex and sexuality, the gap between Asians and Westerners simply is not getting smaller despite profound Westernisation transforming aspects of the culture. There is little discussion about sex when it comes to Asian culture, for the most part when  it comes to discussions of sex, it is largely swept under the carpet – this dilemma is expressed by Carene Chong in her article Perceptions of Sex: East Vs West as she explains her discomfort upon arriving in Australia. She describes how she knew that the Western world was far more open to the discussion of sex – but she had underestimated just how open that the Western World was. In her article she explains how she was unable to reply to her friend when she was asked if she was having sex with her boyfriend and that her friend couldn’t understand her discomfort at the question – as she puts it, to her friend ‘sex was just as common a topic as what she had for lunch.’ Despite her understanding and already acknowledging the differences between the two cultures she was unprepared for the openness, and it is topic that she still describes as ’embarrassing subject’ that she loves to hate. But why is this so? Why is sex considered to be so taboo in Asian culture that it makes an individual so embarrassed that they are unable to illicit a response?
From my own experiences in teaching in an Asian school – there is a complete lack of sexual education at school. The idea of sex is considered to be so taboo within Asian culture that i received an extensive lecture during my induction on ensuring that my teachings and class content was completely devoid of sex. An interesting and unusual perspective as the school i was teaching in at the time had no issues with students sexuality, or the way that they performed their sex such as in drag. To many in an Asian culture sex is a sinful experience and it should not be spoken about, nor should they participate in sexual activity or expression until they have either settled down, or reached an appropriate age.
Now that we have an understanding of Asia and it’s relationship with sex – it’s easy to see why there are sexual practices in Asia which seem strange. From Robotic sex, to cuddle bars, vibrator bars, and  a variety of fetish clubs catering to all sorts of fetishes – there is often a skewed perspective when it comes to how Westerners and Asians view sex and that’s without going into the tragedy and racism of Asian Pornography. Indeed, when it comes to Japan and their relationship to sex – the assumption is often that Japanese people are sexually repressed. In a way, this is partially true and arguments can be easily made pointing to their low birthrates and, due to a preference to be productive members of society and focusing on work, a preference of a single lifestyle. In spite of this, the sex industry in Japan is considered to be the second largest industry in the country and because of a unique perspective, understanding, and a relationship to sex it has allowed the growth of unusual aspects of sex to become almost mainstream within Japanese sexual culture. Certainly, as Westerners, it is the oddities that are most often reported on, and the strange phenomena that occurs in Japanese sexual culture is often deemed as fascinating.

