Bathmate Hercules / Goliath Replacement Valve Pack

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Don't let a faulty valve interrupt your pumping session. The Bathmate Replacement Valve Pack is the perfect insurance for your Bathmate investment. Bathmate Replacement Valve Pack replaces broken valves in:

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate Goliath


If Male enhancement and gaining size to your penis is a goal then just like going to the gym and health/fitness if you choose to use Bathmate regularly you will achieve this long-term goal! Hydromax Bathmate is one of the most popular penis enlarging systems in the World and is fun to use as well as it can be used in the shower and bath. However men want to do more than just enlarge their penis, often they want to ensure they are squeaky clean in all the places that count so have also developed a high end enema system. See the entire Bathmate Hydromax range and choose the solution that is right for you.

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