Aphrodisia Cute Bear Cockring

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7 Function Bear Shaped Cockring.


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7 Mode Cute Bear Cock Ring

This bear isnt like yogi, he doesn't steal your picnic basket. He donates orgasms. Thats right this pink bear 7 different modifications will have your body wanting more cuddles, and a whole lot more thrusting as the vibrations hit your clit as your clit, prepare for your legs to shake! Pinky the bear loves his water sports, especially having some sex in the shower! 


Get your big cuddly bear a little horny purple bear that will have his penis and your clit going crazy over the vibrations they will be getting from this little fella! This little purple bear cock ring loves to have long sessions of hot sex, and loves to cool down with some more cool shower sex. This little crazy fella is perfect to introduce into the bedroom to spice up your sex life, taking it on a new rollercoaster

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