Budding adolescents when fumbling around the internet for their introduction into pornography will search for ‘weird’ things. They are often seen as a staple of the human psyche – anything that sounds absurd we are curious with – we may only look at it once, or be horrified by it, but there is always some kind of morbid fascination with oddities. With the internet, there are no longer walls to accessing this and virtually anyone could share their thoughts, fetishes, fantasies anonymously from behind a screen safely at home. Inevitably someone, somewhere will discover tentacle porn and it will be viewed with disdain and confusion. Tentacle porn is pretty much exactly what it sounds – individuals having sex with tentacles either from an anthropomorphised animal, or some mutant/science fiction being. It is usually portrayed through in cartoon or anime style, though other portrayals do exist, albeit they are rare. Whilst many people will look at tentacle porn with a sense of mockery, it is actually far older than many people realise. The first instance of tentacle porn is often credited to Katsushika Hokusai, a japanese artist that lived in the late 19th and early 19th century. Whilst Hokusai is most widely remembered for his piece ‘Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji’ he is also responsible for the artwork titled ‘The Dream of the Fishermans wife’. The first known example of tentacle porn, it depicts a female engaging in sexual intercourse with two octopi, one which is kissing her and the other which is performing cunnilingus. The artwork is actually responsible for influencing a number of artists later on an impressive list which include;  Félicien Rops, Auguste Rodin, Louis Aucoc, Fernand Khnopff, and Pablo Picasso. Indeed, Picasso painted his own version in 1903 as well as a series of other pieces all of which were inspired by Japanese Erotica and which have been showcased at musuems around the world.
Modern tentacle porn is considered to be a little different. Whereas Hokusai depicts a consensual relationship between the woman and the Cephalopods, modern tentacle porn is often shrouded with forced acts, and rape. This was in part due to Toshio Maeda who is the creator of Urotsukidoji. Credited as being the creator of modern tentacle pornography, Urotsukidoji was developed in 1986 and contained a unique and edgy mix of erotica, dark humour and an exploration of the supernatural. Maeda was commissioned by a pornographic manga magazine and used his artwork to evade the strict censorship laws of Japan. Interestingly, Why is sex considered to be so taboo in Asian culture that it makes an individual so embarrassed that they are unable to illicit a response? the laws do not allow any representation of penis, but does not forbid viewing penetration by any other object, such as in this case tentacles.  Many people are often confused by tentacle porn, and struggle to understand it. In part, it exists as an ode to Japanese culture – fishing is an important past time of Japan and even today despite it being 20 times smaller in land mass than Australia, it has over 3,000 fishing ports. During the Meija Era of Japans history, roughly 100 years ago, roughly 1 in 20 people were considered to be fisherman , that number is dwindling, the remnants of a 10,000 year old fishing culture. As an island nation which relies on fish as a primary source of food, it is little wonder why there has been a keen interest with tentacle porn, fishing is an intrinsic part of their life in a way that many western countries (with far less reliance on fishing) could not understand. The fetish in a modern sense has shifted away from being about the relationship with fishing culture and has become valued largely due to pop culture and for those who find pleasure in the humiliation and subjugation of women by an entity that is not human.
It also somewhat escapes the stereotypes normally associated with Asian porn – a genre of sex toys and porn that is often deemed degrading and racist. Whilst many may view it as something as an oddity, tentacle porn is actually rich in japanese history and culture. Though the question is often asked, why is tentacle porn so popular? Aside from the cultural references it insinuates, tentacle porn is so popular because it bypasses the censorship laws that are in place in Japan.  Thought tentacle pornography preceded the censorship laws, it became far more popular afterwards. Combine that with the geeky context, supernatural and often horror films in a pornographic depiction which reinforces western porn cliches (think degrading women, forced sexual acts and the pleasure of the active participant a opposed to the submissive) then it’s really no different to anything else out there.

The Stranger of Shifen

Blonde Woman Standing Near Rocks

I looked through the pathways that made up the Pingxi area, Shifen Old Street.  I could see the Shifen railway station, its tracks remained behind and unchanged as they trailed through the peaceful village. They remained as a memory to how they were used to transport coal to the surrounding areas. The locals would walk safely cross the tracks almost as if they weren’t there. It was a quiet reminder of how times had changed since the Japanese had occupied the land.

Everything seemed so surreal, the bustling marketplace which was situated all around the station sold handcrafted goods, tourist memorabilia, delicious foods and xiaochi snacks to hungry travellers and locals. I continued to walk to the Shifen Waterfall which was just 25 minutes away. As I walked I remembered the photos I saw of the Sky Lantern Festival, people from all over the world would visit to write down their secrets hopes and aspirations on a Chinese Lantern which they would release into the sky.

“This feels real”, I thought in my head as I looked around me. I chose a rock and sat down to gather my thoughts. I sat in peace that emerged from a small place within me and I just knew… that it was right.

I thought about the summer, how I knew I had to get out of this city, how I had to take a break from my work and my life. It had been three months since the breakup and it felt like I had moved on but not until recently when I was sitting alone after work in an empty house did I realize how much of an emotional turmoil I was in. I started working longer hours, stopped meeting my friends to avoid all the questions and excused myself of all social gatherings, simply so that I don’t bump into him. Alex.

She had a smile which made the world seem like a better place. Her eyes were blue and reflected the colours around her. The gentle wind swayed her light blonde hair was long and rested on her breasts. Today she had chosen to wear a navy blue floral V-neck dress which tied at her small waist and a pair of brown sandals which complimented her light skin tone.

Just as I was taking in the fresh air and the lovely sound of the waterfall, I thought about how I decided to come to Taiwan. To a place whose culture I’d never learned about, for an experience which I’d never longed but suddenly wanted. I remember using up all of my work leave to come here for a week to relieve myself of all the tension all the worry back home, and just live in a peaceful cottage near Shifen waterfall, just me lost in my own thoughts amidst nature.

