Black & White Fox Tail Gold Smooth Butt Plug

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Black & White Fox Tail Butt Plug


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Black & White Fox Tail Metal Butt Plug Gold

Many fox tail butt plugs are used in animal play that is actually fetish. The submissive is literally trained and treated like an animal sometimes even to the point of being ridden by the dominant. To enhance the play a butt plug with a tail is used to allow the submissive into a deeper form of submission. The power play between the sub and dom becomes deep and strong and with this  greater degree of power exchange the partners can enjoy the psychological and physical effects of role playing to an optimal level.

Tail Length 350mm Width 10mm

Small Insertable Plug; Width 27mm Length 65mm

Medium Insertable Plug; Width 35mm Length 73mm

Large Insertable Plug; Width 41mm Length 85mm

Want to be a bit kinky? Why not grab a penis plug now!

*  Please note this product is not a certified surgical steel grade product *

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