AbbeyEngland Wrist/Ankle Restraints

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Bondage Betty, Ladies restraints, ldies cuffs

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AbbeyEngland Wrist/Ankle Restraints Black

There isn't a leather abbey England that should pass this leather kinkster toy. The black wrist restraints are simple, yet classy and will cage any beast that threatens to escape from your clutch. Tickle, and tease until your partner is ready to climax and you'll be in for a very fun night. Or day. Or day AND night.


Small Width 70mm Length 280mm

Medium Width 70mm Length 315mm

For some adventurous kinks, gear this up with some glass sex toys.

Hells Couture Leather is guaranteed to be quality genuine leather which is handcrafted to make these wonderful items for you. When you are after the best that money can buy at a realistic price always choose Hells Couture.

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