Suddenly, a small sound distracted me. I looked over my shoulder to see what it was. At this point, I needed some time to heal, and any disturbance in my mind was met with a resentment that my brain had taught itself to feel ever since I came to Taiwan.

The soft dusky sun was settling behind the falls, and the leaves reflected the dull orange color of the sun’s shy rays. People rarely visited in the evening so I was a little surprised. It was dark and I had to squint my eyes to see who it was. Seemed like a tall broad man and he was walking right towards me. I looked ahead assuming he must be one of the visitors to see the beautiful Shifen and resumed my relaxing state with my eyes closed and breathed in the fresh air, engrossed in my thoughts.

As I opened my eyes, I saw him, the man I’d seen earlier, looking over the Shifen waterfalls as he stood against the railing. He must have heard me because he turned his head around.  The stranger from Shifen.

“Hi,” he said, moving his hands in a gesture that made it seem like he wanted to show something to me. Something about him sparked my interest and I walked up to him.

“Do you see that?” I looked over to where he pointed but all I could see is the cascading water. My face must have shown how puzzled I was because he proceeded to explain.

“I come here every year and you look like you’re new here because, amidst this wonderful beauty, you had your eyes closed.” I frowned because as much as I wanted to deny it, he was right. I was too self-involved to realize how beautiful nature was around me.

“Look at how beautiful the sun shines on these waters, how amazingly these rocks call this their home, wonderful and splendid, just as nature. We can never truly appreciate this if we don’t get out of our problems and miseries and learn to accept the surroundings around us including ourselves”


Shifan, Taiwan
The Waterfalls of Shifen


It was wonderful. His tone has a certain smoothness to it, which had my attention instantly. He seemed very genuine and his eyes shone with a delightful misery and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. On occasions, it felt like I saw them share the same attraction that I was feeling towards him but I dismissed it, thinking it must be something that my brain or my hormones were coming up with, considering how handsome he was.

We talked some more, about nature and random things which never mattered in our lives back home. It was fun, flirtatious and I had never done anything like this. Talk to a stranger about things in a foreign land.

I looked into his face as he was talking, his head tilted charmingly, I couldn’t help but notice how chiseled his face was and how bronze the warm sun made him look. His shoulders were broad and arms something worthy of just grabbing, and pushing closer. I suddenly realized I was really attracted to him. It must have been evident because I caught him staring at my flushed face. He stopped talking and looked at me intently. We both knew what we were feeling. My heart was beating so hard and so fast I was so sure that I was skipping beats. It had been long since a man looked at me like that and brand erotic feelings inside me just like when I read Singapore Adult Stories. I and Alex had lost our spark long before we ended anyway. I smiled hesitantly, and he knew what I was thinking.

His gaze moved further down from my eyes to my lips to my breasts as my nipples showed through my shirt. So hard. I knew he was just as attracted to me when I looked down and could see the bulge in his shorts.

I was so embarrassed, yet a little amused. All of this was a little overwhelming. I realized I was probably mixing up things in my head and was almost ready to leave when he slowly grazed his finger along my collarbone and tilted his head towards my neck as if he was going to kiss it.

I stopped right there. I knew I needed to stay. He was far too tempting. I tilted my head back, feeling the rush of electricity in my body with his one touch. Longing for something I knew he longed for too. But there was no kiss, just his warm breath on my neck and his fingers lightly tracing my arm.

“You’re such a tease” I whispered, pulling back, looking straight into his eyes. “What man doesn’t make his intentions clear, and if so, what kind of a man is he, really?”

He looked back at me with his warm hazel eyes. They breathed this fire that I just wanted to be consumed in. My cheeks turned hotter and I realized the cool wind had no effect on me as the dusk broke into darkness. I could feel the tension between us, building. My heart was thudding so loud I bet he could have heard it. Within seconds he leaned down to me and kissed me softly on the lips. My mind was completely empty and all I could think of was how wonderful his lips felt against mine. Within seconds we were furiously kissing, my back against a tree in the shadows of the dusk against the soft murmurs of the waterfall. My face, hot with pleasure. All that fire consuming us. I gasped as I felt his hands move beneath my shirt, feeling me up completely. His hands felt rough against my soft skin, making me want him more. I could feel him move his hands up my skirt, caressing my thighs with a sense of urgency. Like he was holding off just tearing my clothes then and there.

I softly bit his lip and forced my tongue into his mouth as I bit harder. And I knew I’d done it. Driven him wild. He tugged at my panties and within seconds he had his hand between my legs onto my wet slippery slit. His hands felt cold against my sweet spot and I moaned softly in pleasure as he started rubbing, feeling my swollen clit. He stopped for a brief moment and looked at me before he lowered the top of my shirt with his teeth ushering my breasts to fall out, and just as I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, I could feel his mouth on my breasts, suckling on my nipples, softly.

I was so wet, I could feel it run down my thighs. All I wanted was him. All I wanted was this stranger who had me so wild and so driven with lust that I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Let’s go to my room”

He denied. Both of us pulsating with energy.

“I’m going to take you, right here and you’re going to love it” As much as I wanted to refuse, there was a sense of urgency in his voice and a promise which I knew was real.

He picked me up and had me against another tree in seconds. Before I had time to realize what was happening, the man sunk to his knees, revealing me fully between my legs, my head was thrown back as I murmured in delight. My mouth opened wide, gasping as he touched me gently. His fingers softly rubbing me in circular motions, just how I would often lie in bed and touch myself in those warm lonely nights after the breakup. I whimpered as the cold breeze blew at me combined with the warmth of his hands.  Within seconds my top was off and so were his clothes. He rubbed his erect penis along the length of my wet slit as I moaned some more. His hand reached up to cup my breasts as the other grabbed my buttocks and suddenly he was on his knees again. His head moved in closer towards me and I threw my leg over his shoulder, spreading myself open for him. He grabbed me harder. I grabbed his hair.

“Oh fuck yes baby. Lick it there, oh yes.”

His tongue felt so good, warm as his face was deep inside my wet slit. “Oh fuck baby that’s good,” I said, looking down to see him busy, eating me out like a thirsty boy.

“Put your fingers in.”

He did as I ordered, and I moaned louder. And before I knew it I’d cum in his mouth. He came back up and kissed me harder. Making me taste myself, telling me how sweet I tasted. I wanted more. One look into his eyes and I knew he wanted it too. I took him to the edge of the bed and before I could do anything else, he had me bent over on the edge of the bed.

He leaned in against my back and brought my hands together behind me. His lips brushed my ears as he said

“Hey you, I’m going to fuck you. And baby, you’re gonna love it”

I didn’t even think twice before I moaned in agreement. I felt his shaft slide inside me slowly as he cupped my breasts with the other hand, his other hand rubbing my clit as he pushed himself in as deep as he could and left me breathless and asking for more. He held on to me as he thrust harder me crying out loud, moaning and gyrating against him.

I pushed back, slamming myself against him as he was buried deep inside me hearing him gasp as he felt himself get deeper and deeper every time, lifting his hips to meet me with my every stroke, his hands on my hips now, pulling me closer towards him.

I felt his hands on my clit, rubbing furiously as he was taking me from behind and I could feel myself nearing climax. One more push and I was lost, go into a whole different world screaming as with one final slam, my orgasm washed over me, the muscles of my pelvis and my thighs, tightening with delicious pleasure and me trembling and shaking as my legs tightened around him.

I could hear his knees relaxing, his grip on me getting softer and his sweaty chest against my back and as soon as I had whirled out of the suddenness that my orgasm had brought with itself, I realized he was just as spent as I was. For hours we lay there, both of us on the ground, with our clothes hastily pulled over to avoid a public confrontation, secretly amused with the wetness between our legs.

I was the first to leave. With one last kiss and one long look, he was just as strange as the waiter across the dining table next morning as I found myself, engrossed in his thoughts, the Stranger of Shifen.






The Cherry Blossoms of Yangmingshan Park

China Sex

The discomfort bothered him. He turned to his left side in a bid to get more comfortable. No change. A beautiful face loomed out of the inky darkness and intruded into his dreamless sleep. It looked familiar but he just could not place it. The sweat continued to run off his creased brow and dampened the pillow. The sheets got stuck to his naked body and he kicked them off in his sleep. Finally, the unfamiliarity of the bed got to him and he sat up, swinging his long, lithe legs to the ground in one fluid motion.

In the few seconds before his eyes flew open, the beautiful face wormed its way into his thoughts again. It was vividly clear now, a mischievous glint sparkling in her eyes as she laughed and beckoned him to follow her running naked into the pool of steaming water.

He opened his eyes and sleepily stood up. He swayed on the spot for a bit as the lightheadedness hit him, feeling his way by touch towards the rectangle of light that spilled through an open door few feet away. As he stumbled into the bathroom, he involuntarily screwed his eyes shut against the bright light within.

He flipped up the toilet seat and proceeded to ease himself while eyeing himself through squinted eyes in the mirror before him. He noticed a few sharp bruises across his chest and reddened half circle on his shoulder. It was tender to the touch and he winced, trying to recall how he had gotten these apparent injuries.

As he shook off the final drops, he glanced down at his crotch and did a double take. His black member was covered in crusty, white substance as if some sort of light but viscous liquid had dried up on it.  It did not look good, what the hell had he got up to?

He turned around and went back into the darkness of the room beyond. Temporarily blind, he felt his foot step on something rather hard and sharp.

“Fuck!” he called out.

He hobbled on one foot as he picked up the foreign object, which turned out to be a Jimmy Choo 6 inch heeled ladies’ shoe. The light cackle of a woman’s laughter sounded in his thoughts. He reached for the table lamp and flicked the switch.  The lamp bathed the room in a soft glow of light. Amid the tangled sheets, at the other end of the bed, he could make out a feminine form; black, lustrous hair tousled out over the pillow. Her supine form continued to rise and fall gently in deep sleep.

When he sat back down on the bed, trying to recall who she was or where they had met, she turned over and smiled sleepily.

“For… Forgive me,” he stammered, “Who are you and where am I?”

She chuckled and traced a finger lightly across his back. He buried his head in his hands, trying desperately to recall how he had come into contact with her and what had they done. The foggy clouds in his mind ebbed away and he felt his mind transporting him back to the previous morning.




The sound jerked Tyrell out of his sleep. He slipped his headphones off his head and around his neck before proceeding to fasten his seatbelt. He looked out of the small window and saw fluffy white clouds lapping at the wings of the plane. The plane burst through the clouds and the scenario changed totally.

He was physically active and strong with a muscular well-proportioned body.  He was tall, roughly 198cm or 6 feet five in the old scale.  Just pushing into his late twenties his wild partying days were over replaced with a passion to make his business TK Shoes an global success, hence his visit to Taiwan and China.  Living and brought up in New York he had a heavy and loud Yankee accent that many found annoying and mistook for being arrogant.

There was plenty of rain falling that morning, the droplets rolling horizontally across the glass pane of the window. Tyrell thought nothing of it and pulled the shutter down. He looked across to his neighbor who was gripping the armrest pretty firmly. He flashed him a quick reassuring smile and turned away.  Obviously not a frequent flyer he thought.

Taipei Taoyuan Airport
Taiwan Airport


The tires thudded once, twice and then rolled pleasantly forward as the pilot maneuvered the plane towards the arrivals gate. The passengers filed out and Tyrell found himself in a brilliantly lit arrivals lounge at Taipei Taoyuan Airport. The airport is the largest in Taiwan and is about 40km from the city of Tapei. He proceeded through to baggage collection on the 2nd floor of Terminal 2 and after collecting his two bags proceeded through the immigration line pretty quickly and headed out. If nothing the Chinese in Taiwan appeared efficient.  The exit was crowded by new arrivals trying to find their relatives and loved ones. Tyrell shouldered his way through them and exchanged some US Dollars to New Taiwan dollars before heading to the taxi rank.

There were an abundance of yellow taxi’s but I had already been warned that the majority of them did not speak any English so had my Chinese map with the address I wanted to go to already marked.  He walked up to the first taxi in the rank and the driver put my two bags in the boot.

“Eastern Star Hotel, please,” he said to the small Asian male driver.

“我不会说英语” the driver replied. I then handed him the map and showed him where the x was marked and he nodded saying, “是的,我知道这是什么” Twenty or so minutes later, the taxi pulled up to the hotel and Tyrell got out. The driver took his bags out and Tyrell slipped the driver a ten dollar note, American.  The Taxi driver seemed very happy with this and nodded enthusiastically and said, “这是非常好的付款先生谢谢你”.

He did not wait for any change, turning around and looking at the Hotel.  The Hotel was advertised as a luxury hotel but having traveled Asia many times now, his favorite place in the world apart from NY was Singapore with its many stories. Tyrell was not surprised that in America this Hotel would be lucky to get more than 3 stars.  He had ensured that when he booked he paid the extra few dollars to have a window room – as being enclosed in a room with no natural light he found claustrophobic.  As he entered the ‘luxury’ lobby of the hotel he could not help but notice how small the room was. However warmth within enveloped him and he turned to the smiling lady behind the counter on his right.

Hotels Taipei
Taipei Eastern Star

“Do you have my room ready? I booked one with a window,” he said.

“Sure. We can arrange that,” she replied in heavily accented English. “How long will you be staying, sir?”

“Just the weekend.” He said.

She handed him a key and a bell boy took his bags and helped him to his room.

He looked around the room, seeing everything but not really taking it in but noticing that it was clean. He glanced at his watch. A quarter to 10. He was supposed to meet a representative from a shoe manufacturer at 5pm.

His sneaker line was gaining ground back in the States and he was looking for partners in the Far East who could manufacture his line without compromising the quality that was sought after back home.  He would also look at importing his stock now from China as it was expensive to be made in the USA.

It was barely ten and he was looking for a way to kill the time.

He peered out of the window and saw that there were number of coffee shops lining the street. It was then that he felt the strong urge to relax before this important meeting. He pulled off his shoes and jeans and tossed them onto the bed where his small suitcase lay. He zipped it open and pulled out a pair of black Supreme sweatpants. He pulled them on before unbuttoning the shirt. He tossed it with the other clothes on the bed and turned around to look at himself in the mirror.

The eagle tattoo spanned his broad muscular chest, with the wings outstretched to cover the bulging skin across his pectorals. He pulled on a matching black t-shirt, donned his headphones and flops and walked out of the room and into the elevator. When the elevator chimed open at the lobby, the lady at the counter looked up and he winked at her.

She responded by flashing a smile comprising of white, even teeth that lit up his eyes. She quickly glanced back down at her work but could not hide the red hue that was quickly shading her cheeks – these Chinese and their formalities – he would never understand.

He popped into the first coffee shop, but the espresso was not to his liking. He picked up a brochure and leafed through it. As he turned to a page about the Yangmingshan national park, he glanced up to see a very pretty face, two tables away, hurriedly look down and scroll through her phone.

China Cherry Blossoms
Taiwan Cherry Blossoms


He smiled to himself and resumed his perusal of the brochure.  One of the nine national parks in Taiwan, Yangmingshan National Park was located between Taipei and New Taipei City. The park spanned over a large area, stretching out over Taipei’s Beitou and Shilin districts; and New Taipei’s Wanli, Jinshan and Sanzhi districts.  It was less than half an hour away from where he was now sitting and the pictures were absolutely amazing.

He let out a low whistle of how pretty it looked. A throat cleared a few tables away, and he looked over his brochure to see the woman eye him slyly.

He stood up, finally, and hailed a cab outside. He instructed the driver to take him to the Yangmingshan national park.

“Anything interesting I expect to find?” he asked the lanky driver.

“My English not very good,” the driver replied, “but cherry blossoms in full bloom and much pretty now.”

“Oh, really,” Tyrell was amazed. “I’ve only seen them in magazines.”

“You see, very good sir,” intoned the driver. He then proceeded to talk on his mobile phone while Tyrell thought about the park and the images he had seen.  This sounded like a perfect place to wind down while he waited for his contact. Tyrell scrolled through his phone and was engrossed in his Instagram feed when the taxi jerked to a halt.

‘Mister you see, we here now”, the taxi driver exclaimed.

Tyrell paid the man his fare and got out of the car to be overwhelmed by the sight of pathways filled with pink cherry blossom trees.  The ground was covered with their flowers and a beautiful scent carried through the air.  Tyrell walked slowly along the bitumen pathway feeling like he was in another world – a fairy land.  The park was not busy at all, probably because it was a weekday and everyone would be at work.

Apart from its cherry blossoms, Yangmingshan had hot springs, sulfur deposits, fumaroles, venomous snakes, and hiking trails, waterfalls including Taiwan’s tallest dormant volcano, Seven Star Mountain.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed as he looked around.

Being from New York, he was used to concrete streets and glass skyscrapers. The abundance of green and pink simply took his breath away. It was not raining this far from the city and the calm environment enveloped him like Mother Nature’s hug. He pulled his phone from his pocket and started filming a live video of his surroundings. As he spun around, recording the cherry blossoms and the mountain ranges in the background with the tufts of steam and cloud, he saw a familiar face on the screen.

He hurriedly put the phone down and stared around for the face. He did not see her though. Shrugging, he moved on, recording and taking pictures as he went. Finally he came to an elaborate fountain, spewing water from the center and out towards the edges of the circle. Surrounding this fountain was a short brick enclosure within which grew brilliant pink flowers.

As he was taking a photo of this, he noticed the woman again. This time he did not put the phone down, but observed her through the lens of his device. She had high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes and thick black hair that fell down to her shoulders. The dark, shimmering hair kept being blown into her face by the wind and she had to keep tucking it behind her ears.

After a particularly gusty breeze blew the hair in her face, she parted it elegantly to reveal a small but full mouth that completed the heart-shaped face. She had a small, firm figure, with wide hips that swung gaily as she walked.

Drinking all this in with his eyes, Tyrell felt the front of his sweatpants rise and stretch tautly. A nervous giggle jerked him out of his reverie and he saw that she was smiling at him, blushing heavily. It took him a moment to realize that many of the women were staring at him. He looked down only to realize that his thoughts about the woman from the coffee shop had triggered a massive erection. Being in sweatpants, this only accentuated the appearance off his arousal.

Hurriedly, he stowed his phone in his pocket and shoved his other hand into the second pocket, trying to mask the bulge of his arousal that had looked like a pole holding up a tent.  In that moment, a few heavy drops splattered on his forehead and, in the blink of an eye, the rain began to fall. Tourists and other locals scattered, mothers dragging their children along. He whipped his head around and saw the woman going ahead, in a different direction from the rest of the crowd.

He began to follow her, but lost sight of her behind some large cherry blossoms. He ran up, and burst into a deserted hot spring enclosure. The bathers had been in hurry to leave when the rain started.

“I see you found me,” a silky voice said from behind him. He turned around and saw her standing there, looking so beautiful with the wet hair plastered over her delicate face. Her white T-Shirt was also getting stuck to her truly feminine figure and Tyrell could not draw his eyes away from her bosom that had perky nipples showing through because of the now transparent, wet and clingy material.

“Up here,” she said, putting her hand on his chin and raising it so that his eyes found hers.

Asian Wet T-Shirt
Chang Ying


“I’m sorry,” he managed to say, “It’s just that I think you were looking at me in the coffee shop earlier today.”

“Yeah,” she replied, “And so?”

“And so it’s only right that I stare back.”

She chuckled again. A sound that was so divine in his ears.

“You’re Tyrell Kiiza, right? Owner of TK Sneakers,” she continued. “My little brother is a fan of your line. Always bugging me when a new pair comes out. I’m ChangYing”

He looked at her, astounded how perfectly she spoke English and that his line of sneakers was well known even in Taiwan. His gaze, however, was following a rivulet of rain water that was making its way down her neck and into her ample cleavage.

“Sorry uhm,” he looked for words. “Pardon me. Yes, I am TK.”

“Thought so, that’s why I followed you here,” she said.

“Well, you do know I don’t carry shoes around with me wherever I go.”

“Of course,” she laughed. “But at least I’m getting to talk to a big person.”

He laughed at her use of the phrase big person. Feigning being hurt, she pushed him and he stumbled, falling into the hot spring. He landed with an almighty splash and came up, spluttering.  He looked up at her with incredulity, she was still laughing. His puzzled expression slowly melted away to laughter as well. He reached out and pulled her in as well, their laughter echoing through the surrounding cherry blossoms, sending birds flapping through the downpour.

When she finally got her laughter in check, she noticed that he was looking at her with a carnal longing in his eyes. Beneath the surface of the water, she could feel the ravenous hunger of his manhood as it throbbed, felt through her wet and flimsy black dress. He reached into the water and pulled her to him, groaning in the process. Pressed against his hard body, she felt vulnerable but was willing to give in. She slipped her nimble fingers beneath his shirt and felt the heat coming off the panes of his abdomen; hotter than even the steaming water they were in.  This was one Taiwan Erotic Story he was going to enjoy!

He looked deep into her eyes and moved in to kiss the smoothness that was her neck. She let out an audible sigh of pleasure and felt her legs giving away; she had not control of them anymore.

She pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the bank of the spring. As his kiss descended towards her full breasts – still clad in the black attire – she felt a deep warmth welling down from her navel and settle between her legs. She let out another moan and bit his shoulder, hard. He uttered a deep, primal and beastly groan that sent delicious shivers down her spine. She raked her hands down his chest, along the wings of the eagle, cutting slightly into the skin with her nails. Down the hands went till they slipped into the heavy material of his sweatpants.

There the slim fingers closed around his engorged, throbbing being and felt it quiver with delight. His cock throbbed with urgent need as her hands danced tantalizing on his rigid shaft. More than her hands, he wanted this girl’s mouth on him. Soon, he promised himself. As he unzipped his jean revealing his fully engorged penis.

She gasped on seeing it but then knelt between his parted legs. She leaned down, her tongue sliding wetly over the head of his cock, her gaze on his face.  She parted her lips, taking him inside her mouth, suckling him deeply while her hands gently massaged his balls. He then began holding her tightly to him so she couldn’t escape the thrust of his cock; his hips jerked upward as he forced himself deep into her mouth. She gagged as he rammed the back of her throat, warm saliva dripping to coat the sides of his shaft as it pounded into her.

I’m going to throat fuck you!”

She gagged as he rammed the back of her throat, warm saliva dripping to coat the sides of his shaft as it pounded into her. He wedged his dick into her throat but instead of being scared, she was excited. The action was so unexpected…so incredibly erotic…that without warning, she came, her pussy convulsing in hard, sharp contractions.

She began to play with her clit as he continued to deep throat her as he began to pull the wet T-Shirt off her shoulders….

Hot Spring Sex
China Hot Springs


Then they heard voices coming closer. In the next instant, he had carried her onto the bank of the hot spring and jumped out at the same time. He pulled on his wet shirt as she fixed herself up and, together, they fled from the scene laughing as the park attendants rounded the corner into the hot spring clearing.


As his thoughts now cleared, he recalled the bar hopping they had done throughout the night. She had taken him to all the local hangouts, where he’d gotten drunk on a number of bottles of rice wine, tasted the infamous betel nuts and tried out a potent local smoke which after that he recalled little at all.

He vaguely remembered falling into the bed at the hotel and as the facts lay themselves before him, he recalled with a sinking feeling of the meeting he was supposed to have had. He had missed his important meeting – the Chinese did not like people being tardy or missing an appointment.  They took this as a personal insult – how was he going to make that right now?

He found his sweat pants (that were still damp) and retrieved his cell phone – but it would not power up and probably never would having been in the Hot Springs of Taiwan.  He cursed loudly, ‘FUCK!”.

She turned and plainly said, “The Taipei Footwear Family Company will offer you a better deal than those fools at National Footwear Pty Limited.”

Shoe Deal
Sneaker Business


He looked at her, realization finally dawning on him. His chance meeting with her in the coffee shop might not have been chance after all. This was all some sort of elaborate corporate sabotage between two warring footwear manufacturers, and he was caught in the middle.  Exhausted from the mere thought of it all, Tyrell fell back onto the bed, inviting sleep to wash over him as he waited for his head to clear and make sense of it all.

This was the strangest way to do business in China’s Taiwan.